Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra


Fear appeared on the face of Emmanuelle Burrows.She has already been numerous times in that estate,the Satan�s nest she would say,where she was gravely mistreated and raped by monsters,those who dealt with Harry Gullivers and those who surrounded him.They gave her nothing but pain,for long days,months and years.They tried to turn her into a prostitute who would shiver with anticipation at every encounter with a male.They have not succeeded in that but perhaps they might have broken her spirits if not her brother who saved her from them.God,she would thank him for that forever if not that cloud which hanged above their heads,the cloud caused by the death of her boyfriend she loved.
Her brother pointed a gun then�
God,he pointed a gun then�She would be more than happy if her brother could prove to her he was innocent.She heard stories of many people accused for crimes they have not committed.If he could prove his innocence!�Yes,she would have her brother back.
But now,Heavens,now�They were heading to the Satan�s nest,to the hell itself.She could not understand her brother once again.How could he do it so,without fear? Hasn�t he known he was bringing not only himself but also her back into the hands of Harry Gullivers,the Godfather?
God,her brother must have been mad! She shivered so much! Yes,from fear!
-�Mathew,we still have time-and a chance-to turn back and escape��- She whispered to her brother.
Steven Mac Dantosch threw angry look at her.
-�No,Emmanuelle,there is no turning back.It�s him or us!�- He answered.
-�But there are hundreds of professional killers in that nest! You said it yourself!�
-�Yes,that�s right! But,Emmanuelle,if we�re clever we can manage it�We can outmaneuvre all of them and get directly to Harry Gullivers.We need just this�Only this! To find a way to get to Harry Gullivers.�
-�I don�t know,Mathew,of I can be much of help to you.I�m dying from fear.�
-�Emmanuelle,gather yourself,please.Remember what you promised to me yesterday.I wanted to do it all alone but you quarrelled with me and said you want to assist me.You have that chance now,Emmanuelle.For God�s sake,Emmanuelle,throw your fear away from you.Forgot your bad past.Concentrate on the willingness to survive.We have that chance if we�re determined and above all masterful.We must be cool,cool and once again cool,Emmanuelle.Please,do something with yourself!"- Steven Mac Dantosch was thrilled with the mental state of his sister.She shivered definitely too much.Her teeth clasped at each other and the expression of her eyes was nearly schizophrenic.He was angry now at himself he agreed to her demands to take her with him.Now,he might have his hands tied when he needed to turn himself totally into a mode of a warrior,the martial arts warrior he was.
They were already getting to the gate of the enormous estate,which was being opened.The limousine which Toni Barrington was in passed already the gate and the other limousines were getting through it.Steven Mac Dantosch forgot his sister by the sheer will to concentrate on the godfather�s estate and the people who served him.
The limousine he was driving also passed the gate and he felt the blood within him circulated in a huricain or tornado alike speed.He liked that feeling.It maximised his movements and the speed of thoughts within his mind.He concentrated totally on the environment within the estate.There was enormous courtyard and a number of pathways one could drive a limousine through.There were indeed many guys,with guns within the reach of their hands.Most of them looked bandits alike types,rude,arrogant,with expressions on their faces which said lives of other people had no meaning to them.They had many executions behind themselves and would be even unable to count how many exactly.They were the types Harry Gullivers needed the most. There was no immediate danger of being recognised.No limousine was stopped,because it even did not crossed their minds anybody other than one of them could be in any of the limousines.They could not see inside the limousines because of the darkened windows.Perhaps if only one or two limousines would arrive in the estate they would do a routine control.Certainly they did it most of the time.But this time it was Toni Barrington,their hero somehow,who was coming with his campaign staff,entirely recruited from among them and people who pledged allegiance to their boss,Harry Gullivers.He noticed the limousines no longer followed each other and entered their own pathways.
Steven Mac Dantosch did the same and drove into yet another pathway.Luckilly there were less mafia guys around there.
-�Steven,look!�- He heard suddenly his sister.
He looked at her first and then turned his eyes in the same direction she looked to and saw the guy he knocked earlier out of consciousness regained his consciousness and looked now at him with wide open eyes.
-�Sorry,guy!�-Steven Mac Dantosch said and gave such a powerful punch at the forehead of the guy,without a warning,that he lost his consciousness once again,without even knowing what happened to him.
Steven Mac Dantosch heard his sister laughing at that moment.Surprised and astonished,he looked back at her.
-�You laugh?�- He asked and realised how stupid was his question.
-�Yes,I laugh.Is that strange?�- She shot back.
He smiled to her.
-�Nothing strange,Emmanuelle,but�you see,just a moment ago you shivered from fear.What a metamorphosis,can I just say!�
-�Oh,Mathew,I�m not going to die with fear in my eyes! I decided to enjoy it all.Even then when they pierce us with hundreds of bullets!�
-�You�ve got a black humour!�
-�White or black,I don�t care anymore!�- She shot back furiously once again.
-�I�m happy,Emmanuelle,you managed to put yourself into a whole picture but now,please,help me a bit. We're loosing precious time.Say,do you recognise anything? There are so many houses around here in that estate! It�s a city in itself!�
-�What do you want to know?�
-�That�s simple,Emmanuelle. Which house is the one Harry Gullivers lives in?�
She laughed out again to real astonishment of her brother.
-�What�s so funny?�- He just asked,but felt relived at the realisation of how much his sister changed herself within such a short period of time,just in minutes.He was satisfied she reinvented herself and was going to be perhaps very helpful to him.
-�Mathew,I don�t have to show the house to you.You can deduct it.It�s simply the one which is biggest and most guarded by his men.�
-�I don�t see such a house.�
-�Because you got us into some backward part of this estate.I myself don�t know this pathway you�re riding through.�
Steven Mac Dantosch thought furiously.He was bewildered anyone could have such an enormous estate,with many houses within it and as many pathways and courtyards.
-�I try to get us off this pathway but the moment you recognise something tell me immediately,Emmanuelle.You know what I mean.�
She just gave a sign to him by turning with her head.
He felt he was expierencing a further transformation within himself.The mode of the absolute master in martial arts,the stage he had already long after himself.He was now an absolute warrior,the one who accumulated all sorts of martial arts into one martial art,governed only by multileveled,multidimensional rules.And he was even above this because there were absolutely no rules which he would follow.He did not need rules.He had impression he aquirred zen,a very special sort of abilities chracteristic only to superior warriors.It was associated with such a state of his mind which enabled him to guide himself during a fight as if he were a ghostly creature rather than a handsome man he was.He was the inner man,the man of self or ego while having a fight.It looked as incredible magics or a sort of trance to outsiders.But it was his reality,the reality of the man who lived in four dimensions as anyone else but fought in the fifth or sixth dimension,unavailable to ordinary men and women.Still,when it came to encountering professional killers using guns to kill no martial art skills could overcome the power of the guns.In such cases he had to encircle his enemies and kill them-or immobilize-by surprise.
Emmanuelle still could not recognise any of the places they were riding through.
-�I think we�re driving behind their backs.�- She expressed her opinion.
Steven Mac Dantosh knew what she meant.Both,the people backs and the houses backdoors.The houses were now bigger and more splendid.It looked they were nearing the house which Harry Gullivers lived in.He was satisfied somehow because they were on a pathway which circled the estate and,perhaps,they could enter the house which Harry Gullivers lived in via the backdoors.They passed here much less inhabitants of the estate than there would be a case if they found themselves on yet another pathway.The people they passed,all of them members of the Hell Angels,the Harry Gullivers mafia,expressed no whatever concern at seeing a black limousine which they knew belonged either to Harry Gullivers or Toni Barrington.There was no way they could see through the darkened windows who was inside the car.Therefore,Steven Mac Dantosch and his sister could feel themselves safe so far.But only so far.There could already be questions around where the hell the driver of the missing limousine has gone to.
On one side of their pathway there was a high fence,possibly electrified,and on the other side backdoors of the houses they were passing.
Emmanuelle Burrows was transfixed especially by a house which looked like a medium castle,built the modern way and painted in a peach alike colour.They were just passing the house when she reacted aloud.
-�Mathew,stop here! This is the house where both,Harry Gullivers and David live whenever they stay in the estate.
-�Are you sure,Emmanuelle?�-Steven Mac Dantosch asked,while feeling himself on fire.
-�Absolutely! How many times I stayed in that window,there on the third floor,and dreamt of escaping the place.But there was no way to do it.There were guards around and the fence,I knew,was electrified.�
-�Then,let�s go a bit further with the car.We leave it in the vicinity and�the most crucial action of our lives will take place,the action which will determine the rest of our lives.Are you ready,Emmanuelle? If not,you stay here,in the car,and in the case something bad happens to me you still can escape with this car.�
-�No,Mathew,I go with you!�
-�Emmanuelle,it�s a death and life action.We might be dead!�
-�I take it!�
-�Well,you must not panic in any case.We need tonnes of cold blood in our veins.�
-�I can stand it,Mathew.Trust me.�
-�Well,let�s go.One more thing,Emmanuelle,we must stay in the shadows.No one can see us.�
-�I got it.�
They parked the limousine at the side of nearby house,the one with no windows,made sure the unconscious driver would not be able to get out when he regains consciousness and ran towards the residence of Harry Gullivers.There was a window opened on the first floor.
Steven Mac Dantosch climbed up to it,encouraged his sister to do the same and when she was nearing the window he extended his hands to her and pulled her inside over the window-sill.They rushed up the stairs and got into one of the apartments.It was empty but the moment they wanted to get out of it the doors opened and four guys got inside it.Expressions of entire surprise showed up on their faces but it was all they could manage to do.
Steven Mac Dantosch scisored them out of their consciousness with virulent attack,both with hands and legs and with unbelievable speed,what looked so at least in the eyes of his sister.They tied and gagged them,locked the apartament and moved up the stairs.They had a luck to get to the third floor.They heard male voices behind one of the apartaments.Emmanuelle Burrows was totally pale.
-�It�s an apartament of David.I lived in here with him.I was mistreated here by him,his people and their guests.- She whispered.The door was not closed and Steven Mac Dantosch could look inside it.There were incredible riches in the apartment,marbles,golden sculptures enhanced by diamonds additions and the front of the apartament was all glass.There were three guys,probably Harry Gullivers� bodyguards who watched basketball on TV and commented aloud.They were seated with their backs to the door so there was no way they could notice two strangers in the door.
Steven Mac Dantosch turned to his sister.
-�And Harry Gullivers?�Where does he live?�- He asked his sister.
-�There,the upper two floors!�- She answered,showing up the stairs.
They ran again up the stairs.Also there,on the fourth floor,the door was not locked.This must have been the Achilles foot of Harry Gullivers.He probably never imagined a danger might come from within his own estate,the estate he had hundreds of bodyguards in.They peered through the open door to the apartment and saw both Harry Gullivers and Toni Barrington seated in a far corner of the apartment,next to the buffet full of liquers one could see only in lux restaurants.They seeped something from their glasses while seating in very comfortable,fine leather arm-chairs.Also in this apartment entire front wall was nothing else but glass.Harry Gullivers could observe his estate via it.Both were relaxed and laughed a lot.The conversation lasted about half an hour and abruptly ended when Harry Gullivers had enough.They stood up,shook their hands and approached a lift within the apartment which would take Toni Barrington down the house.He must have had his own locum in the vicinity.
Harry Gullivers took a sort of remote control to his hand and pressed one of the buttons.Steven Mac Dantosch was bewildered to see the ceiling being moved and he saw the other,upper apartment with a terminal full of computers.Conclusion could only be one: there was the center of all operations Harry Gullivers did.Perhaps there could also be found evidence of his innocence,Steven Mac Dantosch thought.He was shocked by the modernity of the place,the terminal and the moving ceiling which must have been a floor at the same time.And then the most incredible happened.Harry Gullivers pressed yet another button and was swept off the floor and flown up to the upper apartment.As if he were a bird.Steven Mac Dantosch never thought it possible.What was it? He realised Harry Gullivers must have had installed a superior technology in both his apartments which enabled him to move freely in their space.There was only one explanation: there must have been installed magnetic and ani-magnetic system,something what was not exercised elsewhere in the world.The guy was not only the biggest godfather of America and the invisible man behind the presidency of the United States but also�a genius.Steven Mac Dantosch realised also it was not so sure he will succeed against Harry Gullivers,when it comes to their death and life encounter in a matter of minutes.There were too many surprises of a superior technological nature.They saw the ceiling,and the floor at the same time,being closed.
-�What�s now?�- Steven Mac Dantosch thought fiercely.
-�Mathew,there is yet another way to get there.Via the emergency stairs outside there.�- Emmanuelle Burrows who felt what was on the mind of her brother,came up with advice to him,showing the metallic stairs in the opposite corner of the apartment,next to the glassed wall.
-�We might be seen by others!�- He answered,not quite sure whether it was a good advice.He was thrilled they might be discovered and the chance of getting Harry Gullivers,perhaps the only one in his entire life,might be gone.
-�We have not any other way to get there.He gets there usually the way you saw it.There is no lift providing there.�- She let him know.
Wanting or not,they had to use the emergency stairs.They got there and walked up the stairs,step by step,with outermost caution.They could not be heard.If Harry Gullivers noticed something suspicious he would immediately lock himself within his apartment successfully and would alarm the entire mafia population in his satanic nest.
They found themselves at the top of the stairs,realised the door was not locked,a luck once again,saw no one inside and,convinced Harry Gullivers must have gone to his bathroom,opened the door and went inside the apartment.They hid themselves behind the terminal.A minute or two later they saw Harry Gullivers getting casually dressed out of something what must have been his bathroom.He got to his buffet,poured Johnny Walker to a glass,sipped it entirely and then poured more of it.He approached an armchair with a remote control in one hand and a glass of Johnny Walker in the other hand.He sat down on it and then the armchair moved to the ceiling and turned one hundred eighty degrees.What Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows saw now was so incredible as if taken from science fiction.The ceiling served as floor and Harry Gullivers was seated there comfortably.As much incredible was the fact that the Johnny Walker liquer did not ran away from the glass despite that it was hold upside down,at least from the point of view of any ordinary person.The ceiling was actually a floor! Steven Mac Dantosch was once again convinced there were magnetic and antimagnetic forces involved here.
A moment later Harry Gullivers again landed on the floor,as if he remembered about something,left the remote control on the terminal and rushed to his bathroom.Perhaps he got diarrhoea and needed a toilet?
Whatever it was it worked to the luck of Steven Mac Dantosch and his sister.He jumped to the terminal and got the remote control to his hands.
-�Emmanuelle,we have to get rid of whatever metallic things we have on ourselves.�- He warned his sister.
They undressed and,in shorts only plus bra also in case of Emmanuelle Burrows,sat down on two other armchairs.As long as they would act with clever attitudes there could not be such surprises as being trapped by either antimagnetic or magnetic forces.But they still needed to be extremely careful.They just waited for Harry Gullivers to appear back in the apartment.He could do nothing without the remote control.
Harry Gullivers got off his bathroom and moved towards the terminal to get the remote control.It was then when he saw his �guests�.He stoped walking and a shock appeared on his face.He was unable to say anything and looked both at Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows with a total disbelieve.
-�Hi,Harry! We finally meet,I see!�- Steven Mac Dantosch was the first one who said anything.He was actually surprised he felt himself amused despite hating the guy as no one else.
-�You�re�Mathew Burrows.�- Harry Gullivers asked,still not believing what he saw.
-�Yes,it�s me! Time for justice,guy!�- Steven Mac Dantosch drawled out through his teeth with a metallic,ominous sound of his voice�

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