Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 94 - Rape  || All Chapters

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Finding the new place in which Helene and Herman van Veenen lived was for Carlos perhaps the simplest task in his life.
It was already deep of the night and even the birds were sleeping.The house or rather a Dutch style high profile residence looked splendid,in the lights and shadows which contrasted with each other.There certainly was a security system within the villa as well as outside it.He grinned to himself.Decoding the alarm system was nothing to him.He needed for it no more than thirty minutes.He knew allready Herman van Veenen was not inside the house.Only his wife and their daughter.
He felt thrilled imagining the expressions on the face of Helene van Veenen when she will see him.He was no longer just John Ruchter in her eyes,he was Carlos.She knew it and her husband knew it,and they moved,therefore,away from s'Gravenwezel hoping he would never find them.The new place they lived in,Eenhowtje,was much further,not in Belgium but the Netherlands.Still,nothing was too far for him.
He grinned to himself because he knew he was no longer,in her eyes naturally,just her secret lover but also the...assassin.No,he was no longer a lover in her mind! She hated him and feared at the same time.A cruel spasm reverberated through his face,he knew now for sure what her rection was going to be: nothing but fear! A terrible fear! Well,he cared no longer.She knew too much and her husband knew too much as well.And it was totally unacceptable to him.No one ever knew anything about him.Except perhaps that bastard,Steven Mac Dantosch.But he knew he will also get rid of the Australian,ultimately.He had to be extremely careful not to cause slightest a noise.There were dogs inside the residence and possibly somewhere within the garden.If they heard something they would make a wild noise and the police would arrive within minutes.
A cruel grin crossed his face again: the time which would lapse within those minutes would certainly be sufficient to obtain his goals and diseappear.
But he wanted more.Much more! A wild desire from deep within him demanded fulfilment.A borderless fulfilment of sex,a wild one without rules...Going deep into her and penitrating her inner world while she would look at him with eyes filled with fear and despair,and paradoxically also with a...desire.The power of a testosterone was great! No woman could be indifferent when it came to the power of that male hormone.
Testosterone,the king! He felt he was terribly excited.Yes,testosterone was the king but what women had,the devine androgene...What a delight!
Androgene,sure,was the queen! He rolled his eyes over and over from the inner burst of pleasure at the thought of dancing king and queen,entertwined with each other...It had to happen within minutes...Just that window there on the second floor...
He did not bother for anything.How could he when the world was so crazy place to live in? Actually it was rather not the world but the worlds,a collision of the worlds,and also a collision of the systems and religions.
That collision,or rather collisions,created fanatisism,cruelty,barbarism and terrorism.
The religious leaders were not much better than the evil doers of every possible spectre.They,the religious leaders,were masters of intolerance and of using men in the name of God.A woman could not even dream about equal rights in a comparison with a man.She could not run the so called Holly Mass in a Catholic church as a male priest does.Just because of her sexuality.A Moslem woman could never show her face in public because she was obliged by the men around her and by Islam as a whole to covering her face.A cafe or a disco was a nest of the devil.What a shit! A homosexual or a lesbian was leprous and damned.In the name of God,naturally.
Religions were patriarchic systems created to control a human being and masses as a whole by the very few who used God for that in all imaginable and unimaginable ways.The injustice brought upon some innocent people proved indirectly but beyond a doubt the religions had nothing to do with God in the first place and certainly were not an "offspring" of God. They were more powerful than any other systems just because of using the name of God.A treason,treason,treason!
Nobody taught people they cannot think and act exlusively through the prism of their own only minds.To change the world for a better one,people had to evolve such a sort of thinking which would include not only the spectre of their own thinking processes but also the minds of other people,the ability of reading their thoughts or anticipating them,and finally readiness to accomodating each other,what would bring them to a pragmatism and tolerance.
There was a need for a modern mind: ability to think and see through other people minds!
One did not hear such things from the priests.Nothing strange the world was such an unfinished business.Carlos grinned to himself because he did not care the least about the world.The more chaos the better for him.Right now he had just one thing in his mind: to possess the woman and...silence her forever.The same was going to happen to her husband.They were dead fish in his mind.
It was indeed easy for him to turn his plan to a real thing,he was just getting through the window of the sleepping room and saw her features on the bed a bit further,in the deepness of the room.It was darker there but he still could see her,an angel of loneliness.
He took his clothes off himself and went to the bed on his toes.He felt like a Bengal tiger,so delicious were that last steps towards the bed.Like flying and dancing in the air.The muscles of his body felt pained from the throbbing of blood streaming wildly within his body.His manhood was absolutely on a full alert.He could say that what was happening within his body was nothing else as a huricain.Yet he managed to get gently onto the bed,so gently that she still heard nothing and felt nothing,engulfed by her dreams. He placed his hands on her breasts,feeling himself on fire.
She moved a bit what was a sign of her awakening,her eyes were still closed and perhaps still filled with her dreams,as much as her mind.
-"Herman,you're late.I thought you're not coming this night..."- She whispered.Her eyes were still closed.Carlos could see it despite the darkness.How many times did he do murderous things at night! He was like a cat,seeing best at night.
He put a night lamp on and focused his eyes on her face.She opened her eyes and...jumped away maddeningly only to be caught and held by someone who had an overwhelming strength.She tried her best to get away,veins showed up on her neck and hands,and her body convulsed.She wanted to scream and could not because one hand of Carlos was pressed against her mouth.She had no longer a strength to fight and it looked she got yet an another idea because he saw she gave him a sign she wants to speak to him.He understood.She was not going to scream because if she did it her daughter would wake up.
Carlos took his hand away from her mouth.
-"How did you find us here?...Please,go away...Nobody will ever learn anything about you from us.I beg you,go away!"
-"No,I have another plan.You're a danger to me,Helene.Herman too."
-"What do you want to do with us?"- She shivered spasmatically.
-"Kill you!"- He said the way as a psychopath can only say it.
-"Oh,no! Don't kill me,please! Don't kill us! I promise nobody will learn anything about you from us! I really promise it."
There was an incredible urge within Carlos.He thought he was going to explode.
-"You want to live?! O.K.,lick me! Lick me from head to foot! Do it best you can!"- He ordered her.
-"I do it"- She answered.She had no choice as to engage in sex with the guy who thretened her life and the lives of her daughter and husband.Perhaps there was a the sensual lovemaking,what was the power of a woman.She engaged as much as she only could.A distaste filled her and she could not believe she had once a fiery love with that beast.
He in the meantime thought he would never need God's permission for the ultimate.He had it! How it felt to be in that woman,the absolute beauty! He swam now in the sea of his own hormone,the testosterone and was close to drawning in it.Only her devine androgene kept him alive,on the waves of his own testosterone.The waves which were stronger and stronger,powerful in the end to the outer limits.No,he could no longer withstand that waves,he let himself be engulfed by them and was drawning in spasms he never before felt.Yet,when the storm was over,he saw he was on the surface of the sea,in an androgene lifebelt.No,he could not kill her.He still loved her.He could only threaten her and punish her,and this was all what he could do.She was the only one to whom he felt something what the ordinary people called love.But he had an option.A video cassette.He knew that when she sees what there was recorded within that video cassette she will be even more dismayed.She will agonise...Sure...
She got up and approached a table,sat down and reached for a cigarette. He did the same.They looked now at each other,challenging.
-"What have I done!"- She thought and was close to vomitting.The memory of the rape still reverberated within her mind.She closed her eyes only to open them fast because otherwise the nightmares would shoot through her mind. -"He's a monster.But what about me? Am I also a monster?"- She continued her thinking.She remembered her trip to two German concentration camps,on the border of France and Germany.She was very depressed and helpless then when she saw so many people killed by mostly young German captors.They all looked normal but killed,often in very cruel ways.She could not find an answer to her question what makes normal people acting like monsters.She remembered a question which she asked to herself :"as I am also a nomal person (whatever "normal" means) might there be circumstances which made me also turning to a monster?" And now,while facing Carlos,she caught herself having the same question in her mind."Am I a monster,as he is?"- Echo of the question pulsated in her brains like an unwanted bird trying to build a nest in a place where it was forbidden.
Carlos in the meantime squeezed the cigarette and put it in the ashtray,stood up,got to his clothes and put them on himself.He felt she was watching him.
He returned to the table and put there a video cassette.
-"You can have a look at it!"- He just said.He turned and was ready to go away,but stopped yet and looked back at her.
-"Remember,if you,or anyone in your family,will ever let the authorities know anything you know about me,you're all...dead!"
-"You can be sure nobody will ever learn anything.Just leave us in peace."- She begged him.
-"You're very lucky,Helene! You know it!" - He just said and went away,via the exit door this time.
Helene van Veenen reached for the video cassette and ran to the living room.She put it inside the video recorder and pressed a button:"play".
Her eyes opened wide,her agony was outermost: her own husband had a love affair with another woman! He actually fucked her!
-"Oh,no,no,no! No,no,no!..."- She bursted in tears.She felt raped again,mentally raped,this time by her own husband.
-"And I trusted him! Oh,no,no,no!..."- She cried.She knew the images of her husband as a pornographic star would remain in her mind as her worst nightmare

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