Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra


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Harry Gullivers had all reasons to be satisfied.His plan was realised exactly as he wished it.Steven Mac Dantosch became a serial killer in the minds of all Americans and was practically finished.It was a matter of time,sooner rather than later,that he will be caught,judged and put on the death raw for the crimes he did not commit.Was it not brilliant?! It was time now to do something with the rest of the Burrows family so the majestic empire of Frank Burrows,the father of Steven Mac Dantosch,could be transferred to his sole ownership as the most important business partner he was.There had to be masterminded a new plan,concerning this time Frank Burrows.In fact,he,Harry Gullivers,had already such plan.He was satisfied with himself the more that the labirynth of the influencial people who had no other choice as to cooperate with him grew all the time and it would not be far from truth if he said he was close to controlling the House of Representatives and Senate,through his people,by now.And even more,he was able to spy on the president of the United States himself and observe his private life.He had resources to do it.He discovered how double standard morally the man was.He knew what no American knew.About the president�s love affair with his secretary and many weaknesses which would cause every decent American to shiver.He had already enough evidence to blakmail the president.Toni Barrington,the one whom he designated for running as a candidate for the president of the United States in the next elections followed all his instructions scrupulously and this was also a cause for him to feel happy and relaxed.The number of Congressmen who found themselves in the so called �decentralisation group� was close to the staggering 100 number.Other Congressmen were still undecided.It was a matter of time they would join the club in order not to be exposed to the public by revelations on their private lives he,Harry Gullivers,gathered on them.No man wanted to be seen by the public the way he or she was,far from a projected image.They would cooperate.Sure.
-�We no longer need the United States as we know it.Far better is to decentralise it to such extent every single state of the United States will be de facto independent within a very loose string of federalism.�- Such voices were heard more and more often on the Capital Hill.This was certainly a big success of Harry Gullivers,the invisible man behind all of these and his mafia network which was well and good within the official structures of the most powerful government on the Earth! There was only one Congressman,senator John Hall,a republican from the Oklahoma state who called such talk a sheer nonsence.He appealed nationwide to take away the mandates from those Congressmen who joined the decentralisation group,saying they wanted to destroy the most enlightened country there ever existed in the history and,paradoxically,from within.This was definitely too much for Harry Gullivers.He reached for his pencil,while sitting comfortably in his secret estate compound,and noted two words:�John Hall�.It was nothing else as just death sentence which was due to be performed by his mafia network as soon as his orders were passed to his men.He has been thinking for a moment and then reached for his pencil once again and scribbled down two more words:�Carl Lewis�.
-"Carl,I will realise your dream.You will really be an eagle�Yet tomorrow!�- He whispered and a sadistic grin appeared at the corners of his Anglo-Saxon mouth.Once again he wondered for a moment why he hated so much his own sort of people and he realised it was not a hate but his thrust for power,fame,money,influence and God or satan knew what else.But certainly it was about his beloved �Pax Gullivers�.He met once Saudi born billionaire,Osama bin Laden,who told him his dream,the spread of the Moslem world into every corner of the globe,including the United States and he remembered he laughed then and said:�This is impossible.The future world will be known as...Pax Gullivers!� It was then,in fact,when he said this two words:�Pax Gullivers� for the first time.He was astonished then when Osama bin Laden contradicted him with his vision:�No Harry,the future world will be rather constructed differently,as Pax Osama bin Laden! I will be remembered in the history as someone as great as was Mohammed,our great prophet.I will be the next prophet! The one who,as Nostradamus has foreseen,will bring the Western World to its knee and destroy it eventually.�
He,Harry Gullivers,thought then the guy must have been crazy and disregarded him.By now,however,he has already heard this and that about Osama bin Laden and especially about the formation by him a terrorist network called Al Qaida,and even about his ability to run Afghanistan,a country in Central Asia,using for this fanatics from the Taliban regime and terrorists from his own worldwide network.His threat was more and more visible and he,Harry Gullivers was surprised the American presidents did nothing,living in a lullaby and a sort of honeymoon which never ended.The present president was the dumbest,according to him.He,Harry Gullivers,had already two arch important partners,the co-authors of strategy Capital,Carlos and Andreyev Golubin,and thought why not to add also Osama bin Laden? He left the thought for later.In the morning next day Washington and the entire country heard terrible news:�Congressman John Hall does not live.He was found inside his limousine on the Roosvelt bridge,strangled with his own tie.It is doubtless to say it must be a political murder as a result of his outspoken views.It is a big loss for our beloved nation.God bless America.�
Only Harry Gullivers has,naturally,known how did it happen.He put aside his cigar and reached for his portable telephone.He did not have to wait long time before he heard voice of Carl Lewis.
-�CIA director,Carl Lewis.Who is speaking,please?�
-�Hi,Carl! It�s me�Harry��
-�Oh,hello my friend��
-�How are you today?�
-�Terrible�Absolute terrible! I can�t believe someone as enigmatic as John Hall could have been murdered�And we don�t even have idea who killed him�And what were the motives� �
-�Sad,indeed,Carl�This murder must have been politically motivated��
-�But why?�
-�I myself have no idea why.�
-�He was a real patriot�He might have become a new president of the United States.�
-�Carl,I�d like to see you.In your office.Do you have time?�- Harry Gullivers changed the theme.
-�Not much,but�for a real friend there must always be exception.I wait for you,Harry.�
-�Thanks.I�ll be in one hour.Let know the reception you�ll have a guest.Don�t say my name to them.�
-�You sound mysteriously,Harry��
-�I�ll let you know later.See you!�
One hour later Harry Gullivers entered the CIA tower,accompanied by two of his bodyguards, members of his �Hell Angels�mafia.He was already known by many people working in this tower who this time did not recognise him and could not recognise him,because he looked someone else:Frank Burrows.He had a perfect mask on his face,personifying Frank Burrows and clothes on himself his partner used to have on himself.He moved the same way as the Australian used to do.No video camera could lie.An the verdict could be only one:Frank Burrows! Before entering the office of Carl Lewis,he took the mask off his face.
-�Hi,Carl!�-He said while entering the office.
-�Hello Harry.I see you are with two other gentlemen.Who are they?�
-�They�re my friends,Carl.�
-�Oh,yes�You�re welcome,gentlemen,too.I propose we sit down on those splendid armchairs�Anyone wishes to enjoy a cigar?- Carl Lewis enjoyed the visit.They sat down in the armchairs,covered with precious leather and smoked the Cuban cigars for a moment.
-�I have great news for you,Harry.�-Carl Lewis announced unexpectedly.
-�What�s that?�-Harry Gullivers felt himself electrified.
-�KGB is dissolved!�
Harry Gullivers was speechless for a moment.
-�Are you sure?�-He asked after a long pause.
-�Of course! Don�t forget,Harry,I�m the CIA director! Tomorrow all the media will sing about nothing else but that.�
-�And about you!�-Harry Gullivers added in his thoughts.He was indeed stunned and terrified at the same time.What was happening to Andreyev Golubin? It could not be! His friend would not let KGB to get dissolved! There must have been some mistake!
-�Harry,you don�t seem to be happy with my news?! Do you feel bad?- Carl Lewis became concerned the way a real friend is normally.
-�You are right.I indeed feel bad.But don�t bother.It�s nothing too serious.�
-�I have impression,Harry the cold war is finally just now over.Now,when the Russians decided to make this bold move and dissolved KGB.This is a historic day!�
-�Well,Carl,they dissolved KGB but�have they put anything new in its place?�What happened with the KGB chief?��
-�They�ve got a new special agency,a so called FSB,that is Federal Security Beaurau but this is not the same what used to mean when KGB operated.They,the KGB spies,killed many our agents while the new agency has at least a clean account.Andreyev Golubin is still the chief but this time for that new agency,naturally.� Harry Gullivers had a sigh of relief.
-�Carl,I feel strange.Can I open the window for a moment?�
-�Of course.Don�t bother and do it.� Harry Gullivers approached the glassed wall overlooking the White House,Capital Hill and a number of strategic,national places.He opened part of it.When he turned himself again to Carl Lewis his face was definitely different,sharp edged around his mouth and with eyes which no longer looked friendly.He gave a sign to his bodyguards who came up to Carl Lewis and caught him brutally on both his sides.Incredible surprise,shock and disbelieve appeared on the face of Carl Lewis.
-�Harry,what a joke is it?!�- He expected explanation and believed it must have really been some joke.Harry Gullivers bursted with laugh.
-�No,Carl,this is not a joke! Thanks to you I know many things which it would be more difficult to obtain for me in other circumstances.I could inform Carlos and Andreyev Golubin where Tadek Vangard lives actually,I could plan strategies against some political figures and yes,I killed John Hall��
-"God Allmighty,I thought you were my friend��- Disbelieve and absolute shock did not want to leave the face of Carl Lewis.-�So it�s true what I heard you are a mafia guy?!�
-�Yes,I�m a mafia guy and before too long the United States will cease to exist as one solitary state but will spread into a federated organism run by me.Pax Gullivers will be a new reality in this country and elsewhere worldwide.�
-�God,you�re mad! You�re really mad!�
-�No Carl,I�m not mad.Unfortunately,you�ll be unable to see what�s going to happen in the future because just in a moment your dream will be fulfilled,my people will throw you out the window and you will fly down there like eagle you've dreamt about.�
-�You can�t do it because if you do it everybody will know you murdered me.There are hundreds of video camers,some hidden,which you passed when coming to me.�- Carl Lewis believed he still had his chance. Harry Gullivers reached to the pocket of his coat,took a mask out of it and put it on his face.
-�I looked as this,Carl,when I came all the way to you.�-He said.Even a bigger shock sculptured the face of Carl Lewis who began to shiver uncontrollably.He realised he faced a cruel death by being thrown off the window.
-�You looked as�your business partner�Frank Burrows��- He whispered and knew now what a plot was it.Harry Gullivers wanted Frank Burrows to become jailed and face a death penalty for the crime inflicted on director of Central Intelligence Agency,which he has not commited.Carl Lewis realised many other people might have ended exactly as this.
-�Yes,Carl,everybody thinks the man who came to you is no one else but Frank Burrows.�- Harry Gullivers seemed to confirm thoughts of the CIA chief. Sadistic grin on the Harry Gullivers� face terrified Carl Lewis in the meantime.Despair filled every part of his being because he knew now he faced absolutely a cruel death.No one and nothing could save him anymore.
-�I thought you were my friend,Harry.You made me a fool but there is yet the Allmighty who will make a fool of you.�- He said.
Harry Gullivers did not answer him,just gave a sign to his bodyguards who brought their victim to the open window and threw him out to his death.At that moment a helicopter with unandentified numbers appeared on the roof of the tower,Harry Gullivers and his two guys went fast up the secret stairs and it did not take more than two minutes for them to get sitted inside the helicopter and fly away from the scene of murder.Carl Lewis must have already been dead,stunning the employees of the CIA tower and soon afterwards the entire nation.That was the case,indeed.Harry Gullivers bursted with laugh when he heard the revelations on the news and the images of Carl Lewis as well as Frank Burrows,the killer,being handcuffed and brought to the federal jail of Washington.The nation must have been stunned totally.In the meantime for him,Harry Gullivers,new perspectives were wide open.Firstly,he could run the enterprises of his partner freely and without asking anyone for permission.As a partner he was a natural successor to Frank Burrows.Thanks to removing John Hall,the Congressman,no one and nothing stood in the way to go ahead with more aggressive steps in realising his vision.He was convinced his Pax Gullivers was much nearer realisation than ever before.It was a perspective of a decade.There was portrayed also the son of Frank Burrows,Steven Mac Dantosch,on TV news and journalists compared both killers,the son and the father.Harry Gullivers� attention moved to the images of Steven Mac Dantosch.He got curious about actual herebouts of the guy and therefore reached for his phone and telephoned to one of his agents,Adolf Robinson.
-�What�s new with Steven Mac Dantosch?�- He demanded to know.
-�Bad news,godfather!�
-�What�s that!�
-�He disseappeared from our survillance...Nobody knows where he is...We can�t find him!�
-�Shit! That means the guy knows we followed and watched him and this time he outmanoeuvred all of us! Seek him!�You must find him!�- Harry Gullivers did not like the idea of the guy on the loose.This way he might become dangerous.He felt irritated and concerned now�

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