Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Three muscular men enjoyed themselves.They watched egzotic female dancers which were nearly nude,drank champagne and laughed loudly to the tunes of the last sunshine rays of the sun which slowly disseapeared to the deep waters of the Pacific somewhere there on the horizon.There,underwater,the sun would rest overnight in splendid palaces human eye never witnessed.Next to the terrace where the three men had a good time was positioned a villa of glass and most precious stone,with security cameras in every of its corners.There were many other men around the house and a bit further around the electrified hedges of the estate.There must have been at least forty bodyguards,equipped fully with most sophisticated weaponry.Behind the estate there was a virginious jungle.There were not many inhabitants living on the island.Mostly,they were fishermen living in the close vicinity of the seaside.Only the three men knew the whole story about the place they stayed in.It was a small island lost somewhere in the vastness of the ocean,a property of Harry Gullivers,one of most respected father figures of America according to the most recent polls.One of the men was indeed Harry Gullivers.The other ones were his big friends: the one he knew already for some time - Carlos,and the other one he met in fact for the first time,despite that they already had numerous telephone calls to each other -Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB in the Soviet Union.Primarily they realised one thing: they liked themselves.They were so much alike: hungry of power over other people and even over entire states,with plans and strategies which could terrify even a most coldblooded guy on the planet Earth.They knew why have they met.Together they were even more powerful,to such a degree they could change the face of the planet.The dancers were in their early twenties and their bodies were fresh and juicy,and therefore promising.They,the three men,relaxed.They could afford it,being away from the dirty civilisation,polluting the planet and causing the global warming.They,naturally,cared the least for the health of the global environment.Especially Harry Gullivers and Carlos.They still remembered what Satan said:��this planet will be lost because you,the people,do nothing to stop the degradation of the environment and rapid global warming.� Satan was right: even the presidents of the USA did nothing to stop accelerating fall into a chain reaction towards universal cataclism.They prefered to listen to the oil companies and,perhaps,were even bribed one or the other way,only to say their decisions were dictated by the national security�Well,the talk of the red lights...
-�Harry,I am getting hot from anticipation�They are so juicy��- Andreyev Golubin expressed himself to the man who was the owner of the island while looking at the dancers.
-�They are yours this night,Andreyev.�- Harry Gullivers said and gave a burst of laugh.Both,Andreyev Golubin and Carlos joined in laughing.
-�You should stay here,on this island,much longer,Andreyev.Look,you have here everything what you need.Above all the carefree time unlike there,in Moscow.�-Harry Gullivers added when they got quieter.
-�Why don�t you then stay here longer?! I�m sure you have here a safer life than in the States.�- Andreyev Golubin riposted.He was satisfied,however,completely.No government,no any secret intelligence agency would be able to find them on this island.They simply disseapeared from the face of the Earth for the past several days.Andreyev Golubin knew he needed it.In his country,the Soviet Union,many structures of the system were already falling apart and he was no longer sure it will be possible to save the system.Mikhail Gorbatchov was inefficient.The republics were not listening.The European states just outside of the Soviet Union,continued their transformations.The Empire looked more and more like a cards� house which might collapse at any time.Only iron hand would stop the gradual collapse.He needed to gather strength and succeded in regaining one on this Pacific island.The most important of course was to make friends with Harry Gullivers.Perhaps the strategy Beehive was a disaster but he dreamt of a new strategy in which Harry Gullivers would have equall role as he and Carlos.He knew already by now Carlos was a friend of Harry Gullivers for some time and was surprised why Carlos did not introduce him to the American mafia godfather.It was Jack Foster in fact who did it and he was sorry for him,knowing Jack Foster was actually rotting in a US maximum security jail.He knew Harry Gullivers was a man he could deal with.He had a powerful mafia network not just within one or two towns but in entire United States of America.He had his people within the Congress.Both,Senators and Republicans.He could stay on this island and he would still be able to have influence on the direction of the US government policies,simply by pulling strings in Congress.Yet the American public did not have smallest idea about it.He was known as a great,worldwide businessman,a honourable one which might become the president of the United States one day.Only the people who knew him,the mafia members and the Congressmen who were forced to the membership in his mafia network,compared him to�Al Capone.But he was far beyond that.
-�You did a great thing buying this island for yourself,Harry.I feel I am regenerating here fast and will return home with a feeling of being born again.A certainty is growing within me that we three together will make wonders��- Andreyev Golubin expressed his thoughts.Harry Gullivers looked at him with a serious expression on his face,perhaps the first one so serious in this long day during which they did nothing but enjoying themselves and laughing ten thousand times.
-�First we�ll have to make order in both of our countries respectively.And also in whatever other place around the globe but that is already Carlos� domain.�-He answered and turned his eyes towards another man.-�Carlos,do you agree?�-�Absolutely,so,Harry.You can both concentrate on your countries while I do what must be done elsewhere.�-Both,Harry Gullivers and Andreyev Golubin gave a laugh.
-�You�re right,Carlos,we must concentrate on our countries��- Harry Gullivers answered while laughing.
-�And we�ll make what our politicians are unable to do: we�ll unite both superpowers!��- Andreyev Golubin let his dream to see the last sparks of the fast escaping day.
-�How�s that possible?�-Carlos felt incredulous.
-�Simply.We�ll become the rulers!�
-��And then make friendship pacts!�
-�And the rest of the world?�
-�They�ll play alongside!�
-�You�re a dreamer,Andreyev,but�I think,I can agree with you.For such men as ourselves,nothing is impossible.�- Harry Gullivers looked concerned.-�But,Andreyev,you should do something more within the walls of Kremlin.At least you should stop the spirale of chaos which is unleashing there and in the entire country.I�m afraid Soviet Union might disintegrate.It wouldn�t be good for us and our plans.�
-�You think about coup d�etat?�
-�You�re a madman,Harry! Do you know what it would mean? Nothing less than military dictatorship!�
-�Sometimes what looks as a madness is a best recipe for a successful solution.�
-"The United States and the European countries wouldn�t stomach it��
-�Oh,Andreyev,just a moment ago you said you envision me as the leader of the United States�The president��
-�Ha,ha,ha�That�s another dimension��
-�I think,Andreyev,Harry is right.�- Carlos joined the conversation.-�The present leader of the Soviet Union,Mikhail Gorbatchov,is ineffective,mildly to say.He wants to reform our beloved communist system using only half means to do it.His �perestrojka� is nothing else but a laughing stock.He should have chosen decisive means of rebuilding the country and the empire.�
-�I agree with you,Carlos.�- Harry Gullivers turned to his friend.-�What the Soviet Union needs the most are very stubborn reforms,either arch-conservative,communist ones or �capitalist ones but in real their meanings�No half means.That�s a political suicide for any country,even as large as is the Soviet Union.�- Andreyev Golubin began to laugh once again.
-�Capitalism in the Soviet Union?�There is no way it might be possible.�
-�You�re a hardline communist,Andreyev?!�
-�Oh,very much!In my opinion,Mikhail Gorbatchov should have stayed on the course his predecessors threaded.Especially Josef Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev.There is nothing to reform in the communist system.�
-�So what do you suggest? What should be done?��- All of them looked now concerned and troubled.
-�Well,Harry,I�ll do some evaluation.Perhaps coup d�etat is indeed the only solution.�
-"You�re courageous,Andreyev.I appreciate it the most.� Andreyev Golubin looked into the eyes of Harry Gullivers.He pondered whether he should propose a new strategy to this American,a strategy which he already named in his mind: strategy Capital.He remembered he got the idea of naming the strategy as strategy Capital when he was thinking about Washington,Congress and the Capital there.It was already some time ago.Not yet,he decided.They had more pressing things to do for now.They had to establish themselves as the ones who will become the leaders of their countries sooner of later.They had to build as many strings as possible in order to manipulate the present men of power.
-�My friends.�- He heard Harry Gullivers to say.-�Do you know what I�m intending to do?�- There was silence.
-�I�ll cause dissolution of the United States!�- The answer was histeric laugh from his listeners.
-�You joke,Harry!�That�s impossible!��
-�Impossible?�Nothing is impossible,my friends!...You know I have the biggest mafia network there ever was in the States.A substantial number of Congressmen,including Senators,are my people! They�re members of my mafia.There is no American who didn�t hear about �Hell Angels�.I�m de facto president of the United States or at least soon to be a de facto one.Already now there are some laws being passed which were orchestrated by me and my people.The oil industry expansion in Texas,Alaska and elsewhere is our work.Taking away benefits for homeless,single parents and poor in general is also our work.No more money was allocated for AIDS research and some other medical research.This is all our work.We�re able to pass new laws accordingly to our desires and plans.No president can object and is effectively shut up.We�re working now on a new vision of America.� Both listeners felt absolutely incredulous.
-�What a vision is it?�- Andreyev Golubin asked and began to think realistically on proposing his strategy Capital to Harry Gullivers.Actually,Harry Gullivers himself might be just unleashing such a strategy before them.
-�A good question. America which I envision won�t be the one as we know it now,a colossus from the Atlantic to the Pacific,from Mexico to Canada.No! Future America won�t look like this.There will evolve a number of smaller entities,perhaps as many as the present states within the United States.There is a strong decentralising sentiment nowadays.We�ll explore it.One day,quite soon,believe me,both Houses of our Congress will proclame dissolution of the United States and establisment of independent states.Only then,de facto,I�ll be able to run all these �independent� states with an iron hand of a godfather.The arch-godfather!I won�t need to be the president.I�ll be the emperor! Pax Americana will be replaced by Pax Gullivers!��
-�I�m afraid you dream,Harry��- Andreyev Golubin expressed his doubts.-�You see,the Americans won�t let it happen.�
-�Shit and rubbish! They�ll have nothing to say! We�re already working on it! You know there are states within the United States which are no longer solely English spoken.Spanish launguage is fast becoming the most influencial in many states.The same Italian launguage.Men want rights for themselves.We�ll explore this.In the end once we control the House of Representatives and Senate nothing can stop us.Propaganda tools will do the rest for us.My mafia network will ensure no dissent will be too visible.No,my friends,there are really tremendous changes ahead in the United States!��
-�In this new light,I propose we create strategy Capital!�- Andreyev Golubin felt he has got a new determination.-�I will do my part in the Soviet Union.Most probably coup d�etat and then we join together in ruling the world! Of course,we�ll have to have more sessions before our strategy will become complete.�
-�It sounds interesting,Andreyev.�- Harry Gullivers thought about bringing a new string to his game of clowns,this time not just on a scale of the United States only but on a global scale.And he liked the name: strategy Capital.Both Houses of Congress were placed on Capital.-�For the moment we�ll have to concentrate on our countries.In both cases it�s a huge task.You,Carlos,have no less work to do.Your domain is the world.You continue with your terror and the image of you as the legendary Carlos,the assassin.We�ll explore it later on to the full benefits of all of us.Returning to the affairs of my country I�ll do what is already happening in Canada.You know Quebec wants to split from Canada.The same will happen in the States,on a much larger scale.�
-�And I�ll have to do everything possible the Soviet Union won�t disintegrate and someone,totally dependable on me,will become the secretary general.I don�t understand one thing,Harry: you want to disintegrate the United States while you suggest to me I should not allow disintegration in the Soviet Union��
-�That�s right�.�
-�Then I don�t understand you,Harry.Are you a capitalist or a communist in the end?�
-�Leave it in peace,Andreyev.It�s a play for kids! You�re a communist,I�m a capitalist,that�s clear!�One might ask how�s that possible such antagonists as you and me can cooperate with themselves and even think of a common strategy to rule the world�A strategy Capital,as you named it so nice,Andreyev�There is one fundemantal reason which makes us the same: we want to have ultimate power,both of us.And Carlos,too.In order to realise our new strategy,we have to act accordingly to the situations in our countries and worldwide.I can rule only if the United States is disintegrated.And this is the primary reason why I'll press for dissolution of the United States.In your case,Andreyev,situation is exactly opposite.If you want to rule the Soviet Union you must absolutely not let it to disintegrate.The country cannot be split for so many smaller ones as there are republics,fifteen I think,within the Soviet Union.You have to fight for keeping the status quo while I must change the status quo in the States.It�s as simple as that.�
-�Now I understand you,Harry.You�re a genius!�- Andreyev Golubin said simply and then added:�We�ll join the pantheon of most powerful people on this planet one day,Harry,the way Aleksander the Great,Napoleon,Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were.�
-�Much more than that,Andreyev.�- Harry Gullivers concluded.Carlos said nothing.He has already once called Andreyev Golubin a genius and would say the same to Harry Gullivers if Andreyev Golubin would not say it before he managed to do so.It was already early night,although just eleven p.m. and they let the dancers to go inside the house.They knew they will do some work,concerning their new "baby",strategy Capital,for the next several hours.It was already deepness of the night when they concluded there was enough work done with their strategy.They felt satisfied.They had,however,something else on the back of their minds.They knew what was it when Andreyev Golubin formulated a question. -�Harry? Carlos? What is the situation with both,Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard?...I have impression they are still not eliminated because if this were the case I would hear it from you.�
-�Unfortunately,I still haven�t found the guy,I mean Tadek Vangard.I think he did not arrive in the United States together with Steven Mac Dantosch.The Americans at the Embassy in Beijing were clever and sent him instead to some another country,destination of which I still don't know.�- Carlos took his voice.
-�You�re right,Carlos.Only Steven Mac Dantosch has arrived in the United States.That f...chicken wants to make a revenge on me but doesn�t even know we�re watching him and every his step.I don�t hurry.Instead,I work on a vicious plan to involve him in something so dirty no single American will stand by him.Everybody will hate him and he will be sought by the entire American system,FBI especially.He will dream of hanging himself and if he won�t do it and will be caught,what will surely happen,there will be only one verdict: death.� -
�Ha,ha,ha�You play a cat and a mouse with him.�
-�He�s a very poor mouse,despite that his father owns so much international capital.�
-�Harry,why do you hate this Australian so much?�
-�Shit,he has a courage to stand in my way,he actually wants to make a revenge on me as I said but,primarily,I simply want all their wealth.The family Burrows will be definitely finished before long.As of now,I simply enjoy the game.Yes,it is a game�I�m totally invisible to him and he has still not managed to get closer to finding me while I watch as I said every his step.�
-�He might be more dangerous than you think.�
-�I don�t think so.To me,he is just chicken in my eyes.�
-�And you don�t know where his friend,Tadek Vangard,might be?�
-�No,this I don�t know.�
-�Well,I have to find him.I�ll kill him.Sure,Andreyev,no worry.I�ll really kill him!��- Flares of hatred danced in the Carlos� eyes. It was already well after three a�clock at night when they decided to go to their sleeping quaters in the villa.The female dancers were naturally waiting for them in their bedrooms.Their bodies were on fire.The thoughts of having sex with multiple partners at once,the beautiful egzotic dancers,filled them with anticipation of unspeakable pleasures to come.Their dreams came true when the egzotic young women filled every spare part of their bodies.What an orgy! What Sodomy and Gomorry! The night was slowly escaping in the acompaniament of high tones of laugh and wild screams of lust and delight�The echoes spread around the virginious island,wounding her so much...

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