Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra


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It was already May 1989!...The spring seemed to have been a devine woman,with all her wondrous shapes,fresh movements and wearing best of the designs,full of nature.The Sun did not stint its rays with which the spring woman was blossomed in a shower so spectacular as if pearls and diamonds were thrown all over her.Water,the crystal sister of the woman,the spring,covered her face with her sparkling hands.She did not want anyone to discover how jealous she was!Nevertheless,their mother,the Earth,who looked alike Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci was proud of both of them,the beauties and goddesses�God,how fast time ran! Like if wild horses galloped alongside the fury of the wind,with flowing manes and tails,blazing and sparkling eyes,and fury in them compared to the one of the wind�As if some old automobiles,Bond Equipes,Borgward Isabellas De Luxe,Jowett Jupiters and Healey Silverstones among them,challenged time and while sprinting on the oldtimers race around Monte Carlo,crossed an invisible line to a new dimensionality,as if back to the future,and finished the race in the changed shapes as the latest models of Lamborghinies,Ferrarris and Porsches,taking breaths away from the onlookers�And,as if P-51D Mustangs,the heroic bombers during the second world war were transformed into F-14A Tomcats,Sea Harriers FRS.MK 1s,Tornadoes GR.1s,X-15s and F-117 Nighthawks during several days only and not over long decades as it was in fact�No mortal could beat time,the sad song was about�Yet people tried and did their best�The last say has still not been said�One of the triumphs of the human kind was the liberal order which the winds blew into four corners of the world�The winds of change knocked into every window�Even into the windows of the land of the Golden Dragon�There was something already happening,at least in the classrooms and dormitories of the Beijing University.Chinese students were dissatisfied with the reality and protested more and more openly against arrests of their colleauques.Then came demonstrations.The pretext was the death of an enigmatic lider,Hu Yaobang,who firmly earlier was evicted from his premiership and positions within the Communist Party by hardliners.The new prime minister was Zhao Ziyang,a reformator and pragmatist as Mikhail Gorbatchov was in the neighbouring communist superpower but in fact the helm of running the government and all political affairs in China was in the hands of Deng Qiao Ping,a reformator in economic fields but a hardliner in the political arenas who only officially �abdicated� from his prime premiership in the government and leadership in the party in 1987 and was a supporter of archenemies of Zhao Ziyang: Li Peng,Yang Shankun and a majority of others in the Politburo,the power center of the party.Thousands of students moved their protests to the Tiananmen Square,just in the vicinity of the �parliament",the so called "The Great Hall of the People".They demonstrated there ever since then and stayed there day and night,encamped next to the monument of the heroes.About three thousands of the students who were camped there went onto a hunger strike.The students were joined fast by the ordinary people of the capital,from unskilled workers to teachers,doctors and journalists.In the middle of May there was practically no free space on this biggest square in the world.There were monstrous demonstrations going on and on in which participated already not only the inhabitants of Beijing but also Chinese people from every corner of China.Millions of demonstrators marched or were moved by whatever vehicles,from minibuses to buses,to transporters, around the Tiananmen Square every day.Many of them looked alike the students who initiated the demonstrations.They had headbands on their heads with freedom ideas calligraphed on them.Some had whistles in their mouths,some kept enormous megaphones in their hands through which they called for most basic freedoms and especially freedom to say what one thought and write without risking censorship or being afraid to be harassed by the police or secret service.They called for an end to a massive corruption within the party and through all levels of the society,poisoned by the missrule of the party and abnormal political system.Their slogans were similar to what Mikhail Gorbatchov propagated:a reformed socialism.Was it possible? They still believed so. The Sun�s sunshine and an enormous optimism in the air supported this notion.If they,however,knew what was happening around�The secret service agents,thousands upon thousands and in the civil,of course,made photos of the demonstrators while in the �parliament� itself there was a sort of ideologist �war� among hardliners and those who wanted some limited change.The demonstrations proved the Chinese were not isolated from the rest of the world and wanted to join the world as an enlightened nation.The last ten days of May 1989 were transformed into a biggest ever feast there was in any country and at any time.Even first May communist feasts,which took place outside of the Kremlin yearly,were beat by this fenomenal one going on day after day,in which participated millions of demonstrators,who arrived from all over China.God Himself must have been bewildered.The demonstrations took also place in other towns and regions of China and the ones in Shanghai equalled the ones in Beijing.There was practically no street in Beijing the demonstrators would not walk through,from Jianguomenwai and Dochangan Jie through Fuxingwenwai Dajie,Xichangan Jie,Wanfujing Dajie,Yongdingmennei Dajie and Qiannmen Dajie to Chongwenmenwai Dajie,Xidan Bejdajie,Dongsi Bedajie and all the other streets.It seemed the communist system was being graved while people joined themselves in their last hurrah of joy,eyewitnessed by the Sun who brought them support with its rays and also by the world who seemed finally to stay together with this nation in order to bring to a successful conclusion.In the meantime something strange was happening: the army units were arriving in Beijing and were stationed on the peripheres of the capital.On May 20th,Mikhail Gorbatchov arrived in Beijing and was greeted enthusiastically by the demonstrators.Everybody hoped Soviet �glasnost� and �perestrojka�will be brought onto the Chinese soil.The next day after Mikhail Gorbatchov returned to his country,the true face of the Chinese one rule party was uncovered.Prime minister,Zhao Ziyang was removed from his position and the hardliner,Li Peng took over.Immidiately the state of emergency was announced and the demonstrations were prohibited.Nobody listened.The demonstrations with over million of demonstrators a day seemed to have been endless and many banners above the heads of the demonstrators called even for a reform of the political system�People laughed and were happy.Everybody thought there could be only one solution:the one with a human face. But could a dragon�s monster looks be transformed into a human face?�An apocalyptic drama hanged in the air�The international tourists also participated in the demonstrations,exchanged �v� signs with the Chinese people marching towards the Tiananmen Square,and photographed them or filmed furiously.The tourists from Poland must have been astonished.In their country there also was a revolution,a peacefull one,with the Solidarity Trade Union as de facto opposition to the ruling communists,but what they saw in China,caused a realisation in them there was yet another vanguard country:China. Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi were coming early in the mornings of every day to the Tiananmen Square and by the end of May they knew practically every Chinese student who was on a strike there.They even stayed sometimes at night with the Chinese students.They assisted and helped them as only they could,brought bottles with mineral water and some western newspapers.The students,especially those who were on hunger strike,were visibly out of their vital phisical strengths,some even becoming sick.The first days of June seemed to have been most dramatic.More and more army units stationed on the outskirts of Beijing.The unofficial say ,or feeling,was there will be a crackdown.For the first time the demonstrations were not as numerous and as brilliantly executed as earlier.Nevertheless,the students were determined.A so called Goddess of Democracy,all in white and built from marble,high for about ten meters or more,somehow a replica of the Statui of Liberty,was brought from the University and placed in the northern part of the Tiananmen Square.The third of June still seemed to be peacefull,demonstrations were continued,despite that they were decisively not as numerous as earlier and the people who participated now did not display as much optimism as it was a case just two weeks earlier.Whatever to say,everybody was fascinated with the statui of the Goddess of Democracy,especially because she was placed just about five hundred meters from the nest of the country�s dictators. Night came,the fourth of June.Most of those who stayed on the square were getting fast asleep.It was also the case with Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi who stayed this night on the square.They also got finally asleep.But,before it happened,they still had the vision of Goddess of Democracy before their eyes. They sprang to their feet,as much as it was the case with everyone else,when a thounder after thounder,discharged from the tanks, filled the air early in the morning.It must have been between four and five a�clock.Everybody realised the omen became the reality: the dictators decided to use the force�They were white faced,the girls wept,the male students shook hands with each other without a say.They expressed this way their silent goodbye to each other.They probably felt they will have to end their lives tragically.They all stood face to face before monstrous death�The one brought by the evil dragon�
-�Escape!�- Zhalte Zhon,their Chinese friend whispered to them.
-�Are you crazy!? Never!�- Steven Mac Dantosch answered vehemently.The thounders in the meantime were nearer and nearer.There was already a deadly drama on the streets of Beijing,barricaded with the participation of not only students but also many ordinary people.Doubtless,the army was coming,with their force and even tanks rolling over the bodies of their victims�Soon they would confront defenceless students who stayed on the Tiananmen Square�Could there be a bigger evil?�Some of the students panicked and thought about escaping.They would not manage it,however.The army and police units were coming from all sides and would cordon off the square just in a matter of minutes.The satanic plan of the rulers seemed to have worked.Most of the students,however,kept a cold blood,and,white-faced,waited for the death,being brought upon them by the red evil�This students held themselves by their hands and began to sing one of their freedom songs. Steven Mac Dantosch looked at Melissa Charleroi with a concern.He turned himself to Tadek Vangard.
-�Tadek,go! Take Melissa with you! There is a deadly danger hanging in the air,I am afraid so��- He said to him. Melissa Charleroi who heard it,came nearer to Steven Mac Dantosch.Her eyes were filled with emotions and anger.
-�Never!... You hear!?... Never!... I will stay here!... I am not a coward and am staying here with my Chinese friends.I fear no death!��- She said to her friend with a determined voice.Steven Mac Dantosch thought he will die from despair.Such an angel as Melissa Charleroi could not die!...She should go!...He knew,however,he could not say it to her.All the students on the square were equally valuable! All of them should live!
-�Melissa,don�t you understand?�You are facing�death.A cruel one��- He said instead.
-�And you not?!�- She answered resolutely.
-�I�too.And also Tadek.And everyone here.They will kill us.We shouldn�t let ourselves to get killed.We have to concoct something�We have to do something�But,God,what?�� They heard already bullet whistles in the air and loud human cries of dying people on the outskirts of the Tiananmen Square who tried not to let the army units onto the Tiananmen Square and were,instead ,treated mercilessly and even cruelly�Many of them found themselves under the army tanks,which rolled over them and turned them,in a split of seconds, into slices of carpet like looking human flesh,reddened by blood.Perhaps only the Satanists:Pol Pot,Adolf Hitler,Mao Tse Tung and Josef Stalin were as cruel.The army units did not care.They went over people,over and over�Those who survived somehow,had no longer their legs or hands�They were shot on the spot by the soldiers,brought from Inner Mongolia and elsewhere.Finally the army units with their tanks got violently onto the Tiananmen Square.The dictators,who must have stayed in the Great Hall of the People,most probably watched it all and amused themselves.Perhaps even treated themselves with champagnes...The red evil must have triumphed...Anybody who stood in the way of the army units was dead on the spot,paying price for a dream of a little bit of rights only,which were a far cry from what was in the West.A few tank thounders shattered the Goddess of Democracy into pieces.The army units had only one thing to do yet: to crash the students who stayed around the monument to heroes.The students held themselves by their hands and sang,ready to die a heroic death.There still was a hope the army and police units would stop their assault and simply arrest the students.They chose the worst:the tanks crashed at first raw of students,the living barricaders,who were dead on spot.Machine gun bullets also swirled in the air and performed death�s most favourite dance.This time there was a panic.Students tried to defend themselves.Some of them had the so called Molotov coctajls.But most of them tried to escape..There was no chance.They were hit by the bullets.A new record of bestiality was done,not written down,however,in the Gwuiness Book of Records.Dictators,the Butchers of Tiananmen,chose the cruellest of the cruellest methods,by killing their victims mercilessly.The tanks were rolling over defenceless heroes and this was just this what the rulers wanted:to give a cruel lesson�So no one will dare to do again what the students did... Steven Mac Dantosch clenched his teeth and screwed up his lips.
-�I will also give you a lesson,you bastards!�- He uttered through set teeth.He saw a tank coming straight at them,threw away both Melissa Charleroi and Tadek Vangard,and he himself managed to jump aside in the last very moment.However,when the tank was just passing him,he jumped up onto the tank and then got inside it.The occupants of the tank were naturally dead as soon as Steven Mac Dantosch got towards them.Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi did not have to wait long time for the proof of it.The tank stoped and the head of Steven Mac Dantosch appeared above it.
-�Come here!�- He shouted to them.They got inside fast. Steven Mac Dantosch also saw their friends,Zhalte Zhon and his girlfriend,Zhuza Zha and called to them.Luckily,they also found themselves inside the tank.Steven Mac Dantosch directed the tank to Qianmen Dajie,thinking only about one thing:to get out of this hell.If there really was hell,this had to be one.He saw a tank rolling after escaping students.He gave a thounderous shot towards the tank which turned itself into a fire thing.When they were approaching the Qianmen Dajie he saw a number of Chinese policemen who prepared themselves to execute a group of about twenty defenceless victims,students alongside brave older people.Discharge from their tank caused there was nothing left after the policemen but just an empty air and unidentified pieces shatterred around.One more deadly surprise awaited them.There was a police-military cordon on the outskirts of the Tiananmen Square and the army men and policeman shot into the victims,running for their lives like into ducks.
-�Now I am going to shoot at you as at ducks,pigs!�- Steven Mac Dantosch drawled out through his teeth.Discharges out of his tank were accurate and soon the cordon in this part of the Tiananmen Square was broken.Those victims who were still alive could flee to safety.Some of the victims climbed onto the tank so the inhabitants could see the occupants in this particular tank are the ones of them.The tank rolled already through the Qianmen Dajie,the main street south of the Tiananmen Square.Strangely,people who lived in the vicinity of the street went out of their houses and greeted them with open arms,while waving with their hands.There was a solidarity among the Chinese even in this darkest of the nights,indeed.It was a sign,the Monkey King reappeared among them,saved many of them and now was hidden within this tank which rolled away from the red evil.This time it was another sort of cordon,the people�s one.They found themselves inside a large courtyard,got off the tank and,assisted by one unidentified Chinese woman and two companions of her,entered a tunnel,which probably was part of the underground town,left untouched since the times the Chinese were under occupation of ruthless,Japanese forces.They knew they were being brought to some dissident operational,underground center.After over one hour of walking through dark,cold and wet tunnel they finally got to a place,which seemed to be �the center�.A grey haired Chinessman,middle aged and rather tall approached them and greeted them with courtesy.Soon they knew the man was Wu Hongadmen,the most sought dissident by the rulers who even offered cash awards to those who could finger his hiereabouts.He was the one who organised the underground cooperation among the Chinese dissidents and helped many of them to get out the country via Hong Kong,Taiwan or through Tybet to Nepal or India.
-�Don�t you fear?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked him at some point.
-�Of what?�
-�They�the rulers�can catch you.Wouldn�t it be better for you to emigrate out the country? I am sure you�d be welcomed everywhere with open arms.�
-�Yes�I could do it but�I cannot do it.The situation in my country doesn�t allow me to do it.Morality,ethics and honour also don�t let me to do it.I could get to Hong Kong or Taiwan without problems.My friends would do it for me.But I cannot.It�s as simple as this.This opposition we have in China is like a silk thread.So gentle and so weak�If only one piece of the thread is broken,then everything might get useless.Because the thread would be discontinued�There would be no silk,therefore,no a cell or a �homepage,using the computer launguage,for a dissident group,and,thus,no dissident movement would exist.I couldn�t leave my friends.I am their leader,morally and soulfully,and physically,of course.They need the head of a genius,who can manage this movement such a way so not to fall into thousands upon thousands of traps.You perhaps did not know,but know it after this night�s events,what a brutal system it is.This system is like a monstrous spider web!...Can you imagine how it is difficult to move in such a spider web?!...We have no choise as to act in the underground but it is still better than nothing.The students made mistake,they believed they can change the regime peacefully.They paid for their ideals with their blood,and,God,in what a way!�Whatever to say,I belive this system is like a china vase.It is enough just one piece of the vase gets broken and all the vase goes then into pieces.This is what I envision with this system�This is what we want to do�To break a piece�And then there will be a chain reaction which will eventually bring freedom and democracy to the Chinese nation.If other nations deserve it why not our nation?�We,the nation,exist in a dark tunnel without light...I believe,however,we will reach the light,finally...The goddess�the democracy will bring it to us...Some people say in the West, China is too big a nation for a democracy.Absolute nonsense! There are no limits and can�t be limits for democracy.Only when democracy will reach every corner of the world,only then the world will blossom like a heavenly flower��
-�Oh,long a way it is,indeed.�- Steven Mac Dantosch sighted.
-�Long way but not impossible one.�
-�I wish success to you and other dissidents!�
-�Thanks a lot.And thank you also for what you did much earlier,together with your friend.Zhenyu,the student you have got out of the prison for political dissidents is already in the United States and is helping us by connecting us with some people in the States.�
-�Oh,you don�t have to express a gratitude.I don�t demand it.I did what I thought I should do.That�s all.�
-�Yes,but,thanks to both of you,there is a bestselling legend evolving among the Chinese folk about�the Monkey King which comes unexpectedly here and there,and�saves them from the trouble.They know the Monkey King was also on the Tiananmen Square this night and defended some students from the army units!...One more story about the Monkey King!...This is one more silk thread which will bring us eventually to freedom.I am an optimist about a final outcome.Democracy will win and take over the red evil.� Steven Mac Dantosch talked a bit longer with Wu Hongadmen while his friends chatted with Zhalte Zhon and Zhuza Zha.
-�What are you going to do now?�- Wu Hongadmen asked him unexpectedly.Steven Mac Dantosch smiled to him.
-�Just return to the hotel.�- He answered.
-�I�ll give you two of my people who�ll bring you,via the tunnels of course,to the neighbourhood of the hotel.�
They all bid farewell to themselves.Zhalte Zhon had a tear in his eye and his girlfriend,Zhuza Zha,who had a complexion of milk and roses,cried.They would probably never again meet.It turned out the tunnel ended on the side of the canal,just a hundred meters from Qiao Yuan Hotel.They got inside the hotel via an open window on the backside of the hotel and went to their rooms,luckily unnoticed.They washed themselves in their bathrooms and went straight into their beds.They wanted to see no one and nothing.Just to stay in their beds and pray to God no Chinese officials will knock on their doors.In the meantime there was a tremendous panic all over the hotel and in fact in all the hotels in Beijing in which the international tourists stayed.They wanted to get out of the country yet the same day.All of them�The Golden Dragon,covered all over its monstrous body with the innocent blood,might strike at them...Goodbye,China...

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