Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 4 - Satanic Strategy  || All Chapters

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-"Before we do what you suggest I have to do something else.�- Carlos tried to be courageous but he knew his voice failed him.
-�What is it?�- Voice of Satan seemed to be heard at four points of the world.
-�I must meet with friends of mine,with Andreyev Golubin,boss of KGB and others�We have created a strategy Beehive�There are,however,problems now�Someone is a traitor among us�We have to find out who is it?�Beacause of him,a copy of strategy Beehive,on a discette or whatever other form,landed in the hands of one Polish man,who emigrated out of his country�His name is�Tadek Vangard�We lost his herebouts�We have to find him�If we get the copy of the strategy back into our hands,there will again be a chance for a worldwide supremacy of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc�However,first we have to get the traitor into our hands�We must recover the strategy!...�
-"I will also have my hands full of work"- Harry Gullivers said.-"Firstly,I have to catch my archenemy,Steven Mac Dantosch,whose real name is Steven Burrows and burn him alive.Secondly,I have to organise the network of my mafia,the 'Hell Angels'.Thirdly,I must consolidate my worldwide company,the Galaxy Entertainments and finally,I have to orchestrate something very substantial.It concerns the Congress of the United States of America.I have already some of my people,the members of my mafia,both in the Senate and the House of Representatives.They are trusted Senators and Congressmen in the eyes of the American public.What I am dissatisfied with is the number of them.I want to double that number and quite soon."
-�Oh,I understand��- Satan answered.-�I give a free hand to both of you.You don't have to establish a new president in America yet today or tomorrow.I know it will take time.We all have to fight with forces of�His.He is as powerful as I am.I do not mean the president of the United States�You know whom do I mean��
Carlos and Harry Gullivers understood perfectly.Even Satan had his problems.Even he could not have it all.The forces of good and evil were eternal enemies�
However,before they were able to say anything,Satan somehow miraculously was away and only whistles yet still thundered in their ears like thuds of the thunders which pealed again and again�
They had no time to lose now.They had to leave this island of theirs,lost somewhere in a faraway Pacific�

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