Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 14 - SATANS TRICKS AND GODS UPPER HAND  || All Chapters

While Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi were seated around a table on the balcony,the invisible Satan tried to get for himself something what might be useful to him:the strategy Beehive.Normally it would be easy for him.He was invisible,hidden behind the one thousand and twenty fifth dimension.If need be he could spring away as far as to a millionth dimension.Thanks to this ability the God�s Army of Angels were never able to catch him.And he had his own army,the Devil�s Army ,who rather successfully defended him.Despite that he was always on run,because of the God�s Army of Angels,who quite often treaded on his heels,he was always able to find a way out of a trap,any trap.The millions of dimensions always saved him.He liked to see himself as equal to God despite that he knew God was stronger uncomparably.Perhaps God was an emperor but he was a king.Now,when he was seated across the balcony,invisible,he thought furiously,why such an easy thing as getting the strategy Beehive out of Tadek Vangard was not possible for him.He realised quite soon why�This people,Melissa Charleroi,Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch were gifted by God with his special privileges which the Angels of God called The Providence of God. Believe it or not Satan read the Bible�And ,thanks to this,he could often decode the next moves of the God�s Army of Angels.The Bible gave him extra abilities.He did not like the name of his adversary as "God".He usually called him:�He�.It sounded more ordinary and his aim was always to bring God down from his pedestal.He,indeed,had lots of problems with God.How many times already he had to give up his plans,simply because God happened to be faster,he could no longer count.Humilitating it was to him,indeed. But he never gave up.He was stubborn.He did not want to give up also now.That God�s Providence,indeed,hanged there above the heads of this people he loked at now.That Providence was also a sort of outer coat fitting on them and shielded them from him and his devils.None of his devils had courage to appear too close to the shield of the Providence.If it happened the Angels of God would appear suddenly out of nowhere.If only there was just this Providence he would still be able to break the shield of it.However,there was something else,what he called "Glass Curtain"�The God�s Glass Curtain,absolutely invisible,hidden beyond millions of dimensions,which caused that crossing the shields of that curtain was impossible or at least extremely difficult and no devil could do it except of him,quite rarely.He was intertwined somhow with God,despite that they stayed at two opposite poles.In fact not just at two opposite extremes but millions if not billions or billions upon billions of ones�He did not want to confuse himself with thinking about it.At least now.
-�Shit,I cannot take the strategy Beehive away from the guy.That shield of His Providence makes me cry!��- Satan murmured to himself.He had only bad words to say about God and he meant to do some action against Tadek Vangard who was in a possession of the strategy.If not God,it would be easy for him to deal with people,any people on the Earth.Only those people like Carlos or Harry Gullivers,whatever bandits,criminals or mafia members were not shielded by God.It would be easy for him to deal with people,because their only dimensions they were capable to live in were poor four ones.How many times he bursted his sides with laughter because of it! He,however,was sure even the people will be able to enrich their pool of dimensions one day.The beginning was already Internet,and especially Yahoo on Internet! Perhaps one day people will be able to get as far as to the one thousand and twenty fifth dimension in which he was hidden actually. Only God caused him to be convulsed with agony and too often.He felt like this right now.How could it be that he was seated just across the table,invisible thanks to the one thousand and twenty fifth dimension,and he was unable to realise his plan�That God�s Glass Curtain!�That God�s Providence!�He still did not orchestrate sufficient enough a weapon�Only people like Carlos or Harry Gullivers,could manage to do what he,paradoxically,could not.They could get through God�s shield of His Providence if they were clever enough.But not he himself,Satan,because of a watchfull eye of God.He felt anger evolving in himself.Golden-hued,burning with fires inside himself which were like millions of the nuclear bombs which went on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,he ran into the apartament and began his devilish gambol.Whatever was on the tables,desks,beds,walls...went down to the floor...What a noise was it!
Alarmed Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi got fast from the balcony to the apartament and they made big eyes when they saw what they saw,nothing but carambole.Even the mirrors were down on the floor,broken of course to a mozaika of thousands pieces...
-"God,what's this?"-Melissa Charleroi could not believe her eyes.Her face was horror-strucked.It was also beyond understanding to Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch.
-"I think there was a mild earthquake."-Tadek Vangard said.
-"Strange...We didn't feel anything...How's that possible here is such a carambole and our cups of tea stay on the balcony table like if nothing happened..."-Steven Mac Dantosch expressed his mixed feelings.
At that moment they heard a new noise,this time from the balcony.They ran there and what they saw,amazed them:the cups and everything else what was on the table stayed now on the balcony floor,broken naturally into many pieces.
-"This must be a sort of earthquake."-Tadek Vangard once again expressed his view.-"In no any other way can it be explained.We better go down to the reception and out of the hotel.
"Steven Mac Dantosch was cool-blooded as usually.
-"There is no neccessity to panic."-He said.-"If there were something serious we would be informed by the staff of the hotel.Nevertheless,I rather call the management.He went back to the apartament,took the telephone from the handle and called the management of the hotel.
Invisible Satan in the meantime laughed.He even turned himself on the Melissa Charleroi's bed over and over from the laugh.When a few clerks from the hotel management came up to the apartament they were bewildered and could not explain what happened as much as the occupants of the apartament.They strongly objected to the Tadek Vangard's notion that this might be a sort of a mild earthquake.
-"This same would happen all over the hotel."-Explained one of the clerks.Nevertheless,they informed they will not charge for damages.The three friends returned to the balcony table.Suddenly they heard an avangard song "American Pie" sang by a female artist whose voice was identical to that of Madonna.
-"Strange,Madonna has totally different style.This cannot be her song."-Tadek Vangard expressed his bewilderment.
-"Wait...Have you put CD on?"-Steven Mac Dantosch asked.
-"No"- Tadek Vangard answered.
-"Neither I did."- Melissa Charleroi said.
They jumped off the table and rushed into the apartament.By the time they have got to the CD speler the singing was gone...Invisible Satan laughed.He,natuarally,could not be heard because he stayed in his one thousand and twenty fifth dimension.He played games with them and in doing so wanted to compensate for his frustration of being unsuccessful in getting the strategy Beehive into his hands.Just before he got to this place he had a time travel to year 2001 and 2534.What he had from the twenty sixth century would not be possible to use:it was too advanced.However,the CD he brought from his time trip to year 2001,of Madonna,could be played.To his satisfaction,he indeed thrilled this three people.This was not the end of his games.He enjoyed thrilling people.Suddenly Satan became alarmed.He felt something...subnatural.A strange movement across universal dimensions ,something as huricain crossing from dimension to dimension,was a sign to him that God himself might be on the way to challenge him.If this was a case he better goes away as fast as he can and shelters himself in one of his nests of hell�He saw God,across billions of shields of the God�s Glass Curtain�God was coming at him�Satan began to tremble for his own hide�He had no time to lose.God might catch him and if it happened his kingdom of evil would be crashed�He sprang into the labirynths of dimensions and then hid himself in the deepest nest of hell�
-"I will challenge God one day..."- Satan murmured to himself.-"My Devil's Army will crash them all..."
God in the meantime returned to Heaven.He stopped at the Gate of Heaven and had a look at His universal domain.He could move heaven and earth,and leave no stone unturned,but He did not intend to do it now.He left in peace even Satan.There had to be a place He could throw away those who did not deserve heavenly life.And that place left to Satan could be governed or...misgoverned.He,God Allmighty,did not mind it...God looked now at those three brave people seated on the balcony of the Raj Hotel in Cox Bazaar.He looked at them with a concern.Despite that they were schielded by His Providence,this tool which was part of His Star Wars system,His universal Glass Curtain in other words...,He was concerned because they might make mistakes.He,however,trusted them.And the girl,Melissa Charleroi,was already an angel,while still having the earthly life...