Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Oh,the entire Universe danced...Tadek Vangard had impression a judgment day came.He was falling decisively onto the bosom of mother Earth.Ten meters�five meters�three meters�and�-to his surprise-he landed quite quietly on the sandy ground as if he made just a jump and from five meters above only.The colourful parachute covered him entirely.For a moment he seemed to have been wrestling with it by trying to get out of it's delicious,stil balloning cover.When he finally got from under the parachute out,Steven Mac Dantosch was already at his side. He smiled broadly.
-�And how did you like the jumping?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked him simply.He raked aside his golden crop of hair from his forehead.A specific warmth went out of his sky blue eyes. Such a warmth as only the real friends have towards themselves.
-�Steven,at first it was omen,omen and once again omen�I wouldn�t like to expierence it again. But then?�You will not believe me�I felt�marvellously!�- Tadek Vangard laughed,but in a sense which suggested a histerical rather a laugh.
Only now have they looked around seriously.They landed on a flat land,far away from whatever signs of life.Only the mountains on the horizon and the jungle on the opposite side were a visible evidence of a hidden life.That of the wild animals.There was no a sign of a human life around.Perhaps this was the best for them.They had no idea what a welcome could they have from the junta if they encounterred them. They preferred not to think about it. They went by foot in the direction of the mountains. Half a kilometer later they found a wooden signpost on which there was ingravelled an inscription:�Mandalay 95 km�. This meant they found themselves nearly at the center of Myanmar. Their feelings were more and more mixed,because they knew they might have big problems in this country,ruled by the generals. By the time the Sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon line they found themselves in the vicinity of the mountains. And then,fast,the night came,a pictureous one,full of fabulous stars.The night looked like Odyssey 2001.
-�I have never seen so many stars as now.�- Tadek Vangard said at one point with a voice which mirrored his bewilderment.-�I am sure there is life out there in the Universe.We people do not know many things.There actually could be millions of dimensions in the Universe and even on this planet...Even around us... While we are accustomed to accept only poor four dimensions��
-�Tadek,I have an impression we better stop our trip and sleep somewhere here in the vicinity.�- As usually,Steven Mac Dantosch was earthly in his bahaviour.
-�I think you are right.�- They indeed needed some rest.The days ahead might be quite dangerous,for many reasons and at least one:they have found themselves in a country enslaved by junta.
-�Well,let�s stop just here.�
Despite that they were tired they did not want to sleep yet. They felt they needed to talk a bit.Steven Mac Dantosch became a bit more talkative than usually,so they talked about the Universe,about its many dimensions,in thousands and,perhaps,in millions�They liked to repeat this theme. They talked also about God and the history of many religions on all the continents of the globe,about the many gods,human beings preached to throughout their existence.They agreed all these gods people believed in were a sort of poetic expression.They were a sort of metamorphosis through which the real one,God Allmighty,was the one people preached to.God could be one and only one,whatever name was given to Him.All the believers were right when they preached to their gods.When they preached to Jesus Christ or Allah,or Budha,or Wishnu,or whatever other god,they prayed to one and the same God,their common One.All this was very dimensional.Yes,Allah was God and yes,Jesus Christ was God.The names and the personifications were not important.God was one and only one and this was what was the most important.Yet the believers made tremendously many mistakes across the time they spinned like if on the spinning mill,using yarn and textile fibre from which were made clothes for the mother queen,the Earth.Throughout their existence the human beings were unable to harmonise their thinking and split the dogmatic thoughts from the pragmatic ones.Dogma ruled the world for much of its existence,bringing fire and sword,and innocent lives were thrown into abyss of death.People seemed to have been forgetting every human being should have the right to his self and identity.Even in the twentieth century there were many countries around the world which have not solved this fundemental right of a man,any man.Not only on the communist side of the Iron Curtain but also,paradoxically,in many countries which were the bastions of religiousness,from Iran and Afghanistan to Vatican and the forces of dogma within the western world.The priests,whoever they were,seemed to have not learned one should not try to make an assault on the self of another man,on his integrity and his soul,therefore.Yet it was this what the priests did,from the ayattollahs to the cardinals and the pope.In the name of God and the so called law of nature they made all out assaults against all those men and women who dissagreed with their stance,and especially against all those who belonged to minorities.Whatever minorities.Thorns were thrown at the souls of the men and women the attacks of dogma were directed at.What the priests did,in the name of God,was in fact to exercise a power on the believers and on entire societies,and even the nations and the states.They gave no a chance to a man who contradicted their dogma.He had to follow them.Or...get himself killed,one way or the other.The priests knew a man could also die from a despair...Yet they have thrown at him chains which were more heavy than his own weight.They have been torturing him mentally,or otherwise,with their dogmas.Mercillessly...
Was it not an invisible Glass Curtain,even more cruel one than the infamous Iron Curtain?...
And all this in the name of God!...
Who will pay for the mental terror religious leaders have been causing perpetuously on millions of victims across the world?...
Forget it!The most what they would say to you would be just a few words of preaching on the mercy of God who will do the justice.Yet the clergymen in their top ranks will continue their assaults on your self without a regard to the fact they are not treating their own selves but your self.
Even the Vatican has thrown a challenge to God,by choosing dogmatic solutions above the human rights,and especially rights to one's self and identity.
If God has His place within a human being it is the self and the identity of one,and the integrity which the priests have always tried to bring to pieces and are still doing so.The world of dogma,whatever dogma has always created unwelcome offsprings,uncompromising fanatics,and Adolf Hitler was the dreadest one among them.Fascism also evolved from arch-dogmatic thinking...The "brothers in arms":dogmatists and fanatics were responsible for many deadly wars in the history and,especially,for the atrocities during the first and second world wars.Because one man wanted to rule over another man.One man disregarded another man and tried to get,or even tear out,what was the dearest in the other man,the man's self,to the point of a mental rape,and finally to the point of killing the other human being.And where they,the killers,have learnt it all?...
Only the last decades of the twentieth century seemed to have been bringing some light and only in some highly civilised societies as Belgium and the Netherlands,New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries,and the United States,of course...The countries simply refused dogmas and replaced them with the liberal order of their societies which brought comfort to every single man and woman in their lands...
However,in much of the rest of the world the picture was absolutely dissmay...Dogmatists continued to throw chains at individuals and entire societies,either in the name of Marks,Lenin and Mao Tse Tung or in the name of ...God.
The human soul cried and shouted:"Madmen,stop this deadly game before it is not too late!...God Allmighty,forgive them because they do not know what they do!..."- There was an echo which like an invisible Pegasus,capable to multiplying itself immensely times,flew to four points of the world...Perhaps they,the Pope and the Ayattollahs heard it...Perhaps their ears were not turned stone-deaf this time...Perhaps there was a chance for a better tomorrow...
-�I believe in one God,the God of many gods human beings believed in the past and believe in now��- Tadek Vangard said mysteriously at one point.
Midnight approached and there was really time to get to sleep,in a Spartan way of course,on the hard ground. Tadek Vangard ,however, was seized with a desire to make a small walk towards one of the several meter high rocks. He wanted to do a prayer to God,silently and without a witness.
-�Steven,sorry,I make yet a small walk�
-�Good,but be carefull.�- Steven Mac Dantosch sounded sometimes fatherly. Strange,because both were of the same age and were just twenty two years old. Tadek Vangard approached a granite rock a hundred meters away. He looked at the rock curiously,looked also up at the sky. He felt strangely,he felt the pulse of the stars,their rhytme�Suddenly there appeared a strange light,silver � white light everywhere around him,and on the rock especially.The light was more and more intensive.It seemed to come from the sky. He began to pray.He felt his mind and his body were united with his soul. He was �one�,but he still did not understand what was it�Was it real?�Or was it his imagination?�And there was yet another surprise...What was it?...A tremendous stream of silver-white light beamed directly at him.He had an impression the light arrived from the stars,indeed.And he understood now...It was the Holy Ghost,seen by him as a silver-white light,it was rather God Allmighty,who showed up to him via his Holy Ghost.
-�I have chosen you an Apostle. Go among the people and say the Teachings of Mine��- God Allmighty said.- �Tell them,they cannot be Cains towards each other.They cannot mistreat man,every single man,for who he is.They cannot turn themselves against one's self,his identity and integrity.There is,in a man's self,a home of their souls and my home whenever I come down to you,humans.There can never be new Cains�There can never again be wars�.�
Tadek Vangard felt himself as if he travelled across the Universe.
-�God Allmighty,you know that I love you and I will do so forever...I will never dissappoint you...At least this is my wish...I have never harmed a human being in my life,I have never harmed whatever living being..."
-�This is why I have chosen you my Apostle.Go among the people and say my Word which I repeat to you:whatever wars are forbidden�No fellow creatures dare raise one�s hand against someone else. No man dare to be a Cain towards another person.No man can spurn another man. No one can turn him/her into an outcast.This would be an act against Me! Go among the people and preach my Gospel�Do not be afraid because my Holly Ghost entered you and who experienced this is immortal.Do you follow My Word? Will you remember It?�
-�Forever,God Allmighty! May Your wish happen!�-Tadek Vangard said thankfully.-�I assure you,God Allmighty, I will fight alongside Your Army of Goodness�against evil��
As was the case just moments ago when suddenly the all powerful silver�white light appeared and beamed at him ,and washed him over and over,so now as much suddenly the light disappeared and Tadek Vangard would swear he saw the sparkle of the light entering the sky in a thunderbolt like way.
The air was still strangely electrified,like if a thunderbolt hit this rock next to him.But the sky was peaceful,spangled by the very many stars. The sky was like a monumental filharmony with all the music,the music of God. When he returned to Steven Mac Dantosch he noticed his friend was already sleeping.
He,himself,strangely,fell into a deep sleep soon afterwards,the sleep of the just�

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