Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 76 - STEVEN MAC DANTOSCH,THE TORNADO MAN...  || All Chapters

-�You must know! You must absolutely know!�- Steven Mac Dantosch shouted to the dying policeman.
-�I really don�t know.How can I know when I saw them first time in my life.They got in here in a huricain wave,stormed this house promptly saying,tortured me and then simply took her.�- The policeman answered with a weakening strength of his voice.
Steven Mac Dantosch had an urge to slap him in his face but when he looked at the guy his hands went down.There was dance of death in the agent�s eyes and the last rays of light-and life-were escaping him.No a minute passed and all life was gone away from him.
Steven Mac Dantosch stood up and began to hit the wall with his fists,out of sheer despair.One or two hours earlier and he would have her.Heavens,just one or two hours earlier!
There was no time to waste.They had her but they must have been somewhere in or around Brussels.There still was a chance.
He ran out the house like a madman.He then jumped into the car,made a u-turn and sprang off maddeningly towards the labirynth of Brussels�streets,pathways, roads, motorways and whatever ways which might have been passed by the Russians.Probability of finding her this way was close to null.But why not to try? At least he would know he tried.
He really tried,feverishly and determindedly.He went towards the center of the capital,passed the many European Union buildings,the Parliament,the New Zealand and American embassies,arrived at the old part of the town,full of international tourists.No,they could not be there.It was too risky for them.She might have cried out or the police might get interested.He realized they must have gone somewhere to the outskirts of Brussel.Somewhere where they would not risk the investigative eyes of some people,and especially neighbours.People were curious by nature.For the Russians who engaged in crime something as this,the curiosity of neighbours,would mean a death sentence.
Many hours passed,it was already pass midnight,very dark and he still had no a clue on finding his beloved Melissa.
He circled the Zaventen airport,Belgium�s the only international airport on the scale of such ones as Heathrow Airport outside of London or the Kennedy Airport in New York.At some point he stoped the car.It was alredy two a�clock at night and he began to feel resigned.And dreadly depressed at the same time.He took his head in both his hands and screamed aloud from the pain of despair.First it was Harry Gullivers who brought him to such a misery and now it was Andreyev Golubin,the Russian who was equally powerful in his resources as Harry Gullivers till the date he,Steven Mac Dantosch,brought to an end the madness of the American mafia godfather.But Heavens,one madness was gone and another followed.And why all this was falling just on his shoulders? On the shoulders of a man who was only one out of over six billion people who inhabited this planet.He cried and screamed.He would kill himself with pleasure to end this horror and thriller at the same time and could not do it.Because his beloved Melissa was in the hands of beasts,at their mercy or rather at their cruelties.Because she waited for him to save her from them.It was sure as the night they were going to mismanage her and rape her,ultimately.You could not expect anything else from beasts wearing human faces.Unfortunately there were many such wild creatures among the humans worldwide,barbarians who enjoyed killing without reason or cannibals who engaged in eating human flesh.Only a few days earlier he read about two cannibals in a newspaper,a victim and a killer.First the victim was castrated,then they ate the genitals together and finally the victim was stabbed to death.No a wildest animal would ever get such an idea.
He saw a plane arising up the sky from the airport.He began to look with uttermost attention.Not at the plane.
There,at the far end but in the vicinity of the airport,was a lonesome house,beaming with light from every window,from the grand floor to the second floor.So much light at this hour of the night? At the hour of Phantom of the Opera,the man without a face? The heart began to pound in the Steven Mac Dantosh�s chest doubly so.There was something strange with that house.There absolutely was something strange with that house! He caught himself on the realisation he actually prayed to God for Melissa to be there.It was highly unlikely but�Well,there were people who won fortunes in toto-lotto or whatever large scale games,in which chances were one to many millions.So,why not to try? Who knows?!
He moved his car slowly,so slowly and decisively at the same time that the car could easily be compared to a jaguar during the wild animal�s final meters to winning a meal with sparkling blood blushing in all directions.He turned off the lights of his car and continued a silent movement towards the house.There was still about three to five thousand meters towards it.
It was the only house,a sort of a villa,which he could see.A sign he just passed informed him it was Nessegem.His intuition was saying to him there was something definitely strange with the house.He continued the movement with his car and when he was already a thousand meters away he could even see shadows of male silhuettes what only convinced him in his suspission it was a nest for the organised crime.
Five hundred,two hundred meters�
He got off the car then and ran silently towards the house.There were no guards outside what meant the people inside the house,whoever they were,were convinced and sure of their safety.A surprise like a shower from the sky was awaiting them.Steven Mac Dantosch was already hidden beside one of the windows.He heard the voices and his heart began to pound even louder.They were Russians.He still listened.He wanted to hear just one word,the word which would prove to him he was at the right address in his search of his beloved Melissa.Yes,once they would say �Melissa� he would know she was kidnapped by them.So he listened patiently.There was lots of laugh and amusement among the group nearest window inside the house.At some point a word �sex� was mentioned by one of them.A thundering laugh bursted out the mouths of the gangsters like a chorus at a filharmony play.Steven Mac Dantosch anticipated one only word,the word which would give him a signal to go to an ultimate fight.He gathered himself as never before and he knew he really was transforming himself to an ultimate warrior.
God,he heard the word! ��Melissa��- One of the guys said and a laughter again thundered within the house.But not only within the house.Also in the Steven Mac Dantosch�s head.And it was a thunder bigger than that,a thunder which not only enveloped his mind but spread like a huricain across the world.He himself became a thunder man.
He rushed towards the door,opened it violently and ran into the grand floor apartment like a warrior who wanted nothing but blood.
There were already the first victims of the sheer force of his movements which seemed to have been faster than light.He turned himself into a tornado man and whoever got in the path of that tornado,really a tornado,was�dead.For the first time ever Steven Mac Dantosch reached for the ultimate weapon,the sixth sense of his martial art.
He turned so fast he was simply invisible.The gangsters were disoriented in the meantime and unable to defend themselves.It looked as if God punished them for their sins.And he,Steven Mac Dantosch,killed without a mercy as if he the Prince Dracula were.He killed for the first time ever.As he never did it so far so he did it now.He was still invisible to them while he saw every detail of their movements.The one most dangerous was always struck as the first one.There was no time to think but he was confident of his new and ultimate art of fight.Up from now he was a tornado man,the one who not only linked all imaginable arts of fight but used them,in an unconscious way,to creating something what could be described as an ultimate fight of a supranational nature,a sixth sense of the art of fight.Not even guns could be of a danger as long as he was an invisible warrior,the tornado man.He was a killing spree to them,to about twenty Russian guys.Some gangsters tried to escape to the upper floors.They were caughed and crushed to death.
On the first floor it was more difficult for Steven Mac Dantosch because the disoriented Russian gangsters organised themselves somehow there and used their guns.But also they were not a match to a tornado man.The last of them showed no signs of life and Steven Mac Dantosch had open way to the second floor where he hoped to find Melissa.He knew the gravest criminals were always cowards when it came to a final solution in which they were otmaneuvuerd.So he knew and even expected to see Andreyev Golubin there,using Melissa Charleroi as a shield.
He ran into the upper floor,threw the door opened and �got such a blow into his head that he thought he was going to fall down to the floor.No,it was not a blow from Andreyev Golubin.He was the one only who managed to escape the killing spree,judging from the open window.
What shocked Steven Mac Dantosch was the person who lay on the bed,completely undressed and unable to move because her hands and legs were tied to the bed.God,it was indeed his beloved Melissa.How beautiful she looked! How innocent! And yet disgraced by all of them,the beasts who were now dead.There were traces of blood around her and the only explanation could be that she was raped a numerous times.
Her eyes were filled with tears.Yes,she recognised him but at the same time was unable to say anything to him,as much as he himself was unable to do so.Their eyes met and opened their world,the world of love.There was nothing but pain at that moment.They just looked at themselves and cried silently.Then Steven Mac Dantosch reached for a blanket and covered the naked body of the woman he loved.He sat down on the bed but did not touch her.Not yet.She was mistreated mercilessly by her rapists and every touch was a dreadful expierence.If he touched her it would be yet another painful shock to her.He knew it.She stoped to look at him and instead looked at the opened window.
He wanted to say something when he heard her words:
-�Steven,the one who escaped�It was Andreyev Golubin.He said another team of his,with a guy whose name is Sasha,was ordered to kidnap Tadek Vangard�s sister and�they are just doing it.�
-�Oh,Melissa,I thank God you�re alive.Yes,I have to warn Tadek�s sister.I�ll do it!�
But she did not answer him.She looked again at the window.Steven Mac Dantosch understood.She wanted only to pass the message to him and nothing else.She wanted him to go away from her.She wanted so because she could not stand he saw her so much down,disgraced by the rapists.
He wanted to say he loved her now as always so far and she was still as much innocent in his eyes as before,when he saw her face turning towards him.
Her beautiful eyes,filled with tears,looked now sharply at him.
-�Oh,Steven,kill me,please.You must kill me! Look what they made with me.I�m no longer a human being.I�m nothing,Steven.I�m no longer able to live and I�ll never again be able to live.They turned me into a prostitute�They raped me a thousand times�Not only the Russians,also my own countrymen�No,Steven,I must die.Kill me,please.�- She whispered to him. He touched her hand and she reacted vehemently,as if he were one of them,the beasts.
It was then when Steven Mac Dantosch began to cry like a child.He untied her hands and legs and then sat down at the edge of the bed,still crying.
-�Oh,Melissa,how can you ask me to kill you? Don�t you see how much I love you? I�ve been seeking you in every corner of this country and life meant nothing to me without you.And now you ask me to kill you�Oh,God!�- He cried,despite that he knew he should not do it.No a man could cry.
-�I�m nothing without you,Melissa.Nothing at all! I love you,I love you even more than ever before! Oh,Melissa��- And he still cried while his face was engulfed by his large hands.
It was then when he felt her little hand on his head.She was now sitting on the bed.He took his hands off his face and looked at her.She touched his face with both her gentle hands.
-�Steven,I know you love me and you know I love you but�See,I�m a�prostitute! Look what they did with me! No,Steven,go away from me!�- She bursted with a loud cry.
Steven Mac Dantosch caughed her hands.
-�Melissa,you�re not a prostitute.I know you�re not! They forced you to it! I know it.You have to get over it.We have to get over it.The time will heal the wounds.Trust me,Melissa.Please,trust me.I�ll never again let you alone.
-�But,Steven,I don�t think you�ll ever forgive me!�
-�Oh,Melissa,you�re as innocent one in my eyes as always before,believe me!�
-�Oh,I can�t! I�m filled with nightmares,Steven! I�m a bag of problems! A bottomless bag of problems! I�m shitted to being nothing! Nothing at all!�
-�No,Melissa,you were treated by evil but it will never again happen to you.Believe me,please.�
-�And my nightmares?�
-�They will dississipate in time!�
-�No,Steven,I don�t think so! My mind is nuts! I�m entirely nuts!�
-�Melissa,just tell me everything.Once you tell me everything you�ll see how life will look easier and better to you."
-�You�re na�ve,Steven.It would take long,very long hours to tell you all this! Thousands of hours! Besides,I lost control over my mind.Whatseover control.�
-�I�ll listen patiently!�
-�But my mind will create new nightmares.Didn't you hear me,Steven? I got to the point in which I lost control of my mind and it does with me whatever it wants,and never listens to my wish.It just goes the other way,independently whether I like it or not.I�m finished,Steven.
-�Melissa,let�s give a try.Please! Please,Melissa!�
-�Oh,Steven,I fear so much! So much,God,so much!�
-�I�m with you,my dear Melissa.There is no life for me without you.And for you? Can you say the same? Give me,please,a hope.�
-�Oh,Steven,I can�t.I�m no longer the one I were.�
-�Oh,Melissa,don�t you understand it? You have to fight for yourself.You can�t surrender.You can�t give up the wish of life.�
-�But I had so much bad luck in my life.Whenever I did my best I was kidnapped by bad people.�
-�It won�t happen again.I�ll be always with you.�
-�Heavens,how I fear! My heart pounders maddeningly.I have so many nightmares! You could never imagine what they did with me.I was a witness to orgies on my own body! They were pigs with human faces.All of them! I�m a living dead.Yes,I know I could return to life but I fear so much��
-�Return,return,Melissa.I�m with you! We�ll together fight your nightmares.You�ll see how easier it�ll be for you.So,Melissa,do you give me a chance? I love you so much!�
-�I love you too,Steven.�- She answered shyly,without looking at him.He took her into his arms and hold her so,feeling at the same time the spasms of her cry.He felt some sort of triumph because it seemed he pursuaded her to try again to return to life,this time forever.
She suddenly stoped crying and looked into his face.
-�But,Steven,there is something else.It�s�my father.�- She whispered.
He thought he got a thounder knock from the sky.He knew instantly what she wanted to say.A pain overwhelmed him and he did not know how to react.Heavens,what a nightmare was it! He was now not surprised she was afraid so much to return to life.But she looked at him.He had to show some strength,something for her to believe no nightmare could make any harm neither to her nor him.Now he knew why her father killed himself. What a shit! There was one thing he knew for sure:he did not intend to tell her at that moment about the death of her father.It might have been a devastating news to her.
-�I love you,Melissa.�- He answered instead.She liked the answer because she smiled to him.It was a good sign.She has gone not as much nuts as he feared.
-�Steven,we have to warn Tadek Vangard�s sister.She is in a deadly danger!�- She astonished him with a decisive thought.
-�Yes,I know.Time again for action.Melissa,do you have a bit strength? Can you manage to get through some unpleasant formalities? We�ll have to deal with the police.You know there are dead people in this house.�
-�I must gather some strength,Steven.Don�t bother,I�ll do my best.
-�Well,I begin with CIA.�- He announced and reached for his satellite gsm phone.
-�Hallo,I'm Steven,Steven Mac Dantosch.Please let the Belgian authorities I have discovered a Russian mafia ran by infamous Andreyev Golubin who as the only one managed to escape,in a house which is situated in Nessegem,just next to Zaventen,Belgium�s largest airport.Please let them know also I found the missing woman,Melissa Charleroi,who was kidnapped by them.Please also ask the Belgian authorities to rent me a military jet because yet another woman is in a deadly danger from the same mafia.The woman lives in Poland and the only chance to save her is for me to appear on time at her side.Besides,I don�t want to have any surprises from the authorities of the countries we�ll fly over.I mean especially Germany and Poland.�
-�We do it,sir,right away.�- There was the answer,laconic and without additional questions.
Steven Mac Dantosch looked back at his girlfriend.
-�The police and military are coming here within minutes.Let�s go outside the house.�- He said gently to her.
They did so and breathed long dozes of fresh air into their lungs,the air which refreshed them so much and brought them a hope to a new life�