Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 21 - Abel And Cain  || All Chapters

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Two strangers amongst others were sitting under the sexy figure of Eros on Piccadilly Circus in London.They were of an unidentified age and covered from head to feet by strange clothings.They were certainly males but of what age one could only guess and would seem to be right saying both ,twenty five or ninety nine.Despite that there was rather warm,they had long coats on them,completely buttoned and while one of them had a coat of a colour of blood on the inside and strikingly black on the outside,the other one had a coat of a pure cream,such one that only in the royal family�s environment could be weared on.The one with the purple-black coat seemed to be visibly darker skinned than the other one,smelled strangely and his ears had shapes of the ones belonging to a goat rather than a human being.Darkened sunglasses covered much of his rough face.The other one had much gentler skin and his face was a proportional one,much lighter than the one of his companion.Neverthlessly,he also had sunglasses on his face,light ones with glasses through which there was no way to see the eyes of the mysterious man.They were strikingly different from the other people,all of whom were young,who grouped themselves under their favourite monument of Eros,the one who brought love and happiness,an above all never ending rivers of sex,sex and-God!-sex and sex�It was indeed God�s gift to the youth�They loved Eros for this�The freshness of their insides bewildered them and astonished every moment of their lives and they thought love was given to them forever.They felt themselves chosen�The apostols of love�Or of sex,if you prefer to call it like that.This Piccadilly Circus was an Eden Garden to them.Their bodies were hillarious roses which one could endlessly squeeze and drink forever,this nectar of delight and evergreen youthfulness.Although the majority of the youthfull men and women under the figure of Eros were a sort of punks,they still looked like the best of the roses desired by the very many people who never satisfied their desires enough.There were girls who were like roses called �Glad Tidings�,�Dutch Gold�,�Octavia Hill�,�Amber Queen�or simply �Elina�.There were guys among the youthfull punks who were like roses called �Red Devil�,�Royal William�,�Sexy Rexy�,�Precious Platinum� or �Super Star��Bodies of delight and sexual promise of fulfillment bringing one to the Eden Garden�Yet their minds and their lives?�Were they as rosy as their bodies?�Their minds were often the dirty ones,their lives were verging on with going to the dogs�Surprisingly,this also seemed to be their strength and added tremendously to their sexual valuability�Nothing what they did,not any of the many dirty things they did,seemed to stand in the way against the magneticism of their youthfull bodies which were a source of never ending orange juice for the many who felt a thirst.One could just approach Eros,be treated by his arrows of love and feel a delightfull fulfilment of his or her desires.Was it then not an Eden Garden this Piccadilly Circus? Surely,it was! While the youths chatted among themselves and smoked variety of drugs,hashish or whatever else,the two mysterious strangers did not care about what happened around them and the least what the punks did.It was not their bussiness.They held themselves by their hands.
-�Brother,we did not meet each other for ten thousand years��- The man with the goat like ears said. -�Yes,Cain,for ten thousand years��- The man with the creamy coat answered.He seemed to be lost in a deep thinking.
-�Oh,Abel,I have an impression,you hate me�� Abel,the man with the creamy coat,looked at his brother,with an excruciating look.
-�Cain,why did you do it?�Why did you kill me?��- He asked. The other man covered his face with his hands.Silence ensued between them.
-�Did you hear me,Cain?�Why did you kill me?�Why did you do it against your own brother?�� Cain looked into the eyes of Abel.
-�Brother,I have an impression you hate me�For what I have done��
-�No,I do not hate you�We,the angels,do not know this feeling��
-�Let me finish�I do not know why I did It�I was so foolish�If I could bring time back�I think I was entrapped by the devils�My hatred to you was so much misplaced�I cannot believe it now why did I hate you�And finally why did I do what I did�Abel,I love you�Do you forgive me?��
-�Yes,I do�I forgive you,Cain��
-�I feel better now�I think I can stand the never ending apocalypse of mine in the deepest quarters of hell�Do you hear,Abel?�They are already coming for me�� Indeed,something strange was happening on the Piccadilly Circus.Neons were once brighter much more than usually and the other time as if nearly shut down.The strangest things were happening on the streets.The traffic was much busier and the horns were decisively too noisy.Some cars one normally did not see nowadays turned around the isle of the Eros figure non stop.The drivers seemed to be of some mysterious sort.All of them had sunglasses and whatever hats which covered successfully their faces.
-�You see them?�You hear them,Abel?�
-�And I feel them,Cain.�- The two brothers knew what was happening around them.
-�I am sorry,Cain,I cannot help you��
-�It doesn�t matter,Abel.It is enough for me I have your forgiveness.I can stand staying in hell forever now.I deserve it,Abel.Besides,may the others know what will happen with them if they do what I did to you,Abel�.
-�How did you manage to escape from hell,Cain?�
-�Oh,I have stolen a magic key from the Satan�s key set.�
-�He will revenge on you for this.�
-�Sure,but I we�ll still be happy you let me meet with you and gave a forgiveness to me.
-�I can�t imagine what else can I do for you.We are separated by the forces we can�t control��
-�Do nothing,Abel.I must pay the price for what I did�.Let me,please, embrace you�and kiss you�For good-bye�We will never again meet�.We will remain separated forever�I don�t want to take French leave��
-�Oh,Cain,naturally��- They embraced themselves and hugged.They stayed in their arms for a long rather while,conscious of meeting each other never again.What happened,this meeting between two of them,was an accident and a miracle somehow.Noone ever managed to outmanevre neither God nor Satan.They kissed each other in a brotherly manner.And they felt in peace toward each other now. The traffic on the Piccaddilly Circus was brought to a standstill.Mysterious and ugly guys with goat like ears jumped off the many cars and began to near the figure of Eros.Abel jumped to his feet and stood ready to fight with those he knew were the Satan�s Army.A wave evolved,mysterious and beyond an apprehension for a normal mortal person which was a sort of an ultimate standstill before a fight of the supranational forces.The punks took their legs and ran away.Outlookers gapped from the far corners of the Piccaddilly Circus.As world was wide noone ever saw something like this.
-�Abel,don�t bother�Let me go��- Cain tried to stave off the fight which might turn the Piccaddilly Circus into a ghost of Hiroshima like look.
-�I can�t stand it,Cain...They will do harm to you��
-�You can do nothing against it,Abel�Let them take me away�� Abel felt fires in himself,laser like which would burn the devils on the spot but somehow he felt Cain was right.His brother had to return there where he was thrown by the wish of God.
-�Good bye,Cain�-He said softly.
-�Good bye,Abel.�- Cain answered and Abel would swear his brother had tears in his eyes. Cain turned away from his brother and approached the devils.They caught him offhandedly and brought into one of the cars.And then the cars,from old Rolls Royces,such ones as Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn and Rolls-Royce Phantom to Jaguars as Jaguar XK 140 Coupe and Jaguar XK-SS amongst others to Range Rovers and a number of other oldtimers went away in a tremendously noisy way to the bewilderment of the outlookers.Abel gave a long look at Eros and the square around him and then walked slowly towards the entry to the Picaddilly Circus Underground in which he disseappearred .Among the many,perpetuously busy mortals,only he knew he was on his way to the Heavens�And in fact ,also his brother,Cain,who while nearing the hell knew his brother was just entering the Heavens.God made sure,Abel did not see Him and stood in the Heavens Gate,invisible and bewildered�

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