Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 54 - Stunning decision of Harry Gullivers  || All Chapters

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Long months passed and Harry Gullivers have still not recovered fully from the shock he expierenced the moment he learnt his son,David,was hurt by Steven Mac Dantosch who managed to escape while leaving after himself many other hurt or even dead men all of whom were members of his mafia,named so cynically �Hell Angels�.
He was red from anger,anticipation and rage.He promised doctors he will pay millions if only they manage to bring his son to full health,the sexual health,and he will be able to keep going on a promiscuous life men normally enjoy.David Gullivers was operated,his genitals put back in place and after several months of feeling terror,on the side of both,father and son,there finally were first signs of recovery which confirmed the earlier prognosis of doctors their operation was successful.
David Gullivers slowly returned to his health,the sexual one,and could finally enjoy the rewards of his masculinity through sexual trials and encounters with ladies he changed like gloves.He wanted to be sure his organs were at full capacity,the way as they were before.Otherwise he would simply shoot himself dead.Like his father he was of opinion a man who is unable to satisfy himself sexually is a dead man.He even managed to make one woman,a prostitute in fact,pregnant.So,there was a success in that regard.
The father,however,never got to terms with his rage.He ordered his guys to seek Steven Mac Dantosch all over the States and catch him or kill him.There was no town in the States his mafia guys would not seek the guy.Yet he disseappeared successfully and there was absolutely no sign of him anywhere in the States.It was strange.Harry Gulliver�s mafia numbered ten thousands of members,young and older ones,brutal and unscrupulous,primitive and unsoulful guys who were ready for anything and who were simply bandit types.Yet their search brought no results.This infuriated Harry Gullivers.Nevertheless,he kept himself on track with all the other events he thought he would have to have influence on.The most important,of course,were the politics.The president of the United States already knew he,Harry Gullivers,had video recorded cassettes in his hands which would humiliate him in the eyes of ordinary Americans.The group of Congressmen who were forced to cooperation with him grew steadily.Success followed success on the political arena of the most powerful nation in the world.The successes which were his own successes! He could say he was the factual president of the United States despite that no typical American knew it.But he was still unsatisfied.He wanted more.There was presidential campaign scheduled for early next year which would produce a new president of the United States after a while.He was more and more sure he will have to orchestrate a presidential candidate from within his own mafia and will stop at nothing to ensure his candidate will become the next president of the United States.The thought about it sweetened a bit his humour.It was great to feel to have someone from his own people at the White House,and not just one as a member of the staff of the president but as the president himself.He was sure it will happen.It had to happen because he wanted it and he was going to put all his energy,his skills and his terror tactics behind his plan.Once it happens he will have open way towards his beloved �Pax Gullivers.
It was late afternoon,the sun still shone brightly and was hiding behind the Manhattan skydrapers and especially the twin towers of the World Trade Center.He had a look at the Center for a moment in which Frank Burrows had some offices which belonged to him now.Both the giants of modern architecture as much as the bravurous "Appassionata" of Ludvig van Beethoven which just filled the air inside his appartment,sweetened his mind.
-�It will be mine,all of this!�- He whispered.The place he stayed at the moment was one of the luxe apartments he owned not only in New York and Washington but in many other towns across the United States.What differentiated this appartment from the other ones was that it was a mirror imaged place of his much larger secret estate just outside Washington,when it concerned the interior.
The most important was the magnetic and antimagnetic system,fully synchronised within his apartment which enabled him to move equally easy way on the floor,the walls and the ceiling.He could even sit on his special armchair and move onto the walls and the ceiling and feel there as good as while staying on the floor.There was simply no floor and no ceiling to him at the same time.Everything was just a floor.
The system,fully computerised,laserised and above all magnetized and antimagnetized at the same time,enabled him this.In fact it was his scientific laboratory in which he could cross over to another dimension at the same time when he could observe the weaknesses of the president of The United States as well as the weaknesses of many senators and members of the House of Representatives,via the screens on the terminal which he had placed in the middle of his apartment.What he needed only was a special remote control,not much more different ordinary people had in their households.The magnetic and antimagnetic poles he employed in his apartment were something what was revolutionary and what even scientists still did not discovered,with the exception of those scientists who followed his orders.He would instantly get Nobel Price Award for his scientific achievements if he presented what he managed to build to the world.He did not care.The Nobel Award was not of interest to him.There was only one thing which could fully satisfy him.His Pax Gullivers,naturally.He was maniacal about it.He had once again,a thousandth perhaps play,with the magnetic and antimagnetic synchronisation system within his appartment and he enjoyed it as much as always.He could think of himself as a genius.He was one in fact.Frank Burrows,the Steven Mac Dantosch�s father was practically finished and awaited a federal trial which could end only with one verdict:death.The same was going to happen to Steven Mac Dantosch himself.The worldwide business of that family was de facto in his hands.He had an incredible mafia network within the States and there was no place within the country he could not reach.He was indeed the greatest mafia godfather America ever had.He was very proud of it.
His eye caught one of the images on one of many screens on his terminal.It was a debate in Congress.One of the Congressmen,Patric Delavu,compared the situation in the Staes to the one in Canada.In his opinion Canada would split soon because the inhabitants of Quebec and a few other French spoken provinces desired so.
-�We don�t want our great country to split to a number of independent states which would evolve from within our states.�- Congressman Patric Delavu persuaded.-�What we want is to create a confederation of real free states within our country��
There were both,ovations and protests.Harry Gullivers was satisfied with the way Patric Delavu presented �his� ideas and intended to congratulate him later on.Like many other Congressmen,Patric Delavu had to cooperate fully with him in exchange for not being humiliated in public for damaging materials he had on him.Yet he would never choose him for running as a candidate for a president.Harry Gullivers thought he knew who was his choice.He reached for his mobile phone and dialled.
-�Congressman Toni Barrington.Who is speaking?�- He heard one of his most trusted members of his mafia network and made a broad smile.He saw Toni Barrington on one of his screens on his terminal and observed him from the moment he reached for his mobile phone and afterwards.
-�Toni,that�s me�Harry.What�s the new situation?�
-�Not much better,boss.Congress is evenly split,unfortunately.�
-�Then we have not any other choice as to radicalise the situation.�
-�What do you mean,boss?�
Harry Gullivers smiled to himself.A thought crossed his mind what the American public would think if they heard this sort of talk on the side of one of their elected Congressmen.The scandal would certainly shake the political landscape over and over.
-�Toni,deliver to me the list of those who oppose the most to our ideas.We�ll have to eliminate them.�- His answer followed.
-�Boss,we might cross the line this time��- Toni Barrington�s face looked thrilled.At least it was the conclusion of Harry Gullivers who watched him closely.
-�Don�t bother about it,Toni.Just do what I want.�
-�Good,boss.You�ll have the list tomorrow.�
-�There is one more thing,Toni.�
-�What�s that?�
-�I want you to announce,yet at this session of the congressional debate,that you are intending to become a candidate for the president of the United States of America.�
There was nothing but shock on the face of Toni Barrington.Harry Gullivers could clearly see it.
-�But it�s�impossible! That�s madness! �- Toni Barrington had a courage to protest.
-�No,Toni,it�s not a madness! I really want you to become a candidate for the president! I will ensure you�ll win!�
-�No boss,I don�t think it�s possible.�- Toni Barrington seemed to be strangely determined.
This irritated Harry Gullivers.
-�No,Toni,you must! Do you understand me? You must follow my orders! I want you to announce your candidature! You must do it!�- Harry Gullivers nearly shouted.
-�O.K.,boss.Have you,however,taken into the account I�m practically unknown to the American public?�
-�Don�t bother about it,Toni.I�ll spend so much financial resources on the campaign no other candidate ever had.I�m capable to do it.I want only one thing,Toni.You must become elected as the next president.It�s as simple as this.Because I must have my man inside the White House.Only then can I pursue the next points of my plan.Do you follow me? Do you understand it?�
-�Yes,I do,but�I�m afraid I lack stature and character��
-�Don�t bother about anything,Toni.That�s enough you�re handsome enough,looking a typical American and have a bit oil in your head.You�ll just follow what I�ll design for you��
-�I hope it�ll work�
-�Sure,it�ll work.You know I�m a great manipulator.A success follows a success!�
-�I see I�ve no choice,boss.�
-�You have one hour to prepare yourself.I�ll watch your announcement on my terminal.�
-�But I don�t even have a text ready for the announcement!�-Toni Barrington protested once again,weakly.
-�Don�t bother.You�ll find it ready in your computer.Hurry up!�
-�Keep fingers crossed for me,boss!�- Toni Barrington looked now,strangely,as someone who found a stamina within himself to go on.He probably made up his mind.
An hour later Harry Gullivers watched Toni Barrington�s stunning announcement on the screens of his terminal and smiled to himself.The man he chose for running for the presidency presented himself quite well,he spoke about past greatness of America and promised that greatness,innocent one,will be returned.-�Every state in our great country will get what it wants! We�ll decentralise,we�ll absolutely decentralise the way as it was long time ago.God bless America!�- He ended his stunning announcement and there were certainly reverberations across America,and people must have looked with open mouths at the image of one man with a blond crop of hair who happened to be a Congressman and had a courage to propose his candidature for the presidency of the United States.
Harry Gullivers just laughed.He himself was stunned with the performance of Toni Barrington.
-�Toni,you�re a genius! You�ll be the next president of the United States!�- He shouted before the screens of his terminal...

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