Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 16 - GOD,IS THIS THIRD WORLD WAR  || All Chapters

They had an iddylic life on the island.As Melissa Charleroi has foresseen the jaguar was indeed showing up before them every time they did fishing on the beach surrounded by the cliffs.The first days the ritual was always the same.First the jaguar appeared before them on the top cliff and then jumped from the upper cliffs to the lower ones and in the end landed on the sand and waited patiently for his portions of fish,which Melissa Charleroi threw to him.When the jaguar filled his demanding stomach with enough fish,he sprang away from them up the cliffs,with one last fish in his mouth for his family.Every time he reappeared on the beach,he behaved more and more friendly,especially to Melissa Charleroi and one had an impression it was rather a supercat,more submissive than dangerous.Nevertheless,they tried to be careful and held a distance from the wild animal.One could never really know for sure what was going on in the mind of the beast,however submissive and friendly it might have been.Anyway,the jaguar also kept distance from them and never advanced more than ten meters.They got so much used to "their" wild cat that they changed the name of the beach from the "Cliffy beach" to the "Tommy�s beach".
This cohabitation with the wild animal lasted already for two weeks.It was certainly a wonder.The biggest wonder,however,was on the way.One day,in which the rays of the Sun seemed to burn everything they could reach,Tommy reappeared before them in his full glory as the head of his family: there,on the upperst cliff not only he was standing there but also his female partner and two little jaguars which could not be older than four to six months.They all looked no less impressive than Tommy.The female did not react over-propitiously when she saw three human intruders in the kingdom of her.She must have surely thought of herself as the queen of the island.She sounded like a trumpet for a moment which was in between a roar and a growl.It was surely a warning.However,when she got a look of Tommy,a disapproving one,she instantly silenced herself.Her Tommy was the king,the ruler of the jungle and the head of the family! The effect was such she just lied on the cliff and pretended not to see those strange human beings,which looked real appettitic to her.She would prefer to eat them all without guessing.But tommy was the king,the ruler! She might have not understand Tommy but she had to obey him.Believe it or not,there were rules in their animal world.
Tommy jumped to the lower cliffs and then onto the sandy beach.The ritual was once again reapeated.Also this time,it was Melissa Charleroi who threw the fish to Tommy.Strangely,they always kept the distance.Approximately ten meters.A new wonder,however,became a reality:the two small baby jaguars managed to come down onto the sandy beach.In what way did they do it,it was difficult to guess.It was strange their mother let them go.She just lied on the top cliff and still pretended to see nothing.The small jaguars ran directly to Melissa Charleroi and wanted nothing but to play with her.A confusion appeared on Tadek Vangard's and Steven Mac Dantosch's faces.They felt a bit alarmed.How Tommy can react to the new development? Melissa Charleroi hesitated at first.Then she took the risk and began to stroke the baby jaguars.She unnoticed that Tommy also approached her.When she brought her head up she faced the adult beast just at the length of an human arm.She noticed Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard stood in their places unable to move like if they were lifeless.There was another surprise yet.Before she managed to react in whatever way,the big,reddisch tongue of Tommy licked her face and then her arms.She just stood with a mixture of unbeliveness on her face and did not move at all.Tommy still licked her,expressing this way his friendship while the much smaller baby jaguars just jumped to her,demanding this way that she turns her attention to them.She managed to stroke Tommy and got the animal�s reward:yet another unespected lick with his big tongue on her cheek.The friendship was once again stamped.This time definitely.Female jaguar in the meantime still pretended to notice nothing.She just lied on the top cliff and perhaps wondered what wrong was with the nature when such unbelievable things as this happened.Still,Tommy was the king and she only a queen.There was a problem when the jaguar family had to return to the jungle.The baby jaguars had to be carried by their father to the top cliff one by one.Soon afterwards,they disseapeared in the jungle.
The three friends returned to their villa with one only fish.Despite this they felt very happy and the evening passed on with their avid discussions about Tommy and his family,and,in the end,about the world of nature which found itself in a danger because of some worldwide oil magnats,who for their monstrous appetites of having mountains of money,brought the planet to a final,apocalyptic ruin.
-�One day the Americans will get the president who himself made a fortune on oil,in a disregard of the health of this planet.�- Melissa Charleroi ended their party with a sour reflexion,sounding in a Cassandra like way.Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard exchanged their glances between themselves.Somehow they knew what was going on in Melissa�s mind.The never ending fear of the night�Of the nightmares which could invade her mind with uppermost horrors� She looked at them attentively.
-�You think I said this because of the fear of the forthcoming night?��- She asked and they had impression she could read their minds.
-�Well,there is still some fear left,but what I said is something else��-She continued before they managed to say anything.-�I really think,there is something strange going on in this world.People are like madmen,running for money and fortunes without regard and consideration for the nature as a whole.They don't care for the environment.This planet can really suffocate one day.There are no real initiatives on the European and American agendas of their prospective governments.The first world should give an example. In fact they give something opposite what I would call:'Rape of the planet'.�
Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard did not answer.They shared the views of Melissa Charleroi,but what could they do? Had they any chance to change the ways the world was turning over and over like a maddening carusele? They have gone to their beds feeling sour.
In the morning,Steven Mac Dantosch was up first as usually.Every morning he exercised his martial arts in the courtyard of the villa.
Melissa Charleroi prepared a breakfast and Tadek Vangard assisted her.Steven Mac Dantosch should already be back in the dining room.Melissa Charleroi walked to the window to see if Steven is already coming back.She looked out via the window.She became white faced.And she trembled.
-�Tadek,come here.Look��- She whispered.It was for Tadek Vangard enough to look at her to know something was terribly wrong.He ran to the window.What he saw seemed to have been just hellish: Steven Mac Dantosch was attacked by six masters of the martial arts.Tadek Vangard had now a dilemma.He never killed so far and he swore he would never kill but absolutely nothing bad could happen to his best friend in the first place.
-�Melissa,I think I have to get a gun and help Steven.You stay here.�- He said.He felt determined.They turned away from the window and saw four other guys,looking American,before them.
-�Who are you?! Leave us in peace! Do not harm my friend! �- Tadek Vangard roared to them.
-�We are Americans�You give us the strategy Beehive and we return your friend alive to you��- Strangely,one of the guys answered straightforward.
-�Strategy Beehive?!� Shit,I do not have it! Perhaps you can rent it to me for a while so I can have a lecture�Then I can tell you anything about that your damned strategy��
-�Stop joking!�- Another guy raoared at him.
-�The Burman,Khon Hun Sat,told you to seek us here in Bangladesh,did he?�Only he knew we escaped to Bangladesh.�- Tadek Vangard asked cool-mindedly.
-�You are right.He told us.Give the strategy to us and we will leave you in peace.�- He heard the answer.
-�For Heaven�s sake,how can I give you that damned strategy,when I do not have it?! Someone cheated on me�Someone told you a lie�A horrendal lie!�Someone told you that lie for some reason and I do not have a smallest idea for what reason�Do you understand?�I reapeat:I don't have any strategy.I am not involved in any mafia dealings.And I am certainly not whatsoever spy�Is this enough to you?��
-�No,this is not enough to us.You lie�You have to give the strategy to us or��
Tadek Vangard knew there was no way to convince those fanatics or whoever they were.It was difficult to him to believe this might be people employed be a legitimate US government branch.They were escorted outside the villa.Steven Mac Dantosch still fought bravely with the attackers who were quite good in martial arts.Unquestionably,Steven Mac Dantosch was the best one of them.He was able to change styles of fight even within splits of seconds and constantly changed his technics,leaving his enemies undecided and therefore vulnerable to his powerful blows.He often employed top gymnastics and especially saldos mixed with the technics of juiitsu and taekwendo,and also with his own technics,which he called ninjo-kinjo,a sort of the best of fight methods out of the ingredients of the fighting styles of such animals as eagles,snakes and tigers.He was one in those three.His blows were so sudden and so powerful,especially with his legs which he thrusted off himself centrifugally that there was just a matter of minutes and only he,Steven Mac Dantosch could emerge as the winner.
Suddenly something unbelievable happened: shots were heard and all the American fighters were dead instantly.The blood out of their bodies was now sinking into the ground.Also the guys who escorted Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi were dead.
Steven Mac Dantosch looked around with an incredulous curiosity.He spotted them at once as the mafia of Harry Gullivers�The infamous �Hell Angels��It was enough to see the guy he already once fought with on the outskirts of Georgetown in Malaysia.What a pity he let him go away then.The gangsters situated themselves round him,with their guns turned on him.
-�We have you in the end!�- One of the mafia guys said and his voice sounded exceptionally unpleasant.-�Our boss,Harry Gullivers,will be most happy.He will fly personally here within hours to execute you.We have,however,permission to kill your friends.We haven't done it so far because we want you to watch them dying slowly.�
He began to laugh like if he were really a demon of evil rather than a being in a human body.His other companions assisted him with a ripple of laughter.
-�Now.�- Steven Mac Dantosch perceived to himself with absolute decisiveness.He did an astonishing saldo and found himself behind a back of one of the mafia guys.He reached his gun and nearly at the same time shots were fired and all those who just a moment ago issued a ripple of laughter fell dead.He ran towards Melissa Charleroi and Tadek Vangard,who stood in one place and watched everything desbelivingly.Before he could reach to them a shot was fired.He stopped half the way and turned his head in the direction from which they heard the shot.There was a group of army comandoes.They were�Soviet comandoes.There were ingraved Soviet red stars on their military combinezons.They were approaching fast the three of their victims.One of them spoke something to his GSM alike handphone.There appeared Soviet army helicopters above the courtyard,as if out of nowhere.There was thrown a rope ladder out of one of the army helicopters.
-�Get on the ladder up to the helicopter!�- One of the Soviet comandoes commanded them rudely.They had no choice as to follow the order.The Soviet comandoes were professional killers and after seeing what Steven Mac Dantosch did with the mafia guys,they would not let him reapeat the same.They had no any other choice but to walk up the ladder.And just then,when they were getting to the ladder,the sky seemed to open and five American fighting jets flew over the courtyard,with laser shots out of them which changed the helicopters instantly into balls of fire which exploded in the air even into bigger spectators of fire.Steven Mac Dantosch,Melissa Charleroi and Tadek Vangard jumped of the ladder enough fast and ran towards the jungle seeing there the only chance for their survival.One more American jet flew over the courtyard and the rest of the surviving Soviet comandoes lost their lives.
-�God,is this third world war?�- Tadek Vangard whispered when he was just reaching the jungle.Before they disseapearred inside the jungle they looked back at the �war� place. Their villa was no longer existing and paratroopers were parachuting out of the fighting jets.
One thing was sure: the deadly game was not over yet.Now the Americans wanted to get them.Once again.They had no time to loose now.They began to run into the safety of the deep jungle.Luckilly for them the island was quite large and it would take quite some time for their pursuers to catch them eventually.At least a week.It was going to be now a sort of a deadly chess game among all of them.Who knows,the Soviets might also appear with their fighting jets over the island: the strategy Beehive seemed also to them of uppermost importance.It was not easy to move through all those wonders of the nature,the monumental trees and whatever sort of brushwood,but somehow they managed to get deeper and deeper into the heart of the jungle.They could come up on some animal beast at any moment.Deadly dangers lied in wait constantly.Especially from snakes,not really seen.There was not much light in the deepness of the jungle.The monumental trees seemed to be successful in keeping the misteries of the jungle unknown even to the never ending curiosity of the light.But they needed some light�They wanted to heave a sigh of relief for a moment at least while having a delicious sun-bath.They were going to have that opportunity quite soon.There was a place ahead of them which was definitely much lighter than all the other places around,thanks to the stream of the sun rays.They ran towards that place.They found themselves there only to be confronted not by any wild animal but by a mysterious,muscular guy,built solidly,with dark hair and blue eyes.He must have been an European or American.The features of his face,with strong jaws and high forehead suggested this.The three fugitives were indeed taken by a surprise.They expected rather a wild animal but not a guy behaving in an aggressive way towards them.
-�For Heaven�s sake,who are you?!�- Steven Mac Dantosch demanded. The muscular guy began to laugh.What was strange he was not afraid of them.He did not have to.He had a gun in one of his hands.
-�Who am I?�- He reacted with amusement.-�I do am�Carlos!�The real Carlos! Not the Venezulan one who is my double and a servant...I have a number of my doubles�Quite a big number...This way I am able to strike at four points of the world and the stupid Americans and their allies try to understand how that possible Carlos can act so fast and so instant at different parts of the world.�
-�Mind your words!�- Steven Mac Dantosch warned him.He,however,knew Carlos had an advantage.The gun.-�Why are you so anty-western? Are you a Russian in the first place?�
The guy who called himself Carlos bursted with a ripple of laughter.
-�Am I a Russian? Damn it,I am an Englishman!�I was born to an aristocratic family of Eleonora and Grigg Bunty Desmond on the Isle of Wight in England�I can tell you my real name because I am going to kill you and,therefore,am sure nobody will ever know my real identity�My real name is�Bart Grover Desmond�I am the real,legendary Carlos!...�
-�Why do you do this? Why do you kill innocent people?�- Steven Mac Dantosch asked.In fact he thought feverishly what he could do to save himself and his friends.The guy was clearly a psychopath.
Carlos again bursted with a ripple of laughter.
-�You want to know why?�- He reacted.-�Well,I�ll tell you why.I hate the world and I hate people.Adolf Hitler did not succeed but I will succeed.The terror will take the world over.�
-�You are a madman,Carlos!�
-�No�A clever man,an exceptionally clever man�Give me the strategy Beehive!�- Carlos looked now at Tadek Vangard.
-�I have no whatsoever strategy.�- Tadek Vangard answered.
-�I am going to count to twenty.If you do not give me the strategy by then,I�ll kill you.�-Carlos began to count.
-�Wait!�Wait a moment!�- Steven Mac Dantosch roared.-�I propose another solution.We fight.I can prove to you that I am much better a fighter than you are.If you,however,win,you'll get the strategy Beehive.O.K.? I am sure I am the master�Not you!�
There was a silence in the air.Steven Mac Dantosch hoped Carlos will get angry that someone could tell him into his face he was not the best.It seemed to work.Carlos indeed became red on his face from anger.
-�Let�s fight.�- He said.
-�But put away your gun.�- Steven Mac Dantosch demanded. Carlos threw the gun away from himself,but not too far.Just enough far to reach it in case he might be loosing the fight.Just in case.He,however,was sure of himself.A typical English feeling.This was the only English thing he seemed to accept.They confronted each other now.They began to fight�