Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Tadek Vangard felt himself as if he were treated with Ecstazy.Dazed�Excited�Not knowing whether to feel happy or not.If a woman tried to get over to him he would not know for sure whether he is being treated fairly and accordingly with his desires or simply raped�Yes,a man could also be raped�While having heavens in his feelings,falling down to hell�Was it not bewildering? He has found himself in New Zealand,a far away country somewhere there on the opposite part of the planet Earth,from his perspective of a Polishman.One could cut the planet straight and one would have Australia and New Zealand in one end and the Scandinavian countries,Germany and Poland in the other end.As if a ghostly string of these particles of light which were still undiscovered tied both the ends.He had an impression he found himself in a virtual world.How could it be the other way around? He has always identified New Zealand as the land of �a thousand and one fables.The Alice's wonderland.He got it from his childhood.His grandmother narrated him volumes of tomes of fables innumerous times then.She always began her stories with the words:�In New Zealand,the land behind seven seas and seven mountains�� And he believed her.Perhaps because her eyes were so mystic,far away reaching,due to her wall-eye squint.
To his bewilderment,Herman van Veenen brought him to a large estate with six villas standing around a beautiful rose garden and paths of terraced stones around it.All the villas looked splendid,with a touch of the new world colonial architecture in their design.One house was marbled and the other ones were wooden,but all were magnificient and certainly as much valuable in their market prices evaluation,the more that all this estate had probably one of the best parcels of the ground in all of Wellington,on the slopes of Mount Victoria and high above a picturesque Oriental Bay to which tongues of the Pacific arrived gently,to touch the beaches of the Bay,and then went away only to give way to their brothers and sisters.Pacific,the almighty superpower,more powerful than hundred of thousands of the United States together,was peaceful beyond innumesurable means at the Oriental Bay.At least this night.Yes,by the time they arrived to the estate,there was already night.And the most incredible,devastingly breathtaking,was the view of the City of Wellington,down under there in the valley,full of lights and neons from every corner.
He already knew from Herman van Veenen,Wellington was a capital inhabited by less than a half million people and very similar to San Francisco.Well,he has never been to America,the land of his dreams but believed what the CIA agent told him and loved therefore this town on the spot.As a substitute of San Francisco.Because it was already night Herman van Veenen did not introduce him to anyone.He just brought him to an appartament in one of the houses and left him there.Tadek Vangard felt himself somehow lonely and tired at the same time.He took shower and jumped onto a bed which was sculptured with gold and silver.This family,whoever they were,had to be rich beyond anything comparable,at least in his homeland.He fell asleep fast.Miraculously,he had a dream:his grandmother appeared before him,looking somehow outerwordly.She sat next to him,as so many times in his childhood and began to narrate once again one of her never ending stories :�In New Zealand,the land behind seven seas and seven mountains�� A child�s loud voices woke him up in the morning.It had to be a girl,he judged from the tone of the voices.He sprang out the bed and rushed to the bathroom.Only now could he see what riches were within the reach of his hands,not only gold and silver,but also marbles,fine mirrors,orange curtains of absolutely finest materials there could be on display.He dressed himself in a light suit,combed finely his hair ,gave a last look at his shape in the mirror and decided he looked just right.
He smiled to himself when he heard a knock on the door punctually at eight a.m.He knew it was Herman van Veenen and he was ready to go down to the ground floor for breakfast.
-�Come in!�- He called.The door was opened and Herman van Veenen entered the appartament.
-�Hello Tadek.How are you?�- He welcomed him the way as if they were friends for some time.
-�I feel great�Marvelous�But a bit a�stranger.�
Herman van Veenen gave a laugh.
-�Feel yourself at home.Don�t bother for anything and,above all,call me just Herman.O.K?�
-�Well,let�s go for breakfast.My wife and daughter are waiting for you and are dying from curiosity to see you.�
-�Heavens,I�ve got nothing for your daughter.How old is she?�
Herman van Veenen laughed again.
-�I thought about it.Here is Teddy bear.You can give it to my daughter.�- He got the brown coloured gift from behind his back.
-�Thanks a lot,Herman.You saved me from embarrassment.�
-�Don�t thank me,please.Feel yourself at home�Be yourself.�
-�I�ll try.Th��-They exchanged their glances and bursted with laugh.
Tadek Vangard,feeling himself relaxed,followed the man.Downstairs,they moved around a number of doors in the corridor until,finally,they found themselves before the ones which they were intending surely to enter,judging from the smells of the kitchen.-�You enter first,Tadek.�-Herman Van Veenen proposed.
Tadek Vangard did not object and opened the door.He gave a step inside and then stopped in the doorway,unable to make a further move and feeling he went as red as a peony.In the wall of sliding terrace French window,overlooking the Oriental Bay,stood a goddess,Afrodyte or Venus,whoever she was.The rays of the sun covered her brilliantly,adding to her divinity.She was unbelievably beautiful.Tall and lean,with a long neck of a swan and record long,lean and smooth legs but above all with her spectacular face,her little nose,firm mouth,wide eyed almond eyes and long,brown-reddish hair.He felt himself lost within her beauty which covered him in a spider web like way.He was unable to say anything.He was just standing and looking at her.And,perhaps,his mouth was open foolishly.
-�Hello.We welcome you heartily in our house.My name is Helene.�- She simply said and approached him in such a spectacular way of moving he thought for a split of the tenth of a second he might have been at a fashion show and a model beauty was just approaching him.And her voice! Only Melissa Charleroi and his own sister,Dorothy,could compete.No one else.She gave him her hand,gentle and creamy beyond anything he has ever seen in a woman.Yet she was so natural,so simple in her behaviour! Like if she were one of all those average women in the street and not someone from an upper class environment.The silk costume on her,in light orange colour,only emphasized her arch-natural beauty.Tadek Vangard doubted she might be more than thirty years old and he evaluated her age at between twenty six and twenty nine.Yet the freshness of her body,her movements,her behaviour was one of a nineteen year old woman who only yesterday was a girl and thought the world belonged to her.
-�Mom,is he the man we waited for? Has he brought me Teddy bear?�- He heard a voice of a girl before he managed to say anything.He could not believe all this.Was he still having a dream? No,it could not be the case.He has just held the hand of the goddess.Only then did he feel he got back his perception of the reality.
-�Oh,sorry,I never expected I could see someone so beautiful.My name is Tadek��- Not waiting for an answer he directed himself to the girl who sat at the table:�Hello.I have Teddy bear for you.Here it is.�-The girl ran to him and took the toy to her arms.�
-�What�s your name?�-He asked.
-�Angie�- She seemed to be happy while pressing her Teddy bear firmly to her arms.It was already her and only her.She was a natuaral blond-haired girl.
-�Let�s have a breakfast.�- Helene van Veenen invited him and her husband to the table.She gave such a heavenly smile to her guest,Tadek Vangard felt he might get orgasm on the spot.He really felt himself strangely excited.This woman was definitely too beautiful.
-�Sorry,I�m afraid I might disturb you��- He said.
Helene van Veenen caught him on his arms.
-�Oh,no.Please promise me you feel yourself here at home�Call me Helene�Don�t bother for anything.We are happy you�re here with us�.Do you promise me this?�
-�Yes,I do.�-He answered but could not believe all this.How could people he saw first time in his life be so hospitable?�It was simply unprecedented�He might have had an incredible luck�He did have one...Yet�There was something in the air�In his own mind�This country he has found himself in was a virtual world to him.He has never dreamed of coming to New Zealand.America was his dream.He was obsessed with America and not with New Zealand,however magnificient country might it be.He felt himself like a schizophrenic in this virtual reality around him,although so good to him so far.Napoleon Bonaparte might have felt himself similar,locked on a beautiful island,somehow a paradise,but away from his home and kingdom.His mind was somehow nuts.Yet he enjoyed the breakfast and soon felt himself familiar with this family.Everything thanks primarily to the unspoken gifts of making friends on the part of Helene van Veenen.She was curious of everything and asked him thousands questions a minute.The impression was she had to know everything.Yet,curiously,she never asked him a question which would be strictly private.It proved the culture of her as someone who beat the biggest personalities of this world instantly.While the others thought they were God know who and lived by despising fellow citizen she was one who loved and enjoyed tremendously a companionship of practically anyone.An unprecedented gift,indeed.Look at people around you.Most of them compete in newer and newer forms of despising other human beings and even go to such forms of despise as racism and fascism.They live by hatred.
By the time the breakfast was over they all were old friends,feeling as if they knew each other for months.What was incredulous,their six year old daughter was treated in an equall and a partner like way.And it worked.Tadek Vangard also learnt a lot.This estate belonged primarily to the mother of Herman van Veenen and the grandmother of their daughter.Her name was Angela Butterby and she was already partially retired but still had an upper hand over her worldwide insurance empire based primarily in the States.They promised Tadek Vangard will see her quite soon.Some of other members of the family of Angela Butterby also lived in the estate.They went to the terrace overlooking the Oriental Bay and the City of Wellington.The view was breathtaking.From three quarters of a top of the mountain,Mount Victoria,they could see the capital of New Zealand down there in the valley.On the outskirts of the town there were also mountains but not as high as Mount Victoria,the queen married to the king,the Pacific.The question was only,how many wives could Pacific have? Dare not to ask! The wind blew in Tadek Vangard�s face non stop and it irritated him.
-�You can do nothing about it.The town is called:�Windy Wellington��-Herman van Veenen told him when he complained.He knew instantly this problem was solved.One could indeed do nothing about it.
A few days later Christmas Day arrived and all family members were scheduled for the evening,Christmas party.Tadek Vangard was invited.At first he refused to agree to attend because he was not a member of this family.Helene and Herman van Veenen pursuded him long time to change his mind.Yet he did not give up his refusal to attend the Christmas party before having a talk with Herman van Veenen,with four eyes only.
-�Herman,I feel astonished,why so much hospitability? Why don�t you just bring me down to the downtown and leave me there? I�m a total stranger�We never met before��- He asked.
-�And why not the way we do it?�- Herman van Veenen retorted.
-�Well,I don�t understand all this��
-�There is nothing to understand,Tadek.I�m de facto,ex-CIA official who was asked to assist you in whatever way you might need.And we desire you here.We love having you here.Why must it be strange?�
-�I don�t know what to say.�
-�Say nothing.�
-�Well,Herman,I emigrated out of my country to the States and found myself instead in�New Zealand.I�m afraid I might be troublesome to you and your family.�
-�I do understand you,Tadek.I�m so sorry.But remember,you agreed to come to New Zealand and will have to stay in this country for a while.I advice you to accept this fact.One day,perhaps,I can help you to arrange papers which will enable you going to the States��
-�Oh,Herman,I hate the word:�help�.If you have to do anything because of it you better bring me back downtown.I�m an adult,I should manage to live on my own,without whoever�s help.�
-�Once again sorry,Tadek.We don�t do here anything for you because of �help�.We do it because we want so.Please,Tadek,agree with me.You can go away from us if you want,but,then,you�ll make us unhappy.We want to be friends with you.Please��-They looked long time into their eyes until ,finally,they bursted with laugh.
-�So,Tadek,you come to the Christmas party?�- Herman van Veenen asked.
-�God,I don�t know.�- Tadek Vangard sounded again undecided.Herman van Veenen put both hands on his arms.
-�Tadek,please��- He said with a voice sounding like a whisper.
-�Rather not�But I come...�- Was the strange but a positive rather answer and Herman van Veenen took him then into his arms.Tadek Vangard knew he found yet another friend,perhaps as great as Steven Mac Dantosch.He shivered for a moment when he thought about his Australian friend and his fight against Harry Gullivers,the godfather of America.He would die if something bad happened to his friend.God,why he couldn�t go together with his friend to the States? He would be his angel and would make sure nothing bad ever happened to him.But...understand the fate!
They returned to the house.It was already late afternoon and,therefore,there was time for everyone to prepare for the Christmas party.Although Tadek Vangard has already been in this family estate for several days he was still not acquainted with the family's grandmother and the rest of the family.Usually he went downtown with Herman van Veenen or Helene and her daughter.Sometimes he rented a car from them and disseappeared in the vicinities of Wellington for whole day.He knew already from them some members of the family who lived in other places around New Zealand,including Auckland in the north of the Northern Island and Christchurch in the south of the Southern Island,will be present at the party.The other members of the family,especially those living in the States,United Kingdom and the Netherlands will not come.They had their own lives there.The evening,the most important one in the year,the Christmas one,finally arrived.Tadek Vangard once again felt himself as if he had a dream.How different this evening looked to the one there in the Central-Eastern Europe and his native country! While there was certainly snow all over around there,here was quite warm and the sun did not hurry to go away.Long,sunny summer days and short,warm nights in the Kiwis land against short,freezy winter days and long,even freezer nights there in Europe!
-�Tadek,let�s go!�- He heard Helene van Veenen calling to him.He closed the door of his appartament and went downstairs�

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