Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 53 - Tadek Vangard, the vagabond  || All Chapters

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First the Range Rover jeep and four other cars,with bandits inside them,hit the bottom of the cliff side of the mountain and frightening but picturesque explosions followed,and then Tadek Vangard landed softly not far from the wreckages.He freed himself from the parachute and went down in the direction of Seatown,the second nearest sea bay in the area.Oriental Bay was out of question.Carlos,if he was the one who survived,would certainly wait for him down there in Oriental Bay.He needed just five minutes to get there with his car.It was very easy to hide with a car in the shadows of the seaside,with many wooden houses around,and also parkways,narrow streets,Pohutucawa trees and God know what else.It was not easy to walk in the darkness of the night,like if he were phantom of the opera,thrown away by the so called good people who never bothered to do anything on behalf of others and lived their lives by nothing else but filling their only insides.He did not mean the family of Angela Butterby.They were great! Nearly all of them! He meant many other people,those who disregarded a man or even lived by hatred,feeding themselves with some fascist or racist ideas or ideologies.There were tremendously many such people around the world,unfortunately.Who thought fascism and racism were gone the moment the Second World War was over,was a fool.
-�Oh,how I fear for Angela Butterby! She must live!�- He whispered to himself.There were dark woods at that hour of the night and it was sometimes difficult to see anything.But he pursued his way.He saw clearly the distant lights of the Seatown Bay.At the same time he was not sure whether he will manage to get there while the night lasted.The hours between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. were always crucial to him.He had to sleep at that hours.He absolutely had to sleep.He felt so much tired,sleepy and frustrated! His frustration grew up even more with every passing second.He did not understand why all this happened.How was it possible Carlos found him? Where was the security he was offered in exchange for his agreeing to coming to New Zealand in place of going to the United States as he always wanted? Why Herman van Veenen named the people who assisted Carlos as KGB spies? As if he did not know what everyone in the world knew:KGB existed no longer! But�has that criminal agency really existed no more? The answer was yes and no.Officially it was certainly dissolved.In fact,however,the agency just changed the name.The agency was called now FSB,Federal Security Beaureau.The Russians seemed to have modelled everything on the Americans.It was mentioned even in some newspapers that Andreyev Golubin lost his post the moment KGB ceased to exist.One thing was sure: the agents who used to work for KGB worked now for the new Russian security agency.Perhaps even Andreyev Golubin himself.The empire was gone,the communism was gone but certainly there must have been left some nostalgia among many people in Russia,on all the levels of the Russian society.Who wasn't proud of empire?! The ancient Romans were proud of their empire,the British were proud equally much and the Russians must have had the same feelings.The crimes against humanity and the wars those empires caused were forgotten.Only the "American Empire" was something totally new and unprecedented.This empire brought freedom,democracy,diversity and all the other precious �diamonds and pearls� of the new,modern and liberal world order.They helped entire countries.They assisted them with their know how and financial resources.Pax Americana was the world order which finally might have succeded in bringing the world together and making it a global village.As never before! So,therefore,there was a chance for the mankind! Thanks to the Americans! Thanks to Yankees!
Tadek Vangard returned to his personal questions within his mind.He could not find an answer how was it possible Carlos knew where he lived.There must have been a mole,yet another mole,in the CIA structures.A mole who informed Andreyev Golubin this or that way he has not been in the United States but in New Zealand.The most what infuriated him were all those promises and lies he heard ever since he,Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi found themselves at the American Embassy in Beijing with their newly discovered strategy Beehive.He should have fought then for going to the United States as hard as Steven Mac Dantosch did it.If he pressed for it he would get it.But he trusted what the ambassador said,especially the promise he will be able to go to the States any time soon afterwards.It was not the case.He was dropped from the special status and treated as every other seeker to enter the United States.It meant he had practically no chance to get to the States before the expiry of three years,the time necessary to obtain a New Zealand citizenship and a passport as a consequence.And it was still not sure whether he would obtain a permit to enter the United States.He felt deadly tired when his watch showed five a.m.Only the much nearer lights of Seatown made him alert.Otherwise,he would just lie down in any place and fell deeply into sleep,even at the expence of a possibility to being found by Carlos who would simply press a gun to his head and blow his brain apart.There were so many questions which began with the word �why��,for which he had simply no answers.He lived in the spider web of labirynths,connected by vicious circles and whatever other structures which continued to hold him prisoner in an invisible glass curtain.There had to be a miracle to get out and away from that glass curtain.Unfortunately,the miracles were probably possible only in the Heavens and not on the Earth.He indeed expierenced a sort of a tremendously frightening omen.Carlos and the people of Andreyev Golubin certainly had only one idea concerning him: to kill him.He could expect nothing else from that beasts.He felt devastated when he realised there could be found human beasts around the world. And such beasts were after him now with a vengance.He could count on no one,not even on American agents who stationed at the American Embassy in Wellington.Not certainly on the New Zeland police who would not believe him.He was a stranger out.
Finally,it was six a�clock morning and he was just approaching Seatown.He found open takeways coffee bar,ordered a cup of tea and a sandwich and sat down at a table from which he could observe empty street.The owner of the takeways was a sympathetic young man from whom he had nothing to fear.He reached to his pocket and got a mobile phone from it.He intended,naturally,to call Herman Van Veenen.
-�Hallo.Herman Van Veenen here.�-He heard a moment later.
-�Hello Herman,it�s me�Tadek��
-�Tadek?! It�s you?! Thanks to God you�re alive! Everything�s O.K. with you?
-�Everything�s not O.K.,Herman.Don�t fear,however,I managed to escape them.Your parachute saved my life.
-�But the jeep,Herman is in ashes.As much as four cars of my pursuers who went down abyss from the cliffy side of Mount Victoria.�
-�Don�t bother,Tadek.I do understand.�
-�Herman,how is your mother.�
-�Bad news,Tadek.She is paralised on one side of her body and can�t speak.She must stay in the hospital.�
-�Heavens,what evil happened to her! Because of me!�
-"No,Tadek,not because of you! Just unfortunate destiny!�
-�I�m so sorry,Herman.Is there a chance she might regain her health?�
-�No,Tadek.She will stay in her bed for the rest of her life.What I hope for is that the pain she is feeling now will be reduced substantially.We�ll care for her.�
-�Oh,Herman,I feel so faulty and guilty!�
-�This is not you,Tadek! This is them,the killers!�
-�One of the killers is still alive,Herman.I am afraid he is Carlos.The guy always escapes death while his companions die.You and your family might still be in a danger.Be careful.�
-�Shit! What that guy wants from you?! Why he came over here,to New Zealand after you?!�
-�It�s a revenge on his side.Pure revenge,Herman.�- Tadek Vangard felt a deep frustration was accumulating inside him.
-�We haven�t foreseen this.We thought Carlos won�t ever know where you stay.�-Herman Van Veenen had himself and the American CIA agency in his thoughts.
-�Yes,Herman,it was all foolish! I was fed with promises and lies! Ever since Beijing! I should have been alowed to go to the States,instead!�- Tadek Vangard felt his anger rose substantially within him.
-�Yes,Tadek,you�re right in the light of last night�s deadly developments.I think there is a mole within CIA.I can�t find another explanation for what happened.�
-�I also think so.Besides,Herman,how is it possible you don�t know KGB ceased to exist?�- Tadek Vangard was still angry.
-�No,Tadek.I know it.�
-�So why have you called them �KGB agents� last night?�
-�Simply there was no time for anything.You might have not understood me if I used their new name.It�s as simple as this.�
-�Herman,I must be on the run for the time being.Any chance to get yet another car from you?�
-�We have used car,Ford Mondeo��
-�Can I have it?�
-�Of course.Where are you now?�
-�In Seatown.�
-"Well,you�ll find it outside the church which is located next to the square in Seatown.I think in about three hours.�
-�Thanks,Herman but be careful.Carlos might follow you.Don�t let any car to follow you.�
-�I�ll be careful,Tadek.You be careful too.Any time you need advice,call me.�
-�I�ll do so,Herman.Thanks.I hope I can pay back to you for the Range Rover in the future.�
-�Don�t mind it.I�ll get the money from CIA.Also for Ford Mondeo.It�s yours now.�
-�Once again thanks,Herman.Goodbye.�
-�Bye,Tadek.Take care of yourself.�
Tadek Vangard ordered one more cup of tea and observed the street on which people who hurried to their jobs were appearing.He still felt himself deeply frustrated.He was left now to himself.Entirely to himself.No CIA agent at his side.No SIS agent as well.Ironically,a song �Promises and lies�was just filling the air inside the caf�.What was the name of the band? He had it on the end of his toungue but failed to name the band,despite that he had a full image of the band within his mind. What a twist of life was what he expierenced last night! He could not believe something as this could have happened in anyone�s life.But it happened in his own life.Just last night! And now he had nothing left but hiding and once again hiding,and no chance to going out of New Zealand,simply because he still had not a New Zealand passport.What was happening to him was a deadly vicious circle,never ending one.Yet he knew he had to do something and it was a matter of life and death.He had to defend himself,naturally.The way as he could.He was anti-violent in his nature and the only option left to him was hiding.
Finally,he had nothing left to do as to come to terms with his new situation,with his fate.He did it and when he got out the caf� an hour later he was a changed man.The nerves,frustration and anger were gone.
Three hours later he picked up the car,Ford Mondeo,parked just outside a picturesque, neo-classical local church and directed himself to a motorway.Once he found himself there he just went in any direction.He did not care in what direction did he go.It could be Coromandel and it could be Milford Sounds as much,or a thousand of other destinations.It was so comfortable to travel on the motorway! Despite that it was much smaller than the typical American speedways! He felt somehow free,unbound...A rebel man...He was a vagabond and he felt at peace with his new role.This way he was safest.No one,not even Carlos could find him�
-"Vagabond,vagabond..."- He heard a rock song performed probably by Aerosmith from the radio installed in the car.At least he had the radio and could enjoy some music...

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