Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Tadek Vangard stayed already so long on the Stewart Island he had difficulty to decide how long exactly has he stayed there.A year? A bit longer?
In fact it was not so important at this stage of his life.He could not go yet to the United States because he has still not possessed a New Zealand passport.At the same time he was not quite sure whether he was going to apply for the citizenship of New Zealand.He feared once he would do it there would be no way to getting yet another citizenship in any other western country.He felt he truly belonged to the western world.At least because he shared the ideals of liberalism firmly rooted in the Western world.
He did not understand the Muslim people,especially some of them,the fanatics in the worst case,who expressed their hatred to crucial values of liberalism in America and Western Europe.If they hated that countries so much why then have they emigrated there? They were blinded both,by their hatred of the liberal order in the Western world and their indifference to the Babillonian mess within their own societies.They did not learn or did not want to learn they should put their own world in order.And to kill in the name of their god,the Allah? No,it was disgusting! Haven�t they known of the God�s ten commandments?!
��Don�t kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!� - One of the commandments announced God's Word.
Their world,the Arab one,was upside down,simply because their societies lived by rules which contradicted the nature of every single man and woman and made them not subjects but objects of their systems.No man and no woman especially could live by their desires.They were life long prisoners of their systems,punished cruelly if showing off their real selves.A woman could be gang raped,tortured and even shot and there followed no consequences for the killers.What a brutal world was it! And,paradoxically,the deeds of evil were done in the name of Allah...There was a time to lay the axe to the root of an evil but not in the free and democratic part of the world where liberal ideas brought well being to millions of people but in the arch-conservative and intolerant,Arab and Moslem part of the world where people were stripped of their humanity and basic human rights,and mistreated by their regimes all the time.It looked they must have had a deaf ear to their god,Allah,who certainly wished people should live their best,the way they are and want to be,without fear and persecution for their personal and social deeds,because only then they could prove they fulfilled themselves in their lives the way their god,Allah,was.The art was to live to the best of one's individual and not to the best of a system if that system contradicted the wishes,desires and self of an individual.In the meantime,the rulers in most of the Moslem countries did the opposite,instead of building just political systems within their countries they turned themselves into dictators who sooner or later fell down or would fall down.Nobody in the wider world could understand the minds of such dictators as Saddam Hussein of Irak,Kadaffi of Libia or Fidel Castro of Cuba.Their policies were shortsighted,unwise,cruel and the outcome was only one: going down one day in disgrace! What heroes they would be if they did a u-turn and established modern societies based on freedom and democracy in their countries! They would have to bring to life such institutions as authentic parliaments,political parties,seperation of power,etc.If they did it they would be remembered in history as heroes.It is never too late,however terrible a wound! But could you expect this from Saddam Hussein? From Kadaffi or Fidel Castro?...Turkey was certainly the best example for Arabs and Moslems around the world.Thanks to the hero of the Turkish people,Ataturk,and also thanks to later generations of Turkish politicians,the country transformed its political system into a modern one,much based on democracy and freedom.The Arab and Moslem world was certainly at the cross-roads but there still was a chance...The chance of joining the world,the global village in other words,by turning the key and opening the door to modernity,human rights and democracy...
Tadek Vangard could say with sincerity he enjoyed staying on the Stewart Island.Thanks mostly to the Maori family he lived with.Both,the man,Frank and the woman,Eleonora were about forty years old and had two kids,fifteen years old Charlie and seven years old Susan.They owned several hectars of ground,had a number of cows,over a hundred sheeps,herds of chickens,turkeys,ducks and gooses.They had also two shepherd�s dogs,the so-called Finnish laphunds.
There were not any other households within at least twenty kilometers in every single direction.It was a pure nature around them.They worked on the ground and lived from it.
Tadek Vangard helped them and when he had some time free he went to the top of the nearby Mount Anglem and meditated there.He grew to be a sort of a philosopher this way.Sometimes both kids,Charlie and Susan,assisted him.It was a fun to have a look at a picturesque landscape of the neighborhood and they had a chance to spot animals living in wilderness once for a while.It was so peaceful around!
Tadek Vangard had a chance to get slowly back to a psychological harmony after so much terrible expierences in his past.He still had nightmares from time to time,especially the ones which concerned Dick Butterby threatening his own children with shooting them to death.God,what an unbelievable luck he and the children of Dick Butterby had then! Unbelivable and unthinkable,because the one who saved them from death was the one who was his biggest nemesis.Carlos! Was he still in New Zealand? Did he still try to find him? However unspeakable hatred he might have against him,he had other things to do as the one who was the godfather of the international terrorist network.He was the first,the assassin of all times! Even Osama bin Laden was no match to him.
Some newspapers speculated both assassins might be connected to each other and if this were the case the United States government would have a serious headache on how to deal with organised international terrorism.Have the American officials foreseen the threat? Have they prepared themselves to eventual terrorist attack? Have they safeguarded their nuclear stockpiles? It was possible the Americans enjoyed complacency,being sure nobody would ever have a courage to attack them.They were not a paper tiger,they might have thought.They were a superpower and only superpower! Tadek Vanguard saw such a possibility,the certainty engulfing the minds of Americans while there was a threat of overpowering terror�
He sat on a slope of Mount Anglem and in his eyes,which had a far and far away look,as far as Washington and New York skylines,there were expressions of thrill�He could not define what was it but he felt there was something strange,something what concerned the future�What was it? Has he had ability to foresee the future? Perhaps so,but only in a limited way.Yet it was enough to feel concerned.Unfortunately,he could do nothing this time,he did not have something like a strategy Beehive,was not a politician and no one would listen to him.There was only a chance there could exist a visionary within the America�s establishment.
In his mind Americans were not without a fault.How could they demand a justice from the world while pressing for exception from justice at the same time? Why the military options took precedences over the diplomatic ones? And what happened with the idealistic America of the past two hundred years,the country which cheered freedom and human rights above anything else,even above business affairs? The America of the past disregarded political militarism.Why the country was so happy with it now?
In his mind,America should return to what was the best in the image of the country,simply to what Statue of Liberty represented:freedom and once again freedom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It meant,America as the worldwide leading country,should persue ideas of freedom not only within its own borders but also in the entire world.The United States government should lead the world into creating a worldwide forum of democracy,freedom and human rights.The unilateralism should be rejected.Perhaps the United States in a century from now will no longer be a superpower as it happened with so many countries before,as for example with the British Empire or the Soviet Empire as well.Argentine a hundred years ago was a promissed land and now struggles for survival.Nobody knows what the future of every single country can be in twenty,fifty or a hundred years.Therefore,it would be in the best interest of the United States government to lead the world towards connecting it in every possible way.Globalisation should not mean just advantages only to large corporations and mostly of American origine.Globalisation should mean a fair dealing with all world problems,bringing democracy and freedom to every part of the world,making sure there is no abuse of human rights,pursuing the goal of turning the United Nations into a real arbiter of global affairs,a one only "country" in the global village.No country could disregard what was decided in the Security Council of the United Nations.What America could demand,as the most powerful country in the world and therefore most responsible,was just a veto system,what actually existed within the Security Council.There was a tremendous responsibility on the United States government to do something about global warming and polution of the environment,the most pressing matters nowaydays.In the meantime the leaders of the country were preoccupied definitely too much with the economy,at the expense of everything else and especially the world environment and global warming.Why Americans did not want to sign the Kyoto agreement? Haven't they known that what they did in their own country affected the entire world?
What happened with the virgin America was once? Tadek Vangard did not believe America lost its virginity because of the Hollywood movies.The cancer was within the political establishment and in the lobby of powerful corporations,within the minds of people who lost a sense of America,the way as it was once.The United States seemed to have lost definitely a touch with the roots the country evolved from as much as flourished from for over two centuries.There was time to go back to the roots.
Tadek Vangard stayed sometimes for hours on the slopes of Mount Anglem,which was high for nine hundred and eighty meters above the sea level.
It was enough to feel like on the top of God�s Olimp.
He returned sometimes with his thoughts to his native country,Poland and was overfilled with memories.He had his own part in the country's struggle against communists before he emigrated.He took part in political demonstrations organized in Cracow where he lived.
He remembered especially one of the demonstrations: he marched at the head of it and there were snipers on the roofs of the houses the demonstrators passed.The weather was fantastic,the sun shone in a delightful way but they risked they might be killed just at any time.The air was strangely electrified.One spark and there would be end to all of them.Fortunately,communists happened to have strong nerves.No provocation was initiated and they could march all the way to the prosecutor�s office and demand realeasing political prisoners.Then they were asked to go back to their homes,what they did,never however being sure whether the following night there would be knocks on their doors from the security service agents.He had a luck somehow because nobody knocked,despite that he participated in a number of other Solidarity actions.He himself took a voice on a number of meetings and called for giving Solidarity the right to participate in the political life of the country,a tremendously courageous demand at that time.He felt the air was more and more dense around him and sooner or later he would have been approached by the Polish SB agents.
Perhaps it would happen after the 13th of December 1981,when martial law took place in his country.By then he was already out of the country.He left just eight days before it happened.
Perhaps indeed he had a sixth sense�
When he returned home one evening he saw the table was full and everything was ready for a dinner.He rushed to the bathroom and when he looked casually at a mirror he nearly bursted with laugh.Neither Steven Mac Dantosch nor Herman Van Veenen would recognize him.His beard was so long and dense that he looked like one of the European barbarians over a thousand years ago.Despite it he was determined to keep the beard.Perhaps also Carlos would not recognize him if he ever appeared in that place.He took a shower,put fresh and clean clothes on himself and went to the dining room.The Maori owners of the house and their children were already seated at the table.He sat down on his chair and joined their prayer.
They consumed peacefully the whole turkey,some salads and vegetables and in the end a delicious fruit coctajl.Afterwards they sipped some wine,from the Dunedin vinegards and had a look at TV.Frank�s wife sat on her husband's legs and they kissed from time to time.
Before Tadek Vangard went to his apartment Frank asked him to wait a moment,rushed to his bureau and came back with a newspaper in his hands.It surprised Tadek Vangard a bit because he knew Frank was apolitical and tried never to read newspapers or watch TV news.It must have been something extremely important.
Tadek Vangard thanked for the paper,excused himself,said goodnight and went finally to his apartment,feeling a thumbing heart in his chest all the way.He sat down at a table and opened the newspaper.It was the local one,called �The Stewart Daily�,edited in Halfmond Bay,the biggest town and harbour on the Stewart Island,which had no more than twenty thousands inhabitants.
He looked down at the content of the paper and became sickly pale the moment he saw a threatening information.It was about Carlos.He murdered brutally John Clarck,the minister of internal affairs in the New Zealand government.The murder happened in the minister�s private residence in Wellington.At the same time,a mayor of Lyon in France was murdered,just within forty eight hours,and the information left,as in the first case,suggested it was also Carlos.Both officials had characteristic initials burned on the skin of their backs.It was typical of Carlos.Tadek Vangard felt thrilled and had difficulty to comprehend how was it possible Carlos could strike almost at the same time in so different parts of the world.Has he taken a fly to France immediately after committing the murder in Wellington? How was it possible nobody recognized him at the airport security checkpoints? If the guy could pass freely through all the security systems both in the New Zealand and France�s airports then how safe was the world? It was doubtless to say Carlos wanted to give a sign to the world leaders he could strike at any place and at any time.
Tadek Vangard decided to make a call to Herman van Veenen.He reached for the handle and pressed the numbers.When he heard his friend on the line he got straight to the point.
-�Herman,I feel totally disgusted.How�s that possible Carlos can pass freely any security checkpoints,without even being afraid of being recognized?�
-�Oh,Tadek,I�m also terribly disappointed! But you know Carlos is a masterful Cameleon! He is a master of satanic tricks.I wouldn�t be surprised if he had contacts with the Devil himself!�
-�Shit! I�m burning from rage,Herman! I�ve impression the only person on this globe who could catch him is Steven!�
-�You mean Steven Mac Dantosch?�
-�Then I have at least one good news for you,Tadek.�
-�What�s that? I hope it�s really a good news!�
-�Your friend,Steven,is a free man,Tadek.He is no longer considered a criminal but the opposite,he is a hero! All the public knows it already in the United States and in many places around the world��
Tadek Vangard had impression a mysterious spark evolved within his entire being and his mind,soul and body became a fountain of light.
What was it?
But he was concerned more about his friend while bursting from happiness and the anticipation of only good news this time.
-�You mean,Herman,he managed to prove his innocence?�
-�Exactly,Tadek.He indeed managed to prove his innocence! He got to the estate of Harry Gullivers with the help of his sister,Emmanuelle.They were so successful they managed to get even to the apartment of Harry Gullivers,he knocked him unconscious for a while and then got all the evidence he neded from the Harry Gullivers� computer terminal.�
-�How do you know it all,Herman�- Tadek Vangard was absolutely bursting from happiness.The mysterious light within his entitre being was still pulsing within him like a supernova in a distant Universe.
-�You forgot,Tadek,I�m a CIA agent! Retired,true to say but still agent of CIA.�
-�Heavens,when did it happen?�
-�A month ago.�
-�And you say it to me just now?�
-�That�s my blunder,Tadek.Sorry.I thought you learn it from newspapers.�
-�Herman,to get a newspaper here where I stay you have to walk for ten hours in one direction and then as long in the other direction.There are no buses,no trains and no means of locomotion within twenty kilometers where I stay.�
-�Sorry,Tadek.Better late than never.Have you already applied for a New Zealand citizenship?�
-�No,not yet.�
-�You better do it.�
-�I would have to come to Wellington and risk meeting�Carlos.�
-�Tadek,stop it! You�re too worried when it comes to Carlos.There is a risk but you�re a clever guy.Look,he has never managed to get you so far�Get over your fears and come to Wellington.You can�t live like that,away from civilization��
-�I�ll think about it.Perhaps see you soon,Herman,in�Wellington.�
-�Take care,Tadek.�
-�Goodbye,Herman.Pass my greetings to Helen and your daughter.
-�I�ll do it! Bye!�
The telephone line was disconnected and Tadek Vangard put the handle down.He felt triumphant,terribly happy about the happy end of the drama of his friend.
The mysterious light still beamed and pulsed within his body and especially within his mind.
He had impression he could see more sharply.More thoroughly.More dimensionally.
Was he approaching a sixth sense?
The one which was always hidden within him but now,thanks to the revelations about his friend,it blossomed within him into a full blown reality...
-�God,I probably acquired a sixth sense!�- He was slowly realizing�

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