Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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There were stars,the emeralds of the universe,on the heavenly sky,shining brilliantly in contrast to the overpowering darkness in a much nearer perspective or perhaps even a dimension.The sky itself was only a gate to the universe which certainly was a mosaic of many worlds in all their imaginable and unimaginable dimensions.An unidentified lift shot like a rocket into the sky.What was it?
Marek Vangard saw nothing but circles spreading through his mind and�the mysterious lift which flew him out the planet Earth somewhere into the universe.He was nearing the sky and realised the stars were much further than they seemed to be.Yes,indeed,the sky was only a gate to the universe! God,the overwhelming darkness around him! Only the stars shone! They gave him hope! What hope? What was he thinking about? Was he at all thinking? And what was it,that lift?! Has he got mad? Why could he recollect nothing? Why did his head seem to him to be so heavy,like a tone of a stone? He was unable to answer himself,unable to move,just sitting in the corner of the lift which flew straight to the heavens.
And then a light struck him.Yes,he was on that dark road,nothing but woods around�And there were strange people out there�Were they a mafia? Have they killed him? So a trip to the Judgment looked like this? With a lift skyrocketing into the unknown of the universe? Was he going to meet God or was he thrown away to the peripheries of the universe? But why that overwhelming darkness? Why that so unpleasant smell?
The tornado of circles which stormed forth and back within his mind got gentler and he noticed he could comprehend a little bit more.Perhaps he was not dead as yet,perhaps he still was alive.He tried to move with his hand and succeded with a great difficulty.He felt so pained! He reached to the pocket of his jacket and got a matches box from it.He stroke a match.A fear and desperation shot through his mind and showed up on his face.
It was a sort of a cellar and he could count three or four rats.He knew now what happened.They hit him there,on that road.He lost his consciousness and they brought him here,into that cellar.He was alive!
-�God Allmighty,what have I done! What have I done!�- He whispered,feeling paralysed with fear.To be in the hands of Russian or Bielorussian mafia meant nothing less than knocking into the graveyard.They were ruthless,cruel as hell! He could not believe that he did such an enormous mistake by going alone in the car,and in the evening hours,through the countrysides of Bielorussia,soaked through by mafia gangs fighting among themselves for their spheres of influence.He knew about it and he did not think about it.It had to happen what happened! Had he now any chance for a survival? Not really! He analysed some options and was satisfied somehow to realize his mind was capable to serve him.But he was so tired! So much tired! Despite that he did not want to fall asleep he did it.
A pain shot through him when he woke up.Three guys stood above him and beamed a light at him.
-�Get up!�- One of them shouted at him.-�We�re going to our boss!�
He tried his best to get up,but with a grave difficulty.Every single part of his body was aching.They went up the stairs and found themselves in a long corridor along which they went further.There was a door at the end of the corridor and when it was opened by someone from the other side he saw he was entering a very large apartment or a hall rather.
There was a table at a far end of the hall and just one guy,middle aged,with a hat on his head and a cigar in his mouth.The hair on his head was reddish and his face was a bouquet of scars.Such a guy,with a scarred face,could only have a very violent life! All the others,about twenty of them were standing on the side of the hall,with guns in their hands.The guy behind the table must have been a godfather of that mafia.
-�Is there any chance?�- A thought once again shot through his mind.
-�There is always a chance,as long as you can breath.�- He reminded himself with an irony.
He decided to try.
He made a few steps in the direction of the godfather.
-�I promise that if you don�t kill me you�ll have great advantages,not just that car which you got from me last night but many more cars,thousands of them.I do business in the West,buy there cars,and can do the same for you!�- He said with one breath.
The guy made a grin.It was a good sign.
-�I see you recognised me as the one who is here the top,man! Do you know who am I?�- He said with a low tone of his voice.
-�Yes,I know,you�re a godfather!�- Marek Vanguard decided to sound positive towards that guy who was actually in charge of his own life.
-�Bravo! You�re smart,I see. I�m not just any godfather.I�m the godfather!�- The guy answered in Russian.
Marek Vanguard had wide opened eyes. Yes,he probably heard about the guy.Rudsky was his name.Even Russians feared him.
-�I�m Rudsky,man! I�m Rudsky!�- The confirmation of Marek Vangard�s thought reverberated through the space of the hall.
-�Strike while the iron is hot!�- He remineded himself.There perhaps was a chance.
-�Sir,I have a number of very good contacts in Poland and further in the West,also own wholesale firms with diversified goods and I think I can connect you to the Polish and Western market.�- He said again with one breath.
-�You think I don�t have contacts in Poland?�- Rudsky,the godfather,asked.
-�I�m sure you have contacts but I can bring yet another dimension to your contacts.�
-�In what way? What do you mean?�- Rudsky seemed to be unconvinced.
-�Well,my company,'Vanguard Wholesalers',owns lucrative trading contracts with our partners in Moscow and elsewhere,we have a number of land based in strategic places,and finally we own four wholesale firms with diversified assortments as I have already mentioned.I propose we become partners and you get twenty five percent ownership of all my enterprise,good?�
-�Ha,ha,ha�How can I believe what you just said?�- Rudsky was amused.
-�It�s simple! We go to my notarial office in Warsaw and sign the deal!�
-�Ha,ha,ha�And you escape,dude!�
-�If I try to escape or cheat you,then�you kill me!�
-�O.K.You can go yet today to Warsaw,with four of my trusted people.You sign the contracts with them in that notarial office you mentioned.But remember,if you lie,you�re dead! Our arm reaches the outskirts of the Earth!�
-�I prefer you call me �the godfather�.�
-�Yes,godfather.You can rely on me.�- Marek Vangard repeated but cursed and swore in his thoughts.
-�Well,you�re discharged.You�ll be assisted all the time by us.Right now you can go to the upper floor,have a shower and get some food from the frigo there.�
-�Godfather,could I ask something yet?�
-�I had a transporter with a number of cars two days ago.It was taken away from me.Maybe you know which mafia did engaged in that?�
Rudsky bursted with a loud laugh.
-�Ha,ha,ha�We did it,man!�
-�You?�- Marek Vangard felt perplexed.
-�Yes,we! Who else could do it? We�re the number one!�
Marek Vangard turned on his feet and went out,accompanied by two guys.He was all of a dither.
As Rudsky said so it happened.Yet the same day Marek Vangard was seated inside a Mercedes with four guys around him,not counting the driver.They were heading for Warsaw.
They lost about two hours at the border,still little in a comparison with the normal travellers who had to wait two to three days in order to pass from one country to the other one.But it was already too late to get to the notarial office in Warsaw because they found themselves there after six a'clock in the evening.They went to the Mariott Hotel and stayed there overnight.
Marek Vangard had no slightest a chance to escape the guys.Always at least one of them had to be with him.
He had black thoughts when he woke up in the morning.There was no way to get rid of the guys.He had to sign the contract,something what he never intended.Everything what he said to Rudsky,the godfather,was just a pure play.Unbelivable,life turned him into an actor! No actor would do it better!
He called to the notaris and announced he is coming at ten a�clock to sign new business partners to his notarial papers.
He prayed to God that something happens.Something which will enable him to escape.A fire alarm,a terrorist threat announcement,whatever!
Just half past nine they went out the hotel room,got into the elevator and then directed themselves towards the exit doors.He felt there was something strange in the hall of the hotel,more staff than usually.Especially at the entrance-exit doors.Usually there was there just one or two guys,now there were six of them.At the reception not one person but again six of them,all male. He was this time too much overwhelmed by his desperate thoughts to make a further notice of what he saw.
They were just approaching the doors when suddenly and completely unexpectedly the guys posing as personel of the hotel sprang at them and caught the four Bielorussian guys who surrounded him.The guys were instantly immobilized,their guns and mobile phones confiscated and then they were handcuffed and taken out the hotel to a police van which just came up to the doorsteps of the hotel.
Marek Vangard was approached in the meantime by a tall,silver haired guy who showed him a card from which he could learn the guy was an official of Polish Internal Security Agency.
-�We�re a secret service,mr.Vangard.We recognised the guys as the ones who are implicated in serious crime on the territorium of Poland.We�ve also concluded you were at their mercy,so�wishing to congratulate you your new found freedom!�
-�Heavens,was it really possible for you to decode the real situation? I was indeed at their mercy. They�re part of the Rudsky�s mafia.�
-�We don�t have to tell you how we did it.It�s our secret. You�re free,man! �
-�Thanks a lot,sir!�
-�I suppose,you�ll have to be very careful.�
-�Absolutely! I think Rudsky will be seeking a revenge on me.I�ll have to reorganise my daily life.�
-�Here is a card with the details on how you can contact us whenever it�s needed.�
-�Thanks a lot once again! I�m feeling a lucky man,right now! Thank you.Goodbye!�
They shook hands and he went out,directing himself towards the nearby Palace of Culture and Science,a stalinist structure,still the highest in the capital.He sat down on a bench in the shadow of the Palace and reached for his mobile phone.He dialled a number to his wife,Maria.
-�It�s me,Maria.�- He whispered lovingly.
He heard her sweety laugh.
-�Oh,Marek,when are you back at home? I can�t wait any longer!�
-�Tonight! Maria,were there any phone calls?�
-�Many.Why do you ask?�
-�I was in trouble.I was a prisoner of a Bielorussian mafia,the Rudsky mafia!�
-�We have to be very careful up from now on. They will seek a revenge.�
-�You see,Marek,you never listened to me.How many times I told you �don�t do business in Russia�! You never listened to me!�
-�You�re right,Maria.All the transport with cars is lost and also my BMW.�
-�But at least you�re alive,Marek.That�s what counts the most! I would kill you if you died! How did you manage to get rid of them?�
-�I�ll tell you in the evening when I�m back at home.�
-�Well,I wait for you,my dear Mareczku.�
-�I love you.See you!�
He sat a long time on the bench,happy and relaxed but also pained and exasperated.A saxophonist was playing a heavenly music nearby and the passerbyes hurried in all directions of their paths of life.

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