Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Their love equalled one of Romeo and Juliet.The beach,full of dry and golden sand shined day and night,playing with the rays of the Sun during the day and the ones of the moon during the night.The weather was splendid as if it was already summer.Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi loved to make long walks along the seaside at night.They did not bother about the time.It was the last thing on their minds.Even if they were returning in the morning hours.It was the case many times.They enjoyed doing the walking in the dry sand with all the splendity of their nudity.
What was the most unusual they were not afraid to walk,under the cover of the night,even close to the vicinity of the immediate life of the Chinese villagers,knowing that the crime rate was nearly zero there.This was something what was phenomenal not only in this village but also in the whole of China.The villagers knew somehow this two young Western people desired to stay alone,with no third parties around.The nights in the meantime were a sort of operas of love to both of them.No one and nothing would be able to split their love affair�Their honeymoon�They have indeed felt themselves a husband and a wife and they proclaimed themselves so already during the first night.They did not need a priest to do it for them.They would not like anyone to interfere in their love.Not even a priest.Invisible,mythical Pegasus,in half a horse and in half a monumental bird,showing up sometimes in pure silvery colours,seemed to have been bringing to them,on a magic tray,everything they wished.Music filled the air,with the voices of Montseratte Caballe,Ella Fitzgerald,the trio tenors and the lyrics of Barbra Streisand.Unbelivable was the fact something as this could happen on the soil of China,brought down so ruthlessly by the evil forces.The power of human imagination was indeed unbeatable.Then Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi did the love.Then,in the first night! The beach was the altar and the sky,with immense number of the stars,was the roof.The sea was the screen.And the walls? They did not need them.Their love was cristal pure and nearly holly.An act of sainthood.All the eyes of this world,human and the ones belonging to the animals could watch them and their love would still be an act of sainthood.
The days and nights full of their exhilarating love making passed by.When the the sixth night arrived they again found themselves on the dry beach while the darkness of the night was pierced with the rays of the stars.Dry and tiny grains of sand seemed to have been ablazed with a thousand lights and they were the Earth�s stars,perhaps seen in the distant Universe.At first they walked and ran,and jumped on the sand,filled with love and happy beyond whatever description.Steven Mac Dantosch tried to catch Melissa Charleroi and stick to her firmly in order to exchange with her exhilirating kiss which would last endlessly and take all their breaths away as it happened so many times since they found themselves here.During such breathtaking sessions they crossed invisible frontiers to higher dimensions where love had all the fabulous colours one could expierence only while having a night dream.But it was their reality�This love story could not be taken away from them�Melissa Charleroi was fast and able to escape from the extended arms of her lover.They laughed a lot and the sea waves seemed to have been fighting among themselves for the best lookout.The ones which managed to spring the highest could see the most.It seemed the lovers on the beach seemed to have been taking nature�s breath away,too�Finally Steven Mac Dantosch caught Melissa Charleroi and brought her instantly towards his arms,and closed on her so much as if they were not two entities but only one entity.Once again the nature�s breath was taken away�God,what a show was it! What a splendity of bodies which were eroused otermost,to the very limits nature could manage to gift a man and a woman.The sea waves stood for a moment high above normal level and,thanks to God,no a human eye was a witness,because otherwise one would be filled by a sheer madness�Their power of love was so immense!�So unspeakable! Both of them still stood at the same place,united in a kiss of love and rescusiating themselves in the meantime from the effects of their breaths being taken away.They created their own breaths,ones of honey and some unknown eliksir,such ones as only the real lovers know,which went through their mouths and circulated in their bodies.Apollo,the god of Olimp,the first among lovers,must have been envious tremendously.He could no longer count on Zeus who was detronised already long time ago and his place was taken by Jesus Christ.When they felt every piece of their bodies and their psychic well beings were fulfilled by their hillarious kiss,they took their mouths away,caught themselves by their arms and began to walk slowly on the dry sand which still seemed to have been ablazed with thousands of stars.The Earth�s stars.It was exhilarating to feel the dry grains of sand under their blossom feet.They had impression they walked on a devine carpet and it was indeed a devine one,the nature�s one.They sat down on the sand,still dry,in the very neighbourhood of the sea waves,which performed before them maddeningly,trying to get their attention.They were naked.Only the slips of Steven Mac Dantosch and the bikini of Melissa Charleroi still separated them from full blown unity with the nature.They tried to pierce their legs deep into the sand,deliciously dry and warm.Their legs met.The air was here a bit windy and salty,caused by the perpetuous movements of the sea waves.Melissa Charleroi placed her head,splendid with golden curls,on her lover�s shapy torso,covered by gentle,red-blondish hair,which had a delicious all male smell.They listened to the music of the sea waves and the music of the wind,and also to the music of the heavenly stars.The music of love which narrated to them a love story�Their one�They would not mind if there appeared a sculpturer who would turn them into a stone sculpture portraying two lovers in their arms.It was nice to listen to the music of the night�And to the song of love or rather an anthem of love�
Melissa Charleroi reached with her hand to her lover�s face and began to guide her fingers across his face,touching it gently,as if she were blind and tried to memorise the features of his face.When her fingers reached his mouth,her face began nearing his face,still guided by her hand,till the moment her mouth connected with his mouth.Their breaths were gone away once again,as if it happened the first time.It always the first time in their case! As if they knew all the magics of love.They probably had the magic key to the book of love in which were secreted all the know how affairs concerning love.Kama Sutra was only one small piece of that book.When Melissa Charleroi reached his mouth,Steven Mac Dantosch thought some delicious nectar,ambrosia or so,went rapidly into the deepest nooks and corners of his body and especially into the innermost recesses of his heart.What he felt so far as just a sort of inner warmth transcended itself into some different sort of warmth,very mysterious even to him,which produced rapidly some another yet sort of ambrosia,his own,which like a mountain,swift-flowing stream went directly through Melissa Charleroi�s mouth deep into every corner of her body.They did not have to wait long time for the effects of this exchange.They felt the temperatures of their insides went rapidly up.The blood in their bodies turned itself into impetuous streams,comparable to the ones which were turned rapidly into big rivers in the nature of a bigger scale while there were all-powerful storms on the surface of the mother nature.Simultaenously,they were overfilled with energy,sweetened by something strangely sweet and overwhelming.They threw away their slips and interlocked themselves altogether.Their forms changed constantly like if a sculpturer,sent by the gods and perhaps he himself a god,formed new forms again and again,hurrying much because of a limited time.The ultimate figure of love had to be completed while there were the sparkles of love being performed.When Steven Mac Dantosch realised his deepest wish was fulfilled and he now stayed within her,he realised also that what was a warmth so far within himself began a fire.He knew he found himself on the Olimp and Melissa Charleroi was the godess who held the sceptre of the Olimp.No sea wave would be able to extinguish the fire within himself.Only the godess,his Melissa,could manage it.As always so far she had this power while she kissed him.Her kisses spared no piece of his body.Then there was his turn and he kissed her over and over until he reached with his mouth to her harbour,the harbour of absolute love,and once again desired to bestir himself deep into it.He did it and felt he became one of the gods of Olimp.
-�Melissa�I love you�I love you!��- He reapeated himself maniacally to the rhytme of his ecstasies.
-�Steven�I love you�I love you,oh so much!��- Melissa Charleroi was no less rapturous.They turned themselves into one big wilderness,consumed by maddening fires within their bodies and their minds.
-�Oh,Melissa�I love you�I�ll burn down within you!��- Steven Mac Dantosch nearly shouted vehemently.
-�Oh,Steven�I can no longer!�Oh,Steven!�Don�t go away from within myself!��-
Melissa Charleroi was also on the verge to being carried away by her ecstasies.They were now like Romeo and Juliet,consumed by fires and passion,turning their bodies into all forms of the world,and closing rapidly on the supreme ecstasies,the ones which would crown their love with orgasms,creamy ones as the purest of the creams and bring the love opera to an end.Their bodies began to look like a sort of vulcanoes.Only a bit more time and they would activate.In the rhytme of their bodies an ultimate moment,the explosion of their bodies,was coming.
And�it happened!
Ultimate ecstasies rocked,convulsed and shook them and then the orgasms evolved out of them,and both,the Earth and the Heavens halved so they could see themselves the way they were,a Romeo and a Juliet.
They lay motionless on the sand now,breathing deeply while their two vulcanoes had to return to the normal state.At the same time,while hearing the noises of the sea,they felt themselves as if they were shipwrecked persons,saved miraculously by the sea waves which threw them ashore.
They lay quite long time on their backs.
Strangely,Steven Mac Dantosch began to feel a fire within himself once again.When Melissa Charleroi reached to him he thought he became a cosmic ship this time.He began to penetrate her entire universe once again.He had to get into the deepest parts of her body,still unquenchable,eager for new conquests.He felt himself like a new Columbus or at least a pioneering discoverer as much.
This woman became his sense of life.His essence of life.His fulfilment.His angel...
He had impression they became one full entirety,in that their dance of their bodies and their minds.Their bodies once again were burning totally and their orgasms were the only solution.And the only salvation.
When it finally happened and they expierenced a sort of supernova explosions once again,they felt they were drunkards drinking uncontrollably elixirs of happiness which filled them completely.Yet their spaceship survived the supernova explosion.Thanks God!
-�Steven�I love you�I am so happy!...�- Melissa Charleroi whispered when their lovemaking was over.
-�And I love you,Melissa,beyond whatever comparison.�- Steven Mac Dantosch smiled to her.He did not mind to repeat himself over and over when it came to assuring her of his love.
-�I feel,Steven,as if I were one of these stars on the sky.�
-�Me too�.What a view!�Perhaps the most breathtaking one a human being can imagine.Yet we see them!...They shine to us!...�
-Only then did they realise how really late was it,close to the morning hours.They got up from the sand and directed themselves towards the small house they rented from the villagers.
At noon the next day they went to the local food market in the village.They were approached by some youths and invited to join the villagers in the evening for seeing a local youth club�s performance.They promised they will come and had no choice as to do what they promised.
Nearly all the village was present at the place which was chosen for a theatrical show,under the open air.
As they realised it was a very courageous play.It was about the numerous gods people believed in since the Babillonian times.The relationships among the gods were less than harmonious and often quarellous.Amongst others such gods performed there as:Atum,the Egiptian creator of the world,Tangaroa in whom believed people on the Polinesian Islands,Unkulunkulu in Africa,Izanagi and Izanami in Japan,Shang Di in China,Olorun in Africa,Zeus on the Olimp,Wishnu in India,Wirakocza in South America,Odyn in pagan Europa,Dagda in ancient Ierland,Wakan Tanka,the god of the Indians in North America,Quetzalcoatl,yet another South American god and many other ones.It was incredible the Chinese villagers had a courage to show something like that.Their counterparts in Europe or America would rather back down,at least for one sheer reason:the fear of revenge and punishment,both from God and from the religious establishment.Everything what concerned considerations about a true vision of God was a tabu among the Europeans and the Americans.The hottest moment in the play was when an invisible God called to all the gods,with a voice which seemed to come down from the sky.
-�I am your God.Don�t doubt and follow me.�
-�Yes God,we believe in you.�- The chorus of gods answered.Jesus Christ was among them�
When the play was over it was rewarded with an enthusiastic aplause.Afterwards there was a party and Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi could delect themselves with the local kitchen.The Chinese villagers were tremendously curious of them but few spoke English.Some students,however,did.Amongst them one young couple,Li Zhanguo and Danging Jiangtao.They made friends quite fast.
-"How did you like the play?"- Li Zhanguo asked them.Steven Mac Dantosch made a nervous gesture.
-"It was fantastic!...However,it woudn't have a chance of getting through in the Western world.It's too afrontic to our beliefs."- He said.
Li Zhanguo and Danging Jiangtao began to laugh.
-"You,Westerners,say to us we should change our system and bring freedom to ourselves,yet you are afraid to exercise freedom of your thought...Is this not funny?..."- Quite sexy Danging Jiangtao explained the reason of their amusement.
-"You're right and not."- Melissa Charleroi commented shortly.
-"Yes,we might be right and not."- Li Zhanguo said.-"But,please,uderstand us.This is the only opportunity for us to exercise freedom of expression.Our government is only too happy that we critisize gods they don't believe in.But for us,as I said,it is the opportunity to express ourselves freely.No worry about gods.The real ones will always save themselves easily,with or without our interference..."

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