Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 91 - Ultimate fight  || All Chapters

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They looked at each other like at two extremes.Carlos was top dog,he was capable to kill on the spot,the more that he kept a gun in his hand.The ruthless grin on his face proved he knew he has got finally his enemy.He was in a position to decide the fate of his victim,his life or his death.The decision was already made,he was the messanger of death.Tadek Vangard knew it,there was no slightest a chance for him.The death hanged in the air all over around him.He could even say he smelled it.
-�I have you in the end.�- It was Carlos who broke the deadly silence of horror which filled the mind of Tadek Vangard.
-�Well,you have me but�there,in the final stage,you�ll go to hell!�- Tadek Vangard riposted vehemently.
-�Ha,ha,ha�.It�s bullshit! You know that it�s bullshit!�- Carlos was amused.
-�No,it�s not a bullshit.You�ll be punished.Satan will drink off all your blood and then throw your body into eternal flames.The demons will enjoy eating you up,slice by slice,and it will go on and on forever.�
-�Ha,ha,ha�.You should be a poet!�
-�You�ll see! You�ll join Adolf Hitler there in hell!�
-�A good company! Ha,ha,ha�I tell you a secret: Satan is my�friend!�
-�God Allmighty,you�re a Satanist!
-�More than that! I�m Satan�s warrior!�
-�You�re mad! I knew it the first day I met you!
-�But you didn�t recognise me in the Himalayas!�Ha,ha,ha��
-�I did! My inner six sense did it! I only couldn�t believe it.I should have believed it.�
-�What have you said? Your �inner six sense�? What�s that,to hell!
-�You thought you know everything,you stupid dog! You�re nothing but an imbecile!�- Tadek Vangard no longer cared for anything.One way or the other he was going to die.He was somehow pleased to see that monstrous creature before him infuriated.Ironically,a thought crossed his mind,where he will be buried,in Antwerp,the distinct Flemish town or Rajcza,a countryside in the Beskidy mountains of Southern Poland,where he was born?
Carlos indeed lost interest in a further exchange of words.He brought his hand in which he held a gun up and extended it towards the head of Tadek Vangard.
-�Goodbye,Mr.Trouble�- He said with a low sound of his voice,which sounded like a death sentence,not from a judge but an evil.
There was a whirl of the air,Carlos lost his balance and fell down onto the stony floor of the summer-house.The gun rolled over and over to the other end.
He jumped to his knees,only to face rapid movements of his attacker.
He managed to get a composure,lost momentarily in the surprising attack and engaged in a counter fight.The two looked now like wild animals,with their arch-rapid movements and changing tactics of fight.What they were engaged at was nothing less than what characterised the magics of the ninjas or the warriors called samurais in Japan,the absolute masters of ancient martial arts.
They nearly rolled on their heads and their arms and knees were squeezed to balls alike postures,and then they sprang to their feet and turned virulently on and on,with such extremely fast movements they were sometimes nothing more or less than air.They finally nearly flew in the air while their hands and legs were like endless snakes from the Pandora�s box.
Tadek Vangard looked like at a scene of God�s and Satan�s army encountering each other on the field of war.Life returned to his face but agony remained.It was his best friend,Steven Mac Dantosch who fought against Carlos.He,and only he! But how on Heavens was it possible for Steven to find himself here? At the very moment when Carlos was going to end his life? Did Steven have some sort of a miraculous capacity of seeing things which ordinary mortals could not even dream about?
They fought now like two wild creatures,changing themselves to the tunes of the new martial arts they invented every single second.Their martial arts were endless! It got to such a point they were rarely touching the floor.They danced in the air with deadly exchanges of blows,so powerful that they landed on the floor only to spring up with new virulent attacks.
Steven Mac Dantosch changed his tactics rapidly as never so far and he felt his six sense,the one he called the warrior�s six sense,was awakening.Once it will blow within his mind,with all powerful force of light and energy accumulated from it,Carlos will be finished. As so far he was rather surprised: Carlos learnt incredibly lots! His fight now was many times better than during their previous encounter.Where was it? Yes,there in China!
The guy had to be finally finished.It was the only chance to recover peacefulness he and his best friend,Tadek Vangard,so much desired.There was an unexpected virulent attack from Carlos and Steven Mac Dantosch fell to the floor of the summer-house and a terrible pain reverberated through his body.
-�Shit,concentrate on the fight and�don�t think!�- He ordered to himself.
He went off the floor with a new virulent thrust of vicious movements while his body,and hands,and legs turned over and over in the air.But Carlos was ready and thrusted himself away from Steven Mac Dantosch,only to do the same what Steven Mac Dantosch just did.
They both found themselves in the field of rapid blows which got over to both of them.
And then there came finally something else,something what Steven Mac Dantosch wanted the most: his ultimate martial art,the warrior�s six sense,entered him in full and radiated off him like an unearthly ghost.
He turned over and over,and was swirled into a tornado man.His blows were a thousand times faster than the ones of Carlos and his being was more than just he himself.Whatever got into that tornado of which he was the master,was turned into pieces on the spot.Carlos somehow understood it and began to back off,he was more and more disoriented and knew he was the losser.
Steven Mac Dantosch kicked him now like a nothing worthy sponge,playing with him for the moment like a cat with a mouse.Carlos was thrown furiosusly once in that corner of the bower�s floor,the other time into yet another corner.He nearly stoped fighting and on his face was a recognition he dealt with an ultimate force.He did not even know what was it.
He was kicked powerfully yet once again and he fell onto his face on which he went further like if on an ice floor.But he landed just a meter or two from Tadek Vangard and used the occasion,sprang to his feet and got Tadek Vangard in his arms,a knife which he got from the pocket of his trouses was pressed now on the Tadek Vangard�s neck.
It was so unexpected that even Steven Mac Dantosch could not foresee it.He knew now he did a terrible mistake.How could he let Carlos fall down to the floor in the direction of his best friend!It was indeed a grave mistake!
-�Don�t move,because if you move I kill him!�- Carlos warned Steven Mac Dantosch and pressed the knife even more on the neck of Tadek Vangard.Blood was pouring from his wounded face and the nose.He looked like Drakula.Steven Mac Dantosch stoped moving,his warrior�s six sense was bursting within him but he could do nothing more.Carlos knew it because the panic was gone from his face.
-�Take your knife off his neck!�- Steven Mac Dantosch commanded,knowing at the same time it was not enough.Carlos� life depended now on it.
-�No,you better go away,if you want him alive!�- Carlos riposted.
-�Your words are worth nothing.If you harm him I�ll kill you in the worst manner the world has ever witnessed!�- Steven Mac Dantosch answered and felt anger was spreading within him.It was not a good sign.No whatsoever feelings were allowed while he was in a mode of his sixth sense.He felt he has to invent something new,something what would spare life of his best friend.It looked there was not any other chance as to trade his friend�s life for the Carlos� life.It meant he had to let Carlos go in exchange for freeing Tadek Vangard.
-�Listen.�- He began.-�I know that the diamond business which you ran here in Antwerp is now in the hands of Osama bin Haden.�
-�How do you know it?�
-�Nothing of your business!�
-�O.K. What do you want to say?�
-�It�s simple.I want to trade my friend�s life with your own life.I know that Osama bin Haden is part of your terrorist network,I know that he took part in anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan,he had contacts with CIA but turned against,he is a billionaire and is creating his own terrorist network.And I know more: the diamond business which he covers now for you in Antwerp is only part of your worldwide diamond business,only second to the Beers.You have together the gold mines in Nigeria in your possession,as well as in a number of other African lands and even in such distant places as Brazil and Australia.The most important is that I have a proof,one which links Osama bin Haden to a terrorist network.One my call to Interpol and he is finished.And this way you both are finished.I propose,therefore,two staged solution: get that knife off my friend and go away��
-�And you kill me on the spot!�- Carlos interrupted him.
-�No,I don�t kill you if you do what I�m asking you to do.You have my word of honour on that!�
-�You said �two staged solution�?��
-�Yes.The second thing is I don�t say one word to the authorities as long as you leave us in peace.I mean especially my friend.You go away from us and we don�t see you anymore.�
-�Steven,are you mad? You want to trade my life for his? Don�t you see he and his associate are going to kill uncountable numbers of people! I prefer rather to die! Kill him,Steven!�- Tadek Vangard realized he asked for something he was against his entire life.He would never kill and he would never expect anyone else to kill.Yet he asked his best friend to kill that ruthless assassin and terrorist,to kill,in order to spare sufferings of the fellow men and women whenever they were in this world.The terror spread more and more in various parts of the world because of such evil guys as Carlos and that Osama bin Haden his friend just mentioned.
Steven Mac Dantosch turned to his friend.
-�Tadek,I don�t have a choice.I can never let him to kill you.Never!�
-�Oh,Steven,he�s a Satanist!�
Steven Mac Dantosch turned to Carlos again.
-�Go away and never again show up before any of us!�
-�I prefer to take him as a hostage.�
-�I won�t allow it!�
-�Then I kill him.�
-�And I kill you! No,Carlos,you better go. You�ve no choice.I know you want to live.�
-�Well,what guarantee do I have that you don�t kill me.�
-�My word.�
-�I don�t believe in any word.�
-�Then you�ve to believe right now.You�ve no choice as I said.�
-�You think so? I know you don�t want his death.I can force my way away from you,with the knife pressed against his neck.�
-�No Carlos,I won�t allow it.As I said if you kill him your death will be more cruel than Satan himself would invent it.Believe me!�
There was a long silence.Carlos was visibly undecided.
-�I really don�t kill you now,Carlos.You have my word.Go away!�- Steven Mac Dantosch renewed his proposal.
-�Well,let me go with him at least ten meters away from you,O.K.?�
-�O.K.,Carlos, but don�t try any new trick! I�m right now all powerful!�
Carlos moved slowly away,while holding a knife pressed to Tadek Vangard�s neck.They went out the summer-house.
-�O.K.That�s enough! Go away!�- Steven Mac Dantosch commanded.
Tadek Vangard saw Carlos� hand was schivering and he felt there was some blood getting off his neck.Was he being killed? Or just hurt? He looked at Carlos and then understood everything.There was nothing but an overwhelming fear in the eyes of his nemesis.
Fear for his own life! The coward feard for his own life while he killed ruthlessly innocent people! What a shit!
Carlos made a few hesitating steps away and then took to his legs and ran maddeningly fast away.
Tadek Vangard looked with an astonishment,he knew the dreadest monsters were cowards in fact when it came to their own lives being swept away from them.They feared death,ultimately.All of them,including Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro,the cowards.They were ruthless because they were sure the justice will never reach them.
He felt a hand of his friend on his arm.He turned his head to him.
-�Oh,Steven,I don�t know whether it was wise to let him go.Do you know how many people he�ll kill?! I feel terrible about it.Yet again you couldn�t close that bloody chapter,because of me!�
-�No Tadek,not because of you! It�s just a fate! And neither you nor I have to do absolutely everything.There are powerful organisations in this world: Interpol,CIA,Mossad,many other secret intelligence agencies�May they do something! No,Tadek,we don�t have to do anything more! We did enough!�
-�I still feel awful,I wouldn�t mind if you let me die!.�
-�No,Tadek,I couldn�t let it happen.I simply couldn�t! Let it stay like that!�
-�O.K.,Steven,we better go away from this place.He might shoot at us!�
-�Yes,he might! Let�s go,Tadek.Melissa and her mother are waiting for us!�

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