Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 45 - COUP DETAT  || All Chapters

In one cold evening of August 1991,when streets of Wellington were covered surprisingly by snow,a rare event in New Zealand accustomed to such a climate as the one in the European Meditterrenian countries,they have just returned from a cinema downtown Wellington and were happy to find themselves in the living quarters of Raquel�s house.Tadek Vangard rushed to the living room and put fire in the fireplace on while Raquel went to the kitchen and prepared a light evening meal plus strawberries in cream for desert and a bottle of French wine.Half an hour later they could stretch their legs and half lie half sit on their delicious armchairs.Raquel put the tv on.Normally,she hated news but this time something irked in her and she has chosen CNN on her remote control.They nearly jumped off their armchairs on their legs when they heard the news.There,in the Soviet Union was coup d�etat,fortunately unsuccessful.Mikhail Gorbatchov and his family were in a house arrest in their Crimean resort on the Black Sea for a couple of hours or even longer while Boris Jeltsin,the president of the Russian Federation,by far the biggest among the republics of the Soviet Union,went to the barricades and gained overwhelming support of the Russian and Soviet populations what stamped de facto the failure of the coup d�etat.Those who organised the coup were arrested.Mikhail Gorbatchov could return to his office in the Kremlin but was no longer a number one political ruler of the country.His holding on power shattered to pieces by the hours. -�What a sensation!�- Tadek Vangard felt himself in the seventh paradise.The Soviet Union was one step closer to final dissolution,a solution he dreamed about because thanks to such a development the countries of Central and Eastern Europe would get more of a breathing space and could finally react without a panic to whatever concerned the Soviet Union.They had already a political freedom,some since 1989,but preferred to become members of the European Community and the NATO alliance just in order to be done definitely with their sorrow past.Raquel also felt herself thrilled.This sort of news were not just every day news.
-�This is a turning point in the history of Russia and other republics of the Soviet Union.�-Tadek Vangard expressed what was going on in his mind.-�The Russians turned against those who organised the coup and I�m sure they�ll soon turn themselves also against the communist system and call for the dissolution of the system.The result will be the end of the Soviet Union.�
-�Tadek,that de facto new leader of the Soviet Union,what is his name...Boris Jeltsin,is a courageous man.Not many politicians would risk what he did in some highly uncertain circumstances as there was the case when the coup d�etat was announced to the nation.He went straight to the barricades,to the people�That�s great!! I think I like him.�- Raquel expressed her feelings.Tadek Vangard looked at her with adoration.Sometimes she was simply incredible when she said this or that.She did it with the motion of her entire being and impulsively,as if she also took to the barricades as the men she talked about.
-�I think rather,Raquel,what he did was a very calculated effort.He simply knew what the public wants,what the nation supports and what not.When he went to the barricades,he knew Russians will stand by him because this was the actual mood of the nation.Besides,several republics have nuclear arsenals on their territories and,therefore,no citizen of the empire,still empire whatever to say,would tolerate a situation in their country which holds a status of a superpower,could be ruled by some junta.No,this was unthinkable.� Raquel came up to him and kissed him.
-�We�ll see,Tadek.I propose we better leave politics to the politicians.Whatever we think and might desire in the matters concerning politics we�re unable to have whatsoever influence.I hate it,naturally,and prefer to have nothing to do with politics.� Tadek Vangard said nothing,just pulled her to himself and has fallen to his armchair while she went down with him and on him.Moment later she sat firmly on his knees and took his face into her gentle hands.A rain of kisses followed,a stormy one and he was getting more and more hot.He was on fire,as she was.They both were on fire definitely more than the fire in the fireplace,whose orange-red toungues swallowed easily hardest even wood.She kissed him rapidly and he felt her hands getting onto his shirt and,at the same time,heard the buttons flying away and hitting noisily the floor.He probably no longer had any shirt which would have all the buttons.He wouldn�t care less.He was already lost inside a firestorm and saw nothing but monumental tounges of fire engulfing him and consuming him.The fires of ultimate pleasure! He could no longer stand it and just with one movement of his hand teared off perhaps her best dress she had.They found themselves on the light orange floor carpet and turned themselves over and over in all directions,kissing themselves with a bursting passion in which no piece of their bodies could be left untreated.They were still engulfed by the fires of love.They were already naked and on some island of Eros who,as always,loved to play dirty tricks and must have filmed them in their acts of love.Their love was like never ending stream of most delicious liquer one could ever manage to make.It was the liquer of love,whose recepture was wrapped in a shroud of mystery and certainly was nature�s secret.They were drunkards of that liquer of love so much they would not let themselves to get split in such moments for all the treasures of the world.Their bodies and their minds,their feelings and their souls were united in a roundebout of maddening love.They felt and tasted in their bodies something strange,something what gave a metallic taste.It must have been iron,the mineral,which like if sorts of rocks was transported through the world of their bodies by rivers of blood getting off their river-beds and flooding villages and towns.They had their own civilisations within their bodies.All these was flooded but in an absolutely positive way.They were the floods of love,unthreatening,caring and curing in fact.They were filled with ecstasy while turning over and over on the carpet or exercising their bodies in maddening rhytmics and gymnastics which bordered perfection.They were close to reaching explosions.Multiple ones! They were closing onto the forbidden terrain of God.They have found the elixir they were seeking in their love.
-�Tadek,I love you,I looovee you,oh,I loooooveeee youuuuuuu!!�.�- Raquel began her love singing in Tadek Vangard�s ears and it was a sign to him she was just getting her orgasm. And she got it! She cried out,with a feeling of ultimate pleasure,and again,and again,and again�Tadek Vangard accompanied her and shot into her all the elixirs she needed.He was thrilled,in an absolute positive way,with the discovery,yet once again,how much his body could shoot and shoot,like a shooting star,and shiver endlessly and feverishly,giving him so much ultimate pleasure.Perhaps his orgasm was over but she still cried out and spasmed herself maddeningly,so he got to her harbour of love and licked it and licked it,and once again licked it while holding her tightly to himself,so she could still be spasming herself beyond whatever imagination and still be crying out because of incredible pleasures she toured through.When she finally stopped singing her cries,she breathed deeply and her nipples still moved rapidly up and down,like if she just riched the top of Mount Everest.Tadek Vangard would be proud,naturally,to be compared to the highest mount on the Earth.Yet,you just don't say absolutely everything to your lover.Sometimes it is better to keep him or her in some sort of uncertainty.
-�Oh,I�m so happy!�-She whispered. An hour or so later,while getting up back to their armchairs and watching this and that on tv,they chatted about the next days affairs.
-�Tadek,do you know?�We�ll have a �baby.�- She announced to him at some point.
-�Really?�- He asked and felt something was happening with him.He began to feel like if a wind of happiness turned around him.
-�Really,Tadek.I know it already from my doctor,gynecologist��
-�Then I don�t hesitate to express my happiness.�
-�I�m also happy.I�d like to become a mother.I�d like to know how does it feel like to be a mother.I�m so curious!
-�How many months is still left?�
-�Seven months.�
-�Still a long time off.�- Tadek Vangard got off his armchair and approached her.He kissed her passionately.
-�These kisses are also for our baby,Raquel.�- He whispered gently to her.
-�Thank you,Tadek.I love that feeling which emerges in you��
-�What a feeling?�
-�That of a father.�
-�Oh,Raquel,you�re just great!�-Only then did they feel themselves tired and went to their bedroom.They had delicious night dreams.They followed their baby on a golden sand of Oriental Bay,their baby and their angel at the same time�

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