Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 65 - Presidential campaign  || All Chapters

Steven Mac Dantosch and his sister found themselves in the vicinity of the Lincoln monument in the early morning of the next day.There were already some people there,quite a substantial number of a thousand or so cheerleaders who were enthusiastic supporters of Tony Barrington,the candidate to the United States presidency.
-�If only they knew the real face of the guy!�- Steven Mac Dantosch thought,turning his head right and left with dissaproval and feeling even some disgust.His sister looked not better,she grimaced and must have suffered.It was painful to see those enthusiastic supporters,young and old,so happy and so optimistic�
All the time new people were coming,single and couples,and even whole families with their kids who were as much excited as their parents.There was something magnetic in the air,something what concerned the candidate to the presidency.People smiled,laughed,joked,chatted with each other,waved banners and images of the candidate and one had impression it was a national holiday.Toni Barrington was certainly in everybody�s mind.By nine a.m. the group of a thousand supporters grew to many thosusands,by ten a�clock it was a tremendous gathering and at 11 a.m.,the hour the candidate was scheduled to appear before the public the numbers grew perhaps to as many participants as fifty to seventy or even eighty thousands enthusiastic supporters.
By that hour Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows were already in the crowd,threading their way nearer and nearer to the monument,next to which the candidate was due to show up to the public.There were already all the major TV stations,including the one which belonged to Steven Mac Dantosch�s father in the happier times and was in Harry Gullivers� hands now.Both,Steven Mac Dantosch and his sister had dark glasses on their eyes,with fancy things added to them,which covered much of their faces.Thanks to that there was no way they could be recognised by anyone among numerous security agents and Harry Gulivers� as numerous mafia guys.It was de facto the Harry Gullivers' day,the day of the invisible man�The day of the godfather�Steven Mac Dantosch felt some blood was soaking out of his wounded lips.He pressed a handkerchief to his lips and ordered himself silently to keep a total control over himself.No a mistake could be done.There were many cameras around and he could be picked up as a stranger.Eleven a�clock passed and there was still no sigh of the candidate.
-�Toni,Toni��- The crowd began to shout and the excitement was growing now to unbelievable dimensions.Neither Steven Mac Dantosch nor his sister could believe what they witnessed.It was surreal to them in absolutely a negative way.
-�God,if they knew the real face of the guy!�- Steven Mac Dantosch kept repeating the same words and he was filled with horror.Finally there were louder and louder ovations what was a sign the candidate was arriving.Yes,indeed�Steven Mac Dantosch saw a columnade of black limousines,perhaps as many as twenty of them,which moved slowly towards the monument.The crowd became mad from excitement.People shouted great words,waved US banners,danced,kissed each other�It was a display which only the greatest of the US presidents generated.There were only two people in that crowd who had definitely opposite feelings.Emmanuelle Burrows had tears in her eyes and her face would certainly look pale if not the fact she was sunburned.Californian sun tanned her so nice.
This time the beautiful day,full of sunshine added to her and her brother�s feelings of horror.They saw the limousines more exactly.It was only then when Steven Mac Dantosch got a brilliant idea.
-�Emmanuelle,come! We have to get to the limousines! We must absolutely get there!�- He whispered to her ears.
It was not easy a task.Everybody wanted to be as near the candidate as possible.Some supporters desired to shake hands with the candidate.The columnade stoped about twenty meters from the monument.Toni Barrington got off one of the limousines and waved with both hands to the crowd.The ovations became absolutetely frantic.
-�Toni,you�re the next president! You�re our president!�- People shouted to him.
He just smiled to them and there was some ironic or even arrogant grimace in the corners of his mouth.He went to the platform stand or stage built next to the monument,got up to the top of it and then,to an astonishment and even greater enthusiasm of the crowd,invisible so far lift was bringing him even higher.It stoped when it was about ten meters above in the air.He could be seen absolutely by everyone.
-�Dear Americans,you must have a president who will finally bring reforms and once again reforms to our beloved country.I�m the one who can deliver them��- He began his oratorical speech,interrupted by cheers.
-�We�ve got such a situation now in the States that everybody lies,including the large corporations we can no longer trust.There is no confidence among the investors anymore! We must change it! We must absolutely change it!�Otherwise,if we don't do it,and I'm sure other candidates don't think seriously about it,we'll have staggering fraud revelations from more than just a number corporations and auditing firms.My competitors,I mean the other presidential candidates,are part of the business establishment.They themselves cheated in the past,were fraudulent,made tax evasions and were less than honest.Choosing any of them would be a disaster for us and our beloved country.Furthermore,our enormous deficit must be reduced to zero and no citizen of America can be unemployed.We can't allow the outside world to exploit our generosity.Enough is enough! I have programs on all that issues,my fellow Americans! I have also a comprehensive plan,the jewel in my intentions,according to which we'll decentralize our country and give much more power to the individual states...�- He continued and the ovations were even more enthusiastic.
Once again there were only two people in that crowd who did not care what the candidate said.Steven Mac Dantosh and his sister managed somehow to get closer to the parked limousines,but still were separated by ten raws filled with the most avid supporters of the candidate.Steven Mac Dantosch was confident they�ll get to the limousines in a matter of minutes.He disguised himself as one of the security establishment agents and people seemed to believe him,and made place for him enabling him and his sister to move forward.
They were approaching the last limousine in the columnade.Emmanuelle Burrows was voiceless because she has already deducted what was the plan of her brother.They would try to get inside one of the limousines and then�the gates of hell would open not only for them but perhaps also for Toni Barrington.They had to risk.There was not any other choice.A second chance sometimes never ocurred.Somehow,they succeeded and found themselves in the vicinity of the last limousine.The window on the driver�s side was open a bit and they could see a driver who smoked a cigar.
-�What to do now?�- Steven Mac Dantosch thought.Using violence openly was out of thinking.There were too many people around.
He was thinking furiously.
Toni Barrington in the meantime continued his speech.
-�I�ll clean up human environment in our nation.I�ll bring the Christian values back to the mainstream! Minorities will not dictate us what we must do��- He was saying.
Steven Mac Dantosch felt alarmed suddenly.This guy,Toni Barrington,was getting too far in his speech.He must have affronted some people in the crowd.
It was the case indeed.There were heard some angry voices and Steven Mac Dantosch saw young hippi styled men,a group of about twenty,who pushed themselves towards the limousine in which Toni Barrington arrived.They got to it and began striking it with baseball sticks,protesting this way at what Toni Barrigton just said.Most agents around the columnade rushed to the troublemakers,also the driver in the last limousine.It was nearly a miracle from the heavens,in the mind of Steven Mac Dantosch.He pulled his sister�s sleeve and rushed towards the limousine.He opened the back door and they got inside it.Most probably nobody noticed it because everyone was looking at the scene of the hipppis fighting with the security agents and the mafia men disguised as agents.Even if they were noticed getting inside the limousine by anyone in the public it would still looked so normal nobody would bother,at least in this circumstances which just took place.People from outside could see nothing inside the limousine,thanks to the special windows,darkened completely.Only the window on the driver�s side was still open a bit.The situation was brought to order,the hippis arrested and Toni Barrington could continue giving an address.Steven Mac Dantosch saw the driver returning to the limousine.
-�Emmanuelle,he is coming.We have to hide behind the seats.Don�t move at all!�- He whispered to his sister.They did so.The driver got inside,closed the window what made Steven Mac Dantosch happy and,unaware there were people inside the car,he reached for one of his cigars and lighted it up.Steven Mac Dantosch did not take a second chance and hit the driver in the back of his head,so suddenly the guy did not even know what was happening to him while he was loosing his consciousness.Emmanuelle Burrows saw a gun in her brother�s hand and made eyes but said nothing.How and where he got the gun she did not know.Perhaps he found it inside the limousine�There was no time to ask questions and they had to have something to defend themselves.
-�We have a bit of a breathing space now for an hour or so.Perhaps two,if I hit him once again when he'll be getting back to his consciousness.�- Steven Mac Dantosch announced to his sister.She understood him.
-�Steven,what are you going to do?�- She simply asked.
-�When he is finished with his speech,I mean Toni Barrington,we follow him in this limousine and�if we�re lucky�we discover the place at which he stays.We�ll need a lot of luck�In the meantime,we have to place the driver on one of the back seats and make sure he is unable to alarm his colleques,in case if something unforressen happens."
They did it with great difficulty,tied his hands and put a plaster over his mouth.Both were now seated on the front seats.What Toni Barrington was now saying they did not hear,due to the closed window and applauses from the crowd.One thing was sure: they were going to be on the moving within next minutes because the lift was being lowered until it touch the ground.Toni Barrington approached the second limousine and got inside it.
The columnade moved on.The second limousine in which Toni Barrington sat replaced the first one which was so badly treated by the hippi guys a couple of minutes earlier.Then all the other limousines followed.
There were less and less people on the way until finally there was just traffic of indifferent cars.
They approached the Potomac river and it looked they were heading towards the Airlington Memorial Bridge from which was not far to the cemetery in which the greatest figures of America stayed in peace with God,including the assassinated president Kennedy.In the last very minute the limousine in which was Toni Barrington turned right and the other limousines followed the first one along the right side of the Potomac river,towards the next bridge,a very modern one and innovating,designed as a hanging bridge,the so called Theodore Roosvelt Bridge.Every corner in Washington D.C. had great names.At some point the river split and they saw a small island on which there was a monument and a museum.All were given the name of one of the American presidents,Theodore Roosvelt.When they passed the river the columnade went to the Rosslyn district of the capital.They got to Wilson Boulevard and then to Fort Myer Drive.
Emmanuelle Burrows watched carefully everything she could see behind the windows.She tried to memorise the route or perhaps tried to recollect whether she was ever in this part of Washington.She made a grimace of recognition at some point but continued to look at everything she could see.
-�Mathew,I�ve impression I know this places.I still can�t recollect how�s that possible but these places we�re moving through look to me familiar.�- She said.
-�Try to recollect.It�s terribly important!�- Steven Mac Dantosch answered.But,in fact,he did not expect to learn more from her.He knew,both Harry Gullivers and his son,David,kept her on drugs most of the time and they must have made sure she could never recollect the place she was kept in and exploited.One could expect only such a treatment in the evil nest of Harry Gullivers and his mafia network.Captured men had even a more gruesome situation,they were tortured and then shot to their deaths.One did not need imagination to deduct it when it came to the reality of mafia,any mafia.
Were they heading to Harry Gullivers nest?
-�No,I think we rather go to Toni Barrington�s estate.�- He answered to himself within his mind.There were less houses on both sides of the road and,strangely,they have even encountered a sort of park with quite many woods and no houses at all.It looked Toni Barrington lived on the outskirts of the capital and in quite a peaceful environment.Soon they were again passing some villas until they got to the most splendid and enormous one, a castle rather or a palace than just a villa.
Emmanuelle Burrows made big,round eyes.
-�Mathew,I know this place,we�re coming to the estate of�Harry Gullivers.I recognise the place now.Once I got drugs but I did not swallow them and observed secretely everything I could memorise.It was here,in this palace,Toni Barrington raped me and also many other guys I hardly knew did the same to me.They treated me like a wild animal in the ZOO.�
Despite being sorry to his sister for what she had expierenced at the hands of the beasts Steven Mac Dantosch had a triumphal feeling.
-�Are you sure,Emmanuelle,this is the Harry Gullivers' house?�
-�Absolutely! At least one of his numerous houses spread around this beautiful country and beyond.�- She answered resolutely.-�I recognise the many towers,the creamy colour the estate is painted and many smaller details.It�s definitely the Harry Gullivers estate!�
-�Then we are in a decisive stage,Emmanuelle.Let�s pray to God we have luck.Once we�re inside we�re surrounded by hundreds of professional killers.�- Steven Mac Dantosch said and his voice was strangely cold,one would even say steely�