Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Carlos has already been in the capital of China for some time.Exactly just for two months.During that time he did quite a lot of "research" and he thought he has already known what he needed to know.Every detail on the wherebouts of the people he hated beyond whatever comparisons.How many times he has already been in the vicinity of the Friendship Store,Qiao Yuan Hotel and some other hotels to which Tadek Vangard usually went he could not remember.Simply numerous times.He was always disguised,just in case if something unforeseen would happen.He was an extremely clever a guy and,in fact,the entire terrorist network he owned depended on his unrestricted and boundless cleverness mixed with the coolness and steelness of his mind.Was there another man around the world who would have so many followers,literally enslaved to him to such a point they likened themselves to him and acted alike him,calling themselves by his legendary name �Carlos�,the fanatics who were ready to die for him at any time? The world could never catch the real Carlos.The legendary one.The one who would become as much memorable in the distinct future as became Prince Dracula,named a vampire for his blood thirsty actions which,perhaps,only the Satanists of the twentieth century brought to new records.Consider such Adolf Hitler�Before he showed his true,evil face the ordinary Germans thought of him as their redemptor and a man of great stature who would place their country on an equal footage with other European powers,the victors after the first world war.As a Satanist,he knew how to play the guitar on the fellow citizens' solidarity.He always stroke the right chords on the guitar cords and always put on the pathetic stop.He played masterfully everything what the people desired and transformed their desires into his own deeds.He was a master player who were able to read the peoples minds.But above all he was a Satanist.He refused what God said,the God's law in fact that people can never be Abels and Cains towards themselves,and went on killing sprees,million times more dready than the deeds of the single psychopathic killer,the Hannibal,on the screens.He was the monarch of the evil,the one which caused even the Prince Dracula to shiver.And he was a psychopath,one who thought he could change the world by the means of wars and terror.If only the people knew before the evil became the reality�Who would now choose for a president someone who would have such a moustache as Adolf Hitler had?�Yet at that time the cut of his moustache was a fashion hit.Carlos smiled when he thought about it.No Satanist would do it now.The present time Satanists had to look faultlessly,as if they were presented on the covers of fashion journals.Their weapons at this difficult times for them,the liberal times of down to Earth reality,were hidden within their vicious creations which few people could decipher.He had even his plant within Vatican.A cardinal who was a Satanist himself.There were Satanists also within a number of governments around the world who were cherisched by the ordinary folk,unable to decode the real face of the men they entrusted.Carlos was sure he will bring the world to its knie by the means of terror he and his people orchestrated and by cooperating with the satanists.Adolf Hitler did not succeed but he,Carlos,will succeed,he thought.He has been sitting in the round restaurant on the top of the Beijing International Hotel.It was already evening and the view,via the all-glassed walls,was breathtaking.He could observe the traffic on the main street up to the Tienanmen Square,which he could see despite that the square was about two kilometres away.He could observe the Central Railway Station and thousands upon thousands of people who intended to sleep in the vicinity of the railway station under the open air.An ordinary man would pray for night without rain on behalf of all those people.Carlos did not bother.He had a steely,darvinist mind.People who were unable to help themselves could not be helped.The people out there were probably lucky this night:the sky was a lullaby of stars and besides it was warm as it should be in this first days of the calendar summer.Inside the restaurant there were not really many guests and the waitresses were more busy with chatting to themselves than assisting the few visitors.An image of Mount Abu once again crossed the mind of Carlos and he caught his head with both of his hands for a moment,raged as always so far when he thought about it,unbelieving he could let his terrorist nest be destroyed.How many times he swore revenge! Yet,strangely,despite that he already saw Tadek Vangard some times since he arrived in Beijing he has always left the ultimate act of revenge for later.What he was waiting for? Firstly,he had to have the strategy.He obliged himself to do it before Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB.Secondly,he desired to do the revenge on all of them:Tadek Vangard,Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi.He wanted to do it at the same time,to turn them into torches as they turned his beloved Mount Abu into one.Perhaps he would spare the girl.But the two guys had to die,both at the same time,looking into their eyes and knowing neither of them can help the other one,seeing themselves being turned into torches.Besides,he did not hurry.He thought it was better to exercise his plan slowly but masterfully and make no a mistake as might be a case if he did hurrying.He even knew where Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi went when they left Beijing two months earlier.One did not have to be a Sherlock Holmes to find it out.He might follow them and kill them,yet he left it for later.He has already known what Tadek Vangard has still not known:about the love affair of Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi.He was convinced the lovers will be back in Beijing at any time within the next few days.He waited for them.And then he will simply catch them like little birds. -�You were created from dust and you will be turned into dust.This time,however,at my hands.�- He said to himself and his voice sounded icily.He could not tame his hatred when he thought about them.He could not stand a thought some three people could always otmaneuvre him as it was the fact so far while the entire world seemed to have been at a loss when he striked with his terror.It was already nearly midnight when he decided to go to his appartament.He paid the bill and moved to the lift.When he found himself on the tenth floor he went directly to his appartament.Somehow he had a desire to speak to Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB.Of all the participants among those who created strategy Beehive he liked him the most.Andreyev Golubin was as strongly motivated as he himself.At the same time Carlos knew Andreyev Golubin would never do what his doubles did.He was his own man.Carlos had to him,therefore,much respect.He liked people with forceful personalities.He dialled the secret,coded telephone numbers to the KGB headquaters in Moscow and soon was connected with Andreyev Golubin. -�Andreyev?��-He asked when he heard a voice. -�Hello,Carlos.How are you?!�-He heard a male voice and recognised the voice of his KGB friend instantly. -�I am fine.And you?�How are you?��-He preferred to hear first the answer of the Russian. -�Oh,you better don�t ask��- The voice of the number one KGB man sounded acrimoniously.-�Many things go the wrong direction nowadays.We have full hands of work because too many enemies of our system proliferated.And even some republics are talking openly about splitting.Total madness.The jails are already overfilled.The camps for compulsory detention,too.The best would be to shoot to them like to wild ducks.Perhaps then they would not want to deal with us.They are not afraid�� -�You are right,Andreyev�� -�You see�that our leader,Mikhail Gorbatchov�Sometimes I have an impression he is not really a communist.I think he is�strange.He sings to the nation about a so called �perestroyka�and "glasnost" while we need an iron hand of Josef Stalin.If it is going to continue like this,bad times,really bad times can come�.� Carlos thought he had a perception now why Andreyev Golubin sounded so unhappy.He understood him. -�Yes,Andreyev,times are bad,indeed�Going in the wrong direction�Instead of more communism there is more capitalism and the so-called globalization�I hate it!�Everything�s getting more and more complicated .Much because of our leaders.They are too soft while there is a need for an iron hand�� -�Yes,Carlos�Hm,I think we should remove Gorbatchov from power�.He isn�t the right one.He ruins so much work of his predecessors,Lenin and Stalin especially.The Imperium is breaking apart on our own eyes.Not even the Roman Imperium was brought down so fast.I think he should be no longer our leader.� -�What are you intending to do,Andreyev?� -�Coup d�etat!�That�s the only solution�� -�Are you mad?��-Carlos caught himself on asking a question he never ever asked so far. -�Look�He is rather doing things the way the Westerners like it.He agreed to let the Berlin Wall down,he let the neighbouring countries to regain their independence and now he even gave a green light to the Baltic republics:Lithuania,Estonia and Latvia to go their own ways�.Finally,he gave also a green light to the other republics and especially Ukraine to split from us�That�s the beginning of the end�We can�t let it go any further�I will consult some people in the Kremlin�Whatever to say,KGB has enough power!�� -�I keep my fingers crossed for you,Andreyev.You know how much do I love this our communist system.� -�Where are you phoning from,Carlos?� -�From Beijing,my friend.� -�Have you already seen them.� -�Of course,Andreyev.� -�Carlos,you have to promise to me one thing once again�� -�I know,Andreyev,I know��-Carlos interrupted. -�You know,but I want to hear it�I want to hear you will not,I repeat,you will not kill them before you get the strategy Beehive into your hands.O.K.,Carlos?� -�O.K.,O.K.,Andreyev�You can be sure no hair will fall from their heads before I�ll get the strategy.I�ll bring it personally to you.� -�What are you going to do with them after you�ll get the strategy?� -�I�ll turn them into torches and burn them.This is what I swore to myself.� -�Good luck,Carlos�.And remember,I must have the strategy.Only thanks to it we can overturn the present trend.� Carlos thought he wanted to know a bit about the other partners who participated in creation of the strategy.-�Andreyev,how are the other partners?��- He asked simply. -�Not the best,not even good�Sergiej Chatunov and Aleksiej Fatyma are already dead.Also the traitor,colonel Andrzej Tomczat.I still don�t understand how could we trust him,a Polishman�As if we did not know about never ending animosities among us,the Russians and the Poles.Jack Foster and Patrick Waltersh,I am sure,are dying from fear.Ruud Hendrix Temmerman,the Belgishman,is silent,strangely,barricaded in his villa in Braasschat near Antwerp.With one word,we are practically the only players who still continue the game and fight to reverse the decline of our system.But I repeat,Carlos,once again,we have to recover the strategy.Primarily the fate of the Soviet Union depends now on the strategy.Can you imagine what would happen if the strategy got into the hands of our Western enemies?�Our country would be ridiculed worldwide and would become a laughing stock.Unsteady allies would abandon us,the countries which were our satellites or still are ones would turn against us�Do you know what it would mean?!�The end of our Imperium!�The end of this Imperium we are so proud!�The end of the Soviet Union!...We can�t allow it to happen!�� -�I understand you,Andreyev,just too good.You don�t have to say anything.I know.� -�Then,goodbye,Carlos. -�Goodbye,Andreyev.� Carlos sat some time in his leather armchair.He did not move at all and looked into the white ceiling.He did not like to be ordered or given instructions.And this was actually what Andreyev Golubin did.He thought,perhaps even this Russian should be gone away from KGB and some new,energetic and young man should be installed as the new directeur of KGB.Would there be a chance for him to become a KGB leader?...Probably it would be difficult.For only one thing:he was a foreigner.An Englishman while the stupid people thought he was a Venezulan one.Not even KGB guys knew his real identity.No one knew he was born to an aristocratic family on Isle of Wight and his real name was Bart Grover Desmond.He had,however,credentials the Soviets respected:was a cool blooded killer,highly efficient and was feared by the most powerful on the Earth.Because it was already three a�clock in the deepness of the night,the time when sex was the king in every household,he got up and went to his bathroom.While taking shower and looking at his heavy male forms of his body he wondered why he does not make use of them as much as ordinary people do.He had definitely not enough sex and he had to change this part of his lifestyle.When he was over with the bathroom toiletries he returned to the bedroom and simply jumped on the bed which seemed to get apart for a moment but eventually stayed whole. -�I�ll have to be seeing definitely more whores�But that AIDS,shit��-Contradictory thoughts filled his mind before he found himself in the deep sleep. Around nine a.m. he went by the lift to the ground floor and sat down at one of the corner tables in the hotel restaurant.There were already quite many people walking around,either to the reception or away from it,or else to the CITS office at the far end of the hall,many shops downstairs and to the restaurant.He ordered typical English breakfast menu:bacon and eggs,cheese,jam,white bread and two cups of coffee with cream.He realised he had an appetite. -�I am sorry,can I sit down to you for a moment?�- He heard suddenly an unknown voice.He grimaced with an uttermost annoyance and looked up at the intruder.He recognised the guy instantly.It was one of those people who assisted Tadek Vangard with selling tickets for the transsiberian train.He even knew the guy was a German and his full name was Karl Schnultzer.Carlos would just say a few words belonging to the vocabulary people normally did not use but,with the recognition of the guy as one of the co-workers of Tadek Vangard he changed his tactics instantly. -�Well,I don�t mind��-He answered.Karl Schnultzer sat down to the table. -�My name is Karl Schnultzer.I sell the tickets for the transsiberian train.Perhaps you would be interested to get some information and buy a ticket eventually?��-He introduced himself.Poor guy did not know the other guy knew already his name and much more about him. -�Well,I might be interested��-Carlos answered.He beamed now with satisfaction.He planned to approach all those people who cooperated with Tadek Vangard,yet one of the fish managed to come up to him before he did it.-�My name is Henry Danewery.Call me simply Henry.So you say you sell the transsiberian tickets?� -�Yes,indeed.We are coming every morning to some hotels where the international tourists are staying and propose to them going by the transsib,which is really a legendary and exciting one.One can make many friends on the train�� Carlos grinned to Karl Schnultzer.This German guy looked handsome,black haired with soft brown eyes.He was also tall,nearly as tall as Carlos. -�This is what I would like�To make some friends��-Carlos said.-�I am planning to go to Berlin soon and that�s the most important issue,naturally.I planned to fly�� -�Oh,you better go by the transsiberian train!�It�s at least five times cheaper!�� -�But�all the tickets in CITS office are already sold out�� This time it was Karl Schnultzer who grinned. -�Well,we have ones with reservations��-He announced proudly.He sounded na�ve. -�Wonderful! I would like to go in two weeks.� -�By the Chinese or the Russian train?� -�And what is the difference between them?� -�The Chinese train is administered by the Chinese personnel and its route is via Inner Mongolia,the west-northern province of China and then via Mongolia.The Russian train,however,is administered by the Soviet personnel,less friendly than the Chinese are and its route is via Manchuria,the east-northern part of China.Up from the Bajkal lake,the deepest lake in the world and Irkutsk,a picturesque town in the vicinity of the lake,both trains have the same route via Siberia all the way to Moscow.� -�Which train would you advice to me?� -�Well,if you want to travel in a Deluxe compartment you have no choice as to go by the Chinese train.Only this train has Deluxe compartments.Otherwise,both trains are similar.I would advice you to buy a ticket for the Chinese train,one for the Deluxe compartment�You will have the opportunity to see Mongolia,an extraordinary country with few inhabitants and prerian landscapes which take breath away.� -�Well,I think I might be interested to buy a ticket for the Deluxe compartament.�-Carlos announced unexpectedly. Karl Schnultzer seemed to have been taken aback.He was overfilled with a satisfaction for a moment.Every sold ticket meant extra earned money. -�How much should I pay?�-Carlos asked. -�Four hundred dollars.�- Karl Schnultzer said.Carlos knew instantly the guy cheated on him.He already knew the Deluxe tickets were sold for three hundred dollars,the first class ones for two hundred fifty dollars and second class,the so-called hard sleepers for one hundred fifty dollars to two hundred dollars. -�Great.�-Carlos said.-�I buy one.There is,however,one small problem.I left my money in the hotel appartament.I invite you to my apartament for a drink and we conclude there the transaction,O.K.?� Karl Schnultzer suspected nothing. -�I don�t mind.Let�s go.�-He said simply.They got off the table and went to the lift and then to the Carlos� appartament.Once they found themselves there Carlos came up to the buffet,opened it and a number of alcohol beverages appeared before the eyes of the German. -�What would you like to drink?...Cognac?...Johny Walker?...Scotch?��- He asked. -�A bit Scotch if you don�t mind�� -�I absolutely don�t mind��-Carlos answered and began to laugh.They sat down to the table and began to drink.Carlos looked strangely at Karl Schnultzer,with somehow unpleasant,a metallic look.It was then when Karl Schnultzer began to feel himself uncomfortably and realised he might have made a mistake by agreeing to come up to an appartament rented by someone he did not know. -�Let�s drink for the good transaction.�-Carlos proposed. -�And for the unforgatable trip across Siberia.�- Karl Schnultzer added,deciding to play along but cutting it short. They emptied the glasses and Carlos put more Scotch to them.Karl Schnultzer did not like it.He did not drink a lot normally.He,however,did not protest. -�You have business partners,don�t you?�-Carlos asked. This was a theme which seemed an innocent one to Karl Schnultzer and he began to narrate a story about him and his friends.Their glasses were emptied and Carlos put more Scotch to them,despite the objections of Karl Schnultzer. Half an hour later Carlos could be sure his guest was already drunken,at least a bit.He began to ask more questions which Karl Schnultzer answered eagerly,also the ones which concerned Tadek Vangard. -�But tell me something more concrete about him.�-Carlos demanded.-�Why is he in China?�Does he has any secret which he hides away?�Perhaps you heard about strategy Beehive?��-It was the last part of the question which alarmed Karl Schnultzer. -�About strategy Beehive?��-He reapeated after Carlos,astonished. -�You know,tourists like to talk among themselves even the most fantastic stories.I heard Tadek Vangard have one.Do you know where he has hidden it?...You are his friend�I am sure you know��- Carlos played no longer.His face was now showing a real hatred.Karl Schnultzer stood off the table. -�Thank you.I am sorry I know nothing about the so-called strategy Beehive.Do you want to buy the ticket or not?��-He reacted angrily.Carlos jumped over to him,caught him by his neck with both of his hands and brought him up into the air.Karl Schnultzer felt he was loosing his breath. -�Tell me,where is the strategy?!�-Carlos ordered. -�God,I don�t know.� Carlos brought his victim down to the floor and took his hands off him. -"Thank you.You can have the ticket for free.�-Karl Schnultzer tried to be magnanimous.-�Here is the tic��-He was unable to finish what he just wanted to say.Splash of blood spouted out of his wide open mouth and his eyes were filled with horror.There was such a powerful blow from the fist of Carlos,covered by some arch-sharp metallic pieces that his torso was open at the instant of the blow and the hand of the attacker went all the way to his heart which simply crashed spurting blood in all directions and letting the chaos of the witch death taking over.The body of the dead man just a moment ago alive landed on the floor.Carlos went to the bathroom,washed his hands and then went to the buffet and poured some Remy Martin into a glass.He put radio on and delected himself with some Chinese song.He still felt a rage within himself.The ultimate revenge still awaited him.He had to have the strategy Beehive and the two guys,Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard had to be dead.There was not any other alternative.Soon everything was over.Some casual Chinese strollers found the body of Karl Schnultzer in Tiantan Park�.

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