Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

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Undoubtedly,Amsterdam was one of the jewels of the world.The tremendously picturesque tenement-houses,the thousand and one channels,the fabulous designs and above all the people and their free spirit,unmatched in any other part of the world.Just �Dutch!�-In one word.In the eyes of the onlookers boarded on a plane or a windmill one Amsterdam looked like a Dutch cheese,cut in all directions by the channels.For the onlookers on the ground it was a city of wonders,created by the Dutch women and men who were,perhaps,the most modern and avanguard among the European people and even among the people of the world.They were open minded,independent,unwilling to be yiilded to whatever dogmatists,fanatics,ideologists and those who spread whatever forms of hatred.This things were foreign to the Dutch minds.The pulse of life in the town practically never ended and went on day and night again and again,indefinietely.Tourists invaded the town regularly,due to their knowledge they could find there for themselves anything what they desired.Not only the famous Dutch galleries and museums,the restaurants and cafes with the specific Dutch menus but also sex shops,fabulous discos,gay clubs and even places they could smoke marhihuana legally.In most clubs,taverns,cafes and restaurants there were whatever sorts of bands performing live music.One could see and hear this and that heavy metal or rock band on the picturesque Dam Square,situated in the central part of the old city,just about a kilometr away from the main Amsterdam Railway Station.When a day was showered by the rays of the Sun,Dam Square was full of people,beaming with all the dimensions of life,the human life.Inventuosness of the Dutch seemed to have been infinite.Once there was even placed a monumental screen on one of the buildings on the Dam Square,just next to the Amstaerdam�s City Council,and all the people who found themselves in the vicinity of the square could look at the fatherly figure of Luciano Pavarrotti and listen to his absolutely devine voice.Everyone had an impression the tenor�s voice danced a tango,a Pavarrotti�s tango,with the rays of the Sun.It was bigger than life.On one of such days,sunny and beaming with happiness of all the people who happened to find themselves on the square,the Polish double intelligence agent,colonel Andrzej Tomczat also found himself on the Dam Square and was just sitting on one of the many,wooden benches,looking at the passerbys and the pigeons who,surprisingly,were not afraid of people,and listening to the music and singing of a rock band who just performed on the square.One had an impression there was nothing but an overhelming happiness all over the place.Whoever would make a close look at the lonely,tall,handsome rather man sitting on the bench,would notice the man was not really happy,somehow disconected with his mind from everything what was happening around,lost in his deep,personal thinking.Indeed,it was the case with colonel Andrzej Tomczat.He has already known,from Carl Lewis,the chief of the Washington area CIA,responsible also for the worldwide spy affairs that the American agent,James Towers,was arriving this day to Amsterdam.Colonel Andrzej Tomczat had his way to get the news from Carl Lewis,without arising his suspicions.The fact was still the iron one: only the two archenemies,James Towers and Andrzej Tomczat knew the full set of the real truth about themselves,the strategy Beehive and the situation concerning both of them.They both were the double agents,colonel Andrzej Tomczat for the Americans in fact and the American agent for the Soviets in fact.It was James Towers who seemed to keep everything in his hands.He threatened Andrzej Tomczat whatever moves he will do will cause a chain reaction which will culminate with the ultimate action of Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB.Andrzej Tomczat arrived in Amsterdam because he decided finally to stop this madness and take the �justice� into his hands,what meant his revenge on James Towers by killing him.Only then would he contact Carl Lewis again and let him know about all the damage James Towers did.He would also let know Carl Lewis about the strategy Beehive,by delivering to him a new copy of one and asking him to stop trying to get it from Tadek Vangard.He got acquainted to him years before by his brother,Tomek Vangard he was friends with.He indeed gave a thorough copy of the strategy Beehive to Tadek Vangard,shortly before he emigrated out of Poland.Tadek Vangard,naturally,knew nothing about the strategy which was encoded masterfully in a guide written by Andrzej Tomczat himself but given autorship to an English writer,not existing really.The guide was entitled:�Vademacum of a tourist.� There was no way Tadek Vanguard or whoever else would be able to decode strategy Beehive hidden within the text of the vademacum.Yet,at the beginning,colonel Andrzej Tomczat was sure CIA would be able to manage it,eventually.He did it for fun then but it got out of his hands and whoever hands else,and became a sheer and deadly dangerous game.And all this because of James Towers who betrayed his own country.Colonel Andrzej Tomczat planned a revenge yet this day.The air was fresh and he felt himself a bit better after one or two hours of sitting on the bench.He did not feel himself alarmed yet and had enough time because he knew James Towers was arriving in the evening in one of the three planes belonging to the American Airlines which were due to land in Shiphol,the Amsterdam airport.He also knew James Towers had an apartament waiting for him at the nearby Chernopolsky Hotel.He also knew,from Carl Lewis of course,why James Towers was arriving in Amsterdam.He was due to make an action against some Soviet agents.He,Andrzej Tomczat,doubted it will happen.He even felt the outcome will be different if it will happen: not the Soviet agents will be the victims but the American agents,the unsuspecting colleuques of James Towers.It was the more reason for Andrzej Tomczat why he desired to crown his revenge action with ultimate success,the death of the one who was a serpent towards the free world and his own colleuques at the agency.He had already ready his plan.It had to look such a way as if James Towers was killed by one of the Soviets he was due to take an action against.When he realised he stayed enough time on the square,he got up and walked slowly towards the Chernopolsky Hotel.The interior of the hotel was splendid with top class shops,selling many precious things,from designer clothing through jewelry to diamonds.On the walls were hanged vanguard paintings of worldwide famous contemporary painters.Security,electronic video cameras were placed in every corner of the reception hall and in the shops.
-�Dutch are Dutch!�- Colonel Andrzej Tomczat thought,knowing of the European stereotype of the Dutch people as the ones who loved doing maddening things,up to a point naturally.This �point�,however,had another dimension in comparison with the norms of other European countries.The Dutch liked to break whatever rules and they surely disregarded ones which made them unhappy one way or the other way.According to the Dutch,a human being,every single one,was the central part of the Universe.Philosophically of course.It meant nothing could be done against the self of a man or a woman and against their wishes.No government dared to pass laws which would contradict the free spirit of a Dutch man or a woman,no minorities could be threatened by some repulsive action on the side of the government.No a priest could do the same.It was unthinkable.When the pope John Paul II arrived on his pilgramage in the Netherlands,crowds of angry Dutch people demonstrated and shouted:"Pope,go home!" Not even the Pope could tell them how they had to live and threaten them with his highly conservative views,foreign to the soul of this nation and the soul of every single Dutch person,cherishing his or her own self like a most precious jewel.If they succumbed to the Pope's words,they would have to rape their selves,especially those of them who belonged to the minorities.The Dutch were warriors defending their selves.Just in this light a human being was the epicentre of the Universe,the black hole holding all the light or a beam of rays from any star in the Universe which penetrated the space.The Dutch were undoubtedly the vanguard of Europe,yet they loved their queen Beatrice II and the royal family.They did not intend to dissolve the monarchy.They were comfortable with the parliamentary monarchy they had.They were able to tie all these into one whole and full picture and thanks to it they created foundations of the house,their common house called �The Netherlands�,which could last forever,simply because the foundations of this house were built on the ideas and strategies which did not contradict the wishes,ideals and the self even of a one Dutch person.The Dutch fenomenon had no equals,taking into the account also the individualism of every Dutchman and Dutchwoman and the fancy and extravaganza of the nation.Therefore millions of tourists were arriving to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands every year.And when they were departing the country they were filled with bewilderment. Colonel Andrzej Tomczat was lost in deep thinking so much he did not hear the question of a receptionist at first.
-�Can I help you?�- He finally heard the question,reapeated by the attractive,blond haired,female receptionist.
-�Oh,sorry�Can you please deliver this envelope with a fax inside to mister James Towers who will appear here around six thirty p.m.or latest by seven p.m.?�- He asked.
-�Of course.�
He handed over the envelope to the receptionist.
-�It�s urgent.�- He added,wanting to be certain.-�May I be sure mister James Towers will get it?�
-�Of course.Sir,don�t be afraid,please.Look,I am putting your letter to the box where is placed the key to mister James Tower�s appartament.
-�Thank you very much.�- Colonel Andrzej Tomczat thanked and went slowly out the hotel.Only he,naturally,knew the fax in the envelope was a false one,suggesting it was from Carl Lewis,the CIA chief,which in fact he himself made up.There was an information in the fax James Towers must show up in the specified place for a meeting with one of the American employees at the United States Embassy,for an explanation about details of the action which,for some reason,had to be changed.
-�I will get him in a matters of hours.�-Colonel Andrzej Tomczat whispered.
In the meantime a few hours later,James Towers immediately after getting off the plane which landed at the Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam and passing through the customs went to Chernopolsky Hotel by taxi.He was surprised a bit when he received an envelope from the receptionist inside which he found a fax addressed to him,from Carl Lewis,the chief of CIA Washington area,who as the only one,outside the group of several agents who were designated to go on with the action, knew about the intended action.According to the message in the fax,the action was postponed for twenty four hours and he should go immiadiately to a restaurant called �Hollandse Glorie�,where he would meet Timothy Rossellini,one of the agents who stationed permanently at the United States Embassy in Amsterdam.He took a Marlboro pack of cigarettes out of the pocket of his coat,put one cigarrette into his mouth and lighted it.He went out the hotel and gave a sign to one of the taxis he wants to go.
-�Hollandse Glorie,please.�- He said to fat,red-haired and red-bearded taxi driver.The taxi took off.
Colonel Andrzej Tomczat waited patiently in the shadow of the entry door to the restaurant �Hollandse Glorie�,which certainly was a top class one,judging from the top quality clothes the entering guests had on.He promised to himself he will act without pardon.He was filled with hatred.What next it was the least to worry about.The corpse will be left in the place where James Towers was due to take part in the intended action against Soviet spies,together with his colleuques,the fellows in the same line.At least his colleuques will be alive and James Towers will be dead.Otherwise it would be the other way around.The hard reality of the spies� business.Andrzej Tomczat tightened himself like a tiger ready to jump on his victim.He saw James Towers who was just getting out the taxi,which stoped outside the restaurant.There was no way James Towers would be able to recognise him the first very moment because he disguised himself by putting a long coat on himself and a deep hat on his head.He already kept a gun under his coat.James Towers indeed did not recognise him.He went up the stairs sure himself.When he was just passing the man in a long coat and a deep hat on his head,the man jumped to him and caught him by his arms in a way which suggested a friendly manier to some onlookers.James Towers saw a gun in one hand of the man and,horror strucked,looked into the eyes of the unknown man.Only then did he recognised the man.It was Andrzej Tomczat,the one he kept for so long silenced successfully.
-�Oh,it�s you! The fax is of your work?!�- James Towers whispered.
-�Yes,that�s me! I did it! You dog!�- Colonel Andrzej Tomczat answered.
-�For Heaven�s sake,how have you managed to find me here,in Amsterdam?�- James Towers was white faced,both from the terror he felt in himself as well as fear.
Andrzej Tomczat gave him an ominous look.In his eyes there were thounders and lightnings of a storm,the storm within his mind.When there was such a storm it was better to stay at home.Unfortunately,both of them were away from their homes.
-�We go.�- He said with a cold voice.- �You know I am a friend of Carl Lewis.I know what I need to know from him.�
They crossed the street and went inside the park called the Vondelpark,which added an aura of mysteriosness to the restaurant just across the street.When colonel Andrzej Tomczat thought they were far enough inside the park,without a risk to be eyewitnessed by anyone,he hit James Towers on his face with the handle of the gun.It was such a strong blow James Towers staggered and fell onto the ground.Blood out of the wound on his face when down his cheek.
-�Why have you turned traitor?! Why have you informed Andreyev Golubin that Central Inteligence Agency knows about the existence of the strategy Beehive?! Why have you betrayed your own country?!��- Colonel Andrzej Tomczat yelled out at him.He was a drunkard of rage at the moment and unable,therefore,to calm down.James Towers was white-faced surely,except of the blood which still went down his cheek out of his wound.
-�What do you think? Why?�- He mumbled.-�As much as you did it and became a traitor to your own country,by trying to give away the strategy Beehive to Carl Lewis,chief of the intelligence agency which acts on behalf of the countries on this side of the Iron Curtain your country doesn't belong to.You did not even mention against which western country the strategy was intended.You wanted to play,don�t you? To have a fun��
-�Stop it!�- Andrzej Tomczat yelled out at him again.-�Perhaps I indeed played a bit but I intended to give the strategy Beehive to the hands of the Americans eventually!You seem to have forgotten I gave a copy of the strategy onto your hands,trusting you as Carl Lewis trusted you,and you were due to deliver it to CIA and not to KGB as you did! And don�t compare what you did with what I did,you pig! You are the traitor,the one who betrayed a country cherishing freedom,human rights and democratic ideals! I turned against the evil,communist empire,against the Soviets who took my country by force and treason,and who did the same to a number of other countries.I did what I did thinking about the future and envisioning the future of my country as one as your country have,the country which you betrayed!�
-�O.K.You want to kill me,don�t you?�- James Towers asked an unexpected question.He seemed to have regained his stature.He also got off the ground and stood up on both of his legs.The sudden change of behaviour on the side of the American traitor surprised the Polish colonel.
-�Yes,I want to kill you�I�ll kill you�And I will orchestrate everything such a way that when the other agents will find you they�ll be convinced you were killed by the Soviet spies.�
-�One moment�You did not foresee one thing��- James Towers smiled strangely.-�I can assure you both the Americans and the Soviets,and even the entire world will know the truth�At least that you killed me and I�killed you.� James Towers made visible to Andrzej Tomczat an explosive he kept in one of his hands,as an evidence on what he just said.It was colonel Andrzej Tomczat�s turn to a shock now.He became white faced and recollected all the narrations he heard so far no action guaranteed a perfection.
-�You have devilish manners��- He mumbled to James Towers.His gun was directed into the heart of James Towers,but in the new development the death of one meant the death to both of them,because of the explosive.James Towers was right.He did not foresee this.He realised suddenly he did one more mistake and the moment he will die there will be lost all chances for putting everything on the right track and also the man he used,Tadek Vangard,will be treated abusively by all the intelligence agencies of the world while being unaware he is indeed in the possession of the strategy Beehive.He felt sorry now to that man,Tadek Vangard,because he brought him into the perpetuous shadows of death.
-�God,what I did! I wouldn�t like to be in the skin of that man,Tadek Vangard�He was a friend of mine�He will be now dealt by the KGB and Carlos amongst others�God,what have I done!��- He thought and caught himself in the meantime on a realisation he did not think of his own skin.
-�But�Perhaps there is one more a chance��- He thought.-�Perhaps I can try to get over with him later on.And now we can just go away from each other as if nothing happened��-He gave a sign to James Towers with his hand.
-�Listen.�- He said.-�We both found ourselves in a no-win situation.Let us part.�
James Towers began to laugh rudely.
-�What? You took fright? I expected everything but not that you are a coward! Just now when you see I can kill too!�- James Towers yelled out.
-�You awful pig!�- It was colonel Andrzej Tomczat who yelled out now and,totally out of his stature, psychic balance and nerves for the slander and insult he just heard,he gave a shot into the heart of James Towers.The explosive fell down onto the ground and within a split of seconds there was nothing but a powerful explosion which must have been heard well beyond the park vicinity.Just within minutes the police and shortly afterwards the detectives and variety of specialists arrived in the place.Within a week the results of the identification were ready.
The world was informed of a deadly ancounter between a Polish spy,Andrzej Tomczat and the American intelligence agent,James Towers,two agents from both sides of the Iron Curtain who died violently as many others before,during the Cold War which seemed never to end.And only the chiefs of the powerful intelligence agencies,Andreyev Golubin,the chief of KGB and David Harrows with Carl Lewis on the side of the Central Inteligence Agency,and a number of other professionals in the intelligence field knew what was the real truth.Both agents who killed themselves were the double agents,linked without slightest of a doubt to the mysterious strategy Beehive�
The Cold War got into a new phase.The strategy Beehive had to be found.It was as simple as this because just from this depended the outcome of a new worldwide reality.And it could be just one of the two:either Pax Sovietus or Pax Americana�
The strategy Beehive had to be found,therefore.Absolutely so.All means were allowed.Direction�Tadek Vangard�But were he was actually? He seemed to have disseappearred from the face of the Earth�.

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