Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 15 - PARADISE OASIS  || All Chapters

Night came fast and the sky once again looked fabulous,with new stars appearing all the time and playing God,s concert.Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch felt themselves as if they were not just kings or emperors among the mortals but gods on Olimp,thanks to their feelings of happiness,which overcame them due to their awareness they saved life of Melissa Charleroi.There had to be future for her.They had no doubt about it.The heavenly concert was surely dedicated to the angelic Melissa Charleroi who slept already in her sleeping room.They played a chess and it was already well past midnight when they went to their bedrooms.They fell asleep quite fast and probably each of them had a sleep like a top.It was four a'clock still at the deep night when Steven Mac Dantosch woke up,feeling that someone pulls his arm and tries to wake him up.He opened his eyes and saw his friend next to his bed.
-"Tadek,for God's sake,what happened? Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night? Phantom of the Opera arrived of what?"-He felt a bit angry.
-"Steven,don't you hear? Melissa screams...vociferates... through her sleep.I think she has a bad dream...a nightmare...
It was the case indeed.Steven Mac Dantosch jumped off the bed.He heard the girl's squalls and wondered how could he have such a stony sleep that even the quite loud dream roars of the girl did not wake him up.
-"You are right,Tadek.She must have one of her nightmares right now...One of her too many nightmares.There will be problems.Let's go."- Steven Mac Dantosch said.
They rushed to her bedroom and put the light on.What they saw caused the hair on their heads standing on end.Melissa Charleroi set on the edge of her bed,with unkempt hair and expression of unutterable dread on her face,and her eyes seemed to have been getting out of her eye-sockets,because of an incredible fear she was expierencing while still in a deep dream.She waved her hands in all directions like if she wanted to repel some bad ghosts.
-"Noooo!...Nooooooo!..."- She screamed.
Steven Mac Dantosh and Tadek Vangard ran towards her.Steven Mac Dantosch touched her arm.She reacted with a vehement,a cat like defensive reflex.
-"Noooooo!..."- She began to scream again.
Clearly,she was still entrapped in her dready nightmare.
-"Steven,for God's sake,we have to do something.I think she dreams of those who raped her.We have to call a doctor."- Tadek Vangard,horror-strucked,whispered.He had no idea what could they do to calm her down.Steven Mac Dantosch did not answered,walked up to the bed and took Melissa Charleroi into his arms with all his strength.Despite that she tried to get out of his arms and was very violent,hurting him on his face and arms,he kept her strongly in his arms and stroked in the meantime her golden-blond hair.
-"Melissa,wake up now.You are with us...Your friends...Those bad,monster people are away.They will never return to you."- He repeated one and the same like a magic spell.It seemed to help.She stoped screaming and her eyes became clear.She recovered a full consciousness away from the grip of her dreary dream.She still trembled,but less and less.Finally she became quiet when she realised she was indeed with her friends.It was a long rather process before she got so far,like if she was returning from an unconscious tunnel of darkness to the charms of a delightfull sunshine.Sure,she stopped short of the final destination.It was still far away to that delightfull sunshine,but she even now made some progress,a bit,but even a bit was a lot.An expression of shame covered her face.This was sign she really recognised her friends.
-"Steven,is it you? Oh,sorry,I had such a dreadfull dream!"- She whispered.And then she turned her head to Tadek Vangard .
-"I am so sorry."-She added.
-"No,don't be sorry.We understand you."- Tadek Vangard answered and smiled to her.
Steven Mac Dantosch still stroked her on her golden hair.He also smiled to her,gently,the way a father would do it.There was indeed a fatherly warmth on his face.
-"Never mind,Melissa!"- He said.-"Remember,it was only a dream...However dreadfull...,it was still just a dream.You just open your eyes and it is gone.You have us.We will never let you being harmed by anyone.Do you believe me?"
-"Yes,I do.I am sure I believe you.I want to believe you."- Melissa Charleroi answered .
-"Do you really believe me?"- Steven Mac Dantosch repeated his question and his voice sounded hypnotic.
-"Yes,I do."- She answered again and kissed him on his cheek gently.
-"I thank you."- She added.
-"Then go to your bed again and try to get asleep fast because quite soon there is the morning,with its sunshine full in the windows.And remember once again:if you ever again have such a dream as this night,just skip it.Kick it away from yourself.That dreams can do nothing bad to you.Not anymore.Remember,you have us.You are like a princess and we are your servants.One call from you and we are before you."
Melissa Charleroi smiled to him.
-"Oh,thank you,Steven.I don't think I will let myself again so much frighten as it happened this night.Never again!"
-"Goodnight."- She answered to them.
Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard returned to their bedrooms.They felt relieved it all finished so good.
In the morning,they spoke nothing about Melissa's last night nightmare.Instead,they rented a sailing boat and enjoyed staying all day deep in the sea,among thousands of islets and islands of the Bengal Sea.They did the same in the following days.They even added a windsurfing to their schedule.Melissa Charleroi had less and less nightmares and her condition improved visibly.She even laughed often with them.She even behaved sometimes like a typical teenage girl: carefree and impulsive,wanting to know everything.
Still,they knew,she had a fear of the night,like if a phantom of the night was waiting for her.When the night was coming,her daytime smile and carefree behaviour were gone and she was silent and not anticipating.Her mood was definitely opposite to the one she shared with them during the day.As if she was not just one girl but two girls in one body and mind.Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard knew,or at least felt that she was far from a complete recovery. A mental recovery,especially.They kept their fingers crossed she will make her mind up rather sooner than later.However difficult it might be.As for now,during the shiny sunny days on the sea,she was just exceptionally brave,just great.
Two weeks later they got an idea.
-"Let's move to one of those delicious islands in the Bengal Sea."-Steven Mac Dantosch proposed.-"We will be away from any signs of civilisation,sharing time with nature only."
Neither Melissa Charleroi nor Tadek Vangard objected.Soon afterwards they found themselves in a beautiful wooden villa on the edge of a seaside of a relatively large island,situated over one hundred kilometers away from Cox's Bazaar.They rented the villa from a rich,American businessman,who was married to a Bengal woman.From the front side of the villa they could delight themselves with the sea's waves approaching the island's beaches in all manners,here gently,there harsh.There was some eroticism in this touches of the sea with the sand,stones,rocks,shoals,reefs and even cliffs.It looked pictureusque and even magic and fabulous.No less fantastic was lookout from the back side of the villa.Just a bit of land covered by grass and then,just as if out of a sudden,the jungle with full of its majesty.In fact where the villa was situated there was before nothing but jungle which ruled all the way to the seaside.
There was no a day they would not enjoy the seaside,once the sandy beach,the other time staying in the vicinity of the cliffs.Tropical sun opened them the secrets of the deep seas every time they sailed with their sailing boat.The sea was crystal blue. In the vicinity of the cliffs they did something special:they did fishing.One had to have something to eat.They did not want to buy anything in Cox's Bazaar.They were on the island somehow like the ancient humans.They were part of this nature,in all of the nature's wisdom.
This time they fished too.They had already enough fish for all the week.Strangely,Steven Mac Dantosch wanted more of them.Tadek Vangard enjoyed swimming and Melissa Charleroi played with the dry sand.She thought she was getting borried.Why so much fish... She got up from the sand and approached the stack of the fish they had ready for taking to the villa.
-"Melissa,be careful! Don't move!"-She heard Tadek Vangard shouting to her the moment when she just wanted to say they should go back to the villa.
-"Melissa,don't move!"- She heard also Steven Mac Dantosch's warning to her.Both her friends looked up the cliff.She also looked up there.She thought her heart stopped bitting in her breasts and all the blood went out of her head despite that she was sunburned to a chocolate tan.Her eyes met the eyes of a black jaguar,standing on the cliff just about four meters above her.One jump of the animal and she might be among the dead.
-"God,what can I do?"- She thought feverishly.
Out of a sudden she thought she got a revelation.She took to her hand one of the fish from the stack and threw it onto the sand ,about five meters away from her.The fish,miracuously,did not reach the sand.Exactly as she thought it would happen.Jaguar simply jumped off the cliff the same moment Melissa Charleroi threw the fish. What a spectacular jump was it! With a masterful touch of the body movement! Like if arrow of the night pierced a shiny nest of the day!And then,the animal caught the fish into its mouth,before landing equally in a masterful way on the sand.The fish was consumed within seconds.Melissa Charleroi threw another fish,without much thinking,to the wild animal.Then one more and yet another one.Jaguar seemed to have never ending appetite.She had already the last of the fish in her hands and again acted on the spur of the moment: she just threw the fish to that deliciously archblack jaguar.And this time there was a surprise in the air.The jaguar did caught the golden fish into its mouth but did not eat it.He just jumped up the cliff,then again onto an upper cliff and then dissapeared into the jungle.The wild animal must have had his family pack somwhere there in the jungle.One thing was certainly sure: the friendship between the wild animal and the people on the beach side or at least the girl was stamped.
Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard approached Melissa Charleroi.They were visibly still trembling.
-"Melissa,you astonished us both."- Steven Mac Dantosch said approvingly.
-"We've got one more friend."- Melissa Charleroi joked,proving how fast minded she could be.-"You will have to do much more fishing up from now.I am sure our jaguar has his own family which he must bread."
They began to laugh.They felt this was the best reaction,because only that way their nerves could be gone away from them.
-"I propose we call the jaguar...Tommy.I am sure he will join us regularly from now on."- Melissa Charleroy really enjoyed the moment.
They just laughed and laughed.It was nice to discover a new Melissa,the brave one...