Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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It was already a late morning,around 9 a.m.The rays of the Sun beamed into the sleeping room through every spare part of the window which was not sufficiently covered by the curtains.Melissa Charleroi got up from the bed,went to the window,drew aside the curtains and opened the window.Not only the rays but also a fresh air filled the room overwhelmingly.She looked into the garden and had impression for a moment she found herself in a paradise.All those roses,sunflowers,begonias,mallows,lilies,peonies,cannas and a number of other flowers made her feel dizzy.The garden was her mother's masterpiece.There were days her mother stayed in the garden entire day and not just one day but days after days.Nothing strange that the garden looked so great.She loved her mother for that.
She turned to Steven Mac Dantosch who still lay on the bed and looked at her intensively.
-�Steven,get up! We better go to the living room.I�m sure my mother is waiting for us.�- She said and smiled to him.He grinned to her.
-�And your brother?�- He asked.
-�Oh,I�m sure he�s already gone.He no longer bothers about me.He�s got his own friends with whom he plays video games and do much sport activities,especially swimming.Besides,he�s got his school!�
Both dressed themselves nice and went to the living room.Melissa�s mother indeed waited for them.The table was full of delicious mornig foodstuff and she was seated behind the table. There were also roses on the table,the ones Melissa liked the most,the so called �Royal William�roses,with red petals which sometimes turned themselves to pure scarlet.
-�Welcome my dear children!�- She said when she saw them entering the living room.
-�Good morning,my dear mom!�- Melissa hurried to say and rushed to her mother,and then kissed her lovingly.
-�Good morning.It�s going to be a beautiful,sunny day.�- Steven Mac Dantosch added his few words for the morning greetings.He felt uncomfortable every time Melissa�s mother called them �my dear children'.He was an adult who could have a dozen of his own children by now if not all those awful events which turned his life upside down.The bad things were finally over and he had his beloved Melissa by his side but there still needed to be a long period of psychological reconvalescence for her,until she could really become as normal as any woman her age.It certainly was not normal that they slept together in one bed already for months and still did not have that most essential part of love:sex.Every time she felt he wanted to have a sexual intercourse with her she turned away from him and pretended to be sleeping.And she was like an angel.He could not do what she did not wish.She certainly did not wish to have sex.There was a fear deep hidden within her mind which caused that she lacked any positive feelings towards that ancient tool of male ultimate weapon of pleasure.That tool was a deadly tool to her for too long to suddenly began to feel yet another way,even when it came to the man she loved.
They sat down to the table and had a lovely breakfast,chatted with each other while eating fresh rolls with salmon,cheese,crisp lettuce,tomatoes and drinking orange juice.There were also mangoes,kiwifruits,bananas,raspberries and apples on the table.And,of course,a morning newspaper.
They had usually a long breakfast and hurried nowhere.They simple enjoyed the peacefulness of the day while consuming their breakfast and conversating with each other.It was delicious! Especially that there was also some music getting over to them from the neighbouring room,a pure music of Mozart,Ravel,Tchajkovsky,Chopin,Bach and Vivaldi.
Steven Mac Dantosch was talkative but at some point he let Melissa to talk with her mother while he himself turned his attention to the inner world of his mind.He felt that something strange was happening to him,something what he never before expierenced,a sort of light which beamed at him from a distant universe of his inner world.The mysterious light came nearer and nearer within his mind,and beamed stronger and stronger,growing in size during its travel from the outerst part of the universe of his mind to that part of his mind which was his deepest ego.The light arrived to the gates of his ego and was so enormous that he felt as if he was eaten up by it.And then the light bursted inside his own ego like if into a cosmic black hole and,oh Goodness!,it was not really a black hole but an universe of his own,full of incredible amount of light through which he could see better and further than any normal person.
God,it was his�sixth sense! His own sixth sense!
He could see what no one else could see! No one,except of his best friend,Tadek Vangard! He has got the same what Tadek Vangard got,the sixth sense! So,up from now on he was the proud owner of two kinds of the sixth sense: the one which he has already inhibited,the warrior�s sixth sense and the one,which characterised the sixth sense of his best friend. He wanted to shout from happiness but could not or did not want,because he saw a man wearing a long coat and having a hat on his head,hiding himself behind a tree and holding a long,sharp edged knife in the pocket of his coat.
Steven Mac Dantosch did not even know that both,Melissa and her mother,looked at him.He had closed eyes,from their perspective,but wide opened from the perspective of his inner world,overwhelmed by his sixth sense.The man which was hiding himself behind a tree,got a cigarette from another pocket of his coat,put it into his mouth and lighted up.
His face got illuminated for a brief moment and Stebven Mac Dantosh shivered from a worry which shot throughout his mind.
God,it was�Carlos!
It was then when he heard Melissa and her mother asking him what is happening to him.
-�Tadek is in a deadly danger! I must hurry before it�s too late!�- He announced.
Melissa Charleroi touched his hand.
-�Steven,what are you talking about?�- She asked.
-�Carlos is hiding behind a tree.He�s got a knife in his hand.He�s waiting for Tadek and wants to kill him.�
-�But�how do you know it?�
-�It�s my sixth sense which I�ve just discovered.Melissa,please,don�t ask me more.I must hurry.Tadek�s life is in a deadly danger.Later on I�ll let you know everything!�
She caught both his hands.Tears were pouring down her cheeks.
-�Oh,Steven,and what if he harms you! I fear so much!
He kissed her.
-�Don�t fear.With my sixth sense blown to an absolute perfection,I�m invincible! Carlos is nothing in comparison with me,at least up from now!
-�Oh,Steven,I still fear so much!�
He had no choise as to get his coat and rush outside.Both,Melissa Charleroi and her mother heard a tremendous noise from the sporty car,Jaguar,with which Steven Mac Dantosch went fast as perhaps never before.


Tadek Vangard wondered in the King Albert park which was situated just several hundred meters from his house.What a beautiful morning was it! So many enormous and splendid tress,so many birds singing all sorts of refrains,so much greenery around and the devine lots of light,the God�s earthly mark.The air was incredibly fresh and he felt he was reinvigorating and getting strength to continue the day with full vigour.He felt also carefree,despite all those themas which he had on his mind.
There was a sort of summer-house or a bower in the middle of the park and he felt stunned because he remembered exactly the same sort of a summer-house from his own childhood in a village called Rajcza where he grew up,a village in the lower part of the Tatra mountains,called Beskidy.
Those two parks,the one close to his house in Berchem and the one from his childhood were tremendously similar to each other,the same bower,the same birds and plus minus the same trees.
Another matter was the fact that one day in the summer,just a year ago or two,there came an enormous,tornado alike storm to the southern part of Poland and the tornado spread over the slopes of the mountains surrounding the village and over�the park there.A lot of trees ceased to exist and the same happened to the park and the summer-house there.Just within an hour or two.The inhabitants of the village were lucky somehow because the tornado did not pass over the places where there were houses and enterprises.If it were the case all the houses would fly in the air.
What happened then was a result of nothing else but the coming of the new times of more and more frequent natural disasters,due to the global warming.So the summer-house was gone from his native village but he had its duplicate in Berchem,just several hundred meters from his house.Was it not incredible!
He began to walk towards the summer-house,feeling happy and at home.He was full of thoughts on all possible subjects,thoughts which jumped from thema to thema,often uncontrollably.He gave a free ride to his mind.He loved this town,Antwerp,as much as he loved Cracow to which he moved from his native village when he began his adolescence life.And love was mostly irrational.No rules applied to love.You loved or you did not love.It was as simple as that.
Nevertheless,he had to be careful.He stayed illegally in Belgium and it was possible that he might be deported out of the country.The official regulation,concerning foreigners were such that one could stay in Belgium for three months but then had to go away,at least for another three months before being permitted,by the immigration law,to come to Belgium just for another three months,and the circle went like that on and on.He,in fact,did not respect it.He just stayed indefinietely.Why did he choose Belgium and not the Netherlands or France,for example,he did not know.It happened to be just Belgium.He simply felt good in that country.
Only America,still beloved to him,could have changed everything and make him moving there.It was still an open question.He liked everything what was American and what meant American.The people there were so much cosmopolitan,so much mixed with each other and equal to each other in all areas of life,from personal to political,including equal rights to participating in the elections.It was not the case entirely elsewhere in the world.He felt irritated just last night when he read an article in a local newspaper that according to the German constitution only ethnic German person could be a citizen of that country and others not,including children of the immigrants who were born in Germany.Was it not a nonsense?! The result of only such a constitutional regulation was putting all the immigrants and those who were born to immigrants on lower level,as second class inhabitants of Germany.He did not know for sure but probably the same case was in all other European countries what put them on a lower civilisational level in comparison with the United States.He did not understand why then there were so many ultra right and racist parties in all those countries,when the reality was so good to all those who were against creating laws which would enable immigrants to participate in political process of development in that countries.
Europe was definitely a bunch of ultra nationalistic societies and this was what was wrong.The only chance for turning the things in the right direction was in the European Union institutions which could,step by step,build new societies,more international and tolerant.
The paradox of history was the fact that countries who deserved the least got the most from the Marshall Plan,especially Germany and Japan who did not have to spend on army and defence,including Nato or all European defence as was the case with Germany.And the countries which deserved the most,notably Poland,got nothing from the Marshall Plan.And even worse: Poland and a number of Slavic nations were dumped into the Soviet Empire.
That empire was already gone and the wheels of history were turning in the right direction.Poland had a robust economic growth,thanks to the reforms made by the governing liberals,such as Tadeusz Mazowiecki,Bronislaw Geremek,Leszek Balcerowicz as well as progressive Christians as Lech Walesa and in the end the Polish pope alone.They were the godfathers of the new Polandthe country which would enter the European Union before long and which would influence it towards changes which were necessary to be done.Despite all this,also Poland needed to be changed and it would certainly be the fact from the time Poland would become part of the European Union.It was actually a nation of very intolerable people,especially to homosexuals and lesbians which they mistreated nearly in the same fashion as was the case in very backward societies such as Pakistan and other Moslem countries.Modern women,those who objected against traditional values of life were also mistreated there as well as all sorts of strangers,from the domestic ones to the dark skinned foreigners.Abortion for example was an absolute tabu in Poland.It was there an abomination against God what was the opposite of the earlier,communist times,when women had right to abortion.He had no idea whether it was godlike or not godlike to have an abortion and whether women should exercise the option of abortion or not.But he felt the issue would have to be decided primarily by women and their partners,and in a further line by experts and not some teological dogmatists.Whatever to say,it was just one of many examples on how far the teachings of the beloved pope John Paul II could go.And remember,the man who called himself the pope and whom others called the pope too,regarded himself as never mistaken in his views which he treated as absolute truths.Only God knew the absolute truths,Mr.Pope!
The paradox was that some people who were the so called strangers there in Poland were no longer strangers in the West to which Poland espired and they were treated normally in the more liberal western societies.Life was a double mirror to such people.
Tadek Vangard turned his head disapprovingly.
Strange was this world,indeed!
He approached the summer-house,went to a bench which was inside it and sat down.He closed his eyes and was still lost in thought when he felt suddenly something as a shadow.Something as if a a curtain fell from the sky and separated him from the rays of the Sun.
He opened his eyes,curious to see what was it.His face became a stone.His body became a stone too.He felt suddenly paralysed from top to toe.
Before him stood�Carlos.

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