Glass Curtain,
By Thaddeus Hutyra

Chapter 13 - DRAMA ON THE 16th FLOOR  || All Chapters

Once they arrived in Cox Bazaar they have gone directly to the local luxuary hotel,called the Raj Hotel.It was a natural consequence of all of their experiences and simply of the fact that they were tired beyond imagination.They dreamt of a rest.They were lucky to get an apartment on the sixteenth floor with three separate rooms and two bathrooms.Melissa Charleroi,naturally,was a queen who got the best:a room with a balcony overlooking the local,tremendously pictureusque city square and a bathroom which was reserved only for her.Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch had also their own separate rooms but only one bathroom which they had to share.It was already late afternoon and an evening soon afterwards.Melissa Charleroi seemed to be unusually brave and even prepared cups of tea for everyone.They were called by her to the balcony and when they entered one they smelled quite an oriental aroma of the local tea,which they bought earlier the day while they walked through the square to the hotel.They sipped tea from their cups slowly,thinking a lot,feeling embarrassed�
-�You don�t like me here with you,do you?�- They heard suddenly the girl's voice.Their heads sprung from above their cups and they looked into the crystal blue eyes of the girl.They were astonished to see tears in her eyes.They felt awful and had impression that if the situation was going to stay a bit longer like that then tears might stand in everybody�s eyes.They felt mountainous shame before this girl,despite that they were her saviours.They felt the shame because of the evil some human beings are capable to do�Because of what she has expierenced�There were no words for that�Simply evil,evil,evil!�
Steven Mac Dantosch pushed aside his cup of tea.
-�I can't stand this anymore!�- He bursted aloud.-�You should go back to your parents! Don�t you see it? You are a child! You must go home! Tomorrow we will go to Dhakka and will leave you at the Belgisch Embassy.They will bring you back to your parents.�
Unbeliavable happened at that moment:Melissa Charloroi sprung to her feet and jumped over the balustrade of the balcony.Now she was hanging and holding herself by one hand only on one of the guard-rails.
Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch jumped off their chairs but before they found themselves next to the hand-rail of the balustrade they were stopped by her voice.
-�Don�t move a step further!�- She shouted.-�If you do it I let myself loose.�
They stopped.
-�Melissa,hold yourself strong�Try to catch the rail by another hand��- Tadek Vangard whispered to her aloud.He felt as if he himself were hanging ,on one only thin hair.He felt horror-strucked.
-�Melissa,let me come over to you and help you to get back onto the balcony�-� Steven Mac Dantosch felt no less horror-strucked than his friend ,Tadek Vangard.
-�No even one step forward!��- Melissa Charleroi warned them.Something had to be done and fast.She was visibly more and more tired.A bit longer like this and it could be too late�Even for her,even if she changed her mind�She hung high above the ground,on the sixteenth floor!�Going down there would mean nothing less than juast death!
-�What do you want? What do you expect from us?�- Steven Mac Dantosch felt that this question he has just thrown at her was the last anchorage.
-�I do not want to go back to my parents! They forgot me! I hate them! I want to be together with both of you! I feel safe only with you! Let me stay with you! �- Melissa Charleroi shouted back. Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard gave to each other piercing glances.They knew already what an answer they had for her.
-�Yes,we agree,but�for God�s sake�hold yourself strong�I go to you��Steven Mac Dantosch answered to her demand for both of them.He thought he will die from anxiousness.
He tried to make a move forward.
-�Stop! Don�t move a step further!�- She shouted again.
-�Melissa,we agreed��
-�That�s not enough!�
Steven Mac Dantosch did not understand.
-�Why?�-He asked.
-�You have to swear�Both of you��
-�O.K.,Melissa,I swear��- Steven Mac Dantosch felt the last seconds,the judges of life and death,were sprinting towards the final meters.God,he might be too late!�
-�I swear,too,Melissa��- Tadek Vangard was no less alarmed than his friend.
-�O.K.You can help me to get back onto the balcony.God�I have no more strength!�I am falling down!��
But Steven Mac Dantosch jumped over the balustrade of the balcony like if down there was just a swimming pool and when she was already falling down he caught her with one of his hands and,perhaps,he would also be falling down with her,holding her but unable to do anything else,if not the fact that Tadek Vangard caught him by his legs and now there was a very dramatic situation:Steven Mac Dantosch holding the girl and hanging in the air while Tadek Vangard held his legs with the last of his strength fast escaping him.
-�Tadek,hold only one my leg.�- Steven Mac Dantosch shouted.-�I'll try to catch the rail by my another leg.�
Tadek Vangard did as his friend said.He knew only one thing now:he would never let this leg of his friend go loose,he would die and he would still hold his leg.Perhaps the executioners wanted him dead but not he.Steven Mac Dantosch had to do now the impossible.God,it looked like Mission Impossible!In order to be able to do anything he freed one of his hands and now was holding the girl with only one hand.She in the meantime was strangely silent,like if she found a peace,long denied to her,just right now.Steven Mac Dantosch managed to fix the freed leg in between the rails of the balustrade and then,with all the strength,began to get nearer and nearer the balustrade�s rails with one of his hands while holding the girl strongly with the other hand.Finally he succeded.His hand caught the rail.
From now on it was only a matter of seconds when they all found themselves back on the balcony,happy beyond imagination.
They sat down back to their cups of tea.Although tea was no longer hot,not even warm,they enjoyed it and had feeling of freshness as if they just woke up from two nights of good sleep.What wonders happiness could do!
-�I propose we get fully aquainted to each other��-Steven Mac Dantosch said after a moment of silence.-�Melissa,do you want to say to us a bit about yourself now or,perhaps,you prefer to leave it for tomorrow? �
-�I think I rather say it all now.�- She said bravely.
What she narrated afterwards no human ear should hear.Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard felt as if they found themselves in hell and despite their objections,had to have dances with devils.They could not comprehend that an angel could find herself among devils and what she narrated was just like this.The only little light in all of her story was that they knew now who her parents were and where they lived.They were sure there will come time she will be reunited with them.They will persuade this to her so long until it will happen.They will protect her in the meantime.
Finally,she was over with her narration.There was nothing but silence.But also relief.They felt it had to be good to her.Up from now she could always feel that her past sufferings were no longer locked inside her mind but shared with her friends.Her memories might be now less distressful to her and she might be able to get over them and return to normalcy.They knew the process of healing will be long lasting.The first step,however,was done.This was half success,taking into the account that the first step usually is the most difficult.There are people around the world who were never able to overcome their fears and have never done that first step,a monumental,seven-league one�
-�Melissa,you must hear also our stories,not as devilish as what happened to you,but also beyond apprehension�There are clouds of whatever dangers hanging above our heads��
They narrated now their stories to Melissa Charleroi,about the special intelligence agencies from both sides of the Iron Curtain,CIA and KGB especially,which seemed to have been always at their heels,about the agents of Interpol who tried to catch Steven Mac Dantosch because of a murder he never committed and about Harry Gullivers and his �Hell Angels��
-�As you see,your staying with us might be also dangerous to you.I still think,Melissa,you should rather return to your parents��- Steven Mac Dantosch concluded.
When he,however,looked into her eyes and saw an expression on her face he immiadiately corrected himself:�Of course,the decision belongs to you.�
-�I stick to my decision.I prefer to stay with you.�- Melissa Charleroi answered resolutely.
-�You are not afraid?�- Tadek Vangard asked with incredulity.
-�No,I am not afraid.I know that I can trust both of you and that is enough for me.�- She answered most emphatically.
-�Welcome then in the club!�- Steven Mac Dantosch joked.-�In fact the club is existing just up from now,after you,Melissa,joined us.�
Melissa Charleroi began to laugh.Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch,too.It was good to see and feel that this angelic,golden haired girl did already so much progress in her mental return to the normal world�

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