Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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What happened half an hour later was a Dantean scene.FBI agents and the federal police surrounded the estate on all sides and they were accompanied by military flying jets and police helicopters.They stormed the estate and within next fifteen minutes had the situation won for themselves.Harry Gullivers� Hell Angels did not even try to defend themselves,such was a shock of unbeliveness among them.To be captured in such a hilarious way,in the nest of their godfather,have certainly never crossed their minds.Harry Gullivers must have signed some sort of agreement with FBI.Otherwise,he would simply give them order to defend themselves and the estate.There was no such an order and,therefore,no reason to fear.But the treatment was harsh and thoughts of something terribly gone wrong for them must have filled their minds.By then it was too late.Everyone was handcuffed and being brought to police vans.
Steven Mac Dantosch watched it all from the Harry Gullivers� apartment,with smile on his face.
He noticed Harry Gullivers recovered back to full consciousness and looked worried on his face.The guy who just few hours ago thought himself to be the most important person in the world was now shitting in his trousers from fear! Steven Mac Dantosch knew there were numerous cases in the history some guys demanded from others to be heroic and die for their causes but when it came to facing the death and life challenge by themselves they behave cowardly,the way as Harry Gullivers just did.Such people were worst! They acted,often in a cruel way,from behind the backs of others.They sent them to the first lines in the front while knowing there was nothing else but death.The cowards!
Generally,he,Steven Mac Dantosch,opposed any form of force which caused a death of another man.
Killing was against the God�s ten commandments.It was unacceptable!
The FBI agents did not have to force their way to the Harry Gullivers� apartment.Emmanuelle Burrows opened the doors to them.They filled immediately every corner of the apartment,about twenty to thirty people.One among them,with Anglo-Saxon looks and a horse alike jaw,a very tall man in his mid forties and reddish hair on his head seemed to be the boss of them all.He walked first to Harry Gullivers and looked at him with disdain,as if he were just a monkey,and then turned to Steven Mac Dantosch and walked up to him.
-�Tommy Benthouwer,FBI chief.I am pleased to meet you,Mr.Mathew Burrows,and express my apologies for the torment we caused on you for so long.�- He introduced himself,saluted and extended his hand to Steven Mac Dantosch who just grinned.
-�Oh,you really made my life a hell! I hope it�s over!�- He answered while still grinning.
-�Can you show us the evidence?�- FBI chief got immediately to the matter.
-�Tons of evidence! Let�s come up to the terminal.�- Steven Mac Dantosch corrected him.
They approached the terminal and Steven Mac Dantosch began showing him one evidence after the other,in thousands!
He began,naturally,with the evidence of his own innocence,both in case of the fatal shooting of the boyfriend of his sister and the murder of a famous fashion designer as well as the serial murders which followed.FBI chief just turned with his head in disbelief.
-�Heaven,and we were ready to send you to the death chamber!�- He whispered.-�You must have hated us!�
-�Oh,how much! But�you want to do the same to my father and thousands of other innocent victims!��- Steven Mac Dantosch answered.
-�Look here!�- He said and showed the details of the brilliant action of Harry Gullivers which resulted in macabre death of Clark Lewis,the CIA chief and imprisonment of Steven Mac Dantosch's father soon afterwards.
Tommy Benthouwer was speechless.
Steven Mac Dantosch continued to show him data of criminal activities of Harry Gullivers nearly in every imaginable field,from establishing his influence within Congress and White House to his secret dealings with terrorist networks who aimed at destabilising the liberal world of the West and the world as whole.Amongst those dealings were contacts with a Jewish underground organisation,NT7,which had its representatives within the US government as well as in the governments of other countries,such as Russia,France,Germany,United Kingdom and many others.They aimed for a de facto secret supranational government at an undisclosed location,perhaps in Israel,and had their people not only within the governmental structures but also within financial institutions,banks and medias around the world.CNN itself was not immune...
Among the secret dealings of Harry Gullivers was even an arab terrorist organisation,Al Qaeda,which wanted to destroy America and he had verbal contacts with their leader,Osama bin Laden...
-�Heaven,and I thought Harry Gullivers was most noble man in America!�- FBI chief whispered again.He was totally pale.Streams of water poured down his cheeks.
There was still no end to the revelations,the secret dealings of Harry Gullivers with Andreyev Golubin,the chief of Russian Intelligence Services who worked before as KGB general director and was the brain behind strategy Beehive which was a threat to the world just a couple of years back,the spread of Hell Angels network over the entire United States,the strategies such as Capital Strategy and Pax Gullivers.The data was endless.It showed a whole picture of Harry Gullivers as a sickly mafia godfather and indeed a most serial killer in the history of the United States,who did the murders through his Hell Angels organisation.
-�What do you expect from us,Mr.Burrows?�- FBI chief asked suddenly.-�We are oblidged to fulfill any demands you might have."
Steven Mac Dantosch gave a long look at the man.
-�Well,we�ll have to discuss it.You�ll be contacted by my lawyers.As for now,I demand you rehabilitate me to the world in the medias and announce my total innocence.And right now I desire one only thing: to get out of here with my sister and be brought to our father.I want him out of jail right now,naturally.�
-�Yes,Sir.�- FBI chief answered and reached for his mobile phone.He spoke to a number of people,gave instructions and orders and finally turned back to Steven Mac Dantosch and smiled to him. -�You�re free to go,Sir.You can use my own limousine and you have our escort.You�re a hero up from now in our country and our media are just beginning to beam to the world with announcements of your innocence and great service in discovering the mafia ring which threatened our country as well as the rest of the world.Thank you,Sir.�- FBI chief extended his hand to Steven Mac Dantosch,who were taken aback a bit by the honourable word �sir� he was not used to.
He called his sister and rushed with her out the apartment without looking at Harry Gullivers who no longer existed in his mind.
Things were following fast now,they arrived to the federal prison,escorted by a columnade of FBI agents,got reunited with their father and returned with him to his business empire which for some time,while he was imprisoned,was in the hands of Harry Gullivers.Their mopther was already on the plane coming from Australia and they would soon see also her.
The evening was tremendous,with a numbers of champagne bottles and watching news on TV channels.The world reverberated in shocking news about a guy who dreamed to create Pax Gullivers and in fact was close to doing so,about Toni Barrington,a mafia member and a candidate to the presidency of the United States who was a step from becoming the next president of the United States and finally about the hero,who proved his innocence while uncovering the wrongdoings of Harry Gullivers,about Mathew Burrows alias Steven Mac Dantosch,naturally.He became instant celebrity and no Hollywood superstar could feel equal to him.There were also electrifying news about scandalous secret dealings among Harry Gullivers,Andreyev Golubin,the chief of Russian Intelligence Services and terrorists organisations.The public opinion of the world was certainly on fire.Shock followed shock.It looked like the people of the world faced a monumental huricain which crossed the Earth over and over,with dready sounds.Thanks God,the world survived.And the hero was,again and again,Mathew Burrows alias Steven Mac Dantosch.
It was perhaps 10p.m.,lights were on in the spectacular apartment of their father�s business tower and behind the windows was an incredible splash of the town�s city lights.Emmanuelle talked to their father.Steven Mac Dantosch was silent.Only he knew what he felt.The promise he once gave to Melissa came back with a force to his mind.It was then,in China,shortly before his departure to the United States, when he promised her once he will be finished with Harry Gullivers he will return to her.Now,when he was indeed done with his archenemy he could let his love to Melissa engulf him once again.It was so good to feel this love! He desired now only one thing: to telephone to the woman he loved and announce her they can finally meet and never again be separated.
He reached for the phone,dialled the numbers he knew like a magic spell and waited to hear the voice of his love.Instead he heard the voice of another woman.He recognised that voice.It was the one belonging to Melissa�s mother.
-�Hello,it�s me,Steven! May I speak to Melissa?�- He asked and his heart was pounding in his chest.
-�Steven?��- He heard the question of recognition.
-�Yes,that�s me��- He answered.Yet then there happened something what he would never expect.He heard a cry of Melissa�s mother. He became pale instantly,pained,stumbled and saw his hands shivered.There was something terribly wrong.
-�Is everything O.K.? Can I speak to Melissa?�- He asked again and felt a cloud of nightmare was filling his mind.He still believed that perhaps it was something else,not Melissa but something else�God,something else!�
-�Melissa�Melissa� disseappeared!��- He finally heard.
-�How�s that possible? What really happened?�- He thought he was hallucinating.
-�One morning she went to the university and didn't come back.The police knows nothing about her wherebouts.We are very worried about her��- Everything what Steven Mac Dantosch was hearing from the mouth of Melissa�s mother was like thunderbolts from the sky.He asked her a number of other questions,whatever he thought might be helpful and there was nothing but emptiness,darkness�a black hole�
-�Mrs.Charleroi,don�t cry,please.I�m coming to you tomorrow.I�ll seek Melissa! I promise I�ll find her!�- He announced to the Melissa�s mother finally.
-�Thank you,Steven.You�re the only chance for my child!�- There was the answer.
Steven Mac Dantosch put the telephone handle aside and looked up at his father and sister who observed him with expressions of concern on their faces.
-�Melissa,the woman I love,disseappeared.I fly to Belgium in the morning.�- He announced.


Melissa�s father heard the telephone conversation between his wife and Steven Mac Dantosch.He knew the Australian was coming and knew also no mystery could escape the guy.He will find Melissa and learn the truth,sooner or later.
This realisation changed him instantly.When his wife went downtown in the morning to do shopping,he sat down behind the desk at his office,opened a drawer and got a gun from within it.
He pressed it to his head.
There was echo of the shot within the villa and a growing pool of blood on the floor�

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