Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 12 - Omen  || All Chapters

Khon Hun Sat felt himself the happiest man in the world.He thought now he did not need America for his happiness.Burma,or Myanmar as the rulers wanted was enough for him.He laughed a lot of times when he thought of himself how clever he was.He managed to outmaneuvre the entire world,the rulers in his own country,the Soviets and the Americans.He was an informant to all of them.Thanks to this he had a good life.He even had substantial money from the Americans.Yes,he was a friend to Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard,but life was life and one had to think about good living.He felt himself happiest in the world also because of another matter.He was in love.In his mind,Danging Mah Tse was a heavenly rose from which he could get and get,forever perhaps,the most delicious nectar one could ever imagine at any part of the world.He did not have to go to America,to seek there luck and happiness.He had it in Myanmar.A tragic country,indeed . He was,however,clever and this was enough to compensate for anything.Danging Mah Tse was not a tall woman but she had everything what a man needed.She was thin like Twiggy and,surprisingly,had firmly long legs.She was like a swan.Beauty,beauty and once again beauty.Every time she visited him,his heart beat with a heartbeat of a number of men.He felt like this also this evening.She should come just in a moment.He heard a bell at the door.He jumped out his armchair and ran towards the door.He opened the door.She looked like if she were a goddess.In her long,black hair was a scarlet rose,her face emanated with a happy promise.
-�Come in,Danging,come into my arms.�-He welcomed her.She went straight into his arms.
-�Oh,Khon,I am so happy.�-She whispered into his ears.They kissed each other.The kisses were long and they knew they will be even longer when the real act of love will be performed by them.They will last forever�They had all the weekend for themselves�They opened a bottle of champagne�They cheered each other�
-�For love,forever!�- He whispered.
-�Yes,Khon�forever�No even death will beat it�For our love��- She answered.
And then they had their love�One which lasted forever�They were like two swans dancing a tango�A swan tango�They were drunken of their common elixir of happiness and they did not intend to stop drinking it.They were drunkards of love.Streams and rivers of that elixir went into the insides of both of them�They felt as if they were in paradise. What a love was it! They were united with each other like if God did not create Adam and Eve but one creature consisting of both of them.At this moment of love they would never let themselves to be splitted from each other.This world just outside of their house,the world of cruelties and military misrule of the generals in their country did not exist to them. They had their own world,the world of love. They would even swear this was the Universe of love.And they filled this Universe�The Universe of love�It sounded like echo�They seemed to be on a space ship and travelled to the furthest parts of the Universe and to the deepest dimensions of the Universe.Their love was their space ship.Not even Challenger,not even Discovery would beat such a ship.They have arrived into the galaxy Centaurus,and galaxy Pandemium,and galaxy Angellaus,and galaxy Vanguard,and even galaxy�Love.Oh,God,what a love was it! They would not give this love away for all the diamonds of this world.Their love was priceless.And then came the final act of their love.All the stars in the Universe were pulled by them into rhythmic dance,faster and faster so long till they became one�
It was a cosmic ecstasy!�The ecstasy of love!�
He opened his eyes wanting to memorise this moment,the moment of love at her best�
He trembled�How could it be that love could give so much pain?�He saw nothing but blood from the eyes of Danging,from her nose,from her mouth�He jumped off her and realised to his uppermost horror that his male thing was left inside of the woman of his love,no longer alive.He looked into the place where he should have this thing which made him a man.It was not there.Instead,there was a stream of blood.He felt like a baby,unable to do anything.At this moment he noticed two guys.He recognised them.They were the Russians from the Soviet compound.Everything now was clear to him.The Soviet agents did revenge on him.He did not understand what mistake could he have done.
-�If you did not seek cooperation with the Americans,you and your girlfriend would be alive.�- One of the Russians said.
-�Tell me,who betrayed me?�- He asked while feeling that he had nothing left to do but die.
The KGB agents began to laugh.
-�We have our people on the American side.�- One of them answered.
-�God��- Khon Hun Sat whispered.-�What have I done!�
He died a moment later when one of the murderers cut his neck.While dying he thought of his girlfriend,Danging Mah Tse and his friends,Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard�

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