Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra


Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows had already long months of adventurous travelling across the entire United States behind them.What for others might have been an incredible chain of events for them was bitter and bitter.They had to move from place to place,sometimes within hours.The reason was simple:their nemesis,Harry Gullivers and his mafia.They knew the most powerful godfather of America must have used all his resources in order to find them.They knew he must have been enraged to the highest levels of enragement.There was no need for imagination in this respect.No one ever did so much damage to the godfather as Steven Mac Dantosch who not only kidnapped wife of his son,David Gullivers,but also dared to cut off his genitals,the treasure of the male part of the world.This must have been crime in the eyes of Harry Gullivers compared with the genocide policies of the most ruthless dictators in the history.How could anyone dare to harm his own son! Steven Mac Dantosch imagined the fury on the face of his archenemy and every time he had the grimaced image of Harry Gullivers before him he smiled.He was pleased he managed to harm the guy somehow.It was still uncomparably less of the harm in comparison with all the harm Harry Gullivers caused on him and his family.A drop in the sea.
-�You�ll pay for your deeds!�- Steven Mac Dantosch swore hundreds of times.
He had no any other choice for the moment as to hide because he has not known where Harry Gullivers lived.But especially because of his sister.He had to care for her.No harm could have been done to her anymore.She was so gentle! It was simple a miracle she survived the evils her husband,David Gullivers,and her husband�s father did to her.Steven Mac Dantosch bited his teeth from unbearable pain:how could anyone force his sister to prostitution,how could it be possible that her own husband enforced it�It was like a pact with Satan.He knew both Gullivers will have to pay the price.He won�t stop until he will bring them to justice.What irony was it all? He was after the biggest killers of the century,after satanic men simply while they were after him and with them all the forces of America.It was he,Steven Mac Dantosch,who was the scapegoat and the man on the run.It was he who was actually number one on the most wanted list of criminals! Was it not a devilish irony? God,no one would even look in his face if he were caught.He was the most hated man in the States while Harry Gullivers the most cherished and celebrated one,a potential presidential candidate.
One could just say:�Welcome to hell�.His sister,Emmanuelle Burrows,was unable to pinpoint where Harry Gullivers really lived.Whenever she was brought to his estate her eyes were binded or she was narcotised by some powerful doses of strange drugs.They had no other choice,therefore,as to hide.At least for some time.His sister got used somehow to his presence.She still distrusted him but seemed to have accepted his persuasion to give him chance and some time to prove his innocence to her and the world.The key to proving it was in Harry Gullivers.It looked they danced with devils in a real vicious circle.On the one hand Harry Gullivers was after him and on the other hand he had no any other choice as to find Harry Gullivers,to get through to him and force him to announce to the world he is not a killer and especially not a psychopathic killer.It was nearly impossible to do,especially in such circumstances,when FBI and every single police department was after him.The police in every US state was on alert.Despite all these he still sticked to his belief that nothing is impossible.If not this belief he would simply crash down and became nothing,a dying man.
Where they have not already been! In Florida,Texas,up north in Chicago and Denver,far west in Los Angeles and finally they found themselves in tremendously picturesque San Francisco.Disguised,of course.They looked more hippies than ordinary people,perhaps some students on their wild adventurous trip.They rented a room in a private hotel,from which there were spectacular views onto the Pacific Ocean�s landscape.The Allmighty Pacific till the far horizon and much nearer a golden beach filled with sexy figures of those who enjoyed staying on the beach and swimming in the sea.At the opposite side of their apartment they had a lookout at a picturesque park called Buena Vista Park.It was filled with lovers in the evening and night hours.There was not far to the city from their hotel.The nearest was the so called Chinatown,part of the town inhabited mainly by the Chinese and Asian Americans.
Emmanuelle Burrows stayed usually in the apartment,watched TV,read books and designed fashion projects what was her most intellectual drive.She had a naturally inclined interest in fashion.She was afraid to go out alone.There was a large amount of fear within her psychic being that she might be once again kidnapped by the people of Harry Gullivers.She dreaded return to the mafia nest.God,she was sick of it.If it happened she would collapse mentally.She needed to be assisted by her brother so they usually sketched the schedules of the forthcoming days such a way they could always be together while fulfilling their plans which not always were complemanting to each other.She needed sometimes to go to the beauty center,something what was the least in the interest of her brother.The other time Steven Mac Dantosch desired to rent a motor boat and go deep into the sea what did not appealed to Emmanuelle Burrows at all.
They have already stayed for about two weeks in their private hotel and had uneasy feelings they will have to go on moving once again.How they loved this place!It was already evening,there were still some people on the nearby beach some of whom were lovers entertwined with each other.Oh,just Eros work!
Emmanuelle Burrows sat before TV and tried to find something interesting to watch.Her mind was filled with the thoughts about her brother.True to say she was not absolutely sure any more whether her brother indeed killed her boyfriend.But she could not say also he did not do it.-�I saw it!�- There was always her final reaction.She was thrilled,however,with all the newscoverage concerning her brother.The stories about his homosexuality and gay prostitution were a sheer nonsence! Probably the journalists who wrote that articles were themselves gays! It was here where she did not need a proof.She knew her brother was not a gay.It was here also she realised the data about her brother might have been manipulated and therefore not true.If this was the case then there was exercised a treason case against her brother by the federal agencies of the state,the police and the media.
The programs on TV were somehow dull this time.She continued to seek something what might catch her attention.Yes,she thought she found it.It was a presidential campaign.Soon,in half a year or perhaps in a year there was scheduled a presidential election.The interviewer announced all three hopefuls will be presented to the public.First there was interview with one of two Republican candidates.He was not very impressive.Definitely too old and too old fashioned.A man of the past,unfitable to the challenges facing new generations.Too dogmatic and too much dependable on religious views.He might have been good in the nineteenth century but certainly not in the last decade of the twentieth century.No,she would not choose him for President.The second one was a Democrat,grey haired and serious looking.He also was too old although a bit more down to Earth with the realities of the new generations.But still far behind.A president should be a locomotive and not someone behind.No,he also was not good.She felt amused because she realised how little Americans had to choose from.Then there was presented the third candidate,also a Republican.When Emanuelle Burrows looked at him,she thought she was strucked by a thunderbolt.She became pale and thought whatever strength she had within herself deserted her.
-�Mathew!...Mathew!...Come here!�- She called her brother by his real name.Steven Mac Dantosch has just shaven himself in bathroom but when he heard the panicked voice of his sister he took to his legs and appeared before her in a split of seconds.
-�What�s the problem,Emma��- He did not finished the sentence of his question,shocked by the images of despair,hatred,fear and whatever other feelings which danced on the Emmanuelle�s face.She was fingering at the TV screen in which one of the candidate�s,Toni Barrington,was interviewed.
-�It�s him!It�s him!It�s him!��- Emmanuelle Burrows,still pale,repeated numblessly.She began to weep.Steven Mac Dantosch came up to her and took her firmly to his hands.
-�Emmanuelle,tell me what�s that?�- He felt she had something crucial to tell him.
She stopped crying and looked up again at the TV screen,with unmaskable hatred.
-�He�He is�Harry Gulliver�s man!�He is a mafia man!�I saw him a number of times with Harry Gullivers�And,oh God,he raped me�He was so cruel to me�So sadist�Oh,no��- She began to cry once again.
Steven Mac Dantosch did not know how to react.He felt there evolved a sort of ignition or a lightning within him.He began to look intensively at the guy who was interviewed.At the guy who was on his way to the highest position within the United States Of America.He felt he also became pale because he realised suddenly the ultimate game of Harry Gullivers.That game was to reach to the Presidency of the United States.Moving to the White House! God,he never thought it might be so easy! So easy for someone as Harry Gullivers,the godfather! There was Al Capone,there was Corleone and a number of other mafia men but this one happened to reach higher,to the Presidency itself! Was it not a denomination against the people in this country?!...Against the world?!...Against God?!...
He must have looked strangely,because it was Emmanuelle Burrows who looked now at him.
-�Mathew,you seem to be strangely excited��- She said,with accusation in her voice.
He put both his hands on her arms.
-�Emmanuelle,I think we�ve got a light in that long tunnel of darkness��- He announced to her mysteriously.
-�What do you mean?�
-�Don�t you see it? Look,Toni Barrington is the Harry Gullivers� man.He must be consulting with his chief quite often.They must meet��
-�So what?��- Emmanuelle Burrows still have not understood.
-�So�he is the thread which can bring us to Harry Gullivers!�- Steven Mac Dantosch announced triumfally.
-�But we don�t even know where is he?...I mean Toni Barrington��
-�That�s the least of the problem.We just follow the newscoverage on TV and other medias.He schedules campaigns across the States,doesn�t he?!�
Emmanuelle Burrows laughed out.Perhaps the first time for a long time.
-�Mathew,you�re crazy! You don�t mean to follow him,do you?�
-�Just the opposite,Emmanuelle.We must folow him in order to get over to Harry Gullivers.This is the only chance for me,for you,for our father,for our family and,God,for this country!!!!�
Emmanuelle Burrows became pale again.
-�Oh,Mathew,I fear so much!- She whispered.
He had desire to take her into his arms and calm her down but knew he could not do it.Not yet.Her boyfriend�s death shielded them both away from each other.
-�Everything will be good,Emmanuelle.You�ll see! We have to go away from this place yet this night.�- He said instead.
She just said nothing.It looked she understood him.The key to their freedom was in destroying Harry Gullivers.But it was so unrealistic!�
Yet,before they moved away Emmanuelle Burrows had occasion to see yet another face of her brother,perhaps the one which mirrored him the most. He reached to the phone and dialled.He was so much pained at that moment,so much someone who was in love.Was he in love? She has never known it so far.She has never asked�
A moment later she has witnessed yet another world.
-�Melissa,it is you?"- She heard her brother saying to the phone.
-"Is it you,Melissa?�Oh,thanks to God I managed to reach you�Yes,Melissa,it�s me�Your Steven�I love you�I love you so much�Yes,I still have to be in the States�.Be patient�Wait for me�I think all the evil which happened to me and is still happening will be over within one year�Yes,I promise it to you�I love you,Melissa�You�re mine nad mine only,forever!�Oh,thank you,Melissa�You�re my angel�Don�t fear,I�ll manage to get over to Harry and,yes,I�ll bring him to justice.Say �Hello� to your parents�Do you have many friends in that village you live with your parents?� It�s Braschatt,isn't it?�Have I learnt to pronounce it correctly?�Oh,that�s great! One day we�ll enjoy together the beauty of your village�It must be not far from there to Antwerp,the town of Anthony van Dijk and Peter Paul Rubens,which I desire to see...Melissa,what do you study now?�Informatics?�That�s fantastic! I�m so proud of you,Melissa�Oh,yes,yes�I�ll call you soon!�Goodbye my love!��
Emmanuelle Burrows could not believe her eyes when she saw her brother going away from the telephone,visibly shaken emotionally,with reddened eyes.He went to the bathroom and stayed there so long as to regain himself.He probably did not want to show the weakness of his emotional state to his sister.When he appeared before her he was all himself again.
-�Let�s go.�- He just said.
They went to their jeep and went ahead themselves into the darkness of the night.This time it were them who were going to become the hunters.
Even Emmanuelle Burrows herself,so non-violent,just bited her teeth.She knew what did it mean.Enough was enough! This was something what every person in his or her life said at some point of their lives.
The windows of the jeep were open,the wind-wild bursting at times-thrusted at their faces and they had impression they heard the legendary trio of tenors:Pavarrotti,Carrera and Domingo.Yet another tenor,Jose Cura,joined them and they performed before the face of God,singing ultimate songs about humanity,dark corridors of the human mind which brought men against men and about the light in some endless tunnel which gave a chance to every person on the planet Earth.God,it was devine! It was bigger than life! Immortal! No wonder the wind blew wildly at their faces and their jeep as if a number of virginious mustangs crossed their way somewhere there in the neighborhood of Californian Sacramento which they were just passing,on their way further to the heartland of America.Oh,how bewildered they were!...