Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 2 - Vicious circles  || All Chapters

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In the meantime on the outskirts of Georgetown,Malaysia.

Tadek Vangard could not believe his own eyes.Steven Mac Dantosch was a real master in martial arts.
-�Thanks to God Allmighty.�- He murmurred to himself.As if Steven Mac Dantosch had an olive laurel on his head,given to him by gods of Olimp,he ascended up into the air rapidly,with incredible dynamics,and gave a powerful knock-out blow to his enemy,with both of his legs.It took time before the mafia guy regained consciousness.It took time again before Steven Mac Dantosch succeded in getting some truth out of the gangster.
-�It�s Harry Gullivers.�- The guy said.-�It is he who implicated you in the murder,who made everyone believe that you are the murderer.�
Everything was clear to Steven Mac Dantosch now�He has found himself in a vicious labirynth,in a maddenning world,in which no rules could be applied,except of those who filled patterns of vicious circles,if there were such ones�In a labirynth somehow very similar to the one in which his friend,Tadek Vangard,was lost.
There was no way out of the labirynth,for both of them.
He was astonished at the same time that although he knew Tadek Vangard only for three months,he considered him his best friend he ever had.
There was something in the air what linked both of them�What was it? Was it that labirynth which was like an invisible glass curtain through which they could not get back into the normal world?�Perhaps this too,but mainly it was the bond which evolved between them,the authentic bond of friendship.
While he was implicated in a murder Tadek Vangard had to escape-perpetually-from his persuers,mainly agents of the special intelligence services,such as CIA and KGB,MI6 and the Polish SB.The drama was they were convinced he had a copy of the so-called strategy Beehive,a strategy which was of uppermost importance to the secret intelligence agencies of both,the West and the East.It was already 1984,three years since Tadek Vangard emigrated out of Poland.The Soviet Union still had an ambition to rule the world and probably pax Sovietus was a primary drive among the rulers of Kremlin.
In Tadek Vangard�s eyes this unimaginable labirynth he found himself in was of an utter nonsense: he had no idea what the strategy was about�He did not have the strategy!�
In the meantime,he,Steven Mac Dantosch had to �deal�,against his will,with Harry Gullivers and his mafia,the so-called �Hell Angels�.What an ironic name was it!He himself had to escape from the ones who implicated him in a murder despite that he was innocent.He did not kill Eduardo,the boyfriend of his sister,Emmanuelle Burrows.Yes,he played with a gun,he pointed the gun at Eduardo,but he did not kill him.Someone else shot him.And when he rushed to save Eduardo's life someone changed the guns,someone among the friends of his family.He was sure now that Harry Gullivers did it.Or at least someone from within his mafia.He did not know then that Harry Gullivers was a mafia godfather,a very powerful one.What he knew then portrayed Harry Gullivers as a world class businessman from the United States.That false image,unknown at that time to the family Burrows,caused that Joseph Burrows,the father of Steven Mac Dantosch,made a partnership deal with Harry Gullivers who earnestly joined the business forces with him.Together,they created one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world,the Galaxy Entertaiments.Also many television channels,film studios and newspapers became part of the company.He knew now why Harry Gullivers did what he did and knew what was going to happen in a further perspective: entire family Burrows was going to be eliminated! Unless he,Steven Mac Dantosch,do something what can stop the madman,Harry Gullivers.
Unfortunately,also�Interpol searched him�He was recognised around the world as a murderer.A psychopath...But he was not a murderer,he was innocent�And he was not a psychpath either...He did not shoot his sister's boyfriend�
God,he hasn't done it!�
Unfortunately once again,nobody believed him.There was the evidence,the gun and even stranger,his finger marks�
Harry Gullivers was indeed a master in his field�Especially that nobody ever thought of him as a mafia godfather.He was recognised worldwide as a great businessman,one,who would have chances to become the president of the United States if he decided to run.He,Steven Mac Dantosch,in the meantime,had to change his identity.He could no longer be Steven Burrows,he had to be someone else,Steven Mac Dantosch,perpetually running for his own life as was the case with his friend,Tadek Vangard.
Steven Mac Dantosch had impression that severe pain blowed up in his head.He glanced and rather scowled at the mafia guy with an expression on his face full of antipathy and contempt.
-�Get out of me.Get away! Begone!�- Almost snarled at the guy.
He did not have to repeat himself.Mafia guy retreated coyly and then took to his heels.A minute later disappeared from their eyes.
They were alone now.Not for a long time,unfortunately.They were aware of a tremendous danger which hanged above their heads.They hoped God�s providence watched over them.Only God could save them from the evils which happen in this world.
Tadek Vangard gave his friend a kind look,full of concern.
-�Steven,throw away your despair,please.You are not in an abyss,Steven.Neither I.There is still a chance for us �There must be a chance��- He said.
Steven Mac Dantosch looked up at Tadek Vangard.His sky blue eyes glazed over and glittered.His highly blond crop of hair overhung over his forehead.He was a very handsome a man.Tadek Vangard,in contrast,was dark haired and although he could not consider himself as handsome as Steven Mac Dantosch was,he certainly was an attractive man with thoughtful blue eyes.Both were blue-eyed and this and the fact they both were males were the only things which they shared.Their characters were totally different.Tadek Vangard was much more impulsief and often despaired.Steven Mac Dantosch was usually cool-headed but it looked now that it was his turn to despair.
-�Tadek,sorry.�- He said.-�You know that normally I never let myself to despair�But this,God,this!�I cannot stand it!...I hate Harry Gullivers!�So much!�How could he do this to me?!�I feel in myself something like a mortal struggle�My mind is a step from blowing up�Perhaps this were best if it happened�I would regain peace��
-�Steven,stop it! You cannot do it to yourself! You would lose the war with Harry Gullivers.You must throw away all the devils he brought upon you.Do not give up! Fight!��- Tadek Vangard tried his best to cheer up his friend.
A long silence ensued.It was Steven Mac Dantosch who broke the silence.He was,however,an another man this time,the one Tadek Vangard usually knew him: the cool-headed,normal Steven�
-�Tadek,let�s go,before they�ll get us here.�- He said.Tadek Vangard knew perfectly whom Steven Mac Dantosch meant.The Harry Gulliver�s �Hell Angells� might have already been on the way towards them.
Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard approached their car,metallic silver Porsche Carrera.Only minutes later they were far away from Georgetown.They had to get out of Malaysia�

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