Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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God Allmighty!!!�What a year was it!�This year 1989!�As if armies of Angels and Devils spread all over the Red Imperium and met in a final war which would redraw the new world order!�God,it happened indeed!...While the Devils won in China and spread the red banner over the nation to such a point the nation choked,the overwhelming rest of the communist bloc,with few exceptions,has fallen into the hands of the army of Angels.In fact all this happened with creation of the Solidarity movement in Poland,already in 1980,which numbered over ten millions of members.Since then things happened,as great as in �The Iliad" and "The Odyssey� of Homer and not only in Poland but also nearly in every country on the communist side of the Iron Curtain.In the beginning of 1989 the government of the puppets of the Kremlin,ran by general Wojciech Jaruzelski met with the leaders of the Solidarity movement,headed by Lech Walesa around the so called �Round Table�.The fruit of it was an agreement for a peacefull transformation of power in Poland,by exercising free elections which were scheduled for June of the same year.In May the Hungarian government opened the borders with Austria to hundred of thousands of East Germans who,thanks to it,could flee to the West.The same day when there was the massacre of students in the Tiananmen Square in Beijing,on the 4th of June,the Solidarity movement won overwhelmingly over the communists in the first free parliamentary elections in Poland since the time the country was given away to Josef Stalin at Yalta,the first ones managed to be organised within the communist bloc.Due to the agreements of the �Round Table� general Wojciech Jaruzelski still held the title of the president of Poland and then,after half a year,the Solidarity hero,Lech Walesa,was due to become the president of Poland.On the 12th of September another hero of the Solidarity movement,Tadeusz Mazowiecki,became the first non communist prime minister in Poland.On the 6th of October,the leader of the Soviet Union,secretary general of the communist party KPZR Mikhail Gorbatchov,arrived in Berlin where crowds of young Germans screamed to him:�Help us!�He was greeted by them enthusiastically. -�What concerns East Germany is being decided not in Moscow but in Berlin!�-He proclaimed.On the 18th of October the East German leader,Erich Honecker,resigned his post,saying he is retireing because of �health reasons�.In fact this cruel guy who initiated building of the Berlin Wall and authorised shooting to those who tried to flee to the West,responsible therefore for the deaths of thousands of men and women who were killed despite that their only �crime� was trying to get onto the side of freedom enjoyed by their brothers and sisters in West Germany,this time lost his control over the nation which muscled itself to erupting in a massive way to fully fledged freedom.On October 23d there was established a democratic government in Hungary which was proclaimed a free country,independent of the overlords in the Kremlin.And finally came the great night,on the 9th of November,when the citizen of the two German states demolished the hated Berlin Wall and fell into their arms in the most delightful outbursts of happiness ever witnessed.This was the culmination of the final stage on the way to bringing down the communist system and ending with the Iron Curtain.Nearly all communist states became democratic ones soon afterwards,except of Jugoslavia.Spectacular was the revolution in Czechoslovakia,called �the velvet revolution�,a peaceful one where one of the oppositon leaders,a charismatic writer Waclaw Havel was chosen the president of Czechoslovakia on the 29th of December.The biggest enigma was the Soviet Union itself.Very few outsiders knew the country was also in a state of upheaval.The fifteen republics demanded independence.Especially the Baltic states,Ukraine and the Bielarus.Mikhail Gorbatchov continued to keep a power hold on the republics but less and less.The republics gave an impression of a bear gone mad which caused a devastation within its reach.Were the days of the Soviet Union also numbered?�Oh,Homer!You...the ancient poet of poets,splendid in a grey fashion,grey-headed and grey-bearded,and grey-dressed,with the grey shoes on tied by grey shoelaces...You,the one untouched by time...Wake up,Homer,from your immortal sleep filled by heavenly dreams...Wake up and write a new version of "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey",a masterful one of the modern times!...Open the eyes of the mortals with your new epics and show them the full dimensions of all the events which brought to a spectacular fall of the Berlin Wall...Write it all down,old man,so may the mortals know not only the earthly forces participated but also the forces of Heavens and Hell,in an ultimate war for the soul of man,every man on the Earth...The final collapse of the communist world still was not fulfilled.Everything depended on the outcome of the events in the Soviet Union,the gratest communist power...Perhaps the Berlin Wall has fallen down but the Iron Curtain,reddened from the blood of freedom fighters alongside innocent victims,still seemed to have been splitting the world into the lands of modern Cains and Abels..... In the capital of China in the meantime,life seemed to have lost whatever colours.One could see soldiers with machine guns ready to shoot,standing every one hundred meters or so.Many citizen were harassed by the police and secret service agents.Seeing the police of army units arriving before this or that house was so routine that nearly an ordinary fact of life.The photos the secret service agents made so furiously during the peaceful demonstrations in Beijing were now used by the regime to threaten and even arrest many of those who participated in the demonstrations.It was a serious crime according to the authorities,who treated the interned people virtually like slaves,sending many of them into enforced labour camps.State sponsored terror returned to China with such a shockingly criminal wave as it was earlier during the Maoist times.Strangely,the world did not interfere and only cosmetic measures were brought against China.Nevertheless,life was life,and the Chinese people slowly recovered to their normal behaviour characterised by their endless friendliness mixed with humour and open mindedness.People met again in the numerous cafes and restaurants,and dined together while sharing the food with their chopstics.Diverse beers were also served,as diverse ones as many villages there are in China.Despite the communist grip the entreneurship of the Chinese folk was not brought down.Even international tourists were arriving slowly to China again.Some western tourists arrived from Hong Kong,India ,Nepal and Tybet.Some other ones arrived by the transsiberian train,mainly the Polish tourists,the Scandinavians and the West Germans.They have already somehow known international tourists were left in peace by the Chinese regime.Perhaps because the hard currency was needed.Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi could consider themselves lucky to be.They were not approached by the Chinese officials.Doing ticket business for the transsiberian train was not possible for the time being and many tickets had to be thrown to rubbish.Slowly,however,with the new arrivals,selling tickets could be started again.This was the domain of Tadek Vangard.Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch dreamed about doing something else:going away from Beijing.They have seen every place in Beijing and were in fact many times to the same places.In the Forbidden City,for example,they have been perhaps thirty times.Whoever,however,would grimace with mimics,being surprised one could see one and the same place so many times,they would answer a place like the Forbidden City,the home to the Chinese monarchs from the historic times,was worth to be visited even a hundred times.It was already late spring of 1990,the days were quite warm,and the nights too.They have been sitting in front of one of the cafes,the Pink House,situated close to Qiao Yuan Hotel and the night sky was spangled by crystal-silvery stars,which played some music with their rays as usually when one looked upon them.The sky was the heavenly concert hall! Maria Callas,the sopranist goddess must have performed there.International tourists,drinking bear or eating typical Chinese food of finely cut meat mixed with vegetables,honey and oil were strangely silent as if they listened to the concert of the soprano goddess. -�I feel myself tremendously bored��- Melissa Charleroi expressed her thoughts aloud. -�Me too.�- Steven Mac Dantosch said.Tadek Vangard looked thoughtfully at them.He did not have to say what he felt.They knew it.They also knew there was no way to change his harsh reality as yet.His country was already liberated from the communists but the recognition in the West was at a snail�s pace.It meant it was still very difficult to obtain a visa to any of the countries he would feel himself at home with his liberal views. -�Steven,why don�t we go somewhere away?�To Shanghai,Xian,Harbin,Xinjiang��- Melissa Charleroi proposed. Steven Mac Dantosch smiled to her. -�Melissa,I have just thought the same.�- He answered. Melissa Charleroi began to laugh. -�Well,let�s go.�- She said. Steven Mac Dantosch bursted with laugh too. -�We go tomorrow,then�Tadek,do you go with us?��- He joked at first and then directed his question at his friend. -�Oh,no�Sorry�You know I have to keep on going with the ticket business��- The answer of their friend was the same they heard every time they planned to go away from Beijing.Steven Mac Dantosch knew that partially the strange answers of his friend were caused by his frustration of living in a country he did not choose,in an unwanted country�Whether he stayed in Beijing or whatever other place in China it was all the same�He simply would not enjoy staying in whatever place in China anymore...Yet he had to...Therefore he chose just staying in Beijing and tried to forget about the reality by assisting the international tourists with everything what concerned them about China and the legendary transsiberian train.As they intended,Melissa Charleroi and Steven Mac Dantosch departed Beijing for Shanghai in the morning.Before they left the hotel,however,Steven Mac Dantosch threw a coin up into the air in his room.After arrival in Shanghai they planned to go to a seaside and the coin would choose for them whether they should go to the Yellow Sea or the East-Chinese Sea.When the coin landed on the floor they have already known which sea will be their destination: the East-Chinese Sea.Once they arrived in Shanghai they went in the direction of Hangzhou,which was situated about seventy kilometres south of Shanghai.The train travelled along the seaside.The scenaries were dazzling.Never ending vision of delight simply.They got off the train half the way between Shanghai and Hangzhou,in a place which seemed to them to be the least inhabited by anyone but quite close to the sea.They had luck.The place was called Shaoxi and there lived no more than one thousand inhabitants in that place.They rented a small wooden house on the outskirts of the village but luckily again the one which was closest to the seaside,just next to the beach.The only thing they might not like was a small hillock between the wooden house and the beach which shielded the full view of the sea from the house.They felt relaxed once they found themselves inside the little wooden house.Steven Mac Dantosch sat down on one of the stylish,wooden chairs. -�I feel myself here at home at last.I think I can finally rest and recover here from the never ending human mob and the turmoils of human life�I have enough of all this��- He expressed his thoughts. -�Me,too.We found a nice place.The seaside and the sea itself look phenomenal and,oh,so peacefull! Steven,let�s go to the seaside.I desire the fresh air�� -�Oh,no,Melissa.I am tired.We have here fresh air everywhere.Tomorrow,O.K.?�- Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself tired indeed. -�Steven,don�t be funny.Let�s go.Only for a moment.You�ll see.It�ll make you feel better.You�ll sleep better�Oh,Steven,come��- Melissa Charleroi did not intend to lose on her persistence. -�O.K.We go but�only for a moment.�- Steven Mac Dantosch agreed. They found themselves on the hillock and stood for a moment as if they were rooted to the ground.This was not just a sea,it was an ocean,a majestic one.Perhaps Posejdon,the god of the oceans and the seas had his palace deep inside this ocean somewhere there on the horizon.As far as the eye could reach the sea waves seemed to be endless,some looked like wild,white caps or shipper�s daughters and some like heavy seas.Those nearest to the beach looked like beach combers,crystal white against light blue ones further away and dark blue at the farthest places.They were on the movement non stop,stiffened,went up and down,did a sort of ring boxing with each other,some had fallen down underneath due to a knockout punch and this sporty games went on and on� -�Steven,I run to the sea!��- Melissa Charleroi shouted aloud enthusiastically. -�Melissa,are you crazy or what!?...We had a tiring trip from Beijing to Shanghai,and then to this place.We are tired.Let�s leave it for tomorrow,O.K.?�-Steven Mac Dantosch reacted quietly,despite that he felt himself no less enthusiastic. Melissa Charleroi began to laugh.She got a bit of shiny and dry sand into one of her hands and threw it at her friend. -�Steven,don�t do yourself such a daddy!�You know you aren�t one!��- She shouted to him while jumping carelessly on the sound and laughing happily. -�O.K.Do what you want to do.I go back to the house.I prefer to rest so good I can be frantic with joy tomorrow.You�ll see.I�ll turn myself into a big fish! But tomorrow.We have full two weeks for enjoying the sea,don�t we? The sea won�t escape away�That�s sure��- Steven Mac Dantosch turned himself and with his back to the seaside went to the rented wooden house. -�Steven,wait! You�re right.We leave it for tomorrow.�-Melissa Charleroi said aloud and ran towards him.Back in the house,they ate a light meal,with sandwiches,peanut butter and honey,and went to their beds.When Steven Mac Dantosch woke up in the morning he noticed Melissa Charleroi�s bed was empty.He felt uneasy a little bit.It was always the case he did not see her around him.He indeed felt himself like her daddy despite that he was quite a young man,with his twenty six years. -�Where is she?�- He whispered.-�Has she gone to the beach?�She shouldn�t do it.Not this first time.One never knows what puzzles might be hidden within the sea waves.Some dangerous ones��-He put short trousers and a polo shirt on himself.He went up to the hillock which shielded the view of the sea.When he found himself on the top of it and had a full view of the sea he�had an impression all the sensations of the world overwhelmed him and his breath was taken away.As in the song:�Take my breath away�� He was dazzled beyond anything he ever expierenced and what he had in his head was a sort of a mad roundabout.He felt giddy and his head was really reeling as never to this moment.His daze was boundless.He thought he will fall onto the sand.He could not trust his legs now which trembled like an aspen leaf and in fact he trembled in every limb.What he saw surpassed all his expectation and his wildest dreams if he had ones.Shivers went through him on and on as if all the ocean�s waves went through him. Yes�It was Melissa�But�was it really Melissa?�She was undressed completely and looked devine�Like if God just created a woman�Like if the goddess of beauty,Afrodyta,emerged from the sea waves and appeared before him with all her heavenly looks,so powerful as to turn a man into a slave.He just felt like this now.He tried to fight with his feelings and he was unable to do it.He had an impression his world turned upside down.An the entire world,too.Melissa Charleroi played with the waves which reached only to her knees.God,she looked a goddess�She was a woman!�She was no longer a child!�This realisation was so sudden Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself as if flash of lightning hit him with all of its power.He was surprised he was still able to stand on his legs,shivering and trembling beyond anything to compare with.He always had her for a child.Always treated her this way.As a child.He was her daddy.He really was like this.He always had to have her within his reach.If she only disseappeared for a moment he felt alarmed.She was his own,second life.And now this�God,she was a...woman!�He realised that something else was happening with him.Some sort of a monster filled him.His blood in his veins,rushing maddeningly into every piece of his light skinned and smooth body,beat probably all records,even that ones of the formula one and filled him so much that he might explode just in any moment as if he turned himself into a deadly explosive.He realised the man inside him was taking over him. -�God,I must come to my senses�I must come to my senses�I must absolutely come to my senses��- He repeated one and the same like a prayer.Yet he was unable to do it. -�Return to the house while she still haven't noticed you!�- He ordered to himself.Yet his legs refused compliance.He stood stock-still and felt no chocolate would beat the strange sweetness which penetrated his mind and every part of his body.He felt he was on fire��Melissa,the goddess�How old was she actually?�Sixteen?�Seventeen?�Yes,she was nearly seventeen��- He never thought about her real age because he always treated her like a child.Like if she was his own child.She had all the shapes of a young woman,fresh beyond anything to express�Her long,blondy hair fell along her swan alike neck onto her creamy arms and delicious breasts as if with millions of golden threads ,and her legs were firmly long.There was,however,a wonder of wonders in her most secret place,a wonder he never suspected in her:a golden pubescence.He thought his male form will beat all records in size. -�God,she�ll see me�She�ll discover I look at her��- He whispered but was unable to turn himself away.And�it happened! She saw he was looking at her.She became motionless.Just looked at him.She did not try to hide herself within the sea water.Just looked at him and then turned with all of her in his direction.Suddenly,she moved.Not away,however.She moved to him.She looked like a godess and the sea waves seemed to have been busy with opening a way before her.The crystal sparkling waves,the sea diamonds! They all belonged to her,their goddess! She got onto the dry sand of the beach and walked slowly towards him.She was an Afrodyta and a Venus at once. -��And God created a woman��- Steven Mac Dantosch whispered.Melissa Charleroi found herself finally before him.She brought her hand up to his face and began to stroke him on his face gently. -�Oh,Steven,how I do love you!...�- She whispered.-�Take me into your arms.Do love to me.I desire you.See,I am a woman�Love me,Steven�.� -�Melissa�.Melissa�I can�t do it to you��- Steven Mac Dantosch answered with a thicky voice betraying all range of his emotions and hesitations,desire and contradictory thoughts and feelings.He had no idea what was happening with him.He was on a fire,both his mind and his body�He was a sort of a torch... -�Steven,don�t fear,love me��- Melissa Charleroi whispered again,so gently as if she were afraid the air might hear her. -�My God,Melissa,I can�t do it to you! I would be damned forever if I did it to you!...Don�t you understand?!...�- A new hit,however,overwhelmed him when he felt the Melissa�s fingers landed on his mouth.He wanted nothing else as to kiss them and suck all the honey out of them.He has never in his life trembled so much and so spasmatically like just now.Perhaps for the first time in his life he did not know what to do.A passion,desire and longing won over him and were his kings.He was unable to say �no� to them.In the meantime there was still deep in his consciousness this knowledge of what happened to Melissa Charleroi when she was a child.Days after days for years! Defencelless child mistreated by the pedophiles! He even now,at this moment,thought he will kill himself only to relieve himself from the horror he was strucked with when he thought about all the evils she expierenced when she was a child.No,he could not do it to her.He really could not do it to her. -�Melissa,I can�t do it to you.Please�Understand me�Though you are a child�� -�Me�a child?�Steven,what aren't you saying!�Look�I am already a woman�Don�t you see?��- A most unexpected thing happened at that moment.Melissa Charleroi caught one of his hands and brought it to her golden pubescence.Steven Mac Dantosch thought he turned himself into a complete madman.Like if he looked at her through a mysterious glass curtain...He felt only a little bit more of this insanity and he will burn completely on the eyes of this�God�this woman.He teared out his hand and jumped away from her,feeling astonished at the same time he was able to move at all.But the magics and magneticism of her were so powerfull he probably would not be able to move away from her. -�Melissa,forgive me.I can�t do it to you��-He repeated once again and he was not sure which time already.The insanity which got through inside him kept him already firmly in its grip.A moment only longer and he might lose a control over himself. Melissa Charleroi began to cry. -�Steven,you can�t do it to me��- She whispered while weeping spasmatically.-�Love me,please.I know you love me�Only you don�t want to come to terms with it.Because you feel yourself guilty for what others,the monsters,did to me in my childhood�I want you,Steven.Believe me.Only thanks to you I can free myself off my nightmares�The ones which have stayed inside me for so long�Oh,God�Oh,Steven�Don�t let me get killed by my nightmares!�Don�t you understand,Steven?!�I can�t escape them�All this ugly guys who did it to me!�Who raped me while I was a child!...God,I can�t�This my nightmares stay in me and seem to be staying forever�They've got nested inside me like a locust!�Oh,God�I can�t stand it!�Steven,only you can help me�If you do this to me our love can beat my nightmares ,throw them away and I will become filled by love instead�Don't you see it?..If you do love to me I'll have a picture of you,the way God created you,so dear to me...And the other images,of the guys who raped me days after days and months after months,and,God,years after years in my childhood will be finally gone away...Repelled by the image of you...Don't you understand it?!...Oh,God��- Melissa Charleroi wept for good now. Steven Mac Dantosch approached her and took her into his arms. He still did not know what to do.He understood her now perfectly.She was right,indeed.His love to her might kill her nightmares.He was so much on fire�He felt she kissed his chest and when she did it the first flame inside him was suppressed.He felt her mouth going up his chest and suppressing this way more of the flames inside him.There was a chance he might overcome the fire inside him.And then their mouths met and like two heavenly stars,sent inside themselves,and especially into their minds so many rays of light and fresheness they felt like if they indeed were new stars born from a supernova and travelled through a cosmic space.The rays extracted in them were uncomporably the best of any liquer,one of happiness.Steven Mac Dantosch felt the Melissa�s hand reached to the most intieme part of his body and then brought it and placed inside the wonder she had hidden within her golden pubescence.He felt himself as if the Earth opened all her gates and as if the Universe did the same.His breath was indeed taken away but he was as soon saved by her breath�Only then,united with her,he felt how much he loved her.Her nightmares she held in herself for years appeared now before his eyes and in his mind.All this terrible scenes of evil she got through in her childhood.They overwhelmed him so much he teared his mouth away from her mouth,caught his head with both of his hands and began to weep. -�God Allmighty,how they could do such a harm to you!...Why have they done it to you?!�I can�t�I can�t�I can�t��- He cried spasmatically. Melissa Charleroi took his head into her hands and began to stroke him. -�Steven,it�s already over...My nightmares are gone!�All of them�Time for you,Steven,now to forget them!��-She said in a motherly way. This words were indeed like a miraculous balsam and he felt the nightmares,her ones,were leaving also him. -�Really,Melissa? The nightmares are really gone?� -�Yes,Steven,they are.� -�I feel they are leaving also me.� -�Thanks to God.�-They began to laugh and they felt themselves absolutely careless and innocent at the same time.Their mouths came upon themselves once again.Steven Mac Dantosch realised his vehicul stayed all the time inside her.It was time to make a use of it really the way a man should do it.He never felt himself so much fulfilled like just now and his vehicul was hard like a tree�s bark or the Earth�s crust.He rode her like an insane rider wanting to get on time to the place of his destination.She,in the meantime,still felt herself like a star just born who played happily with her cosmic rays,the way as she just did it with her lover.When finally they were consumed by their orgasms they had impressions they created a new Universe,their own one.They realised they were lying on the dry,golden sand.They got up and ran towards the sea.They swam for a moment and looked like two frivolous,golden fish.When they had enough they once again took themselves into their arms and gave long kisses to each other.The kisses which seemed to last forever.And the sparkles of water,diamond alike,danced around them to the tunes of the love they have just witnessed. -�Melissa,I love you.�- Steven Mac Dantosch whispered to her. -�Steven,I love you too.�- She answered. Only then did they get off the sea water,an Adam and an Eve,and ran happily towards their wooden house.They had two full weeks in this house for themselves.Two weeks for their de facto honeymoon�

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