Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 77 - STEVEN MAC DANTOSCH,THE TORNADO MAN - PART II...  || All Chapters

The police cars and some military vans have indeed arrived within minutes.The uniformed men got out the vehicles,approached Steven Mac Dantosch and circled him and Melissa Charleroi.Some saluted to him,most observed him and especially the young woman at his side.The expressions on their faces were serious and matter of factly,showing off the professionality they were accustomed to in situations as the one they just witnessed.Their questions were short and laconic.No interrogation and no suspicion was involved in the essence of their questions.It looked CIA did a good job and the security network in Belgium was also top class.Nothing strange taking into the account both,Belgium and the United States were NATO members.A few minutes later a military jet sprang in from nowhere,danced in the air above the house and then went straight down to the ground about fifty meters from all bystanders,in a breathtaking manner.It was British Harrier,naturally.
Melissa Charleroi touched Steven Mac Dantosch�s hand and when he looked at her gave him a sign she would like to say something to him. He bowed his head a bit so she could whisper to him her wish.
-�Steven,can you give me your GSM for a moment? I�d like to call to my mother.�- She whispered.
-�Yes,my love.�- He answered and handed her his mobile phone.She passed the police and military men and stopped ten meters away.
Steven Mac Dantosch narrated his story to the men,in the meantime but at the same time was aware Melissa had tears in her eyes.Judging from the expression of her face they were tears of relaxation if not of happiness.There certainly was a long way ahead till she was going to feel anything what could be associated with happiness.He was sure she will have to attend numerous psychological and psychiatric therapies,and God knew what else.He knew it and he was ready to confront the difficult time ahead.She was his best and the only treasure and there was not any other way as keeping an eye on her non stop.
The military men began to question him what exactly for did he need the jet when Melissa Charleroi began to run towards him.
-�Steven,Tadek is here,in Belgium.My mother gave me his address and phone number.I coded the data in your GSM.�- She announced when she approached him.She said it with a loud voice this time and Steven Mac Dantosch could clearly see the astonishment on the faces of the policemen and the military men.He knew the talk with her mother gave her some strength,at least for the moment.
Steven Mac Dantosch outlined his plan to the high ranking men and said three people will be seated in the jet.
-�You mean both of you and our pilot?�- One of them who was a general in rank asked.
-�No. I go and she goes,and also our friend,Tadek Vangard,who is a brother of the woman we want to save from the Russians.We have to pick him up downtown in Antwerp and then we�ll fly directly to Katowice,a southern town in the Silesia region,situated just plus minus sixty kilometers from Cracow,the ancient Polish capital.�- He announced.
-�But�there must be a pilot inside! Our man must go with you! And there is certainly no place inside the jet for so many people!�- One of the military men objected.
-�No problem at all! I can be the pilot.I�ve got enough training on all sorts of planes,including supersonic ones.�- Steven Mac Dantosch said with a determined tone in his voice.
They looked at themselves,spoke a few words,coded and professional.Finally one of them turned again to the Australian.
-�Man,you astonish us but our collegues at CIA asked us to be cooperative to you and,therefore,we are inclined to agree to let you go with the jet without our pilot,but only if we get a word from him we can trust your competence.
Steven Mac Dantosch bursted with laugh.
-�I�m as good as any professional pilot.You can see it for yourselves.�- He announced.Then he turned to Melissa Charleroi.
-�Melissa,wait here for me.I�m back within minutes.�- He said and kissed her.
He ran towards the flying machine and got inside it with the pilot.A moment later the jet ejected up the sky but not as flawlessly as it was the case when it came down the earth from the sky.The movements of the jet were hesitating a bit and chaotish in some way.But just for a moment.The jet then flew up the sky as if into the heart of the sky and then down the earth as if onto the heads of the onlookers but turned round in the last very minute as it seemed and then gave a masterful dance in the air about fifty meters above their heads.No one could have any doubt anymore about Steven Mac Dantosch's mastery in pilotaging such a jet.So when he went finally down to the ground and touched the ground gently with the flying machine there were big smiles on the faces of the onlookers who forgot for a moment what a horror awaited them ahead of their inspection within the house:great numbers of corpses which just an hour ago were alive.They even clapped their hands.
From now on everything was smooth.Steven Mac Dantosch said goodbye to everyone and went to the jet together with Melissa Charleroi.He helped her to get inside it,followed her,closed the cabin and was ready to eject the plane up the sky.He waved yet a farewell and then the machine went up the sky,this time smoothly and without any flaw,thanks to his competence.
The plane brought them many thousands meters up the sky and the lookout was absolutely breathtaking.Belgium down there looked like a kingdom of thousand and one fables,a shiny kingdom with enormous number of lights beaming from every single road and motorway within the country.A sort of crown on the earth's face,the earthly stars.Belgium was the only country which had neons at all streets and motorways.The neighbouring countries had such things only sporadically.It did not take more than ten minutes and they have already circled the area where their friend should have lived.Melissa Charleroi knew Antwerp quite good,from the time she studied there,and when they flew just about fifty meters above the houses she could easily see the street in which their friend lived.They landed softly on that street,in Berchem,and there were lights on nearly in every house.They felt sorry for waking up the inhabitants but the mission they tried to bring to a successful conclusion was more important to them.
They stoped the jet just outside Tadek Vangard�s house in which there also was light on.
Steven Mac Dantosch pressed at the numbers of his GSM and heard the voice of his friend nearly instantly.
-�Tadek,it�s me.Steven! Yes,Steven Mac Dantosch! Put some clothes on yourself and come fast out your house.We�re waiting just outside.Hurry,we�re going to fly to your country.Your sister is in a danger from a Russian mafia!�
-�Oh,God!�- He heard his friend to say.-�Wait a moment,Steven.I�m coming out in a minute!�
Tadek Vangard indeed appeared outside his house just within a minute or two,dressed in jeans.He looked startled when he saw the military jet just outside his house and it was sure he will never forget that moment in his life.He saw his friend waiting for him outside the plane,walked quickly to him and they hugged themselves.Then they ascended up into the jet,Tadek Vangard kissed Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch closed the cabin again,made sure everything was all right and gave a masterful show of bringing the jet up the sky,while the inhabitants looked with a total amazement.It looked so unreal! As if from the Star Wars movie.
-�Steven�Melissa�I think I have a dream�It can�t be real��- Tadek Vangard expressed his absolute astonishment to his friends.
Steven Mac Dantosch gave a short laugh.
-�No,Tadek,it�s real.�- He answered.- �On one hand,I found Melissa as you see and am happy to have her and also you,Tadek,at my side right now and on the other hand I�m very sad because of the danger which is hanging above your sister�s head.I still hope we can save her from them��
-�From whom?- Tadek Vangard interrupted him.
-�From�Andreyev Golubin and his mafia.�
Tadek Vangard became totally pale instantly.
-�Oh,God,he killed my brother.Oh,my God��- He just whispered and there was a tone of a total terror in his voice.-�God,it can�t be�It can�t be��
-�This is why I demanded to give me the jet.I hope we find ourselves there before them.�
-�Have you called to my sister and her husband?�
-�No,Tadek,I don�t have a phone number to them.�
-�Do you have a mobile phone,Steven? I can call her right now!�
Steven Mac Dantosch handed the phone to him.
Tadek Vangard pressed some buttons and he was visibly very nervous.His hands were shaking.He caught himself on a realisation he prayed to God it was all just a nightmare of a dream and now he was going to hear her and asking him angrily why is he phoning at night hours.There was still night,between four and five a.m.They were high in the sky but he thought only about his sister.
He pressed the mobile phone to his ear.
-�Hallo? Who�s there?�-He heard a male voice.
-�Mirek,is it you?�- He asked.
-�Tadek,it�s you?�
-�Yes,it�s me. Mirek,you�re in a danger.Take Dorothy and children and go away right now.�
-�Are you crazy,Tadek? At this hour? They sleep!�
-�No,I�m not! You�re in a deadly danger.Mafia is coming.Russian mafia!�
-�Are you sure?�
-�O.K.I wake up Dorothy and kids and we go.I think in ten minutes.But I still don�t under��- There was a strange noise,something as if someone fell down to the floor and Tadek Vangard�s heart began to pound violently in his chest.
-�Mirek�Mirek! Are you there?!�- He began nearly to shout. But he still heard something strange,the noise of shoes,definitely of too many shoes.
-�You�re a member of their family? Her brother? �- He heard suddenly a voice,metallic and dark in tone.The accent was that of a Russian.
-�Who are you?�- Tadek Vangard asked but knew better.
-�A Russian.We�re mafia,man.We�re taking her with us.Bye!�- There was a dead silence in the phone now.
Tadek Vangard looked at Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi with expressionless eyes.He felt as if his heart was teared away from his chest.He was unable to say one word.Entirely traumatized.
Steven Mac Dantosch put his hand on his shoulders.
-�I know,Tadek,it�s so hard for you.But be of good cheer.We�ll catch them.They don�t know we�re going to be there sooner than they could ever imagine.Much sooner!�- He conformed his best friend.
-�They might be going away right now in a car.�- Tadek Vangard had black thoughts.
This time Steven Mac Dantosch remained silent.It indeed was not so easy.There were so many cars nowadays,even in Poland which actually had such a rapid industrial growth that was called a European tiger.There were many investments from the American companies and especially from such ones as General Motors and Ford.
One could say Poland was being rapidly americanized,to the astonishment of arrogant �Westerners� from the so called Western Europe who considered themselves a better sort than their counterparts in the East.It was perhaps the bigest irony of all times.No nation in Europe did so much for Europe as Poland did,from the ancient times till the twentieth century,as for example defending Europe from hordes of Tatars and Mongols,and then from the Otoman Empire till the second world war in which the country had a key role,compared only with the ones of the great powers.Culturally,Poland had incredible achievements,in music,theatre events,literature and whatever other field.Yet the price the country payed for all of this was�despise.The worst was anti-Polish propaganda in some Western medias,which proved the fascists,rascists and all sorts of terrible people were not gone entirely from the political scene of the Western European countries. So,perhaps the best way for Poland was to unite with America !!
They were in Katowice within half an hour and ten minutes later they landed before the house in which Dorothy and Mirek Starcz lived.They rushed up the stairs to their flat and saw Mirek Starcz lying on the floor,hurt but conscious and next to him his two children,terriffied completely.Tadek Vangard ran to them,took both children into his arms and conformed them.
-�Everything will be good.I�ll find your mom.�- He repeated to them in as calm a voice as he could only do it.
-�I fear so much for mom.�- Paulina whispered and began to cry.
-�Don�t fear.I�ll bring her back.�- Tadek Vangard promissed but in the dephness of his heart there was nothing else but despair.
-�Mirek,do you have any idea where have they taken her to?�- He asked this time the husband of his sister.
-�No,I don�t know.I was unconscious at that time.They hit me with something��- There was the answer which only added to the desperation of the situation.Tadek Vangard reached for the telephone and rang to his mother.
-�Mom,it�s me,Tadek.Come fast with Bolek over here to Dorothy�s place.Paulina and Kamil need you.Mirek is hurt.Dorothy is kidnapped by Russian mafia.�- Tadek Vangard nearly shouted.
-�Oh my God,it can�t be!��- He heard his mother but did not listen further.
-�We must go.�- He said to Mirek Starcz.Then he just ran out the flat together with Steven Mac Dantosch.They got back to their Harrier and ascended with it up the sky in a spectacular way,in the eyes of the onlookers from all the windows around.
-�What�s now?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked.He really did not know what to do.
-�God,I think I must try to get my sixth sense awoken up.This is the only chance��- Tadek Vangard said,with closed eyes.
-�What have you said?�- Steven Mac Dantosch could not believe what he heard.
-�Don�t interrupt me,Steven,please.�- Tadek Vangard said,instead.
Both,Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch looked at each other,astonished with the behaviour of their friend.Was he getting mad?
-�Heavens,I think my sixth sense is appearing within the inner core of my mind�� � Tadek Vangard whispered.
There was light,a lot of light within his mind,something as if he found himself within very bright stars beaming all their rays at him.The brightness was greater and greater,to an unbelivable point.It had to cross some limit beyond which he would regain his sixth sense.It indeed happened. He saw a grey car,five people within it,all male ones.But then,he saw also a woman among them.Heavens! She was his sister! They were heading towards Cracow.In fact they were already on the outskirts of Cracow and all signs were showing they directed themselves towards a place called the Blonia,a monumental green area in the proximity of the old city as original as the Central Park in New York.
-�Steven�Melissa�,I see them! They�re heading for the Blonia! Fly towards Cracow. When we�re there I�ll direct you.�
Steven Mac Dantosch said nothing but did as his friend adviced him to do.
-�They�re getting to the Blonia! They�re stopping the car! They pull her out! Heavens,they want to rape her! Steven,hurry up!�- Tadek Vangard shouted like crazy.
Steven Mac Dantosch had a smile on his face this time.He understood.His friend indeed acquired a sixth sense,some sort of sixth sense,of course.As much as he himself aquired one.While the sixth sense of his friend was of a purely imaginational origine his own sixth sense was of a sort of ultimate martial art which he already exercised in killing all the mafia guys at Nessegem villa where Melissa Charleroi was imprisoned.
They were already flying over two hills called the Kopiec Pulaskiego and the Kopiec Kosciuszki,the hills build with the hands of the inhabitants of Cracow on behalf of two Polish and American heroes,generals Kazimierz Pulaski and Tadeusz Kosciuszko.
-�Steven,hurry up! They�re taking clothes out of her! She is defending herself but has no chance! Hurry up!�- Tadek Vangard shouted like crazy.His eyes were shiny beyond anything to compare.
Their Harrier was already flying over the Blonia,made a circle over the mafia gang and then flew down to the ground within a split of seconds,touched the ground about twenty minutes from the gangsters who forgot for a moment about anything and just looked with astonishment at what they witnessed.
Steven Mac Dantosch was already out the plane and needed only a few more seconds to appear himself among the Russian mafia guys.Only then did they undersand they found themselves in a danger and reached for their guns.But Steven Mac Dantosch turned himself violently and,what Tadek Vangard witnessed next took his breath away. There was a sort of tornado in the circle in which the gangsters found themselves.Steven Mac Dantosch was simply invisible.All the wind as if from nowhere was coming in and the mafia guy who got caught ended dead.The first guy,second one,third one�There were two more left.They were no match to Steven Mac Dantosch.The fourth mafia guy was dead.The fifth caught Dorothy Starcz in his hands,trying to defend himself at her expense. The tornado went directly at both of them and they disseappeared from Tadek Vangard�s and Melissa Charleroi�s vision.Both of them got terrified,for Steven Mac Dantosch and Dorothy Starcz.But then,the violent movement of the wind became slower and slower,gentler and gentler at the same time until both,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi could see Steven Mac Dantosch and Dorothy Starcz evolving slowly from the epicentre of the Steven�s tornado and holding themselves by hands.The fifth mafia guy was lying dead at their feets.
Incredible happiness overwhelmed Tadek Vangard as well as Melissa Charleroi and they began to run towards Steven Mac Dantosch and Dorothy Starcz.Both women embraced themselves in their arms and began to cry,loudly and endlessly. Tadek Vangard in the meantime hugged with Steven Mac Dantosch.
-�Steven,you were masterful! I have never seen you so good in your fighting as now! You aquired a sixth sense!�- Tadek Vangard exclaimed enthusiastically.
His friend just smiled at him.
-�Oh,Tadek,my friend! I just wanted to prove myself not to be any worse than you.You proved to be a master in some sort of sixth sense and now I proved the same in some other sort of sixth sense,in the field of martial arts!�- Steven Mac Dantosch joked.
-�You saved my sister,Steven!�
-�It�s as much your achievement,Tadek!�- Steven Mac Dantosch riposted.
They looked at both women.
-�Let them cry.It will do them good.�- Steven Mac Dantosch said�