Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 37 - Shockwave  || All Chapters

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What was happening in the following days was nothing else than a shockwave.A global one! In the first place there were numerous arrests within CIA.Americans and the world learnt what was unprecedented,about double agents in their most cherished spy agency.It felt to them like if there was a monstrous earthquake to the fundaments of their common house:America.There was,perhaps,no American who would not hear about Jack Foster,the highest ranking CIA double agent,who was one of the chiefs of the agency,responsible for the New York area and foreign affairs.But this was not the end of the revelations.There were double agents arrested also in other countries.Ruud Hendrix Temmermann in Belgium who was an official in the NATO headquaters near Brussels,Seweryn Tetmarczyk in Poland who was one of the inner group members who created strategy Beehive and many others.London chief of MI6,Patrick Waltersh, managed to escape to Moscow in the last very minute,with an assistance of some mysterious group of people who might have been British double agents as well as Russian spies.They disseappearred too.There was a chain reaction of the shockwave,mainly thanks to the worldwide TV channels and newspapers.CNN was the loudest one and every few hours there were special programs entitled:�Strategy Beehive�in which they informed the worldwide public about the mysterious strategy which could have changed the face of the world.There were thorough studies being provided,by experts and officials who speculated whether The Soviet bloc was a step from realising the goal of the strategy to establish Pax Sovietus in the world,by overthrowing the legitimate government in New Zealand and overnight changing the political system there to a communist one.It was possible,the experts said and prayed to God,loudly or shyly,it did not happen.The experts agreed among themselves the existence of strategy Beehive will be a major factor towards bashing the Soviet Union by the rest of the world.Nobody likes ideas of overthrowing legitimate governments by treason and military ways of conduct.Enough was enough! The Soviets would hear it now from everyone,the common street people as well as leaders of most countries.It meant certainly one thing:the Soviet star would no longer be as bright as it seemed so far.With fading away there was a chance for the falling of the Empire.In fact it has already begun,within the Soviet Union itself.But it was still hidden away from the outside world.
Only one of those who created strategy Beehive still enjoyed all the privileges he had so far.It was Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB.He raged in his office to the point his colleuques were afraid he might get heart attack.Whatever to say,the revelations discredited the Soviet Union.One leader after another in the so-called �Third World� began to cut relations with this communist superpower and there have even appeared jokes about the so-called Soviet syndrome of making things the wrong way.Not surprisingly why Andreyev Golubin was so raged.The prestige of the Soviet Union went to all times lows.His beloved strategy Beehive turned out to be a two edge sharpened knife which was only a milimiter away from the life artery of the Soviet heart.He never before thought he might be the one who initiated the suicidal attack.What an irony!He dreamed about Pax Sovietus and instead looked at the dying beast,the beloved Soviet Union! Laugh and laugh in your sleeves all the clowns of the world! Thanks to the strategy Beehive revelations,the United States became an unquestionable authoriteit overnight.Chain reaction of events seemed to have been endless.The Secretary General of the Soviet Union received a protest note from the President of the United States.NATO had series of sessions behind closed doors.Free world representatives-and unofficially secret agents from numerous countries of the western world-went to New Zealand to investigate,in cooperation with the country�s politicians and agents of Secret Intelligence Service,whether there were serious breaches in political and military areas.It resulted in new,numerous arrests which proved strategy Beehive�s theories of broad conspiracies.The Soviet Union was a wounded and mad bear.Still exceptionally dangerous.There was a protest note sent to NATO headquaters in Brussel,in answer to the earlier ones from the President of the United States and from NATO,in which the Soviets informed strategy Beehive was created much earlier,at the time Leonid Brezhniev was still in power and the present government of the Soviet Union did not consider itself fully responsible for what happened during the rule of Leonid Brezhniev.The reaction was a pragmatic one of not ballooning the affair to monstrous proportions,thanks mainly to the present Soviet government�s policies of limited reforms with aims to make the Soviet system one with a human face.Everybody in the free world doubted it.Nevertheless,the Soviets continued the course.
There was only one enigma: what happened with Carlos,the assassin? He disseappeared like a water drop in the earth.
In the meantime at the United States Embassy in Beijing,Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi prepared themselves for their departures which would mark their new lives.The departures which would separate them from themselves perhaps even for quite a long time.Melissa Charleroi had strangely red the areas around her eyes.She must have cried a lot while alone.Despite that she was happy to be reunited with her parents she was unhappy to be split from Steven Mac Dantosch whom she loved to a point of madness.The reality was the king.He had to go to the United States to prove his innocence and she finally accepted it.The evening before their departures was splendid and full of delicious food and drinks.A goodbye party,naturally,was organised by the wife of Ambassador Daniel Parkinson.Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch stayed together all the time and often danced so they could whisper to themselves some magics and once again magics with contents they only knew what they were about.They all drank champagnes and were congratulated by Eleonora and Daniel Parkinson who wished them all the best and eventual reunion in the United States.And finally came the hour they had to leave.It happened in the morning.They were escorted to the airport in the limousines belonging to the Embassy. Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch stayed long time in their arms when the last moment of seperation came up. -�Steven,you come back to me,don�t you?�-Melissa Charleroi asked the man she loved so much. -�Oh,yes,Melissa,I love you.�-He answered her. -�And I love you,Steven.Never forget me and�be careful for yourself.Remember you must live.�- She said sadly.Tears ran down her cheeks. -�Oh yes,Melissa,I�ll do�- He promised to her and placed his lips on her lips in a final act of their promises.And then,she just turned herself away from him and without looking back went with her parents to her airplane which was due to bring her back to her homeland,Belgium.Then came a moment Steven Mac Dantosch had to say goodbye to his best friend,Tadek Vangard.They kept themselves long time by their arms and felt they were brothers in arms. -�I�ll miss you,Tadek.�-Steven Mac Dantosch said. -�Goodbye,Steven.You must be sharp as never before when you�ll deal with your archenemy,Harry Gullivers.Be careful,Steven.� -�I�ll be,Tadek.� -�Goodbye,Steven.I hope we�ll see each other quite soon.� -�Bye,Tadek.�- Steven Mac Dantosch went this time away.Within an hour he would already be in the airspace.Half an hour later Tadek Vangard himself was guided to an American plane which headed to Taiwan.The next day he was seated on a�fighting jet,with only two American pilots in the cabin before him.When the jet flew up into the sky he felt himself like if he participated actively in Formula one racing,but one in the sky.Whenever he looked there was just the sky on one side and the ocean on the other side.He felt melancholic.This sky trip was yet another stage in his dramatic life.Born in a communist country and heading for a capitalist one,New Zealand.A western country but so far,God,so far�He had already plans of going to America as soon as only it will be possible.Perhaps in half a year�Perhaps latest by one year�His country,Poland was now rapidly integrating into the modern Europe.Yet he dreamt of America�Why?�Love does not know a question:�Why?�But his overtures were pure logics too.The European countries were inflicted too much with whatever ideologist philosophies.His country,Poland,was not an exception in this.And even more inflicted,this time by the catholic priests who openly and perversively propagated their disdain to a liberal order of a society and a human being within a society.They preached some slogans about a so-called natural order against the notion of one man�s right to his or her self.They propagated notions of a family as fundemental base of a social order against a notion of an individual as the base of any society in fact.Ideology was again winning in his native country which,sadly,was always a seedland for whatever sort of dogmatists.And he did not like it.He felt also shocked when he thought about all these philosophers the Earth brought to life,from Plato and Aristotle to Frederic Nietze,Arthur Schopenhauer and Ludwig Wittgenstein.None of them made sure one�s self should never be compromised with anything else when it came to the motions concerning a man and a society.The fighting jet flew smoothly and perhaps looked like a silvery bird.There was nothing but the ocean long way under them down there.Only once for a while could they see some little Pacific islands.They were flying and flying over Pacific and it was night when they must have been flying above the continent of Australia.The night was terrible and sleeplees.Tadek Vangard has,however,fallen asleep in the end.When he opened his eyes in the morning he noticed they were still flying over Pacific.He concluded,from the excited behaviour of the pilots,they were already nearing New Zealand.He himself began to feel excited.Making sure the pilots do not notice,he brought a toast to freedom and drank then his glass of wine.Finally,they found themselves above New Zealand.The landscape down there was certainly much more differentiated than the one in Australia.First they flew over the Coromandel peninsula and the biggest town in New Zealand,Aucland and then over all the length of the North Island with its many picturesque sides and especially breathtaking beaches bordering the ocean.Tadek Vangard already knew they were heading for Wellington,the capital of New Zealand,situated in the south of the North Island.In fact they were heading to Seatown which was part of Wellington and in which there was a military unit stationing there.It was clear the plan was being executed to a perfect touch.They indeed landed in a military base in Seatown,one surrounded by all powerful sea-waters of Pacific,the emperor and spectacular beaches.It was difficult to believe there was no a tourist sea resort built in place of the military base.When the jet finally landed in the base and they managed to get out of the jet the Sun has already turned reddish which suggested the forthcoming evening,still bright one and a day alike.It was December,this part of the calendar year in New Zealand which heralded a full blown summer and this was especially so incredible to Tadek Vangard,a man from Central Europe which normally had snowy winters at this time of the year,lasting till March.If he came directly from Europe he would be greatly shocked.But he already stayed much time in the tropic of Asia and in China which was rather a warmer place than in his native country,so he felt he will have no problems in adjusting himself to reversed season times.They were instantly greeted by some military men and one man who was dressed in civilian clothes.The last one seemed to have been the most important.He behaved like one who issued orders.He was a handsome man of a middle age,with bear and dark hair,blue eyed and very tall.He kept a cigar in his mouth and seemed to enjoy life.It was he who approached Tadek Vangard as the first one. -�Welcome in New Zealand.My name is Herman Van Veenen.�- He introduced himself. Tadek Vangard laughed. -�It looks I don�t have to introduce myself because you already know some details about me.�-He said while continuing to laugh. -�That�s right.I am a CIA agent with some rank,Sir,and I was asked to welcome you here,in New Zealand and guarantee you safety.Since I am based permanently in this country and have all my family here,and enough place I suggest you stay with my family.�-He proposed. -�Oh,I wouldn�t like to be a nuisance to you and your family.� -�No a problem at all.All pleasure on my side.� -�Really? Thanks a lot.By the way,how is it possible you are a CIA operative agent and live in New Zealand?� -�I am thinking of retiring from the service.For the time being I still keep a passive role of a representative of my agency in this country.� -�Thank you a lot for such straightforward introduction.I am relieved we�re fair towards ourselves.� -�Absolutely so,Mr.Vangard.Let�s go.� Tadek Vangard bid farewell to the pilots and the military men who assisted Herman Van Veenen,got to his jeep and they were off to Wellington,the capital of New Zealand.Judging from the original surname of the man Tadek Vangard concluded he had to be an American of a Dutch origin or at least one whose family had Dutch roots.While going along spectacular seasides the CIA man explained to him all the details he needed to know in his new life in a new country.He was feeling absolutely bewildered and shocked to some point.Whatever to say he happened to find himself in a far away country,somewhere at the end of the world�
God,at the end of the world...


Andreyev Golubin was raged as hell.He looked once at Carlos,the other time at Patrick Waltersh.The lightnings of fury off his eyes seemed to have a killing spree.Strategy Beehive finally got into the hands of the ideologic enemies of the Soviet Union!...It was this what he was afraid the most! All the years since one traitor among them,colonel Andrzej Tomczat,betrayed them and tried to pass the strategy to the Americans what finally happened to succeed because of some Polish guy,Tadek Vangard and his friend,Steven Mac Dantosch.Oh,how he hated them! If he could he would chop them and give their chopped flesh to the pigs for eating.The worst happened and he realised one had to try to live in new circumstances and organise new ways of defending oneself and even try to counterattack those who got the upper hand.He still thought it was possible.Because he had Carlos at his disposal.It was still a tremendous plus.One Carlos was like thousands of field agents on the enemy side.Especially that Carlos had a legendary fame and was feared worldwide.This man still had his value.Andreyev Golubin could not say the same abot Patrick Waltersh.The man was already lost and de facto nothing.Just nothing.He despised him the more that he was like a barrel full of fear.He thouhght for a moment whether to finish the guy off and decided against it when he recollected the words of his overlords in the Kremlin.No new revelations,please,he was said.This was the evidence the shockwave shook also the Kremlin and he could feel himself lucky he was only mildly reprimanded.He smiled when he thought about Jack Foster,the double agent who stayed now behind bars.The American traitor faced a dead penalty and it was a matter of fact he will be doomed sooner or later.At least thanks to him he,Andreyev Golubin,managed to get acquainted with Harry Gullivers,the all powerful man in the United States,unofficially the second only after the president of USA.If only the Americans knew who Harry Gullivers was in fact! When Andreyev Golubin got this thought his rage somehow subsized.He knew already from Harry Gullivers that Steven Mac Dantosch was innocent in fact and his crime was masterfully orchestrated.Still,Carlos was most important to him.They were both like two beasts living together in a symbiosis which fulfilled both ends.Carlos was able to get to any place around the world.He,Andreyev Golubin,had a spyder web of global information at his disposal.With Harry Gullivers added to their symbiosis they would become the most powerful trio the world ever witnessed.No,there was still no end to his plans.The future still might be a bright one and he believed it will. -�Carlos,I don�t understand how could you let the strategy to slide away to the hands of our mutual enemies?�- He asked with a hoarsy voice,having in mind rather to humiliate and upset a bit his co-partner in crime. -�I don�t myself understand how could happen what happened.Shit,Andreyev,you sent to me such agents who let themselves to be shot by the Americans like ducks!�- Carlos had in mind the events in Taoranting park in Beijing when he lost his fight to Steven Mac Dantosch and escaped with great difficulty after the ambush of the American agents on the Russian ones. -�Well,Carlos,there is no time and no use for ourselves to fault each other�� -�You�re right.� -�I hope Jack Foster,Ruud Hendrix Temmermann,Seweryn Tetmarczyk and others who got arrested by our enemies won�t sing out everything they know.I wonder whether we should finish them off before further damage is done�� -�I don�t think it would be prudent.See,once they got the strategy into their hands they learnt a lot.What more can they learn? I think not much more.� -�You�re mistaken.There are areas they still don�t know much about.� -�I feel thrilled when I think the blood thirsty capitalists can know everything about us.� -�Me too.� -�Andreyev,you surprise me.Have you asked me to meet you only to do polemics? I don�t have time for this.I�m a man of action!�- Carlos said spitefully. -�Yes�A man of action�who let the strategy to slide away.�- Andreyev Golubin remarked equally spitefully. -�I can say the same about you.�-Carlos retorted. -�Oh,Carlos,we better stop pointing fingers at ourselves�I know what you feel�What an agony!�I feel the same.Can you imagine what a hurricain I got through? They have indeed pointed with their fingers at me.You know whom I mean...The Kremlin.Luckily,I have my supporters also within the Kremlin.This is why I still participate in that Kremlin chess game.Nevertheless,I feel some strange things happen within there.Yes,I participate very much and have my alliances there but there is something alse behind my back.Besides,nearly all Republiks want seperation.This is the biggest pain in the ass.And something else�I got news there is some dissent and they want,you won�t believe it,Carlos-the dissolution of KGB! Is this not terrible?! What our beloved Soviet Union would be worth without�KGB?� -�Nothing.�-Carlos remarked. -�Do you know,Carlos,whom I managed to get acquianted with?�- Andreyev Golubin continued. -�I have no idea.I listen�� -"It�s�Harry Gullivers.Jack Foster,shortly before he got arrested by FBI,aquianted me with him. -�That�s great! I hope you became friends!�- Carlos beamed with happiness now. -�Sure,Carlos,sure.I�ve got a new idea.We�ll make a partnership with him.He got his mafia networks.I got the KGB ones.You got the terrorist ones.Our trio will be all powerful!� -�Andreyev,you�re a genius!�- Carlos felt breathless from emotion.They have not played any attention to Patrick Waltersh.He had no value to them anymore.He was like a dog.Like a house puppy.Forgotten. -�Carlos,I�ll stay in touch with Harry Gullivers and try to draw him into our new strategy.I�ll let you know as soon as there�ll be organised a meeting with him.But first is first.I propose,Carlos,you find Tadek Vangard...Kill him!...He has to pay price for what he has done.� -�And Steven Mac Dantosch?� -�Don�t bother for him.Harry Gullivers will do what�s necessary.� They bid farewell heartily to each other,without attention,however,being done to the Englishman,their house dog�.

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