Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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How many times Carlos teared himself from rage during the last ten months he was unable to calculate.Perhaps every day and every night,and the best would be to say every single moment.He had a hell of his own.First the multiple explosions in his secret terrorist nest inside the Mount Abu in India.For over fifty people,his best fighters,only he and two other terrorists managed to escape death.Those who had the title �Carlos�,taken from his name,who resembled him nearly in a perfect way after earlier plastic operations,were dead.Six of them!He consoled himself that over thirty other his men who had the same title,his doubles of course,were alived,spread around the globe and waiting for his orders.They all were his fanatics.If caught,any of them would say he and only he is the real Carlos.The world would never learn who was the real Carlos,the legendary one.In fact he has just sent them detailed orders a few days earlier for simultaineous,concerted terror actions around the world at the same time with which he planned to bring the western world into its knees.In his eyes there was only one worldwide order which could exist: Pax Sovietus.It was a miracle he survived Mount Abu.He would swear Satan alone saved his life.It is true the two surviving terrorists brought him to his doctor in Hong Kong,also a member of his network.Then there were long days and nights his doctor not only fought for his life but alongside did lots of plastic operations by removing burned tissues of his skin to healthy ones bought from donors.They had funds for this.He was badly burned,eighty percent of his body.After two months of an intensive therapy he was allowed to look in a mirror and was satisfied he recognised himself.Now he was seated in a Mac Donald's caf�,situated in Peking Road in Kowloon,one of the most busy tourist attraction districts in Hong Kong.At the next table to his one there was a noisy group of western tourists,young and too sure of themselves.He did not like them and anything what they represented with themselves.He hated anything what smelled with ideals of the world they were from.The most,however he hated now,were the people who made the last ten months of his life so miserable: Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard.He did not have a doubt even for a moment they were the ones who turned Mount Abu into a gigantic torch.He swore revenge.He would give away many diamonds to the one who could finger to him their wherebouts.The western tourists at the next table were absolutely too noisy.Some of them were Americans.They talked about their tourist experiences in China and also about a so-called transsiberian train.He felt raged also because of someone else.Someone he knew.He kept a local newspaper in his hands and could not believe his eyes when he read an article about two spies who killed themselves in Amsterdam in what looked as an encounter between them.One of them was an American spy,James Towers and the other one was the Polish spymaster,colonel Andrzej Tomczat. -�Shit.�- He whispered.-�I know now who was a traitor within our group.Andrzej Tomczat betrayed us by trying to give away the strategy Beehive�He also gave one to Tadek Vangard��-Carlos turned himself suddenly into a perfect listener.The western tourists next to him mentioned something about one Australian guy and a Polish one. -�You will not believe me,pals.�- A blond-red bearded tourist said.-�I�ve been sitting with Marilyn in one Chinese caf� in Shanghai and talked to my friends about the transsiberian train to Moscow,expressing my wish we would like to travel by the transsib after we are finished with our trips around China and to Hong Kong when one blond-haired man who sat next to us with a nice woman�No,with a girl rather...,got off his table,came up to us and said he is helping his friend who sells the transsiberian tickets and,if we want,he can sell some tickets to us.We told him we don�t need the tickets for the time being but would like to buy them at a later date.He was so friendly he let us know everything on the subject.We should not be afraid,he said,there are enough transsiberian tickets to sell and simply the moment we decide to go by the transsib to Europe,we just come to Beijing and contact his friend�� -�What is his name?�- A Spanish looking girl with a long tress made to a horsetail who wrote down into her notebook everything she heard,asked. -�I think his name is�Tadek Vangard.� -�Vangard or Vanguard?��- The Spanish girl asked. -�I am myself not sure�Is this so important?�The guy��- The man did not finish what he wanted to say because their neighbour seated at the next table,a man with a scar on his cheek, just bursted out laughing and laughed uproariously.Carlos did not even look at the dazed tourists who while looking at him with mixed feelings most probably could not comprehend someone could behave such a way,as if no one else stayed in this public place but he only.In the meantime Carlos just laughed maddeningly quite a long time,without a regard whether anybody observes him or not. -�I have them�I have them��- He whispered repeatedly while laughing. When his shock was over he reached to a pocket of his coat and took a GSM mobile phone out.He dialled some numbers and soon was connected. �-Hello Andreyev,I have them��- He said to the phone.-�Yes,yes,yes�Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard,naturally�I have just discovered it from some stupid tourists�They stay in Beijing�Yes,both of them�Where am I actually?�In Hong Kong,my friend�Oh,Andreyev,it was one big omen for me�Luckily I have recuperated and returned to my normal fitness�I will make them pay for what they did�Not even Satan himself would have as sophisticated revenge plan as I do have�No,Andreyev�I cannot go there now�And don�t send your agents there�Not yet�Leave it to me�Yes,Andreyev,I absolutely demand this�At least this�I want to make the revenge myself�You see,Andreyev,they turned Mount Abu,the jewel among my terrorist nests,into a monumental torch�They will have to pay for it�And I will do it with my own hands�Yes,of course�First,I will get the strategy Beehive out of them�You ask why I cannot go right now?�Well,I�ll tell you�There is actually here in Hong Kong a New Zealand minister for Internal Affairs,on a vacation in a residence of the American ambassador to Hong Kong�The guy is responsible for an ambush on my network in Christchurch and a dozen of my colleaguess were killed then,some of whom were my best experts in the terrorist field�You understand I have to do revenge for this and kill the guy�It will happen tomorrow�Afterwards,you can be sure,I�ll go to Beijing�But give me time�I must do it perfect�You can be sure,you�ll have the strategy and they�ll be dead�Thanks,Andreyev�Long live Soviet Union�See you soon in the better times when we�ll rule the world�� Carlos put the GSM mobile phone back to the pocket of his coat.The man he talked to was Andreyev Golubin himself,the chief of KGB.The tourists who sat at the next table were already gone.He saw,of course,the expressions on their faces while he was talking on GSM.They naturally thought of him he was mad and preferred to run away before they could get into a trouble.Secondly,this thing he held in his hands,the GSM,they saw for the first time.It was still not on the market and at test trials but he,the legendary Carlos,always had to be ahead on whatever innovations which could reach the market. The next day looked just perfect.The beams of the Sun�s rays blossomed everyone and everything.The planet Earth seemed to be an evergreen flower�Or at least Hong Kong,still the pearl in the British Crown. The estate of the ambassador of the United States to Hong Kong,Michael Pickett,was situated close to Shek Peak Reservoir and next to a mountain called Lantau Peak,high for 993 meters above the sea level,on Lantau Island,one of the many islands of Hong Kong.Half the way to the top of the Lantau Peak there was a Buddhist monastery,named Po Lin Monastery,in which there was a worldwide famous,thirty four meters high monument of Buddha.Only two statues of Buddha,in the mountainous region of Afganistan,were bigger.There were many pilgrims walking up the mount to the monastery every day.Ambassador Michael Pickett had to employ,therefore,many bodyguards who had a look on everything what concerned his safety as well as the safety of his family and his guests.He had a special guest with his wife this time whom was John Gulwin,the New Zealand Minister for Internal Affairs.They were both friends for quite a long time,since the student times.It was already after two p.m. John Gulwin was resting on the side of the swimming pool and because there was so much hit typical for a summer in this part of the world,nearly thirty five Centigrade degrees he jumped into the blessing water of the swimming pool once for a while to refresh himself.He was alone,except for the bodyguards who seemed to have escaped from the burning rays of the Sun inside the estate and perhaps were just playing cards.Ambassador Michael Pickett was away,busy with his official duties and their wives were on a shopping spree downtown in Hong Kong.The ladies probably amused themselves tremendously and it seemed to be certain they will return home with three or four cars full of designer clothes worth at least half a million Hong Kong dollars.He could not understand this,the vainglory of women but would never try to do an argument about it with his wife.Women simply were women,you better do not interfere too much into their world if you do not want to risk to be kick out.He knew at least two secrets of women:satisfy them with your sex and let them spend as much money as they wish even if this would mean to bet ruined financially.Knowing this,he always gave his wife a free hand�He delighted himself with the splendid look of the Lantau Peak.All sorts of trees went up to the top of the mountain and crowned it in a garland way.He still felt himself a young rather a man with his age of forty six and was proud of his bodybuilder like looks,not a common thing among governmental figures in whatever country.He was a man who hated any forms of socialism and always said one was utopia while kapitalism was one and only offspring of reality.While serving in the New Zealand government he did everything to make the country a pure kapitalist one and he thought he was succeeding.He prouded himself also for making his country a land free of terrorists and his action against a terrorist nest in Christchurch,brought him an international renown.His memories brought him for a moment to that town which was situated on the South Island of New Zealand,next to the allmighty Pacific.It was there were he studied as a young man and had a romance with Raquell who ever since then was his wife.He looked now into the clear,light blue water of the swimming pool and felt himself fascinated when he noticed how the Sun�s rays hit the surface of the water and then were bounced away,like if they were ping pong balls,only to return and be bounced away again and again�He had an impression as if there was a play on a piano by an unknown virtuoso.What was it?�Bach?�Chopin?�Beethoven?�Mozart?�He closed his eyes for a moment and �heard the masters playing together. God,it was divinity! He felt there was someone standing above him.It must have been one of the bodyguards.Sure.Perhaps he wanted to ask whether any drinks should be brought to him�Or inform him of an urgent message�He opened his eyes�His shock nearly gave him a heart attack�Above him stood an unknown guy,as good built as he himself,with a gun in his hand.He wanted to get up instantly and defend himself but before he managed to do it the guy gave a few shots and both of his hands as well as his legs were immobilised and unusefull.He was at the mercy of the unknown man. -�Who are you?�- He asked. The guy began to laugh. -�Who am I?��- The killer decided to let him know.-�I am�the legendary Carlos!� John Gulwin knew this was the end of the world.His world.He,of course,heard about the assassin. -�You do a revenge for the ambush in Christchurch,don�t you?�- He asked despite that he knew what the answer would be. Carlos laughed again. -�Yes,this is my revenge and not even Satan would do it better.Look�� John Gulvin felt a shiver down his spine when he saw what went out the bag which Carlos had behind and just opened.It was�the royal cobra. -�God,no��-John Gulwin whispered.-�Where are the bodyguards?!� -�They are dead,man.�- There was one more a cruel answer.The snake directed itself towards John Gulwin,crept itself up to his neck,then turned itself around his neck� Just when John Gulwin was loosing his consciousness in the last gasps of his breathing,desperate and still hoping,Carlos gave gun shots at the snake.John Gulwin,nevertheless,lost his consciousness.When he returned to the light of life,his shattered life,he realised Carlos still stood just above him and kept something in his hands what brought him to an outermost despair.He could not believe it.He looked down at his abdomen.It was indeed cut and opened.So it was true Carlos kept�his own intestines in his hands�No a human being could feel a bigger terror within himself as he felt now. -�Why do you do it to me?�- He asked and knew for sure now his death was imminent. -�I have already told you��-Carlos answered and his face was mirrored with the cruelty he just did. -�God will punish you accordingly.�- John Gulwin said. -�Goodbye,Gulwin.�- Carlos answered ruthlessly.John Gulwin,transfixed with horror and crying from pain,looked as Carlos walked away from him,holding his own intestines in his hands,which unrolled from his own abdomen.He finally saw death and was relieved she was not as terrible as he always thought and,instead,was gentle and brought a ray of light to him,and took him away from the cruelty of Carlos,the assassin. Carlos in the meantime threw the intestines away from himself and hurried out of the estate. -�I can now concentrate myself on both of the guys,Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard.�- He whispered and his eyes beamed with hatred,and danced maddeningly the way they do in the psychopats.-�They turned Mount Abu into a torch...Now I�ll turn them into one...Just one more episode in my life written over and over with blood...��.

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