Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 96 - Angie  || All Chapters

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The morning was beautiful,the sun shone brightly and the dogs were playing happilly in the garden. Angie could not understand her parents.Why didn't they talked to each other? Why didn't they even look at each other? Why such a strange and unwelcome metamorphosis in their behaviour? Something was definitely wrong with her parents.She desired to see them talking carelessly to each other,smilling,laughing and kissing.The way as they always did.But not this time.Why?...WHY?!...No,it was beyond her comprehension to deduct in her mind the strange behaviour of her parents.She was still a child.
There was so much tension in the air,a sort of a very sour tension,that she finally lost her patience.
-"Mom,dad! Why are you so strange today?! I don't like it!" - She said angrily.Her eyes were lightnings at the moment.
Both parents looked at her,concerned. Helene van Veenen took one cigarrette out of her Marlboro pack and lighted it up.Herman van Veenen reached voor a cigar and also lighted it up.They never did it in her presence,especially while she had a breakfast and it was yet another sign something was terribly wrong.There were clouds of smoke around her mother and even more thick clouds of smoke around her father. What was that unpleasant secret they were hiding from her? She had no doubt it could only be a dready secret.Everybody would conclude it while looking at her parents.And she knew them so good!
She noticed her parents looked at themselves so strangely and unfriendly! They must have passed some message to each other because they were coming now to her.They sat down and sipped their coffees for a moment. Angie's little body shook or even shivered as if with cold.She felt her parents intended to confront her with some awful truth,one which would destroy the innocence and carellesness of her life as a child.She suddenly desired not to hear that truth.Fear spread within her mind because she knew this wish was a dead one.
Helene van Veenen took one her hand to both her hands.
"Angie,your mom and dad no longer love each other.We're going to split.We'll therefore sell our estate and our assets,and move away.But...don't worry,you'll still see both of us,not at the same time,of course.Once you'll stay with me, the other time with your daddy..."
A shock reverberated through her mind.She was unable to say anything and just starred at them.Never ever did she imagine her parents might split.She heard that strange word "divorce" and not just once but always looked at it as some unwordly word from a distant planet.
She wanted to cry,she wanted to shout and...could not.She was unable to say one word.What did she just hear was totally unacceptable.Her mother and father apart? No! It had to be some cruel joke!
She looked up at her father.
-"Yes,Angie,your mother and I won't live together any more.But don't worry,we'll care for you as much as always till now!"- Her father confirmed the words of her mother.
No,it was a hell,it wa a hell in her little mind of a child.How could it be when her parents loved themselves so much?! She saw them loving each other every single day! Tears went down her cheeks like two most precious pearls in the world.She felt an anger was growing up within her.She felt also some determination engulfing her mind.
-"No,I don't agree!"- She said coldly.
Now her own parents looked like if they were kids and she the one from the world belonging only to the adults.
-"What did you say?"- Her mother asked but looked down the floor when confronted with her daughter's angry look.Both,Helene and Herman van Veenen stopped smoking and looked at each other.Despite that they hated themselves this time they felt deeply concerned about their daughter.She was the one who still tied them to each other and what they just heard from her she did not accept their decision.She could not block them from what they decided but feared at the same time the events which lay ahead will have a profoundly negative influence on the psychic well being of their daughter.Angie was going to pay the biggest price,unfortunately. Because she loved them and could in no way apprehend how was it possible her parents wanted to split.For them it was now so much easier! Simply because they no longer loved each other but the oppossite,they hated themselves.How incredible was that new feelling!So unwordly!
Angie stood up from behind the table and went to the bathroom.They heard the noise of a key being turned in the lock.The conclusion was obvious:their daughter locked herself in the bathroom.
-"What now?" - Helene van Venen asked without looking at her husband.She felt too deeply concerned about her daughter to notice she actually spoke to her husband.
-"She'll get over it.We've no other choice to do as the one which we just outlined to Angie."- Herman van Veenen answered.
Helene van Veenen said nothing,reached just for another cigarrette and had a look at the happilly playing dogs in the garden.
The animals! They were never concerned with anything! And always happy!
Long minutes passed and Angie was still in the bathroom.Half an hour followed since she locked herself there and she was still there. Herman van Veenen suddenly jumped of his chair."Shit!"- He just said and directed his footsteps hurriedly towards the bathroom.Helene van Veenen were also off her chair.This time they felt something was wrong.Something what concerned their daughter.Herman van Veenen was already at the door which was indeed locked.
-"Angie,open the door!"- He ordered loudly.
-"Perhaps she wants to harm herself."- An agony was sculptured on the face of Helene van Veenen.
Herman van Veenen took two or three steps back and then went at the door with a brutal and violent strength.The door opened and what they saw turned their insides upside down.Their daughter stayed in the bath full of water and kept her father's razor pressed to her neck.
-"Don't come any step faurther,because if you do I cut my aorta!"- She warned them.
Helene van Veenen began to cry.
-"Angie,please,don't do it,you know I love you so much and I can't live without you."- She begged her daughter spasmatically.
-"Angie,I love you,I love you,I love you...I'm dead if you harm yourself.Don't do it,everything will be good again."- Herman van Veenen begged her daughter as much spasmatically as his wife.
-"You love me?! Pfe!! I don't believe what you're both saying! Look at yourselves! Yet yesterday you did loved each other and today you're unable to look at each other.How can I then believ you ever loved each other or that you really love me?!"
-"I love you,Angie.I really love you!"- Both,Helene and Herman van Veenen hurried to assure their daughter,not hearing and seeing each other but hearing,seeing and feeling their daughter.They would even go to the Moon for her!
-"No,you don't love me!"- She shouted back accussingly.
- "No,Kim,we love you!" - Her parents forgot they used a plural form like before.
-"Well,if you love me,you stay together.You don't break up this our home!"
A silence broke in the bathroom for a moment.The picture was dreadful: on one side she,their daughter threatening to end her life and on the other side they,her despairing parents to whom their lives would no longer have any sence if their daughter layed violent hands on herself.The end of her life would be the end of their lives.They looked at each other,the despair and love to their daughter mixed with the hatred to themselves.They looked quite long time this time at each other and felt some strange communication was being restored between them.A moment later they already knew they were going to accept the demand of their daughter.She and her life was most important.The rest was no longer of such importance as they thought yet an hour earlier.They still could adjust their lives to the new circumstances.There were many solutions.
-"I don't go away,Angie."- Herman van Veenen said,feeling strangely that it was the accord which he just reached with his wife,just by looking in her eyes.
-"And you,mom?"
-"I also stay,Angie"- Helene van Veenen felt calm and at peace once again.
-"Thanks,but if you cheat me,I swear,I'll do it!"- She warned them.She threw the razor on the floor and got out of the bad.Her mother rushed to her with a towel and put it around her.She began to kiss her,and while doing it,cried.
Herman van Veenen took the razor from the floor and put it in the pocket of his jacket.He returned to the table and lighted up a cigar.Helene van Veenen went with Angie upstairs and twenty minutes later came downstairs with her.
-"We're going to the school.I'm back in a moment."- Helene van Veenen told her husband and was not afraid to look in his thoughtful eyes.He turned his head with understanding.
Angie came to him and kissed him.
-"Bye,daddy,I'm so happy we're together again".
-"Bye,Angie,take care of yourself.I wait for you."- He answered and also kissed her.One thing he knew for sure.He did not plan to do any business this day.
An hour later Helene van Veenen came back,got a cup of coffee,lighted up a cigarette and approached the table behind which her husband still sat.
-"We have to talk."- She said.Strangely,she no longer felt the hatred which consumed her yet this day.
-"Herman,I made terrible mistakes and you did the mistakes too.I think,however,that there is no need for hatred between us,especially in the light of the developments we encountered with our daughter and our promise to her.I think furthermore that we can try to live together perhaps not the way as till now,as a wife and a husband,but simply as friends.Why not? We expierenced so much! We still can be friends!"
-"I agree with you! I no longer treat you as my wife,an angel,but as someone I must deal my life with.Let's be friends,then!
-"And sex,Herman? Are we going to do sex?"
-"Right away,if you wish!"- He stunned her.They looked at each other and felt wild fires,the same which must have consumed the first Neadernthaals, burning more and more within their bodies.
And they knew yet another thing,what was going to happen between them was not going to be love but pure,unpredictable,wild sex...Love was gone with the wind!
They stood up and went upstairs to their bedroom.They got off their clothes,still without one word to say.And then he threw her at the bed and began to treat her harshly with his body,and when he entered her he was like a wild beast,perhaps the wildest beast there ever was.She was no less active and treated every piece of his body like a rose just woken up to life in the sun's rays.In fact the rays of the sun penitrated their bedroom via the wide window with open,golden curtains.They perfectly filled each other and what a feeling was it!! Heavens themselves were no match! Both of them became one! Two became one! They danced a tango,the tango of sex,on their royal bed,then on the finely carpetted floor,on the frame of the window,on the table in the corner,on a chair behind it.Two dancers of sex,not love but sex!
And when it was finally over,they smiled to each other.They felt indeed friends.
-"Oh,Herman,why we never did it before?!"- Helene van Veenen asked,feeling herself as if she were born again.
-"I could ask you the same question!"- Herman van Veenen riposted,feeling refreshed as never before.
-"Will you continue to meet other women?"-Helene van Veenen asked again.
-"Nothing else binds us anymore but just wild sex!!"- He answered and she understood perfectly.They got through a complete methamorphosis and were now perhaps the most avangard couple in the world.They were indeed free to do whatever they wanted to do,even to the point of having other partners in their lives.

They went to the school in the afternoon.
-"Mom,dad! I'm so happy you came together to pick me up!"- Angie greeted them enthusiastically and hanged on their necks.

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