Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 74 - Pax Golubin  || All Chapters

There was a frivolous fire in the fireplace and warm in the entire house thanks to that.Despite it,the man,Andreyev Golubin,bursted with laugh,not from enjoyment,however,but sheer rage.
-�Laugh and enjoy your life in the last minutes of your life!�- He used to say to his numerous victims,with a sadistic grin on his face.Now he was applying his own proverb towards himself.Not that his life was over.It was far from that.
There were nothing but woods around the wooden house and not just woods around some dacha outside of Moscow.It was Siberia and the woods were part of the Siberian taiga.Far,far away from Moscow.And deep in Siberia,some half way between Novosybirsk and Irkutsk.How could he not laugh? He,the man who had ambition to rule his beloved country,at the time when Russia was the master in the Soviet Empire and then when the empire was already over.And one day suddenly his ambition was crashed.He was informed he could no longer be the head of the Russian Intelligence Services and he had to go.He was kicked out like a rabbit,without one word of thanks for his long service.And now,he was alone and deep in Siberia,in his secret location.Not exactly alone,but alone.His dreams were much more ambitious.He felt bewildered when he looked out the window.There in Moscow he could see the city lights and here,in Siberia just a total darkness.He still could not get to terms with his actual situation.How could it be he could stay hidden in the Siberian woods instead of being in the limelight of Moscow.The world looked to him so much surrealistic at that moment because there was nothing but woods,woods and woods around.And once again,how could he not laugh?
The images on his face were rolling over and over by the deepest feeling he felt.It was hatred,natuarally,bigger than he ever felt.The hatred to one man only,the Australian Steven Mac Dantosch.It was because of the guy he finally was doomed.The guy managed to get to the secret location of Harry Gullivers and get enough damning evidence not only against the American godfather but also against him,the superman,as it seemed to him,of the Russian political and intelligence establishment.It was then,when he was removed,that he realised how much was he too sure of his strength.He was puffed away like simply a nothing.It was indeed an incredible shock to him then.He has never expected Russia would ever listen to the demands of the American side.It was never the case before.But it was the case then.And it was he who had to pay the price.He,the one who was the first and most important person in the intelligence establishment.He felt terribly wounded then and the wound still stayed within him.He hated Steven Mac Dantosch beyond whatever to say.He felt himself more a Siberian tiger now than a human being.How could it be the other way when he could no longer have influence on the affairs of his country.Or it seemed so.
The president of Russia was an old man and chaotisch,unable to rule effectively the country.An iron hand was needed.Only he,Andreyev Golubin,had such a hand.The iron one! But he could do nothing,nothing at all! A devastating rage was consuming him because of that.The fire within his own body was more overwhelming than the fire in the fireplace.There was only one solution: to return with vengance.Nothing was impossible.Perhaps he was no longer at the helm of governmental or intelligence functions but he was still someone many in the political establishment of Russia feared.He was the godfather of most ruthless mafia in Russia.Sure,he would return to the official establishments in Moscow one day.But he was consumed now with the most pressing issue of the moment,the revenge on his archenemy,Steven Mac Dantosch.He had already a plan.He knew,Melissa Charleroi,the Belgian love of the Australian stayed in Belgium.Why not to kidnap her,let him know of it and then�kill her.The thought of that sweetend his humour for a moment.Yes,he would do it.Secondly,he was going to kidnap also the sister of Tadek Vangard,in order to wound him mortally.The revenge he did on his brother,was executed brilliantly and he was certain nobody could prove it was indeed a murder,in a vicious way,except of Tadek Vangard himself.This is why he instructed his people to leave his initials at the place of the demise of Tadek Vangard's brother.Now the time was coming to do a harm to him once again,by kidnapping his sister.So he had two women to deal with and it was already decided.Only the orders had to be issued.He just waited for his people to come.They were arriving to him from Moscow.It was already night and the views outside the windows were non existent,a total blackness.The taiga,naturally.The mysterious goddess in other words,which spreaded from Wladiwostok in the Far East to the Ural Mountains and symbolized the power of the country.
It was already nearly midnight.
-�What is happening,shit,with them? Why they�re still not here?!�- He whispered in a damning way.He was aware there were thousands upon thousands of dangers within Syberian taiga,not only from wild animals but also from dangerous criminals who escaped the government's persecutions.Many of them were killers,psychopaths and whatever sort of damned beasts in human skins.
He heard suddenly a rustle of a tree branch.It was strange.His people would announce to him they are coming.They had mobile telephones.He got alarmed and took a rifle to his hands.He was ready to shoot on the spot.No a chance to even to open a mouth for the one or the ones who were invading his possession.It was a wilderness here,in the deepness of Siberia,and,therefore,no rules and no a hesitation whatsoever could be exercised.If you do not shoot first you are dead.It was as simply as that.He heard again a rustle of a tree branch,much nearer to his wooden dacha.Only enemies could behave like that.He saw someone in one of the windows.That window was not closed.The guy,whoever he was,got inside over the window-sill.It was then when the light went automatically off in the entire house and it was also then when a shot was discharged from the Andreyev Golubin�s rifle.The guy fell to the floor and rolled over in convulsions of pain.He was wounded.It was also then when he heard some voices from behind the closed door.He recognised them.The voices belonged to his people.He put the light on and saw Jurij,who was one of his mafia men.
He opend the door and saw the other companions of the wounded man,all of whom were his people.
-�Shit! How could you enter my house without any sign of warning! Haven�t you known our taiga is full of bandits?!�- He began to shout from rage.They did not know how to react,because they just realised how stupid was what they just did.There was no place for a childless game in the heartland of the Siberian taiga.
-"Sorry,boss,we wanted to make a surprise."- One of them appologised.
-"Well,you might have ended as corpses."-Andreyev Golubin shot back,still angry.
They stood before him,embarrassed.
-�What are you waiting for?! Rush to him,perhaps he still has a chance to live!�- He ordered them.Only then did they move hurriedly and swiftly,without a word,towards their wounded companion.Andreyev Golubin sat down on a nearest chair and looked at them.There were seven of them,professionals in the killing business and talented in quite a number of fields.Two of them wre just showing off the knowledge of operation of a wounded patient.They removed swiftly a bullet from the Jurij�s body,disinfected it and bandaged.Jurij lost his consciousness and it was better for him that way because he did not have to feel an agonising pain.They brought him to a bed and placed him there cautiously.Then they just stood in place and again looked at Andreyev Golubin with faces full of embarrassment.Andreyev Golubin gave them a sign to come up to the table.He decided to forget the incident.There was no need to say anything.Their faces' expressions proved they understood how foolish was what they did.
While they were approaching the table Andreyev Golubin stood up from his chair and came to the drinks bar.He reached for the bottle containing pure Russian vodka,not just twenty eight or forty percent as the softees in the West were used to but nearly one hundred percent of alcohol.Traditionally,the Russians had the strongest heads,as one of the proverbs said.He knew his men will become quite talkative after consuming the bottle.All of them were bandits and one of them,Sasza was even a psychopath who had some switched off lives of women,his lovers,behind himself.He exalted in bringing women to orgasms and when they were achieving that he strangled them.Andreyev Golubin was the only one in all of Russia who had the evidence on him and told him once as long as he is loyal to him nobody else will know about his deadly,psychpatic deeds.Sasza proved himself indeed loyal and he,Andreyev Golubin,used him in the most important actions,and especially in such actions where sadism had to be one of the ingredients of a killing of a victim.He had a licence to kill.The others too,but they were not as brilliant as Sasza.
They have indeed become talkative when the bottle was consumed.
-�Boss,you�ll have to give me vacation one day.I want to return to that village in Poland in which we eliminated Tadek Vangard�s younger brother.They have beautiful women there.�- Sasza remarked at some point. His companions bursted with laugh.They also knew he was a sadist but did not know to what a degree.
-�Sure,I�ll permit you going there one day,Sasza.�- Andreyev Golubin agreed with him.
-�I wonder when��- The eyes of the handsome psychopath,with a smooth,shaved face and a blond hair,became shiny from anticipation.
This time it was Andreyev Golubin who bursted with laugh.
-�Oh,Sasza,you have to be patient! One day,sure! But now,I need you.I need you all !�
-�What�s for,boss?�- One of them,Grigorij,asked.
-�Oh,I�d forget! Boss,we know the wherebouts of Melissa Charleroi!�- Sasza announced.
A triumph spread all over Andreyev Golubin�s face.
-�Great,Sasza! This is what I wanted to talk to you about.I see you didn�t waste time and made the �research� as I asked you.Tell me everything what you know.�
-�She is kept in a villa on the outskirts of Brussels.�- Sasza announced straightforwardly.
-�Can she manage to go out the place? To escape?�
-�No,she is locked there.�
-�And who is the kidnapper?�- A curiousness showed up on the Andreyev Golubin�s face.
-�You won�t believe it,boss! The guy is as much a sadist as me,he exploits her sexually and in a very brutal manner and he is�a policeman.�
-�A policeman?�- Andreyev Golubin felt stunned.
-�Absolutely,boss!.I know even his name: Bert van Healens!�
Andreyev Golubin triumphed.
-�Sasza,you did a great job! As we know it Steven Mac Dantosch is also in Belgium and probably only we know her wherebouts.We must hurry before he learns where is she.I�m sure she is the key to his demise.Once she is dead he will be finished because she is part of him.We must absolutely loose no time.�
-�Do you mean,boss,we must go to Brussels as soon as possible?�- Viktor,yet another member of his mafa asked.
-�Yes,indeed!.And I�ll go with you!�- Andreyev Golubin announced.
-�Great,boss! But,can I be sure she�ll be in my hands? I assure you I�ll do absolutely professionally what must be done.�- Sasza asked.His companions and even Andreyev Golubin bursted with laugh.
-�Well,you can have her.But don�t dissapoint me.I don�t want a surprise.�- Andreyev Golubin agreed.
-�There won�t be a surprise,boss!�- Sasza assured him.
Andreyev Golubin stretched himself on the chair and even flang out his arms.
-�This is not all,comrades.I want also Tadek Vangard's sister to be kidnapped.Sasza,you organise another team in Moscow before we depart for Brussels.While we get Melissa Charleroi to our hands our companions will get the other lady to their hands.We�ll make a revenge on both,Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard nearly at the same time.They will swear and curse they dared to pass the strategy Beehive to the Americans and brought me down.They�ll pay for it!�
-�You�re brilliant,boss!�- Ludmijev,yet another one among the mafia guys said.
-�Brilliant or not,you all better go upstairs and have a rest.�- Andreyev Golubin gave a sign he concluded the meeting.
He watched the fire in the fireplace when he was left alone again.Once for a while he looked also at the darkend shadows of the Siberian trees.
It was still dark outside there but soon there would be a morning.Images of his plans and strategies crossed his mind.He realised he still had a chance.He had his mafia,hundreds of deadly men, whom feared even the most powerful people in Moscow.He knew he will return there one day.He will return with a vengance.What he had to do was to change his identity.He certainly could do it.And the world will be open to him again.Surely his beloved Russia.Strangely,he felt united with the nature outside the window,despite that he himself was a contradiction of that nature.
The simplest to say,the nature gave life while he took life away.He did not bother about it.It was his job.Was he not a godfather? The most important was to return to the highest achelons of Russia�s public life.He could do it and even more.
There was still a chance for the strategy he dreamt about.The strategy which he called Pax Golubin. He can go to Switzerland in the worst case and make a plastic operation.And then he can simply not only change but make a total overhaul of his identity.
He reached for a cigar,lighted it and soon was swinging in the vastness of a cloud of smoke,in which he saw himself not only as the most powerful godfather of Russia but also someone who had it all,in much broader a perspective.
He saw himself even as a godfather of entire world.
There was indeed a chance to his Pax Golubin.It was a dream for the moment but in fact and above all an ultimate goal...

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