Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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The news about the gruesome death of Karl Schnultzer,one of the best friends of Tadek Vangard,terrified him completely.He was unable to comprehend what happened and did not believe his friend was murdered. -�This must be some terrible mistake�I am sure Karl lives�He took a break from all of this and is now travelling somewhere in China�Or,perhaps,he�s gone to Hongkong for refreshing himself with the liberal landscape of the social order there so much different than the one which is here,in the communist China��- Tadek Vangard could not make terms with the shock which overwhelmed him.If he could he would cry and despair.He could not.He was taught since the early childhood one as a boy and then a man after growing up could never shame himself with watering his emotions down his cheeks,something what was reserved for girls and ladies.A cry dishonoured a man.Yet he cried silently,the way a man does,when only his eyes show it somehow.The facts were rude.The police came to the hotel and ordered all people who were seen earlier in the companionship of Karl Schnultzer to appear in the assigned police stations.Tadek Vangard was,naturally,one of those who were given the order and he even had to assist in a confirmation autopsy of his friend.When he returned to the hotel he felt himself totally devastated.One week passed and he still could not get over what happened with.It was then when Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi arrived back in Beijing.They did not yet know about the murder of Karl Schnultzer and Tadek Vangard was surprised to see them beaming with happiness,laughing and�kissing each other.Yes�He opened his eyes wide�Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi kissing each other?�It never crossed his mind it might happen.He considered Melissa Charleroi a girl and not a woman yet.Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi began to laugh earnestly when they saw the mixed expressions on his face and the mimics especially. -�Tadek,Melissa is already a woman!�We love each other.�- Steven Mac Dantosch announced to him with simplicity.Tadek Vangard still did not believe neither his eyes nor ears. -�Yes,Tadek,we love each other.The relationship between us is no longer the one as used to be.Sorry,if we shocked you��- Melissa Charleroi�s words filled the remaining space of doubt. -�Oh,I didn�t know��- He answered,catching himself on not knowing what to say.Both of his friends began to laugh again.Only then did they realise something was strange with their friend. -�Tadek,you don�t accept we love each other?��- Steven Mac Dantosch asked. -�Oh no,it�s not this.� -�What then?�- Steven Mac Dantosch began to feel annoyed with a strange behaviour of his friend. Tadek Vangard covered his face with both his hands. -�Steven,I don�t know whether to say it right now�� -�Damn it!�Say it!��- Steven Mac Dantosch began to loose his patience. -�It won�t be good for Melissa to hear it�� -�No,Tadek,I am no longer a child.Whatever it is you better say it.�- Melissa Charleroi said resolutely.He looked up at them with his eyes filled by sadness. -�Karl�was murdered.�-His words were like a lightning which hit both his friends.They turned pale and Melissa Charleroi would fall on the floor if Steven Mac Dantosch did not catch her in time.Still,they both needed to sit down.They were crying silently.Cristal tears went down the cheeks of Melissa Charleroi. -�Who�Who murdered him?�- Steven Mac Dantosch had a trouble with the delivery of this short question. -�I don�t know.Nobody knows.The Chinese officials apparently don�t know either.Many people were called for interrogations to a number of police stations and I was among them.� -�God Allmighty,why?�He was just an innocent foreigner�A tourist��- Steven Mac Dantosch could not make terms with the news.-�I can�t believe it�Do you think it might be related to the tickets?��-Tadek Vangard looked straight into his eyes which raged from the pain. -�No,Steven,I have no slightest an idea.We probably will never know what really happened.Who killed him and why.�-"And his girlfiend knows it?"-Melissa Charleroi asked.-"I don't know.She is back in Germany for the time being."-Tadek Vangard answered.They felt as if they were poisoned,with terrible headaches lost interest in whatever conversation.So they moved then silently to their rooms and stayed closed within them,the bereaved.Steven Mac Dantosch went only once for a while to the room of Melissa Charleroi to see whether she is getting somehow to terms with the news.She did not and was in a shaky state.Steven Mac Dantosch was afraid for her and especially feared her nightmares might return with a new force.They could not share one room together because Melissa Charleroi was still one year short to the legitimate age of eighteen years old and the Chinese hotel service was very strict on this matter.No Chinese woman could enter a hotel appartament together with an international tourist and the age of the foreigners was checked scrupulately.The next day was simply ghostly.Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi decided to leave Beijing for a two days trip to Inner Mongolia,having a hope perhaps they will somehow make terms with what happened to Karl Schnultzer,while travelling.There were some nice things there in Inner Mongolia they still did not see.Amongst others some artifacts from the times of Ghenghis Khan.Tadek Vangard normally stayed within the four walls of his hotel appartament and left the business affairs to his co-partners,the Belgian brothers,Andre and Thomas Van Hove,and to the Polish students who helped him in the ticket business and in dealings with quite a big number of Polish travellers who needed some assistance to going to the Chinese governmental offices in order to obtain documents for the goods they purchased in China which they intended to take with themselves to the Soviet Union,which seemed to be dissolving itself fast but was still whole and to their own country,Poland,which began a dramatic transformation to a capitalist order.If anybody looked closely at Tadek Vangard,would say the man was a stranger lost in his coocoo�s nest.Partially,this was true.But only partially.In fact,Tadek Vangard needed some separation,at least for a week,to recover and get a grip over himself.He wanted to make a full assessment of the reality and the actual situation,to solve questions which stayed deep within himself.He was a very soulful a man.He has never killed a man,no even a chicken and a frog.He did not understand how other people could go and watch Spanish corridas in which some animals were being killed and absolutely could not comprehend people could go to a stadium to look at an execution of criminals or the so-called criminals as was the case in China.He would swear many victims of the unjust law system and of the arrogance of the judges in the so called state courts of law in China,were innocent.Yet they were�executed for crimes they did not do.Well,there were cases even in the United States innocent people got lethal doses of poison into their veins,as a result of the court verdicts which did not take into the account the so called orchestrated crime,planted by real criminals or mafia but in China this practice was on a daily schedule.Tadek Vangard thought there should be a strong worldwide effort against countries which did not honour human rights.Some people said China and other countries which mistreated their own people were sovereign countries which could do whatever they pleased without a regard to the worldwide opinion. -�No,they have to behave!�They absolutely have to behave!...All of them!�Whether they are the governmental officials in China or in the Soviet Union,Iran,Iraq and any other country.No even a superpower can disregard this golden rule!�- He,Tadek Vangard would answer to the doubtfull ones.Locked within the four walls of his hotel appartament he was slowly waking himself up from his all powerfull sorrow over the death of Karl Schnultzer. -�Well.�- He decided finally.-�I�ll have many days in the future to cry and despair because of the evil which happened to Karl.But�right now�I have to get back to the real life.I must waste no time on whatever forms of Shakespearan hesitations and a Hamlet alike despairs.I must,absolutely must,join the real world.I have to begin to fight for my identity once again.For getting away from this evil.For getting out of this vicious Glass Curtain�Through the fences of the Iron Curtain...God,will I make it?...Whenever I go to and in whatever place I appear there is always a spider web of arch-glossy,invisible Glass Curtain waiting for me as if some people around this globe united against a man,an innocent one who shares with them the genealogic tree,planted in the Eden Garden by the great grandparents of all humanity,Adam and Eve...God,why it is they don�t leave a man in peace?�Why they seat on one man�s head like some horror creatures?�Why they build such monstrous spider�s web around a man?�Why there are around this world so many dogmatists,both the communists and the religious clerics?!�Why there are all the other devils:the fascists,rascists,terrorists,satanists,fanatics,intolerant people who think they can do everything and the others can do nothing,and all those who cherish evil?�Why a man despises a man and treat him as if he were nothing?...Why it is the human rights are disregarded in so many countries,which are corrupted and run by people who are members of mafias?�And,God,why it is so the most just nations,the ones with the liberal order of their societies are being attacked by all those groups,from the clerics to the terrorists as if they did not know the evil is within them and not in the world governed by the liberal order,this world which gave honour back to a man,thus fulfilling the man�s life in harmony with his/her identity��-It was already an afternoon and Tadek Vangard remembered suddenly the voice of God Allmighty he once heard on his apocaliptic journey in Burma:��Go among the people and say the Teachings of Mine�Tell them they cannot be Cains towards each other.They cannot mistreat a man,every single man,for who he is.They cannot turn themselves against one�s self,his identity and integrity�This would be an act against Me��He felt himself now as if Holy Ghost filled him once again with an elixir of a very special light,the one of God.He regained his strength.He knew now he has to go to the world and fight for the souls and selfs,and identities of men and women,being brought down by the dishonourable states and societies.He sat down to his armchair and began to read the guide colonel Andrzej Tomczat gifted to him shortly before he emigrated out of Poland.He liked to read this guide."The vademacum of a tourist".He read it already many times over and over.Despite this his interest in reading the guide never ceased.As if he were addicted to it.There was much humour in it and many wise thoughts.He treated the guide like his talisman.Perhaps thanks to it he never lost it.This time he played a bit with it.Once he read the fragments in the beginning,the other time just the last pages.Once about China,the other time about Argentine ,and the other yet time about South Africa.When he read about the United States he felt for a moment he might again plunge into a nervous breakdown.He emigrated from Poland with the intention of getting to America.Yet after so many years out of Poland he still did not manage to make one even a step forward and he still stayed on the wrong side of the Rubicon.He knew he will manage to come to �his� America one day and only then will be able to fill himself with an authentic freedom,the most precious eliksir,the one equalling the purity of life,which will cause he will regenerate himself within a moment and what most important,it will be enough for him for the rest of his life.The wonder of an eliksir called:�FREEDOM.�Yet the terrorists fought against the very states who gave freedom to their citizen,and not against their own rulers in their own countries who made lives of ordinary people there very miserable.The state of affairs in the Arab world for example was one of a Babillonian mess.And was this world not strange?�He continued to read the guide.The author,Harold Johnson,wrote the guide with such an amount of quite a good humour he nearly laughed.It was nothing strange in this.The author was an Englishman.Everybody around the world knew the English humour was the best.Unbeatable simply.There was a lot of quite usefull information in the guide,for ordinary travellers rather,as for example the one saying that if you want to save a bit more money you do not change your dollars into FEC,the official unit currency for foreigners but go to the bazaar behind the Friendship Store and change money on the black market there for Renminbis.Be careful,however.The money changers often cheat and if you let them to count the money you will realise you got less money from them than there would be a case if you changed the money in the bank or an exchange office.They perfected the art of cheating.Strangely,he suddenly became impatient with the guide.He stoped to read it page after a page and instead began to play with the guide once reading it in the middle of its volume,the other time nearer the beginning,then he turned over the leaves to the last page.He tried to read the guide beginning with the last letter as the first one,the second last letter as the second first one and so for.Simply as if the book was turned over and the end would become the beginning and the real beginning of the guide would become the end.What was his uppermost surprise when he realised the lecture of the guide the other way round,from the end to the beginning,had a sense.The first two words sounded:�New Zealand.�He felt himself alarmed instantly.He felt also the blood in his veins began to speed up as if just a race of formula one competition started.The next words sounded logical and always were brought to a conclusion within sentences. -�New Zealand is actually this western country which can strengthen our system to such a point we wil be the winners.�- Tadek Vangard read to his absolute astonishment.He felt himself excited as never before.He was more than sure he has just discovered something very important.He needed to read a bit more before getting himself to a conclusion. -�Our strategy must be crowned with success.Everything is in perfect trim.The chain reaction will happen in the office of Andreyev Golubin,the director of KGB.He will give the order to start the action of Millennium.There will be organised the coup d�etat in the parliament of New Zealand and,especially,in the governmental building,the Beehive.We decided to call our strategy:�Strategy Beehive�,using the name taken from the one of the governmental building where a new,communist government will be installed immidiately after the coup d�etat��- Tadek Vangard jumped off his armchair on both his legs like with lightning speed. -�Hurrah!�Hurrah!�I have strategy Beehive!�God,I have strategy Beehive!��- He began to shout.He jumped up and down on his legs like if he were not an adult but a kid who was overtaken by his emotions. -�Hurrah!�Hurrah!��- He shouted once again but felt also contradictory waves of thoughts coming upon him like if he were a shipwrecked person on a wooden raft,being knocked up and down by the waves of the sea shortly before the storm with lightnings and thunders.He realised it was true what all those persuers demanded from him and Steven Mac Dantosh.He had the strategy!...God,he had the strategy!...And all this because of colonel Andrzej Tomczat!...Why did he do it to him?...Why didn�t he deliver the strategy directly to CIA?!...Why him?�There were thousands of questions he were unable to resolve.He heard a knock on the door. -�Come in�.-He called.A head of one Chinese lady from the hotel personnel appeared in the door. -�We heard a noise.Is everything O.K.?�- She asked. -�Yes,everything�s O.K.I am sorry.I�ve just got a letter from my family.I�m sorry once again.�- He answered. -�Don�t do noise again�- The lady warned him,with an unfriendly sound in her voice and closed the door without waiting for his answer.Tadek Vangard sat down to his armchair and began to read the guide or rather the strategy Beehive,beginning once again with the last words as the first ones� -�...I wish to announce,the raport of the strategy is addressed only to my American friends.I believe I will be cleared in the future from the nickname �traitor�.I believe my country will be liberated one day and my name and my deeds will be honoured accordingly.What I did I did on behalf of the free world.So,let me go ahead,oh,God!...I begin with listing the traitors.They are: Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB,Sergiej Chatunov and Aleksiej Fatyma,the agents of KGB and close associates of Andreyev Golubin,Seweryn Tetmarczyk,chief of SB in Warsaw Poland,Jack Foster,a general vice-chief and chief of CIA in New York state,Patrick Waltersh,the chief of MI6 in London,Ruud Hendrix Temmerman,a Belgian official in NATO and Carlos.We have created the strategy in Cracow,Poland where we met regularly.The objective of the strategy,named strategy Beehive by us from the name of the governmental building in Wellington,New Zealand is execution of the coupe d�etat there and bringing the country into the communist camp.Thanks to it,in the view of Andreyev Golubin and other participants,the communist system will become attractive in Asia,Africa and South and Central Americas.Bringing New Zealand over to our system will be the first step towards a new worldwide order,the Pax Sovietus�.�- Tadek Vangard read with bated breath.Over the next fifty pages,in the direction opposite to the normal one,there were included details of the execution of the strategy,the roles for agents who were due to orchestrate the coup d�etat,including those who created the strategy and those within the present parliament and government of New Zealand who co-operated or were willing to co-operate.Military forces would appear out of a sudden within the air space and international waters around New Zealand on the day of the coup d�etat.Despite the modernity of the world and the defensive systems,especially around Australia,it was still possible.Detailed information on how the units of the Soviet army could get to New Zealand were described colourfully.Furthermore,there was a description of the infrastructure,mainly military one,in Poland and some other satellites of the Soviet Union,of the colonel Andrzej Tomczat�s autorship.Finally,the last pages,which Tadek Vangard always considered paradoxically as the first ones,uncovered the so called double spies,based in the western world who in fact sold themselves to the Soviets.It was already after eight p.m.,when Tadek Vangard finished the lecture of the �guide�.He thought his head will explode.He could not comprehend,or rather did not wish to comprehend he was indeed in the possession of the strategy.He was not surprised now,in this new light,Carlos was so maddeningly after them all this past time. -�I pray to God he got killed inside the Mount Abu.�- Tadek Vangard expressed his view at some point,thinking naturally about Carlos.He was angry at colonel Andrzej Tomczat.It was now clear beyond a doubt he was the author of the guide and not some Englishman. -�Why did he do it?!�Why did he pass the strategy to me?...Why just me and not someone else?��- He caught himself asking himself the question sometimes.He could not find an answer. He,however,understood now everything about the strategy.The matter was arch-serious and something had to be done immiadiately.In fact the strategy should have landed in the right hands much earlier.Some American agents might have already died because of their colleuques who co-operated with the Soviets.Some other American and allied agents might still be in a deadly danger not knowing even about it.One normally expects the worst from the enemy and not from a friend.The New Zealand government should be warned and brought to an alert.The Australian government should also know the details as the closest ally of New Zealand.Tadek Vangard decided to wait for his friends.He preferred to decide together with them about the next steps.They should arrive at any time.Perhaps even the next day.It was the case,indeed,and Tadek Vangard enlightened them at once with the revelations. -�You won�t believe me.�- He said.-�I am indeed in the possession of the�strategy Beehive.�- He said.Neither Steven Mac Dantosch nor Melissa Charleroi believed what he said and thought he joked to them. -�You�what?�Where do you have it?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked ironically. -�Here.�- Tadek Vangard answered shortly and showed the guide to them. -�But this is a guide!��The Vademacum of a tourist�!��- Steven Mac Dantosch reacted and nearly bursted with laugh,being convinced his friend jokes with them. -�No Steven,this is a tourist guide only seemingly.It depends how do you read it:from the front onward or the back onward.If you read it the other way round you have the strategy Beehive.�- Tadek Vangard looked at his friend triumfally. -�Is this possible?�- Steven Mac Dantosch expressed his pessimism. -�Well,look at it by yourself.�- Tadek Vangard handed the �guide� over to his friend. -�But don�t forget to read it from the end as if from the beginning.�- He added.He did not have to say it,naturally.His friend knew what the matter was about.He opened the book on its latest page and began to read it in the opposite direction. -�God Allmighty.�- He said after a moment.-�This is indeed strategy Beehive.��.

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