Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra


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Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself frustrated as never before.Since the time he arrived in the United States,in 1990,he has not managed to make one step forward in his quest of finding Harry Gullivers,the man he hated inmuserably.1991 was already coming to end and he still was as far from any chance of proving his innocence as ever before.How many times he wept,when locked in a dark room of this of that obscure hotel or hidden in some street barracks,alongside homeless men and women,he would be unable to say.Reuniting with Melissa Charleroi,the woman he loved so much,was a distant dream.Meeting his family,too.There was no return to the normal life as long as he was unable to prove his innocence.He travelled a number of times across all of America,spoke to all sorts of people,joined some mafia circles and,yes,heard about �Hell Angels�,the mafia network of Harry Gullivers,but to get somehow to them,to infiltrate them in other words,was a matter of unbelievable sweat.All candidates were screened and it was doubtless to say,Harry Gullivers was always personally involved in choosing new pals for his mafia.It was unthinkable for Steven Mac Dantosch to try something as this.He did not even dare to try to contact his father who had some offices in New York because he knew Harry Gullivers' people watched his father�s office towers day and night.In which town Harry Gullivers was domiciled?...Where was his main residence?...Was it New York?...Washington?...Chicago?�He had still no slightest an idea.He lived,already for some time,once again in New York.Often stayed overnight in the Central Park.
This morning,cold rather,he had a breakfast in a caf� called �Charlie�s Harbour� which was placed in Broadway,just opposite the Wall Street.There was a newsstands�shop next to the caf�,also open despite that there was just seven a�clock in the morning.Steven Mac Dantosch ordered a toasted sandwich with bacon,cheese,egg and tomatoes which felt good in his mouth.He needed something warm after a very cold night.One cup of coffee was empty nearly instantly and he ordered another one.He looked with astonishment at the tremendously picturesque and majestic World Trade Center complex in which there also were some of the offices of his father placed in.If not Harry Gullivers he would have a happy life and many friends out there in the Trade Center.He was worried terribly about his sister,Emmanuelle.What was happening with her?...How she was treated?...Was she safe at all?...No question concerning her could he answer.She was a vulnerable,innocent woman staying,unfortunately,in the "cage" of the beasts as Harry Gullivers,his sons and his mafia were.One of Harry Gullivers' sons actually was married to Emmanuelle.Sure,it was a forced marriage.He knew her good enough to be sure she would never agree to get married to any of them.She had a very high standard applied to whatever candidate for marriage.She hated men who thought only about sex,talked sex and practised sex like something what was a sort of one of the daily meals.The men of the twentieth century,according to her,were sex barbarians,primitive and deviant,compared to dogs who lompered the streets whenever they managed somehow to free themselves away from their owners.Moral ethics and high standards of behaviour were thrown to rubbish bins too easily.She professed ordered world,beautiful and full of maniers.Yet,Steven Mac Dantosch heard already some stories about her which totally contradicted the picture of her as he knew her.They were very disturbing stories.According to them,Emmanuelle Burrows was a�prostitute.Steven Mac Dantosch would never believe it,but�,knowing Harry Gullivers,he knew his archenemy would be able to do whatever he pleased himself to do.He wanted to destroy and humiliate everyone in this family.He had any sort of narcotics to reach for and his bodybuilders who were too strong for any angel to resist.He was satanic in his deeds.One could expect only the worst from someone as Harry Gullivers.Therefore,Steven Mac Dantosch was so much worried about his sister.His quest in fact was not only to prove his innocence but as much to get his sister away from Harry Gullivers and his son.The best,naturally,was to make a revenge on Harry Gullivers,to find incriminating evidence on him,which would send him to jail for the rest of his life.Morning newspapers were brought by a delivery van to the newsstand nearby and he saw the owner of the caf� going out and buying one of the newspapers.When the guy was going back to his caf� he looked onto the first page of the paper he kept in his hands and�his behaviour changed abruptly.As so far he did not bother with his client at all and treated him nealy as air so this time he gave a long look at him,then second one and a third one.Then he hurried in the direction he had a telephone and reached for the handle.He dialled some numbers and spoke something fast.Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself alarmed.Something there was definitely strange.Why the man looked at him so many times and so rapidly,so strangely?...This must have been the paper!...He got up his chair,put money for breakfast on the table and went out straight to the newsstand.He looked at the papers and felt himself suddenly such a way as if he were shot dead at that moment.On all the papers,�The Morning Telegraph� and other ones,there was a picture of him subtitled: �Murderer!�.
-�God,unbelievable�Unbelivable!�-He whispered.He felt terrified beyond whatever to say.Not caring for anything,he took one of the papers into his hands and,knowing there was no time to read it because the owner of the caf� surely called to the police,he began to run down the street.There was a yellow taxi cab.He ordered it to stop and got inside.He heard already the sirens of the approaching police squads.
-�Go to Chinatown and then bring me to the Central Park�- He ordered to the taxi driver,a bearded young man who seemed to have been the least interested in anything what happened around him.He listened to some rap songs on his cab radio and made only sure to drive enough carefully so not to cause an accident.
-�Keep far from Broadway.�- Steven Mac Dantosch instructed him.This was the shortest way to get to the Central Park but also the most dangerous.He got off the cab once they arrived in the vicinity of the park and began to run in the direction of trees.He found a bench there,sat down and began to read the article which most presumably was about him,the �murderer�.It became a bit warmer because the Sun just appeared on the horizon.Steven Mac Dantosch did not care less.While reading he thought his nightmare was never bigger.Each single word in the article had a strength of a knockout.Yet he consumed every word:�Mathew Burrows alias Steven Mac Dantosch is a serial murderer.He shot dead a boyfriend of his sister in 1985.Since 1990 he is in the States.Just last month he has made a number of new murders,this time on some homosexuals he most probably was a friend with.Everything shows he is a gay.All murders were executed cruelly in the state California.He was seen many times in and around the so called gay clubs,such as �Boys,Boys�,Man�s Paradise� or �Gay�s Gateway�.He was seen also in some other gay clubs,outside of California.Finger-marks,footprints,sharp objects he left behind in the scenes of his crimes prove without any doubt the murderer is no one else as Mathew Burrows,the son of an Australian businessman,Joseph Burrows.Just yesterday,in the full blown sunny day,he committed one more crime,this time on a worldwide famous fashion designer,Bart Vandrosetti,whom he killed with a shot in the back of his head,just outside of his estate in Miami.The gun was found with the finger-marks on it left on,without any doubt,by Steven Mac Dantosch.Whoever saw the man is asked to inform FBI immediately.Everybody is asked to be careful because the man is incredibly dangerous,a psychopat and a serial killer as the evidence shows.� Steven Mac Dantosch thought he was shot and shot by deadly bullets over and over.He fell to the grass and tried to bury himself alive in it.He cried spasmatically and had impression he was loosing his senses.
-�God Allmighty,they turned me into...a serial killer�They made me a serial murderer�They made me a gay�God,God,God��-He wept and cried,and at the same time thought about finishing with his own life.There was no life out there for him anymore.He was a living dead man.Pursued by anyone,hated by anyone,dispised by everyone�
-�God Allmighty,why am I damned,why am I cursed?��- He cried for all these years he had to run and run,and hide while,in fact,he was innocent.Slowly he was becoming quieter and felt even calmer.His mind began processing all what he knew now.It was sure as hell the revelations were masterminded by Harry Gullivers.He must have watched him constantly.The way as if he were a mouse in a laboratory�s cage.While he could not make one step forward in his search Hary Gullivers outmanoeuvred him brilliantly,got his fingers-marks,some things he used so far and planted in the places the murders were committed with utmost cruelty.The Harry Gullivers' mafia executed the killings,sure.He felt himself guilty,somehow.He must have acted like a real amateur this far.How was it possible he never managed to discover he was watched by the people of Harry Gullivers who could have killed him by now a number of times but chose a humiliation of outragouos dimensions,turning him just in one moment into a serial killer and a gay.It was unthinkable but it�happened.Every single policeman looked for him�Every single citizen of America did the same�He was hated in this country! He must have been more hated by Americans than even the past killers of their presidents! And what�s for?�For nothing in fact! Because he has not committed one single a crime!�What an irony! His reality now was his hell.There was no place in America for him anymore and no place at any country in the world.There was no choice for him but to end his own life.How easy it would be! Just a shot at his own head! Goodbye America,goodbye the world! We never understood each other and I happened to become an odd man out�A �serial killer� in the end�And all these because of one man�s evil mastermind.His mind still convulsed and his body,too.He knew it was a matter of minutes the police agents will find themselves also in the Central Park.All these because of Harry Gullivers.Yet,when he whispered the name of his archenemy and felt it got through to his mind he felt revulsed and blasted,a dynamite and an explosive.No,he would not let the evil guy Harry Gullivers was,to win over him.He felt a determination grew inside him like a coctajl of a deadly bacteria.He looked up into the sky and at the towering skydrapers of the World Trade Center.The towers looked like God's angels!
-�No,I'll never give up my fight! I'll get Harry Gullivers into my hands!�- He swore.He felt himself now a bit better.There still was a chance.He had to turn himself into a perfect cameleon,perhaps make a plastic operation of his face once again.He had to disseapear from the face of the Earth at least "he" as the one he was so far.He was not afraid for the ones he loved.They knew he was not a gay.He had nothing against gays and accepted their rights,naturally,but he was not a gay! He loved Melissa and he knew she would never believe any story he was a gay.As much that he was a serial killer.Absolute nonsence! Tadek Vangard,too.His friend knew who he really was.Also his family.And one day the world will know the truth.Sure.He got up from the grass and again felt himself a strong,young man with all his real energy plus the energy he got out of his absolute desire to find Harry Gullivers and make him pay for all the evils he did so far.He felt he transformed himself into a new identity.There was no place for whatever emotions in his new identity.He became a sort of a soldier and a weapon as well.His mind vibrated in some new dimension of its virtuality mixed with the reality of the outside world.He could see now quite clearly what the methods of his archenemy were,what a labyrinth was it he planted on him.He could see much further than ever till now.
-�I�ll get you,Harry.�- He whispered.And then he simply walked away�

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