Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 50 - Emmanuelle Burrows  || All Chapters

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Steven Mac Dantosch thought he was getting mad.The world around him was a coocoo's nest.God,was it all true? He could not believe what he heard and what he saw on the TV screen.CIA�s chief,Carl Lewis thrown out of his office,via a window,to his death! This was unthinkable! But even more unthinkable were the news which followed: his own father,Frank Burrows was the killer! He was shown being brought by a number of policemen to the federal jail in Washington�Chained on his hands and his legs,treated like an animal,looked upon certainly by millions of viewers with uppermost disgust and despise�.
-�My father is not a killer! My father could absolutely do nothing as this! It is Harry Gulliver�s treason!��- Wild thoughts of fury and despair crossed his mind.However angry he was at his father so far,for doing definitely not enough on his behalf to prove he was innocent,Steven Mac Dantosch felt it was his duty to do something for his father.But what? And how? He had no idea at all.He was a hunted man,a killer,a psychopath,a gay�In the eyes of average American who believed in every word said in medias like if what was said on TV or written down in newspapers were holy scriptures.And now the same happened to his own father,innocent man in fact! He could not help his father.He felt sick beyond whatever to say when he watched pictures of ordinary Americans being interviewed and asked what they expected for the killers,the father and the son.He heard all sort of bad words about himself and his father,including comparisons to pigs which should be slautered at once and he simply vomited down the hotel floor.He was a finished man as his father was,yet he kept his spirits up.
-�No,I won�t get myself down,I�ll get you,Harry!�- He vowed perhaps a ten thousandth time.There were some magazines left in his room by previous occupants in this obscure hotel in which he stayed for a number of days.It was one of the cheapest hotels,in the Soho area,one no one really would be interested to put his or her feet in,except of people who were on the way down to homelesness.He reached for one of the magazines and realised he kept a porngraphic magazine in his hands,entitled:�Emmanuelle�.There were sex offers from a number of Emmanuelles in the magazine.He thought instantly about his sister,Emmanuelle Burrows.He felt he got an idea somehow on how to find her.Harry Gullivers used his sister as a prostitute so why not to begin searching her in the red lights district? Especially all these places in which ladies who figured themselves as Emmanuelles were employed.He began his search yet the same evening.In Soho,of course.He had a very bad impression on the first Emmanuelles he encountered.They were rude,manierless and hardly human in their behaviours,with few exceptions.After several hours of searching he realised he will not find his sister in this area.It was already midnight.City lights still painted the world of New York in a very romantic way,what was a far cry to the reality in the red lights district were sex and crime went in pairs.He bought yet another magazine in which were published sex offers and this time,while sitting in obscure bar and sipping beer,he concentrated himself on looking after those sex offers which could be no less than luxuary ones.If his sister was really a prostitute she would deal only with rich clients,simply because Harry Gullivers would orchestrate it this way.One sex offer in the magazine seemed to look original.This Emmanuelle was located away from red lights district,in the so called Sheepshead Bay,south of Brooklyn.He went there without much thinking.When he arrived there he was astonished by the purity of life of the rich inhabitants in this part of New York.There were splendid villas here with outlooks to fabulous beaches and the Atlantic Ocean,there were restaurants also of highest imaginable standard and still opened,perhaps till the late night hours.Nearby the so called �Brighton Beach� there was a restaurant named originally as: �Little Odessa by the Sea�,what suggested also some rich Russians lived around here.He was delighted with the splendidness of the villas which were named often originally,from �Chantoria� to �Diamond Spirale�.At some point he stopped his rented car and looked intensively at one of the villas like if he were spell-bound.The villa was situated on a hill a bit more than the other ones and therefore seemed to be the highest of them all.The roof was steep,the windows on the ground floor small and grated while the ones on the two other floors disproportionally large.He had impression he knew this house.He saw it before.When? How was it possible? Was he already here before? And then a brilliant thought spread inside his mind like a star supernova in the far away universe.A blow of thousands upon thousands stars in his own mind! This was one of the properties of Harry Gullivers or at least someone of his family! He remembered now the moment when Harry Gullivers showed them a photo and said he lived in the house which was pictured on the photo.It was at the time Frank Burrows and Harry Gullivers just began to know each other and were at a stadium of discussing possibilities of their joint business cooperation and possibly a partnership what they did later.Steven Mac Dantosch was astonished at the sharpness of his mind.He remembered now the photo so much as if he saw it just yesterday.Suddenly he felt his sister might have been in this villa and he felt his heart was pounding with a tripled speed and really very hard.Perhaps there was a chance for a breakthrough! He needed it badly.Besides,he believed neither his father was a killer nor his sister a prostitute really.It was all orchestrated by Harry Gullivers,the cruel mafia guy and certainly a Satanist.In one of the windows,on the first floor,there was light in.Perhaps his sister was there.It was not easy to get to the walls of the villa.The fence alone must have been electrified.Besides,there must have been guards,the mafia ones.He had to exercise his mind for a moment in order to push it to a state of coldness,natural to fighters who stayed in a situation where there were only two choices:life or death.There could be no room for emotions.They would defy him and eventually harm him.He had to turn himself into a supreme fighter because he knew if it really was one of the properties of Harry Gullivers he will have to deal with a number of mafia guys.He saw two limousines approaching the villa.Luckilly,he stayed with his car out of the vision of those who drove the expensive cars.Luckilly to him,too,was that the drivers stopped the cars before a monumental gate to the mysterious property and waited patiently for it to open.Steven Mac Dantosch used this moment to get to the limousines,absolutely not noticed,and hided himself under the chassis of one of the limousines.He needed a supreme strength to stay close enough to the chassis and not touching the ground when the limousines moved and went into the courtyard before the house.Then the cars stopped and he saw pairs of legs belonging to ten guys.He prayed to God they did not notice him but at the same time was thrilled there might be dogs around and if this were a case he would be spotted instantly.He had once again a luck.There was no a dog around.The guys went inside the villa and he was free to realise his intention of checking who was there in the appartament on the first floor,still lighted up.The grand floor was lighted entirely.There might have been many people there.The sheer size of the villa enabled space for as many as half a hundred of inhabitants.Harry Gullivers would not leave one space unoccupied.Steven Mac Dantosch climbed to the first floor,slowly and with an uppermost carefulness.He managed finally to get to the window and was free to look inside.He nearly lost his balance and would fall down if he did not manage to catch the parapet with one of his hands and on time.He was hanging now and shocked beyond whatever he felt for days.Yes,it was his sister! She was there! It was enough for him to look at her face,full of defenceless despair and tears to know she was treated definitely unfairly and against her wishes.God,she was raped! She lied on a wide bed and her hands were tied to the bed�s frames.The guy in the meantime had an all blown mistreatment of her body.He tried to enter her but she kicked him with one of her legs,also tied to the bed.He gave a blow at her face with his hand in answer and continued trying to enter her.He succeded.Horror reflected on the face of Emmanuelle Burrows as well as on the face of Steven Mac Dantosch.God,what an agony he felt! As big as she certainly felt! Yet he could do nothing as yet! She,however,managed to kick the guy away from herself and he fell onto the floor.At that moment the door to the bedroom was opened and three men entered it.Steven Mac Dantosch instantly recognised one of them.It was David Gullivers,one of two sons of Harry Gullivers,the one who,at least officially,was married to Emmanuelle Burrows.David Gullivers rushed to the bed,caught Emmanuelle Burrows ruthlessly by the hair on her head and then kicked her in her face with the other hand.She lost her contiousness.This guy,David Gullivers,was nothing else but a beast! Steven Mac Dantosch had no doubt about it.Then yet another horror began.David Gullivers untied his still unconscious wife,brought her to another bed,even wider and then�invited the ugly guy to enter her.Steven Mac Dantosch,hidden outside behind the closed window simply cried.He knew now what was the full scale of life of his sister.A nightmare followed by a nightmare!A sickenning nighmare!
-�God,why this fate,this terrible 'fatum' on us? Why????- He cried out.But then he realised he cannot let his despair to take over him because if it happened his sister would be lost and perhaps he himself too.He forced himself to near surrealistic coldness.There could be no mistake.No sorrow.Absolutely nothing but the pure spirit of an ultimate fighter.He heard the guy to shout words of pleasure which suggested he got an orgasm while David Gullivers simply disseappeared with his bodyguards in the neighbouring apartament.It was sure he videoed his wife with �her clients�,rich and influencial guys who were later forced to become members of the mafia.Sex intimidation was the best means.When the guy was finished he went to the window and opened it to let some fresh air to get inside.Instead he flew over the parapet of the window,due to the force applied by Steven Mac Dantosch,and went down to the ground.Steven Mac Dantosch has not even looked whether the guy was still alive.The guy's problem.He jumped over the parapet and stormed to the neighbouring appartament.The bodyguards were no match to him and he beat them within a split of seconds,using the mix of his martial arts.Then he approached David Gullivers and simply cut off his genitals and then threw them to him.
-�Maybe you can still use them if you�re lucky but next time I�ll simply kill you!�- Steven Mac Dantosch said to the guy who trembled and shivered while more and more blood went away from him.Steven Mac Dantosch ran back to the first appartament,caught his sister who was still unconscious and began to run down the stairs,counting on a luck that perhaps no one noticed anything.Unfortunately,this was not a case.A number of bodyguards appeared before him and he had no a choice as to fight with them.He left unconscious sister on the stairs and jumped into the circle of the mafia guys.He became tremendously fast,a sort of rays' man,shooting here and there,kicking unexpectedly from behind the backs of one or the other disoriented mafioso.Sometimes also shooting with this or that gun he managed to get from one or the other mafia fighter who however good they were trained in martial arts were absolutely no match to him.But more guys were on the way.Steven Mac Dantosch knew one thing for sure:he had to disseappear together with his sister.Was there a way to do it? When he was finished off with the last attacker among the present number of attackers he ran up to still unconscious sister,placed her on his arms and rushed towards something,nearly invisible,what seemed to be a lift.When it opened he realised it was a secret exit from the house,just in case if there was some sort of trouble for the mafia network of Harry Gullivers,the ones housed in this villa.There was a red Lamborghini in the garage.Steven Mac Dantosch was satisfied he had at least this luck which could enable him to get out of the ambush he would certainly find himself in within seconds.He had even more luck this time than he thought.There was a key in the car.He placed his sister carefully on the back seat and then just jumped into the driver�s seat,pressed a remote control and,to his bewilderment,saw yet another door opening to something what looked a long underground tunnel.There had to be a way out! He hesitated not at all,put engine on and went with the speed of perhaps ten seconds a kilometre at once.As he thought he got off the tunnel nearly instantly onto one of the New York speedways.At some point he went off the motorway and directed the car into some sort of wilderness,just outside of New York.There were woods around,tremendously dark and certainly no human being at this time of the night.He checked in what state was his sister,realised she breathed normal and there was a chance her unconciousness changed into a deep sleep.He decided to have some sleep which he needed much.In the morning he heard some helicopters in the sky.It was doubtless there was a search effort by Harry Gullivers and the federal police.There was no way they would find him.At least not at this time.Suddenly he heard a soft voice of his sister.
-Where am I? God,where am I?�
He felt a confusion filled him and all blood rushed into his head out of emotion.
-�Emmanuelle,Emmanuelle��- He managed to whisper.
She looked at him like yet at another rapist,with a tremendous expression of fear.
-�Who are you? Don�t kill me,please�Don�t kill me�.I promise I�ll obey David��
Steven Mac Dantosch felt shocked.His own sister has not recognised him.
-�Emmanuelle,I am your�brother! Mathew!�Mathew Burrows!�
But she looked at him even with a bigger fear.
-�This is no true! You�re not my brother! You lie to me for whatever reasons! Don�t kill me,please.I�ll always listen to David.I�ll always obey him! I promise!�
-�Emmanuelle�I�m your brother!�-He reapeated once again.-�Don�t you recognise me?�
-�No,you are not my brother! He died!�He is no longer alive!�He looked different!- She said histerically.It was then when Steven Mac Dantosch realised she might indeed not recognise him.Firstly,he once had a plastic operation which changed his looks a bit.Secondly,they haven�t seen each other for long years and thirdly,she was said lies and especially that he was no longer alive.He began to narrate their childhood,their common plays when they were children,their hobbies and then their lives when they were growing up.He saw in her eyes she slowly began to recognise him.When he finished his narration she just asked him to show her his right ear and looked behind it,explaining to him in the meantime,her brother had a small scar there from his childhood.The scar was indeed there.Full recognition appeared in her eyes but also,to the shock of Steven Mac Dantosch,a �hatred.
-�I hate you! You killed my boyfriend! I�ll never forbid you!�
He caught both her hands.
-�Emmanuelle,listen to me! I haven�t killed your boyfriend! It is Harry Gullivers who did it!�
-�But I saw it with my eyes!�
-"God,Harry Gullivers got his ways! Can you believe it he turned me now into a serial killer and a gay!You know I am not a gay! I accept their rights but I�m not a gay! You know it!�
-�But I saw you killed my boyfriend!�-Emmanuelle Burrows reapeated.
-�This is only illusion! The gun I kept in my hand was empty! The shot was from another gun! And when I ran after the killer someone changed the guns,somehow with my fingertips on the other gun��
-�So why have you pointed the gun at him?�
-�I wanted you to see what a coward he was! He was not the man for you! You deserved someone better!�
-�This was not your choice!�
-�Yes,you�re right�I should have left it the way it was,because you had right to stay with your choice�This was the only mistake I did.�
-�I still can�t believe what you say.�
-�Well,can you believe our father is a killer?�
-�No,absolutely not! Has something bad happened to him?�
A surprise covered the face of Steven Mac Dantosch.
-�God,you don�t even know it��- He whispered.
-�What?�Say it��- A worry appeared on the face of his sister.She was as beautiful as ever before.An absolute beauty.Tall,long legged,lean,young and fresh,a blondie with sharp features of her long face,almond eyes,sweet and full lips.Her natural world was the one the supermodels had reserved for themselves.One day she would return there to that world.She was trained as a designer and had money.At least her father had the money.Steven Mac Dantosch worried only about the next few days for her.The blows she got both from her rapist and David Gullivers will certainly cause appearance of purple marks around her eyes.In fact she has already had them.
-�Our father was arrested yesterday.He is said he murdered Carl Lewis,the chief of CIA in Washington��
-�This is nonsence!�I can�t believe it�.Papa would never kill anyone!�
-�Yet he stays now in the federal jail.You can get it easily confirmed�Or better,you can see it in any newspaper�.�
-�God,it must be Harry Gullivers behind it!�Papa would absolutely never kill anyone!�
-�The same case,a treason by large �T� is with me,Emmanuelle��
-�But I saw it happen��
-"Well,you don�t believe me�Give me at least a chance�Don�t judge me now and give me a comfort to prove it later.I promise once I catch Harry Gullivers into my hands I�ll prove it to you��
-�It is he who actually organises a manhunt after you��
-�The more reason that you leave me with peace and postpone your judgement for later.OK?�
-�OK,but don�t expect me to play a sisterly act to yourself for the time being.I am still convinced you killed my boyfriend�I saw it��- She began to cry.
-�They also turned me into a�prostitute! They forced me to do it!�- Her cries became loud and spasmatic.Her beautiful face was now pained.
Steven Mac Dantosch did not know how to react.
-�I know,Emmanuelle,you are not a prostitute! I believe in you.�-He simply said.
-�Really?�- She asked while crying.
-�Really,Emmanuelle.�- He simply answered�.

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