Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 33 - Deal  || All Chapters

-�God Allmighty.�-Steven Mac Dantosch repeated himself.-�This is a strategy Beehive,indeed.�
He felt bewildered and shocked.Dizzy too,as if he overstayed on a maddening rounds of a merry-go-round which the servicemen could not stop due to a failure of its mechanical armories.
-�Yes,Steven,this is the strategy��- Tadek Vangard still felt the aftershocks within himself.-�As you see,the strategy was written by the very participant of those who created the strategy,colonel Andrzej Tomczat.�
-�I thought he was dead�I heard once I don�t know when and where�Or,perhaps,I read it�Colonel Tomczat and some other spy,an American,killed themselves in Amsterdam.It happened already quite good several years ago.Or maybe not that long time ago.Shit,I don't remember.�
Tadek Vangard smiled to his friend.
-�You�re right,Steven.He is dead�But,if I remember it good,he died not several years ago but a year ago or so.And the American he had the deadly encounter with was James Towers,a CIA agent,but a traitor who worked for the Soviets in fact.�
-�My God,you think he betrayed the colonel and his bosses in CIA?�
-�Exactly.Colonel Andrzej Tomczat gave him one of the two original copies of the strategy,asking him to bring it to CIA ��
-�And he,instead,delivered it to KGB�I am amazed where did you learn it all,Tadek.�
His Polish friend began to laugh earnestly.
-�Oh,Steven,one can easily deduct it after the lecture and from knowing what we already know.�- He answered.
-�You�re right,Tadek.One doesn�t to be an Einstein to get to such a conclusion.�- Steven Mac Dantosch also began to laugh.
Melissa Charleroi brought cups of tea with a Chinese tea essence and they sipped it for a moment.Then Steven Mac Dantosch continued the lecture of the �guide� which happened to be something much more nevralgic while Melissa Charleroi went to her room for a good night sleep and Tadek Vangard went to his bathroom to wash himself under shower,shave himself and shorten his hair.He was somehow a Jack of all trades when it came to doing toiletries on himself.When he came back from the bathroom,in his pyjamas,he looked refreshed and quite boyish.
-�And how�s going the lecture?�- He asked his Australian friend who gave a thoughtful look at him.
-�We�ll have to do some serious decisions,Tadek�.Some very serious ones�This strategy is absolutely something of too important a value��- He answered an then continued to study the book which gave him impression to burn gently his fingers.It was already midnight,the time of the vampires,when Steven Mac Dantosch finished the lecture.He looked up at Tadek Vangard who read a science-fiction magazine he got from one of the Westerners,somehow arrogant tourists who had to show to the Chinese,in whatever way,they belonged to the Western world.
-�Tadek,we�re more in morass than we thought.�- He said.
-�What do you mean?�- His friend detached his eyes from the magazine and looked at him.
-"We�re in a deadly danger even here in China!�I am sure they tried to find us all the time and I would be surprise if they still didn�t know where we are actually��
-�They?�Whom do you mean?��
-�Oh?Tadek,don�t be so dumb.Think!�All of them: not only Carlos and the people of Harry Gullivers,the mafia godfather but also the secret intelligence agencies,both from the West and the East,and especially KGB.�
-�We had it peacefull here in China��
-�Well,we were lucky!�Our idyl is over!�I am afraid especially of those who created the strategy,Andreyev Golubin and the western double agents.They�ll do everything to get the strategy back to their hands.�
-�Carlos is the most dangerous�Do you think he might have survived when you have blown his terrorist nest to pieces?�
-�I don�t know,Tadek.If he survived,I woudn�t be surprised if he already were in China.We�ll have to change our lifestyles:or we go away to some forgotten village somewhere in the most uninhabitable part of China or��- Steven Mac Dantosch did not finish what he meant.The expression of his blueish eyes was sharply witty.
-�Or,Steven?�What do you mean?�- Tadek Vangard felt himself excited.He knew,from the expierence,his friend�s mind worked already furiously over a new idea.Steven Mac Dantosch blinked his eyes and his arch-handsome jaws,sugar and honey,showed the expression of his satisfaction.He simply smiled to Tadek Vangard.
-�I am sure,Tadek,you know what I mean�I know you long enough to be able to read your mind.�
-�God,then I am lost��- Tadek Vangard joked.
-�No,Tadek,you ain�t lost.You know I am your best friend you ever had.�
-�Thanks,Steven,but let�s get to the theme�Perhaps I also have an idea but I would like to know your idea first if you don�t mind.I�m thrilled we have to escape before our persuers more often than from time to time.To places we know nothing about,which ultimately turn out to be even more dangerous than we thought.I�m fed up with this!�We should try to do something to finish this madness.To get away from this��
-�You're right,Tadek.I think this guide which turned out to be an authentic copy of strategy Beehive can be our�trump card.�
An expression of a surprise showed up on the cleanly shaved face of Tadek Vangard.
-�Our�trump card?�You astonish me,Steven.How�s that possible?�
Steven Mac Dantosch bursted with laugh.
-�Simple,Tadek.We have to report ourselves to the Americans at the United States Embassy here in Beijing!�- He announced.
-�And they�ll hire CIA agents to arrest us.Have you forgotten they are after our backs?�
-�Yes,they are.But they also want the strategy.They want it even more than us.As long as we can use the strategy as our�trump card they can do nothing to us.I am sure the Americans want badly the strategy.Once they have it they can prove before the world,on white and black terms,what the Soviets intended.This way the Soviets can be discredited worldwide and the cold war can,therefore, be won de facto by the Americans��
-�And all this thanks to this strategy?!�
-�Thus,Steven,you propose we bring the strategy to the American Embassy?�You�re not afraid they can leave us stranded?�
-�No,Tadek,because we�ll do it cautiously.They�ll have to give us not only the verbal assurances but also the written ones.�
-�You think they�ll do it?�
-�They�ll have no choice.�- The expression of the Steven Mac Dantosch�s face was this time sharp determined.
-�Steven,what assurances you think about?�- Curiosity of Tadek Vangard seemed to have been infinite.In fact,however,he wanted to confront his friend�s ideas with his own.
-�Firstly,they have to guarantee us safety absolutely from everyone:from themselves,from the Soviets and Carlos.Secondly,they must agree to our choices of the destination countries.And thirdly,I must get an iron assurance from them,signed by the President of the United States himself,they let me go to the United States and will not seek to arrest me for five years during which I want to prove my innocence.You know,Tadek,I am not a murderer.I did not kill the boyfriend of my sister,Emmanuelle,and I will prove it!�
Tadek Vangard thought he might get a heart attack from the shock.
-�Are you mad,Steven?!�- He nearly shouted.-�You want to challenge Harry Gullivers?!...The most powerful mafia godfather since Al Capone?!�Heavens,you�re mad,Steven!�
-�No,Tadek,I am not mad.Don�t you think it�s normal I want to prove my innocence?�
-�But you want to act against one of the most powerful on this globe!�
-�Powerful?�This is all relative,Tadek.One day one is strong and thinks he can move the mountains,the other day he is dying and no one and nothing can help him.I�ll do the same with Harry Gullivers.He�ll swear and curse the day he did what he did against me and my family.Besides,I have nothing to loose.�
-�Steven,you�re like David against Goliath.Who knows�But�it�s a deadly dangerous game.What about Melissa? What are you going to do with her?�
-The face of Steven Mac Dantosch turned serious,double thoughtful and even concerned.
-�You know,Tadek,I love her�But�she will have to return to her parents.�-He decided.-�At least for the time I will fight against my archenemy,Harry Gullivers.�
-�I keep my fingers crossed she�ll agree.Steven�It�s already a deep night.You better go to your room and have some sleep.You leave the decision to make for tomorrow.I mean about your idea of fighting against Harry Gullivers.He is all powerful!�
-�No,Tadek,I have already decided.You see,he harmed me so much,turned me into a murderer,a runaway man hated by his own family.God,Emmanuelle is really convinced I shot her boyfriend�But I did not do it!I have not shot her boyfriend!�It was orchestrated by Harry Gullivers! This is why I must fight back against him.I must recover the peace of my mind.And it won�t happen so long as I�ll prove my innocence! If I don�t do it,Harry Gullivers will destroy my entire family.He chantages my father already now.He was the brain before perswading my sister to marry one of his sons but in fact she is used by him to�God,I can�t say it�Oh,what he did with my sister!��- Steven Mac Dantosch was now clearly emotional and close to crying from despair.
Tadek Vangard came up to him and touched his hands.
-Steven.�-He said gently.-�Don�t despair.I am sure you�ll win.I keep my fingers crossed for you.�
-�Thank you,my friend.I needed it.�-Steven Mac Dantosch whispered.
-�Go then now to your room and get some sleep.We conclude our decision tomorrow.�
-�Good night,Tadek.�
-�Good night,Steven.�
-In the morning,all three of them met in Melissa Charleroi�s room who had ready a breakfast for them.While eating bread rolls with ham and tomatos and drinking the Chinese tea they decided they will first telephone to the Embassy of the United States for an appointment with the American ambassador to China there.
As soon as they were over with their breakfast they pedalled their bicycles in the direction of the Beijing International Hotel and once they found themselves there they went straight to the telephone booths inside the grand hall of the hotel,which were placed between the reception and the CITS tourist office.They managed easily to get inside of one of the glass booths.
Steven Mac Dantosch dialled an adequate number to the Embassy.
-�Hallo.The United States Embassy here.May I help you?�- He heard a voice of a female secretary.
-�Please inform the ambassador I have a strategy Beehive in my hands which I would like to pass over to his hands.�
-�Can it wait?�
-�No,it�s too important.�
-�Good.Please wait a moment.�
-�My pleasure.�-Steven Mac Dantosch knew his words sounded like invitation to a secret love,in the eyes of the American secretary.Not even a minute passed when he heard a male voice.
-�Hallo.Ambassador of the United States,Daniel Parkinson,at the phone.Whom do I have a pleasure to speak to?�
-�My name de facto is Mathew Burrows.Both,Interpol and CIA try to find me,for crimes I did not make.I hide under a changed name,together with my friends,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi.We have a top secret strategy Beehive with ourselves.I am sure you heard about the strategy.�- Steven Mac Dantosch announced and heard the ambassador to hem and haw.It was doubtless his announcement made a tremendous impression on the USA representative.
-�Well,wait a moment.�- He heard the ambassador.He did not have to wait long time before he heard the voice of the number one official again.
-�Fantastic,Mr.Burrows.Where are you? I send to you our agents and they�ll bring you to the Embassy.O.K.?�
-�I expect from you,Mr.Ambassador,no games will be used against us.You won�t get the strategy if we�re convinced we�re treated unfairly.Be sure,please,you won�t find the strategy without our help.No chance for it.I am warning...�
-�Mr.Burrows,you have my personal word my people will treat you the right way for as long as it is necessary.Are you satisfied with my statement?�
-�I think so.�
-�Then,let me know where are you actually? Time is money and in the case of strategy Beeehive it is a matter of victory over the communist camp and bringing freedom and democracy to new areas of the world eventually.�
-�Your agents,I mean the CIA agents are in a deadly danger.�
-�I suppose so,Mr.Burrows.We can�t lose time the more.Where are you?�
-�We�re at the Beijing International Hotel,Sir.We go outside of the hotel right now and wait for your people there.�
-�All right.Thank you,Mr.Burrows.See you soon.�
-Steven Mac Dantosch put the telephone handle on its place.
-�Americans are coming for us.We have to wait for them outside.Let�s go.�- He announced to his friends despite that he did not have to say it.They knew the details from the fragments of the telephone conversation.
They went out the booth and were passing the reception of the hotel.Steven Mac Dantosch looked in the direction of the reception and grew pale.He turned his head away violently and pushed his friends energetically towards the exit.They knew immiadiately something was hanging in the air.Steven Mac Dantosch behaved this way when they were facing a danger.
-�Don�t turn your heads in the direction of the hotel.�- He warned them once they have found themselves outside.
-�Why?�- Melissa Charleroi asked.
-�I�ve seen...Carlos.He is at the reception and talks to a receptionist.There is a chance he did not see us.�
-This time both his friends became pale.
-�God Allmighty,Carlos in Beijing? Are you sure you saw him?�- Tadek Vangard was visibly out of his element.
-�I am sure as much as I see you now before me.I would recognise him in every corner of this world even if he were turned with his back to me.I simply smell him.�- The answer of Steven Mac Dantosch left a full stop over any doubt.
-�Steven,do you think he saw us.�-Melissa Charleroi asked.
-�I think,he did not notice us.I hope so at least.Shit,we have no time to wait for the agents from the Embassy.Come,we take the taxi.�- Steven Mac Dantosch acted determindedly as always in the situations like that.They approached the taxis standing in raw about fifty meters in front of the hotel and got inside one of them.
-�Bring us to the Embassy of the United States.�-Steven Mac Dantosch asked the taxi driver.
Tadek Vangard was astonished the driver did not ask for the address.He knew where the Embassy was situated.And probably every Chineseman in Beijing knew it,quite similar situation to what was the case in Warsaw,the capital of Poland.There,every inhabitant of the capital knew where the American Embassy was placed.
The word:�America� had a magic spell in both countries,China and Poland.
They found themselves before the Embassy in a matter of minutes.The Embassy neighboured many other embassies including the British one in the so-called Jianguomenwai Embassy Compound and next to an original Ritan Park.The street the taxi stoped was called Xiushui Beijie,as mysteriously to the European ear as any other Chinese pronounciation.It was not far from the Embassy to the Friendship Store and CITIC,the organisation on behalf of co-operation among Chinese and worldwide enterprises.Once they introduced themselves at the reception of the Embassy they were approached by several agents at once and brought,along the labirynths of the corridors,to a splendid appartament with many paintings on the walls portraying American heroes.
Tadek Vangard was proud to recognise two Polish heroes who fought for the independence of the United States over two hundred years ago: generals Kazimierz Pulaski and Tadeusz Kosciuszko.They did not have to wait long time.
They were confronted within minutes by about sixty years old man,grey haired but energetic and certainly in a good fisical condition.
-�Welcome at the Embassy.It�s my pleasure to acquaint myself with you.My name is Daniel Parkinson.�- He introduced himself.
-�So�you are the ambassador,Sir?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked formally,despite that he has already heard it.
-�Yes,that�s me.�-They walked up to a splendid mahogany table and fine leather armchairs.They sat down.Ambassador Daniel Parkinson lit one of his cigars.Two young waitresses brought some drinks,cold and warm,including coffee.Ambassador Parkinson asked them to treat themselves.He looked with concern and somehow with anxiety at Melissa Charleroi.
-�I know already everything about all of you.�- He announced to them.
-�We hope there is no a danger hanging above our heads from the American special services.�- Steven Mac Dantosch countered.
-�Of course.You have my word.�
-�Yes,yes,Mr.Ambassador,but please remember there are traitors even among the CIA agents��
Ambassador Parkinson became perplexed and said something under his nose.He recovered his stature fast.
-�They won�t get away with it!��- He said with a steely voice.-�Of course,much depends on you.I think really much��
-�We were mistreated many times not only by the Soviet agents but also the Americans��- Tadek Vangard expressed his mind.
-�I am terribly soory for this.I speak,naturally,on behalf of the American agents.You see,you found yourselves in this sort of reality which ordinary mortal does not know.In the hot part of the cold war reality,the one where the secret intelligence agencies on both parts of the Iron Curtain,engage in death and life goals.You found yourselves somehow in the epicentre of this deadly reality.All this because of the strategy Beehive��
-�But we didn�t know we had one.�- Tadek Vangard protested.
-�I am terribly sorry.�- Ambassador Parkinson appollogised.
-�We have to get guarantees before we pass the strategy to you.�- Steven Mac Dantosch got straightforwardly to the theme which certainly interested the ambassador the most.-�If you really want the strategy Beehive so much as you sound about it I am sure the USA government can guarantee immunity to me from the prosecution offices at least for some time.�
-�Yes,yes�With you,Mr.Burrows,there is a big problem.You are accused for a murder.There is enough evidence you are the killer.The USA government is committed,by the constitution,not to deal whatsoever with anyone who is a murderer��
-�Do you think,Mr.Ambassador,I am really a murderer?�
-�The evidence�The facts prove it.�
-�What evidence?...What facts?...That I had a gun in my hands directed at the head of the boyfriend of my sister? But the gun,for Heaven�s sake,was empty! There was no a bullet inside it.I did not kill him.It was someone from the mafia of Harry Gullivers who did it.They tried to remove me from the game effectively and they managed to do it.At least as long as until now.�
-�You say�mafia of Harry Gullivers?�He is one of the most honourable citizen of our country! And he is co-owner of a worldwide telecommunications enterprise,together with your father.�
-�Bullshit!�He is a mafia godfather,Mr.Ambassador!�You seem to know so much about us and you know nothing about the biggest criminal in the history of the United States!�He is so clever everybody thinks he�s an angel while he�s a devil!�I heard you,Americans,want him even to become the president of the United States�God,what an irony!�Wake up,Americans�He is a cancer on your soul!��
Ambassador Daniel Parkinson looked troubled now.
-�I can�t agree with you,Mr.Burrows��-He said.-�Assumming,however,you might be right in your remarks against Harry Gullivers,I feel devastated.He is perceived in America as one of the father figures.Revelations of the sort you�re saying might bring a crisis of a psychological nature to all our wonderful society.�
-�The winner must be the truth.And if this is the case,don�t be afraid about any psychological devastation to the American society,Mr.Ambassador.Americans can withstand it.�- Steven Mac Dantosch countered.
-�What do you propose then?�- Ambassador Daniel Parkinson asked suddenly.
-�My proposal is as following�We give strategy Beehive to you under a condition we receive a written guarantee signed by the President we will not be harassed by the CIA and Interpol and instead will be even assisted by them if necessary.Furthermore,I will be allowed to come to the United States,and will have an immunity from prosecution for five years.No FBI agent can stand in my way during that time.I am sure I will prove my innocence within that time and,what�s as much important to me,I will uncover the real face of Harry Gullivers to the American public,the face of the biggest mafia godfather since Al Capone��- Steven Mac Dantosch felt exhausted and thrilled when he looked into the eyes of Melissa Charleroi.She was visibly shaking and had tears in her beautiful eyes.
-�What are your demands,Mr.Vangard?�- Ambassador Daniel Parkinson asked Tadek Vangard.
-�I would like to get a permanent residence in the United States.This is my dream��
-�And you,Miss Charleroi?�
-�Me,too.�- Melissa Charleroi answered sadly.
-�Well,I'll consult with the office of the President.�- Ambassador Daniel Parkinson announced.-�What you are demanding,Mr.Burrows is nearly impossible to answer positively.Nevertheless,I�ll state I believe what you�re saying about your innocence.Perhaps this will bring some luck to you.�
-�Thanks,thanks a lot,Mr.Ambassador.�
-�Where must we seek you when we have the answer for you?�
-�In Qiao Yuan Hotel.�- Steven Mac Dantosch anwered without much thinking.
-�Are you crazy,Steven? You know Carlos is here in Beijing.We must change the hotel.�- Tadek Vangard reacted with nuisance.
Ambassador Daniel Parkinson felt himself alarmed at once.
-�What are you saying? Carlos is in Beijing?�- He asked.
-�Yes.I saw him today in the Beijing International Hotel.�- Steven Mac Dantosch announced matter of factly.
-�Then,the rules of the games change,I see.�- Ambassador Parkinson said mysteriously.-�I am sure the Soviet agents are also in Beijing and you are in a deadly danger.You better stay inside the compound of our Embassy.�
-"No,Mr.Ambassador.As long as we have no a positive answer from the office of the President,we keep a distance.�- Steven Mac Dantosch said coldly.
-�Well,I still don�t know where we must seek you?�- Ambassador Parkinson repeated his earlier question.
-�In Yongdingmen Hotel.�- Tadek Vangard answered for everyone.
They bod farewell to Ambassador Parkinson and went to Qiao Yuan Hotel.They packed up there and moved to a nearby Yongdingmen Hotel,much more obscure,normally for poor Chinese travellers only.There was no way Carlos could seek them in such a hotel.
The personnel of the hotel they moved to was friendly and,to their surprise,there were some foreigners staying in the hotel:several Polish tourists,one Australian and a few Germans.They made friends with them in the evening while dining in the hotel restaurant.Tadek Vangard was curious what�s new in Poland and therefore talked mostly to his compatriots.Steven Mac Dantosch was haungry of everything what was happening in Australia and learnt a lot from the Australian,a blondman as handsome as he was.Melissa Charleroi chatted with the Germans.Finally they all drank Chinese beer together and joked to each other.
It was close to midnight when they moved to their rooms.Steven Mac Dantosch had a very bad sleep.A nightmare filled his mind.It was Carlos who was in his night dream.He looked like a real vampire and his teeth were coloured red from blood.
It was about half past two at night when some strange noise woke him up.He felt alarmed and decided he will walk to the room in which slept Melissa Charleroi to check whether everything was all right.Before he reached the handle of the door he heard a knock on the door.
-�It must be Melissa.�- He thought.
He opened the door.
His shock was absolute when he realised he confronted �Carlos,who kept Melissa Charleroi in his steely hands and in one of his hands there was a gun�