Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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One week passed and Tadek Vangard did not hear from Raquel Hendricks.Perhaps for the first time in his life did he feel so much pain in himself he did not know what to do with it.He discovered a psychic pain could be as much excruciating as a physical one.God,this must have been love! Yet he was overcomed with a feeling Raquel forgot him for good.It was always this way in his life:whatever he desired the most was either taken away from him by others or simply impossible to be reached,a curse of this part of the humanity who stayed in the abyss of poverty and hopelessness.Look at the Palestinians.They have nothing.No statehood,no government to care for them and make their lives normal and successful in all areas of life,including professional ones,no security,no freedom,no human rights...Men in America and elsewhere: you would die from despair if you expierenced the same,the life without any prospects and any chances for a better life,without any future!They,the Palestinians,are cursed today,they will be tomorrow and twenty years from now they might be not a step better off.Now consider how much better and civilised life could be for both the Israelis and the Palestinians,and also for the entire Middle East region if the protagonists created a so called United States of Israel and Palestine! Religions,of course,would have to be separated from the affairs of the newly established a modern state.We are all from the same first parents,Adam and Eve,in the end�At least according to the Bible.History was cruel,apocalypse had to take a place too many times before people opened their eyes,by witnessing overwhelming horrors or even worse : by staying deep in some hellish horrors...Remember the II World War?...Remember Wietnam?...Only then,after expierencing abyss of evil,concentration camps,death squads,rampant killings,cannibalism...they were forgeting their earlier hatreds and began creating less or more just systems.This was the case with Germany during and after the War,in Vietnam,Jugoslavia and many other regions around the world.Yet the people of the world still cannot learn from the lessons of history and seem to be poisoned by overwhelming hatred,rascism and disregard of the men and women of another nation.They push for fulfilling their hatreds and,stupid,do not know how much are cheered by Satan.Why people are longing so much for yet another holocaust? Why Jewish people and Israel as whole do not want to extend brotherly and sisterly hands to those arch-poor people who are known as Palestinians? Why they never tried to give a human face to that tragic nation?No,a greatness of a nation is judged by the happiness of its neighbours.God Allmighty,open their eyes before it is not too late! On one exceptionally warm day,the tenth day of the New Year,Tadek Vangard got finally a telephone call from Raquel Hendricks.She was inviting him for a dinner to her villa in Eastbourne.She would,naturally,arrive in the estate with her all red Chrysler Baron and pick him up from there.Tadek Vangard felt himself in the seventh paradise: so there was a chance to continue love relationship! Whatever despairs of the past days he harboured in himself just evaporated.His mind danced,his soul danced and his body danced too.For the first time since he arrived in New Zealand he did not bother staying in this land in which he found himself somehow by mistake.Of course,the inhabitants of this land were not faulty for this as much as he was not faulty either.Just the twist of the fate! He knew if he has ever chosen to come to New Zealand and settle in this country,he would be happiest man in the world.But once again,his choice was not New Zealand but the States.He had to get to his America,the promised land,sooner or later�In the meantime,he had not any other choice as to accept this little but astonishing nation,full of wonders.Somehow he loved this nation and felt sorry for harming its soul by desiring yet another land�The hit from the sun was merciless.Only the wind brought respite.Raquel Hendricks appeared in the house in late afternoon.At first she had some chat with her sister,Helene van Veenen and with Angie,Helene�s daughter.The three Boovies,a sheep alike haired dogs in black have hidden themselves under the trees in the garden and only the little Rakker,a poodle which had energy for all the three other dogs,rushed there and back a thousand times,always noisy as his dogs� wisdom must have guided him.When Raquel got upstairs to Tadek Vangard�s apartment,she closed the door and ran into the arms of her lover.They kissed rapidly,hungry for all this days they were away from themselves and then she pulled him to the bed with one hand while her other hand reached deep into the most private part of his body hidden in his jeans trousers.He had to press his mouth to her because otherwise a scream of outermost pleasure would escape his mouth.What would Helene think of him? He was astonished he thought even about such a minor matter.A minor one or not he was a guest in this house.Raquel seemed to have lost her senses for a moment and it looked they will treat each other with exhilarating pleasure creamed by their orgasms.Yet,it was Raquel who recovered first and despite shivering on her entire body and also on her face,with her teeth playing some erotic music,she got off the bed and moved herself towards the mirror.Tadek Vangard came after her and took her again into his arms.They gave a long kiss to each other.
-�Tadek,let�s stop for now.We�ll have all night for ourselves in my house.�- Raquel promised.
-�Is this not a dream sometimes? Do I really see you,Raquel? Do I really hold you in my arms?�- Tadek Vangard could not believe what he was doing was really happening.That fables of his grandmother from his childhood! It was six p.m. when they travelled alongside top class motorway,surrounded by hills with original trees,the so called Pohutucawa trees,on one side and the waves of the ocean on the other side,with breathtaking beaches,beautiful women and sexy young men there.They passed Lower Hutt and then Upper Hutt.The people in this land seemed to have lived peacefully and in a carefree way.The pace of the civilisation was slower in New Zealand than in some other countries of the first world according to Raquel.Eastbourne happened to be situated about forty kilometres away from Wellington and somehow on the other side of the monumental Lambton Harbour,a tongue of Pacific,the emperor.In the background there were much higher mountains than in Wellington but Tadek Vangard failed to ask Raquel how they were called.He was preoccupied with her.It was a small rather town but inhabited by rich people.Nearly every house looked like a villa and certainly was one.All of them were built in some colonial or post colonial style,not witnessed in any of the European countries,with the exception,perhaps,of Britain.The colonial style evolved there,during the ninteenth century when monarchy of England ruled every corner of the world.There was veranda in the house,nice kitchen,delicious living room with a fire place,great especially for cold winter days when pieces of wood could be stacked in the fire and would make a nice noise.Tadek Vangard swore to himself to behave absolutely like a gentleman and,despite overwhelming sexual urges,kept himself cool to the point Raquel looked at him with bewilderment in her eyes while they were dining.They had salmon with some delicious salad combination.Afterwards a local wine which tasted the best in the world.Only then Tadek Vangard relaxed more and more,and with this was hotter and hotter in his bahaviour to Raquel Hendricks.The night was one of Romeo and Juliet.They made so much love towards each other it would be enough for the entire year for many other lovers.They tasted different positions,the ones typical for the Western world,including French love,then Kama Sutra,some egzotic forms they copied from some pictures of erotic book Raquel got from under the bed.Then they tried typical American lovemaking and Raquel Hendricks guided Tadek Vangard here.He was her most praying student at this stage of their lovemaking and seemed to have been drinking her so much he might get totally drunken from his feelings.They were after a number of orgasms and still desired more.Tadek Vangard could not believe two things at least.First,the woman he loved so much could have an infinite number of orgasms and secondly,he could also have a substantial amount of orgasms,perhaps not as much rapidly following each other as was the case with Raquel but enough often to satisfy her completely every time she desired.
-�Lover,I�d like you to give me a typical,Polish love.�- She proposed at one stage and it was already well after midnight,several hours from their first encounter this night.Tadek Vangard laughed.
-�What�s so funny?�- She asked with bewilderment.
-�Oh,Raquel,the Polish sex,or love�to say,is oh,so ordinary�Nothing out of ordinary��
-�I don�t understand��
-�It�s just a normal position,the one every man in the world performs most times.�
-�Do it to me,Tadek.I�m sure I�ll love it.It�s so�oh,Italian��
-�Italian?��-Jalousness got sculptured on the face of Tadek Vangard.They looked into their eyes for a moment.It was Raquel Hendriks who bursted with laugh as the first one.
-�Oh,Tadek,I hope you don�t think I was a virgin before we began our love.�- She said straightforwardly.Only then Tadek Vangard caught himself on realisation how strangely he must have been looking at her.
-�Sorry,Raquel,that�s normal you had some other relationships.I see nothing bad in this.�- He said.She laughed again and kissed him firecelly.
-�I love that your look in your eyes,Tadek.Be sure,I wasn�t one too easy with men.I don�t like to do sex just for sex as some feminists like.I love the feeling of real love.I feel it to you,Tadek.I love you.�
-�I love you,Raquel,too.�- Only then did he made Polish sex to her.His creamy seeds penetrated her with such a force,shot deep inside her like if with a number of rockets,that she gave off the biggest scream of the night accompanied by the convulsions of her body.Tadek Vangard did not stop his overtures until he realised she was fulfilled to the last melody of their love song.They decided in the morning,or rather in the midday,Tadek Vangard will move to her house and will stay with her.He outlined before her his plan for exporting goods to his brother in Poland who has already opened there a wholesale company earlier,yet at the time when Tadek Vangard was in China and except of selling transiberian tickets to international tourists he sent then regularly Chinese goods,mostly silk,toys and sport shoes,to his brother.He planned to do the same now.He needed to do some business in order to be independent.In the meantime,Raquel intended to continue her study of psychology at Victoria university of Wellington.She was already on the second year and had two or three more years to complete.She had actually summer holidays.They did not intend to leave this house at least for the next several days.They did not have to see the world,they had one in their eyes and...their bodies.Love was the king and the queen.This was enough for them...At least for the time being...If not Raquel Tadek Vangard would feel himself uneasy in his new country.Everything was so different,often so strange and opposite to what he was used to before.The weather for example.While in New Zealand was summer and the rays of the sun were burning mercilessly at times there in his native country was winter in its full swing,with lots of deliciously white snow and temperatures often well below zero degrees centigrade.There were houses built with bricks in Poland and here,in New Zealand,most of the houses were built of light constructions,mostly of wood.Yet the houses here were expensive and beautiful,very stylish at the same time.There had to be a fireplace in every living room what certainly must have been great in the winter time.He was just expierencing summertime so far.What looked to him strange was also that whatever place they have gone together to,whether to a local restaurant or Mac Donald,or a caf� there were always very few people.Sometimes they were the only people in a public place.This was typical New Zealand,the impression of no people around what was the excact opposite what he was used to in his native country and during his whirlwind over south-east Asia,India and China together with his friends.There could be places in New Zealand where the next neighbours were many kilometers away.
-�Well,this is the way Kiwis live.Most of us love this.We don�t like when there are too many people around.�- Raquel concluded when he shared with her his observations.He liked to stay often on the terrace,even late in the evening.They looked together at the seasides and the mountains,spectacular and breathtaking at every time of the day and night.They kissed each other often and promised love forever.They had angelic life together with themselves.And so days and nights passed while they were always able to fulfil their desires and love especially.It was so good to be together.Yet Raquel Hendricks often found Tadek Vangard sitting on the terrace and looking somewhere far over the Pacific waves.She knew what was it.America! He still dreamed of his America.She felt it sometimes.As if his love were split in two.He loved her and he loved America.She did not know whether it was acceptable to her.Lovers normally want all the love towards each other.Has their love had a Shakespearean dimension?�Were they Romeo and Juliet of the modern times?�Time would show it�

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