Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 3 - Satans Triangle  || All Chapters

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They gave a toast.Red wine had a taste of blood.Quite unexpectedly Satan bursted out laughing.And when he laughed,there,in his open mouth,were visible tongues of fire,the tongues of hell indeed.
Some strange hit which was like an invisible velvet veil and like a sensor of the unseen,for the moment at least,winded both,Carlos and Harry Gullivers,round one�s little finger.
The other finger of Satan?...The invisible one?...
How many fingers did Satan really have?�
Satan in the meantime laughed as if he were in an cookoo�s nest.
Carlos and Harry Gullivers did not know how to react.
The eyes of beast landed on them.
-�You wonder why do I laugh,don�t you?�- Satan asked suddenly.His behaviour was never predictable.
-�Well,I�ll tell you��- Satan did not wait for their reaction.-�This planet will become Atlantis of the Universe!...Look,what you,humans,do with this planet! What a degradation you do upon her! There is unleashed a constant and arithmetic global warming-in such a short time!- which will eventually destroy this race and whatever living beings on this planet.It is visible already now.The extreme weather conditions,never ending rains,storms,huricains and tornadoes,rivers which turn into monumental lakes,glaciers which dissapear,levels of oceans going up,less and less ozone,more and more evaporation,increasing solar radiation,degradation of the environment�In one thousand years you,humans,will have your own hell on this planet�400 or more centigrade degrees�My hell will extend to this planet�For you,humans,that one thousand years into the future is perhaps a far away time.Not for me! One thousand earthly years in my perspective are like one bilionth of a second of your lives.I will welcome you all in hell�At least in this hell of your own making��
-�It�s nothing of my business.�- Harry Gullivers said,when Satan paused for a moment.He began to laugh like Satan did it a moment earlier.
This time it was the Satan�s turn for a surprise.Some people behaved the way as if they were fruited by him.His surprise was gone fast when he recollected how many ladies,even those among the royals and wives of the presidents,had romance with him�
-�This is not all yet.�- It seemed the authoritative voice of Satan caught them off their guards.At the same time magnetism of Satan�s voice was neither for confutation,nor refutation.The voice of King�the Emperor�Red carpet went and went without end,both ways,to the insides of Satan as well as to his kingdom of hell.
-�What do you mean?�-It was Carlos who asked the question,because he felt somehow that Satan wanted something else from them.
-�I must be sure of your allegiance to me.Therefore you have to take an oath to me.Approach me.�- Satan said authoritatively.Carlos and Harry Gullivers had impression fire seeped through under the grass.Yet the excitement inside them was stronger than any fear.They came nearer Satan.
-�Time for the oath�- Satan said simply and touched their hands.If they changed their minds and decided not to do it,they would not be able to do so: Satan�s hands were strangely glued to their ones.They felt they follow orders of Satan without thinking.
-�I swear allegiance�- Carlos said.
-�I swear allegiance,too.�- Harry Gullivers repeated the same words.Now it was Satan who triumphed.The expression of his face,however,was no expression,except as for his eyes of a beast in which the tongues of fire appeared,the fires of future world if Satan had a chance to succeed.
-�Welcome in my kingdom�- Satan said triumfally.-�Get to a journey yet today.Do not be afraid of anything.You will get to the United States without any impediment.You can always rely on me.�...

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