Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Helene Van Veenen was alone in the villa.Her husband went to Amsterdam earlier in the morning and he was going to meet there a known avanguard painter,Ruud de Ridder.He intended to buy an abstract painting which could be placed at his office at Gelderse Poort,situated between Arnheim and Nijmegen.It looked her husband would spend all the day in the Netherlands.Their daughter was at school and would stay there till 4 p.m.
In the meantime it was just a morning,a peaceful one and sprinkled by the Sun�s rays.The dogs,three boovies and one little Tibetian Terrier played happily with each other in the garden.Helene Van Veenen felt herself a bit bored and panicked at times.She had no schedule for the day as yet and she hated being alone.Perhaps she would go downtown Antwerp to have a look at fashion? For the moment she just drank coffee,perhaps a fourth cup! It was so easy to get coffee from that coffee automat they had at home! Just press it and you have the brownish liquid falling like a waterfall into the cup.She felt irritated so she took a cigarette out of a pack of Marlboro.It did not help.Her irritation was getting even stronger.She could not live such a way! She had it enough! Perhaps the evenings and the nights,with her husband,daughter and friends were great but the days were awful.She had to organise her time if she did not want to risk falling more and more into a distress.Her husband had so wonderful days,full of busy schedule and meeting very many business people.And she stayed at home all the time as if she were unattractive woman,forgotten by the entire world.The fact was she was an unusually attractive woman,fascinating and full of inner energy.So why did she live such a way? Why? Such a question irritated her even more.That sociable habits! The social life took place only in the evenings.Only then did the business people had time.And they dealt with that sort of people,the business people.What a shit! She was already thinking whether to get on smoking yet another cigarette.She reached for that cigarette and had a look at her dogs.What unusual animals could they be,she thought.They had no worries and no bad feelings when left to themselves.They were so careless! So playful! So inventive! People indeed could learn much from such animals! How fascinating dogs could be! They were your friends forever! Friends which would never betray you! One could not say the same about people.They played rather your friends to be and were not really your authentic friends.Perhaps every single person realized it once for a while.People were able to be treacherous and as if soaked through by their deseitfulness to the core.One could never be sure for one hundred percent whether they were really your friends or the opposite,your enemies.How many times she heard news that a friend murdered a friend.Unthinkable was the fact! There were even cases that parents hated their own children or vice verse.Brothers hated brothers,sisters their own sisters�She could list many examples of hatred which brought human relations to apocalyptic dimensions! Why was it so? Why people were unable to love honestly? Because if this were the case Hollywood would seize to exist,she answered to herself in a sudden spark of black humour.
There was a bell ringing at the entrance door at that moment.
-�Who is it? I haven�t invited anyone.�- She felt a new dose of irritation.What a rot day! She felt angry and knew whoever he or she was behind the door will get some strongly worded words from her.
-�Perhaps there is a postman?�- Yet another thought crossed her mind and her anger subdued a bit.One could not fault a postman,the man at work.
The belt rang again so she got up and went to the corridor and then just opened the door.
She made big eyes and her face grimaced with enormous surprise for a moment.
At the door stood�John Ruchter,the prince of diamonds as her husband ones called him in her presence.He had bouquet of roses in his hands and grinned to her so widly that she just stood silent and looked at him with uttermost bewilderment.
-�Oh,John!�- She managed to say something finally.She did not know what else to say right now.The visit was so unexpected! And he looked�he really looked incredible.Male beauty and erotism pulsated out of him and streamed on her with such an enormous strength that she needed her husband�s supportive arm.But her husband was away.She panicked because she realized how vulnerable she was in the presence of John Ruchter. It was too much! No,she could not accept this visit.
-�John,I�m sorry,I�ve other things on my agenda.You�ve got to go away.�- She said.
To her surprise,John Ruchter said nothing.
He grasped her arm with one of his hands and forced her inside the house.
He closed the door and his mouth encircled her lips.The roses lay spread on the floor.She became violent,trying to get him off her.With no result.He kissed passionately in the meantime and was sure her objections melted away with every passing second.It was indeed the fact.Helene Van Veenen felt a desire was spreading across her entire being.She wanted to love and be loved.His toungue penetrated her mouth and she could bite him but instead engulfed his toungue with her own one.
A fire of desire burnt already in her to such a point she wanted even more.She became responsive to his overtures.He took violently her blouse away and then got her juicy breasts into his hands which were followed by his mouth.And then he just took her off the floor and brought her to the guest room.There he placed her on the low standing mahogany table and undressed her while treating her with thousand and one kisses.He undressed also himself and she was shivering to the uttermost from the anticipation of being treated by that enormous male thing which was bursting and bursting towards her.The world as she knew was gone! The civilized world was really gone! She had impression she got by some sort of time vehicul back to the wilderness of the first men who did not yet know what were the civilized norms.He entered her and did what best he could,and was like a cosmic raider.She felt as if she has fallen to a black hole of which tunnel would bring her and the lover to yet another world in the universe�s complexities.He entered her and she no longer wanted him out.They were falling now together down the black hole which was not black at all but shone with all unbelievable colours she never imagined were possible.They were entertwined and he pressed her hardly against the mahogany table.He was like a wild animal,so unlike her husband who was much more gently in their love overtures.John Ruchter,the lion! Who could say no to the king?! He did it silently,with no word being said.Not even:�I love you�! Then he got that his heavy armature off her,circled around the table and did something else with her,something what shattered her mind to the highest point.He was a lion,the king! A fire of absolute desire overwhelmed her to such a degree that she finally managed to show off also her power,the power of a female she never before dreamt to have possessed to such a degree.This time he was lying on the mahogany table and she was a jokey,while pulling all the strings at the same time.But not for a long time.He also gathered his strength and now they performed a dance of sex on the mahogany table.There was some sort of erotic war of sexes between them in which they invented all sort of figures,the figures of sex.
It was a dance of sex but certainly not a dance of love.And this was probably what differentiated both men,her husband and John Ruchter.The first performed dance of love and was always so gentle and so loving to her.The other one,the invader to her private life,was brutal and performed dance of raw sex,with no word being said,nothing but a crude sex.She discovered,to her shame,she wanted it.She realized it was the missing link.
She had it now all,both the dance of love and the dance of sex.
Oh,the dance of sex!
On a mahogany table!
What would people say!
Her husband would probably kill her if he caught her doing what she did,with that stranger! But she was thrusting herself now wildly and uncontrolably. She kissed every piece of that body,licked it,ate it,smashed it,wringled it and did a hundred of other things,only to see it unharmed and even more forceful and fire alike in treating and mistreating her,in that godly and ungodly dance of sex.She felt she lost her mind.She felt as if she were a dame from the red district.
What sex could do with people! Oh,no!
But she continued to be a party to that dance,the dance of sex.Unbelievable,the mahogany table could withstand two violent bodies,and especially the body of her partner,massive but slank.He had her engulfed in his arms and she was like a fish unable to escape him.Sweat was going down from them and they did not care.They were still falling down the cosmic black hole,endless and in all colours of the universe.And then came the splash of light even more powerful and their bodies turned to earthquake alike pulsations.
They screamed wild,while being treated with a champagne of their orgasms and abruptly they were ejected from the black hole and their trip across the universe ended.They were now standing on the mahogany table,still entertwined and covered by sperm which piece by piece was droping to the table.John Ruchter did not take the hands off her,breathed heavily and pressed his body to her.
The dance of sex has not ended yet.Only then did Helene Van Veenen get to her senses and shivered from the images of what was happening.
-�What have I done?! Oh goodness,what have I done!!!!� � Her mind crossed a desperate thought. But what she could do? There was no way to separate from the beast inside that man.
-�John,let�s go to bathroom and then have a nice coffee.�- She proposed gently.Her intuition told her not to be histerical or anything like that.The man was dangerous,perhaps even ruthless.The patterns of sex he performed convinced her so. He kissed her.
-�I love you.�- He said and looked deep into her eyes as if expecting from her to say something.She knew what he wanted to hear.What astonished her was that he said it for the first time.Well,better late than never,she thought.
-�I love you,too.�- She answered dutifully but was surprised again the words she said were not entirely untrue.She realized what she already felt for some time:it was not just a fatal attraction.It was more than that.Perhaps even she loved him.
She knew she will never forget that dance,the dance of sex,which she performed with him.
The godly and ungodly dance of sex!
Dance of sex!...
It would remain in her memories like never ending echo.
They went to the bathroom,took shower and then dressed themselves.Finally they were sitting in the kitchen and drank their cups of coffee.They talked all things but the sex affair.But in the end,when John Ruchter got up from the chair and announced he has to go,Helene Van Veenen asked him to sit down yet for a moment.
-John,I must tell you something�- She said.Nervousness poured out her face.
-�What�s that?�- He asked.
-�You have to promise me my husband will never learn from you about our affair.Nobody else can know it.That�s our secret.O.K.?�
John Ruchter began to laugh heartily.
-�Oh,Helene,don�t fear.Nobody will ever learn about our affair.You�re absolutely great in sex! I long to our next meeting.We must fulfill all the promises of Kama Sutra! And I know you long for it,Helene.Stupid is your husband by giving you not as much as you desire.But I�ll fill the gap.I promise it!�- He said and grinned to her boyishly.
She was now absolutely red faced.
-�Oh,John,I fear I love you.�- She whispered.
-�Don�t fear my love!�
He got up again,kissed her and went out the house.She heard the motor of his sporty car.Then there was the noise of the car going away,the noise which dissipated until nothing else was heard but the singing of the birds in the garden trees and the barking of the dogs,still happily playing with themselves.
Only then did Helene Van Veenen realize the enormity of the events which took the place.
She betrayed her own husband.
Oh,goodness,she betrayed her own husband!
She ran upstairs to her bedroom and threw herself at her bed.
She bursted with loud cry�
The images of dance,the dance of sex,did not want to go away from her mind.
What a nightmare!
-�Oh goodness,what have I done! What have I done!�- She despaired.There was nothing else in her mind in answer as the images of the dance,the dance of sex,the images which were from hell itself.
The echo went on and on while she cried,tarnished between guilt and despair as well as longing for more and more,and for another yet affair with John Ruchter.
And there was nothing but the endless echo of that dance,the dance of sex�


-�Bye,darling!�- Herman Van Veenen bid farewell to the golden haired woman he loved.
-�Bye,my boy!�- She answered.
They kissed passionately yet again and then he went to his Mercedes limousine without looking back.It was already a midday and there was a long way awaiting him,from Amsterdam to Arnhem.
He found himself on the motorway fifteen minutes later and was sure he should be back at his office on time,in about an hour or so.At the back side of his car lay a painting he finally got from his friend,Ruud de Ridder,with whom he met briefly in the morning.The painting,entitled:�Golden Dame� portrayed the woman he loved secretely.
Oh,yes! He loved the woman!
Ratchel van den Pinteer was his mistress already for a month or so.She satisfied his wildest sex appetites in absolutely fantastic and unforgettable ways.She was a sex goddess! He did not mind she was a prostitute who cost him lots of money.When it came to doing sex with such a beauty money were nothing.She was slim and had exceptionally long legs which aroused him enormously every time she tied them around his loins.It was enough to turn him into a wild lover,wanting nothing but sex.There were a few nights he had with that young,twenty two years old golden beauty but mostly their secret affair took place in the late mornings and then he hurried to his office as he just did.
-�What would Helene do if she learnt I have a mistress?�- He asked a question to himself.
He grinned.
The reaction could be only one: there would be a divorce.
Helene would never accept his betrayal.He heaved a sigh.Yes,he loved his wife,he loved her so much! The problem was that what was happening between them it was no longer a real sex.It was love.Just a love! Most of the time it was fine.Love was great.But�he was a man and he wanted to perform his sexual urges in less behavioural ways,in barbaric ways he would say.He felt thrilled to affront her so he just loved her,gently and softly,and the sex they did was no longer as he wished it to be. Their marital relationship became too monotonous,unfortunately.This is why he began to seek yet another woman and the moment he saw Ratchel at one of the Amsterdam�s bordels he knew she was the woman he wanted to have a sexual relationship with.There was no way his wife would ever find out about his secret life.
How Helene could discover it? No way!
He gave a sharp shot with his eyes at the �Golden Dame� once again and then concentrated himself on driving.The traffic was smooth and he would be at his office already within minutes.Yes,the painting will be hanging on the wall! Just across the office! So,whenever he will look up from his desk he will see the image of Ratchel,his mistress.And only he will know it,nobody else.For others,including his wife,the painting will be just a painting,one portraying a so called Golden Dame.
He felt himself so happy! So relaxed! Everything went the way he wanted,and he was getting up the social ladder faster than anyone else.He was a successful top businessman for whom the world was wide open.He had a loving wife and a mistress,the golden beauty who satisfied his wildest dreams.It was nothing but pure sex,a dance of sex he would say.While with Helene it was a dance of love,with Ratchel it was a dance of sex.He desired both,the dance of love and the dance of sex.He desired,therefore,both women,his wife and the mistress.And it was his secret,a secret forever! Nobody would ever learn it and nobody could ever learn it.Especially when it concerned his wife.Because if it happened his life would turn into Shakespearean dimensions,tragic in their essence.
-�Dance of sex,dance of sex��- Echo spread in the air like a hard rock song...

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